I FINALLY LAUGHED AT TIKTOK!!! (you laugh, you lose)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2020
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    TikTok You Laugh, You LOSE! is back again! I finally found one relatively funny, but was it more than one? Has my opinion changed? Probably not.
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  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +302

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  • caoimhe
    caoimhe Year ago +1343

    this is a historic moment for us

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Year ago +1

      @Alfie Goodwin sees pigs and bacon: that's animal cruelty!
      Sees wasp ona leash: that's mental!

    • Gemma Cullington
      Gemma Cullington Year ago +2

      Nesnej Productions that is only if you don’t pronounce the h
      For example, you would say
      An honest cat
      Because the h is silent
      But with historic, the h is pronounced, so no n is needed :)

    • Unfunny Yenjen
      Unfunny Yenjen Year ago +3

      I know it’s weird but apparently if it begins with h and there’s a vowel afterwards you use an

    • : P
      : P Year ago +3

      At a cat having scratching it’s arsehole and licking it’s paw

    • Ana
      Ana Year ago +3

      Breaking news

  • Dark Fruits Connoisseur

    Ciaran’s gone all roadman on us with that jacket

    • rogue sixtyeight
      rogue sixtyeight 6 months ago

      I’m positive hes actually wearing a shell suit with a logo

    • Dark Fruits Connoisseur
      Dark Fruits Connoisseur Year ago +1

      Naomi Joustra exactly

    • Dark Fruits Connoisseur
      Dark Fruits Connoisseur Year ago +1

      Charlie Green First, calm down. Second, shhhhh. Third, terribly sorry that I didn’t notice it was a ‘Jordan windbreaker’ I can see you’ve taken offence to it

    • Naomi Joustra
      Naomi Joustra Year ago +9

      @Charlie Green it's a joke, chill

    • Charlie Green
      Charlie Green Year ago

      It’s a Jordan windbreaker hardly a road man jacket 🤦‍♂️

  • Charlie Mulcahy
    Charlie Mulcahy Year ago +406

    Ciaran did you get a new camera? You’re looking crystal clear and I’m not mad about it

    • confused. atm
      confused. atm Year ago +7

      Could be a lens n good lighting :^) or a camera who knows

  • Grace Eff
    Grace Eff Year ago +137

    I don't think his chair back moving is as visually powerful as he thinks

  • Put Chris Brown Back In The Bin

    nope it can’t be him, he would never laugh

  • Matt Collins
    Matt Collins Year ago +113

    Underated TheXvidr. Nothing more needs to be said

  • CalMac
    CalMac Year ago +174

    "I want to pour bleach on my brain" is an understatement after that TikTok

    • CalMac
      CalMac Year ago +1

      @M I'm with you on that one

    • M
      M Year ago +4

      it made me want to carve my eyes out

  • Beenie Boy
    Beenie Boy Year ago +9

    Someone needs to send him a jump scare one because he’s so casual 😂

  • cactus anon orange
    cactus anon orange Year ago +113

    Ciaràn: the only TheXvidr that I always watch all the way through just for the outro. It is the best outro ever.

  • PlanetXero
    PlanetXero Year ago +97

    You should do a 1 laugh= 1 shot of alcohol. You'd be sober at the end of the video but it's worth a try

  • Jacoon
    Jacoon  Year ago +610

    God that's a big tub of marmite in the background

  • helena
    helena Year ago +6

    can we all just take a moment to appreciate the AMAZING editing on willne’s video. like ciarán take a bow mate that’s some real good shiz right there

  • Adam Field
    Adam Field Year ago +6

    Anyone else absolutely love his dry humour? I think it’s brilliant 😂

  • rose morgan
    rose morgan Year ago +41

    Petition for Ciarán to read his fanfics

  • Alison Wieburg
    Alison Wieburg Year ago +5

    Just Ciaran's reactions to the videos are better than the tiktoks themselves

  • avery
    avery Year ago +52


  • Molly Mae
    Molly Mae Year ago +32

    Never thought I’d see the day that you laughed at a tiktok but here we are😂

  • Ella
    Ella Year ago +35

    Wow Ciarán laughed at a tiktok? The world really _is_ ending this year

  • Former President Barack Obama

    his editing was better than the tik toks let’s be honest

  • ShortMoviesXtreme
    ShortMoviesXtreme Year ago +32

    This guy is literally just a grown up version of Ben from Outnumbered

  • Ur mum likes books
    Ur mum likes books Year ago +82

    Sounds like honey gave up on the whole TheXvid company making fun of them and renamed themselves pouch

    • Itzzyaboi
      Itzzyaboi Year ago +2

      Similar to what musically did with Tik tok hmm

    • Readuck123
      Readuck123 Year ago +2

      Weeb Emo lmao they got an investment on dragons den and are more uk based

  • Sid Garwell
    Sid Garwell Year ago +166

    children will be learning about this in history class in a couple years

  • port_whine
    port_whine Year ago +180

    title - "I FINALLY LAUGHED"
    Ciaran during the whole video '_'

  • Martín Bruno
    Martín Bruno Year ago +9

    Ciaran coming for that girl with skeleton earrings is funny considering he used to have emo purple hair

  • CJ Knight
    CJ Knight Year ago +34

    Next he’s going to tell us he likes Queen

  • I hate humans
    I hate humans Year ago

    Love you Ciarán 💜, you always manage to make me laugh!

