Masterchef, The Professionals - Season 10 - Episode 2

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
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  • Jordan Michaels
    Jordan Michaels 10 hours ago +1

    the example one was done in a much higher ramikan so it rose up by quite a lot because it had the volume inside it, the chefs all used a short ramikan so of course they dont rise up as much as hers

  • Seiji
    Seiji 21 hour ago

    OH, this is so exciting... i was literally on pins and needles......... i have to practice my soufflé.

  • Mister X
    Mister X 22 hours ago +1

    I've watched most of these episodes over the years. I've never seen a chef confuse salt & sugar.

  • Norfolk250
    Norfolk250 22 hours ago

    Jamie’s main dish looks like his hairdo!!

  • Tabea Zieris
    Tabea Zieris Day ago

    Wait are there only male contestants? :0

  • BroSis Entertainment Pvt Ltd

    i would like that lady to make biriyani and then say,, Indian cuisine is much more complex

  • J M
    J M 3 days ago

    What a boring version of master chef

  • Beatrix
    Beatrix 6 days ago

    What's the name of lesbian chef?

  • Sean Demetrio
    Sean Demetrio 6 days ago

    The girl judge looks like Lea Salonga 😂

  • Ty Ellis
    Ty Ellis 6 days ago

    I love how she doesnt want the garnish to be a side of fruit and thats exactly what Jamie does....... comical. but this is definitely the prestigious of the master chef shows. people who are dressed the part, who are trained.

  • vanaja patkari
    vanaja patkari 9 days ago

    Every fucking one under cooked or over cooked, the professionals

  • Poo ie
    Poo ie 10 days ago

    T series dissapointed 20:00

  • Toria Herron
    Toria Herron 11 days ago

    Monica took longer than 20 minutes to demonstrate her test

  • Vedic Astro yogas
    Vedic Astro yogas 11 days ago

    I cannot even spell suflay

  • James Givens
    James Givens 11 days ago +1

    It's difficult to make a souffle with an hour to do it, 20 minutes is impressive regardless of who did it

  • Rawnie Adhikari
    Rawnie Adhikari 12 days ago +1

    All of you know the bearded judge chef is a wizard right?

  • Thepianoboy Harmony
    Thepianoboy Harmony 22 days ago

    The narrator sounds calming. And i love this whole show.

  • kojiiko ko
    kojiiko ko 23 days ago

    Are u fucking joking me salted soufflé!! Ffs basics!! Fooking basics! Ffs get a grip!

  • putri merrytha purwaningsih

    She OPENED AN OVEN when the Souffle just rising!???

  • sajjida Ali
    sajjida Ali 25 days ago

    I m here for ryan 😍

  • Charming nowhere to hide


  • Flo Cz
    Flo Cz 25 days ago +1

    Lets just appreciate the music at 33:01 one moment... composer did a cinematic job there.

  • Shanow
    Shanow 26 days ago +2

    I kinda feel bad for Suresh. What a good soul, almost too good for this harsh world. Hope he is doing okay.

  • Lia Vang
    Lia Vang 27 days ago

    I love this idea of MasterChef rather than the American MC. Masterchef should be a competition of professional chefs. American MC should change their title to like "Dream MasterChef" or something.

  • Anthony Gugich
    Anthony Gugich 28 days ago

    yukk..the chefs drip sweat into the food and the judges dont see it..or they ignore it

  • Leagh Michael
    Leagh Michael Month ago

    Oo I feel bad he put salt instead of sugar

  • Leagh Michael
    Leagh Michael Month ago

    I would date Jamie I think he very handsome

  • bill joe
    bill joe Month ago

    Suresh gets voted out for over cooked fish yet the 4 others didnt even have their meats edible because it was undercooked yet he gets voted out? what???

  • Graig Allison
    Graig Allison Month ago

    "The sweet breads are under, it's almost going baahhhhhb". Lol lol too funny.

  • Erik Delgado
    Erik Delgado Month ago

    And me flipping burgers at whataburger am i chef?

  • Amanda Morstan
    Amanda Morstan Month ago

    These are the nicest people I have seen.


    Okay spoilers

  • Play That Again Bruh
    Play That Again Bruh Month ago +3

    So this is a UK version...interesting they stand over them the whole time

  • Play That Again Bruh
    Play That Again Bruh Month ago +1

    So Ramsey only does Jr?

  • Arriyan Bose
    Arriyan Bose Month ago

    The world is not ready for amazing Indian flavours. It still only deserves pan fried fish and meat cooked in red wine.

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks Month ago

    The one who knows the least always talks the most. Shut up, bald guy. Let the pros do the talking.

    • Shinigami Sama
      Shinigami Sama Month ago

      But that's literally his job. He's there to talk from the pov of non-pro.