  • Rosieillustrates
    Rosieillustrates Year ago +24

    As soon as I hear "EEEEEEEVENING" my day improves by 120%

  • Finn Duffy
    Finn Duffy Year ago +1

    I am here to tell you that your editing on Will’s video was out of this world and you changed what would of been an awful video into a masterpiece 🍑

  • Louisa Schulze
    Louisa Schulze Year ago

    I just really love your personality. You always make me laugh. Thank you.

  • i love neon frogs
    i love neon frogs Year ago +2

    Everyone: “Well that was a fucking lie”

  • Robyn Davis
    Robyn Davis Year ago

    I never used to watch willne but once I did and saw his collabs with you I'm so glad I started watching because now I'm subscribed to 2 more hilarious TheXvidrs 😂❤️

  • Lewis • 3 Years Ago

    Ciarán is one of the only youtubers that I will watch the sponsor all the way through. He manages to make it entertaining lmao

  • simp
    simp Year ago +8

    pouch is just btec honey...
    or is honey btec pouch?
    using both would give you ultimate power

  • Elliott Burke
    Elliott Burke Year ago +25

    that smooth transition into the sponsor though

  • Kaine 123
    Kaine 123 Year ago +40

    Am i reading this title correctly.... let me equip my glasses

  • Jordan Kell
    Jordan Kell Year ago +1

    I absolutely love you, so funny and entertaining i have just recently found your channel and i dont know why you dont have more subscribers, keep doing you love you ❤️🙏🏻

  • Millie Loosmore
    Millie Loosmore Year ago +7

    he looks extra good in this vid

  • E.D.
    E.D. Year ago +3

    Ciarán gets sponsored by Pouch around the same time as Will gets sponsored by Honey. Conflict of interest?

  • George Mower
    George Mower Year ago

    Thank you Ciarán in a world without comedy you did make me exhale 👏👏👏

  • insanityreins
    insanityreins Year ago +2

    I may have found Ciaran through WillNE but I would watch Ciaran over Will anyday ❤❤

  • Aleena Pasha
    Aleena Pasha Year ago +8

    My guy Carlin getting all the brand deals now

  • Noah E
    Noah E Year ago

    He even makes the sponsor ad funny to watch 😂

  • Mr. YTP
    Mr. YTP Year ago

    Genuinely a funny guy! Makes me laugh so hard

  • LuxyActually
    LuxyActually Year ago +1

    Ciarán rocking a good trim and a crisp line on the beard.

  • MisunderstoodCatt
    MisunderstoodCatt Year ago +1

    I love how you had to confirm that its the chair unbuckling and not you ripping ass.

  • Khaki Bucket hat
    Khaki Bucket hat Year ago

    His videos are just so funny and entertaining😂

  • Code: Baldry
    Code: Baldry Year ago +10

    "I reckon I could take a chicken"
    - 2020

  • user
    user Year ago

    let’s talk about how underrated your channel is like you deserve way more subscribers-

  • Elliot Clipsham
    Elliot Clipsham Year ago

    8:49 had me wheezing 😂😂😂

  • Pigeon Man
    Pigeon Man Year ago +1

    Ciarán: talking about how pouch finds the best coupon codes
    Honey has entered the chat

  • Noah Emmens
    Noah Emmens Year ago

    the editing on this is gold and makes me laugh

  • DuskSummons
    DuskSummons Year ago

    Am I the only one who genuinely laughed at the lizard Queen thing? And then laughed even harder at Ciarán getting mad at himself for watching it?

  • Nah
    Nah Year ago

    Ciarán has to be one of the funniest people ever

  • Julia Dela Cruz
    Julia Dela Cruz Year ago

    ur such an underrated youtuber. ur content is amazing esp ur editing! lot’s of love from the philippines❤️❤️

  • GrandadJim99
    GrandadJim99 Year ago

    I just laugh at your reactions 😂

  • joey
    joey Year ago +109

    I stopped gaming to watch this

  • Caz
    Caz Year ago +1

    i love ur vids man keep up the good work

  • Not using this acc

    Yes Ciarán you are the definition of cool you are one of the coolest people I’ve ever seen and I’m not even joking 😎

  • Ewsiee
    Ewsiee Year ago +2

    Ciaráns trim actually looks decent for once...

  • Scarlett Olivia
    Scarlett Olivia Year ago +3

    "since pretty much all of you watching are from the uk"
    me: **cries up-side-down**

  • Fillaffey
    Fillaffey Year ago +1

    When you post a TikTok for ciaran to watch knowing he’s going to slate it, but also knowing you’ve made it in life because ciaran watched it
    (Mine was the peppa pig one haha)

  • Spoody
    Spoody Year ago +9

    Richard ayoade sure has changed since the it crowd

    • Clara
      Clara Year ago +1

      wow they do actually sound really similar

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack Year ago +1

    3:59 your editing is so good I thought that was real for a second

  • Leg
    Leg Year ago

    we all know the funniest part of this video was the intro

  • She-Spoke-Words
    She-Spoke-Words Year ago

    I needed a good laugh because my alcoholic dad decided to ya know, do the alcohol, and it was horrible so thanks.

  • JKay88
    JKay88 8 months ago

    Just came across this channel and I’m so glad! 😂

  • Ruptastic
    Ruptastic Year ago +13

    The timing of the default dance beat drop on the ‘mahoosive fake peni’ one was brilliant. Honestly comedic genius

  • Ram
    Ram Year ago +13

    9:16 my mans has never been on gay tiktok apparently

  • Hannah Nelson
    Hannah Nelson Year ago

    Yayyyyy! It’s time to sit down in the EvENinggg and watch the good old soppy boi Ciarán

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot Year ago +21

    6:46 wait he laughed

  • Aidan Tomlinson
    Aidan Tomlinson Year ago +13

    this moment will be told to our grandchildren.

  • Normalwire
    Normalwire Year ago +3

    Guys this is just an imagined scenario as it’s 100% impossible to laugh at tiktok

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago

    Ciaran should make a TikTok to prove that it can be funny

  • Sarah Spurrier
    Sarah Spurrier Year ago

    "I'm a reformed emo" 😂 Me too buddy.

  • Roezuu
    Roezuu Year ago +1

    Man that self isolation madness has really gotten to you huh? Next you'll be using a proper rating system in Will's reddit videos.

  • Tell That Story Now!

    I thought you'd never lose! You've broken reality

  • JJ
    JJ Year ago +6

    Ciaran in that road man style jacket hits different NO LIE

  • MisunderstoodCatt

    The cat one had me flying

  • Lucas Tobin
    Lucas Tobin Year ago

    As an American I actually know how the wasp was caught first you catch one in a container then you put it in the freezer for a little bit to slow it down so you can tie a string around it then when it thaws out boom you have a wasp on a string

  • Ryan Hush
    Ryan Hush Year ago

    The wasp one is kinda dark when you realise how the string got on there. You can freeze flys/bugs just long enough that the get paralysed then they string it.

  • Selkie15
    Selkie15 Year ago

    After discovering you about an hour ago, subscribing and then watching a few of your videos back to back, I've come to the conclusion that you're the strangely attractive love-child of Andy Serkis and Rowan Atkinson - arguably two of Britain's least attractive men.

  • Caecilius
    Caecilius Year ago

    Ciarán looks like he’s about to head out on to the slopes

  • Júlia Gusmão
    Júlia Gusmão Year ago

    the one that made him laugh wasn't even the original one, the original is from Max Taylor, he's hilarious

  • Miss Present
    Miss Present Year ago

    You remind me of a new age Mr.Bean and I love it.

  • chloe
    chloe Year ago +9

    your editing is so underrated 😔

  • Josh Marwaha
    Josh Marwaha Year ago +1

    I feel like Ciarán is steeling my clothes at this point

  • envyrem
    envyrem Year ago

    Ciaran be looking fresh as hell in this video, and I have no explanation as to why

  • Ben Bailey
    Ben Bailey Year ago

    So should I use Will's link and get honey, or should I get pouch with Ciarán's code?

  • Mollie Wells
    Mollie Wells Year ago

    I really want ciarán to react to deep tik tok 😂

  • Rafi
    Rafi Year ago +1

    Somebody feels Ciarán they have tic toc: Ciarán's Yoda intensifies.

  • Kiya Mccallum
    Kiya Mccallum Year ago +1

    I can’t believe it, we finally did it boys!

  • Elaina
    Elaina Year ago +6

    Honey is a free browser extension tha...
    Ciarán: I HAVE A POUCH

    • yessirrr
      yessirrr Year ago +2

      me, an intellectual: uses both at once

  • Lilly D
    Lilly D Year ago

    My sister used to catch wasps/bees in a jar then freeze them. It knocks them out so you can tie a string to the wasp and keep them as pets (not that I agree with it, I think it's fucking weird)

  • Maddie Arnoldwood

    Ciaran has changed since when does he laugh tik toks and get sponsors

  • Bitches Die in ditches

    I just laugh at his reaction

  • Laura S
    Laura S Year ago +1

    I’m pretty sure the guy in the first one was on Britain’s Got Talent one year

  • amelia
    amelia Year ago

    ciarán deserves so much more than 150K.

  • Smarmite
    Smarmite Year ago

    He seemed to like the cat one, so maybe we should just send him animal ones!

  • JadeRaven
    JadeRaven Year ago

    for someone who hates tik tok, he sure watches a lot of tik tok