  • OnePunchBrand
    OnePunchBrand Month ago

    24:00 so fking fake, like yeah folding in a yolk that's a dumb mistake, putting salt in that's a ridiculous kliche

  • angela grace barquin

    Upon watching the show, I was thinking what if Gordon and Joe are the contestants. Hmm

  • mmoodd a.
    mmoodd a. Month ago

    I would prefer over cooked dish than the undercooked one.

  • Tyler Jacobson
    Tyler Jacobson Month ago

    One of the best competition cooking shows in the world. It’s all about the food. No unnecessary drama. Just cooking and chefs who know proper critique without trying to be a character all the time.

  • icecold beer
    icecold beer Month ago


  • Zack's Beyond Our Plate

    Every time I watch I learn a new way to cook!

  • Benjamin Luebberst
    Benjamin Luebberst Month ago

    Never have seen a soufflé look that delicious

  • ashanti gail
    ashanti gail Month ago

    Thank you

  • Ashkan Ahmadi
    Ashkan Ahmadi Month ago

    Who is the narrator? His voice is very familiar

  • Planttation ,
    Planttation , Month ago

    legit the second guy why would he need more sugar if it was weighed out?

  • It's James!
    It's James! Month ago +5

    Wth all those raw pieces and they turn down the overcooked one. That's unfair, you can die from raw meat.

  • thenewandrei4o94
    thenewandrei4o94 Month ago

    did they REALLY need to rub it in that he's working in a carehome? ffs poor dude looks crushed and I really liked him!

  • Usui Takumi
    Usui Takumi Month ago


  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter Month ago

    HelloFresh is fucking stupid.

  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic Month ago +7

    i think i prefer this than screaming and cussing.

  • XxSkill ZorxX
    XxSkill ZorxX Month ago

    that judge is brilliant

  • Loyd Holman
    Loyd Holman Month ago

    Master Chef USA is all about HOME COOKS! In this show these people are all high-level CHEFS, and that is why it is called "MASTERCHER, THE PROFESSIONALS!. From the many episodes I have watched, they have not done well at all! Very few could cook the duck or lamb properly! Side dishes the same, not so good, under/over cooked! Plating has been very average! They do not seem know what they are doing for "Professional chefs!":Love Ramsay's Master Chefs, regular and Junior! Fabulous show. Obviously, it is different, with actual contestants from all walks of life! Like this show a lot, but am surprised at how few CHEFS really have great skills. TOO MANY MISTAKES!.

  • Matthew Tibbs
    Matthew Tibbs Month ago

    These chefs didn't even bother tasting the dish, how can you possibly say, "it's a lovely flavored dish" when you didn't even taste it?

    Not to mention the judge that prepared the sample used a ramekin that had double the volume says that they didn't get enough rise. Oh come on, you're just taking a piss. You got more rise out of it because there was more of the souffle to rise.

  • No Nut Kyle
    No Nut Kyle Month ago +2


    • sdidora5
      sdidora5 Month ago

      Bcuz she is very expensive lol

  • war lord
    war lord Month ago

    I always thought chefs needs to shout and howl in cooking competition but this show is so calming n very professional. No need of anger n cussing.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Food at Masterchef is too pretentious.

  • Remy Lebeau
    Remy Lebeau Month ago

    I dont cook but couldnt these folks use vanilla to make something like an strawberries and cream flavored souffle? Errbody was so Basic AF

  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau Month ago

    GROSS!! Undercooked pork😝

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross Month ago

    Haven't seen this show before; came across it while watching a bunch of other cooking-related vids. I really like that the hosts complete the challenge before the contestants come in, to show what's possible in the small time period.
    Also love watching the professional's precise movements: her chopping, and the quick motions when she was evening out the mix into the cup.

  • dino aki
    dino aki Month ago +1

    omg imagine being those chefs being given a prompt and having to create something on the spot.... ME ON MY DBQ FOR AP WORLD.

  • Nayara Lopes
    Nayara Lopes Month ago

    No women???

  • Adriana Romero Patrnogic

    Justice 4 Suresh

  • Xzar GAMING
    Xzar GAMING Month ago

    For me If Gordon Ramsay isn't there it's no masterchef show🤣 show becomes really boring

  • Elizabeth Williamson

    Vinod Sharma:C

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy Month ago

    I'm drunk, but I find the term "MASTER Professional Chef!" hilarious. I've been screaming it at the top of my lungs for the last 10 minutes.

  • Amah Chimgozirim
    Amah Chimgozirim Month ago

    The food looks absolutely nice 👍

  • HavyEN Larry
    HavyEN Larry Month ago

    Why Suresh

  • Jeremy thomas
    Jeremy thomas 2 months ago

    The first contestant with the streaks in his hair really reminds me of a younger version of Azami Nakiri from the anime food wars lol

  • MochaWaifu
    MochaWaifu 2 months ago

    RIP Salt Guy 👨‍🍳