the SLoT "AngelOK" (Official Video-Russian)

  • Published on Nov 3, 2010
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Comments • 340

  • TJ Landry
    TJ Landry Month ago

    I swear to god... Daria Stavrovich has to have the most powerful female vocals in all of rock. DEAR LORD THOSE CHOPS!!

  • 渡辺マリコー
    渡辺マリコー 3 months ago +1

    my angel 💜

    BREED DRASTIC 3 months ago


  • Виктория Симоненко

    С этой песни всё и началось....Слот вы супер)))спасибо за бурную молодость)

  • - MAX -
    - MAX - 5 months ago +2

    I started listening and checking Russia 's rock scene. Amazingly talented people. Too bad that West is not familiar with them but I hope TheXvid will bring the cultural walls down.

    • Eugene Kalinichenko
      Eugene Kalinichenko 3 months ago

      There is a song "Why guitar doesn't have russian rock?" The answer in the song is Because russian Rock is shit! ) But Slot is very good, but not pure rock.

  • glenn stewart
    glenn stewart 6 months ago +1

    Hello from Bali, Indonesia. Daria nuke my world

  • Arnold Preston
    Arnold Preston 8 months ago +1

    Such a good band,trying to learn my native language is so hard.Wish I had been born there!!!!!!

  • Strange Smile
    Strange Smile 9 months ago +1

    that is my Favourite of yours !!! Please come to Germany :)

  • richard installman
    richard installman 10 months ago

    from Portugal great band great sound i think that Russian band should be more worked in the west main media this is not the first Russian band that surprises me with some good sound but if not for youtube i wouldn't have found the other 2 in deferent gender are imperial age and Eihwaz. good work Russia

  • Muskogee1
    Muskogee1 Year ago +1


  • Tuğçe Doğa
    Tuğçe Doğa Year ago +3

    You're gonna make me start heavy metal again😁❤❤

  • BertOutdoors
    BertOutdoors Year ago +1

    Forgot about this band returned in 2018

  • FLEX
    FLEX Year ago


  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown Year ago

    хорошая музыка Да

  • D'Juna Kosmo
    D'Juna Kosmo Year ago

    My favorite band since 2009

  • Geoff Aldwinckle
    Geoff Aldwinckle Year ago +1

    Hello from New Zealand. Love this band.

  • Yagane Kun
    Yagane Kun Year ago

    dizem que as rodas dos carros da russia são quadradas

  • Itan Thetitan
    Itan Thetitan Year ago

    needs more hardbass

  • krazy4samwalker
    krazy4samwalker Year ago

    Get rid of the gay dude singing and bam one of the best female led bands

  • QQ
    QQ Year ago +10

    Just can't get enough of Daria's singing. It's like no one else's singing. In the world. So powerful. So dynamic. Such intensity. It's like her voice stands out in 3D when all others are in 2D.

  • Delta Blues
    Delta Blues Year ago +5

    Keeping Rock Alive in the Kremlin! YEAH! Power to the Russian People!!! Keep Rockin'!

  • Twenty one Satans

    Даш,попробуй изучить гроулинг)

  • MartiniGasolini
    MartiniGasolini Year ago +6

    I don't even speak Russian but I still love this song.

  • Serfer
    Serfer Year ago

    Кросавчичи,продолжайте в том же духе!!)Хейтири Кэша,идите в "Очко"

  • Chimichanga Warrior
    Chimichanga Warrior Year ago +3

    The female singer is fucking amazing. What the fuck.

  • Jonathan Bergeron

    Holy russian emos batman

  • Dragón Alado
    Dragón Alado 2 years ago +2

    Como esque esta cancion no tiene millones de reproducciones? es mejor que muchas cacas de canciones que hacen :/
    buen tema.

  • Revan
    Revan 2 years ago +5

    Just found your band, love your songs, keep up the good work!

  • 한찬샘
    한찬샘 2 years ago +5

    i love the band women vocal.. so fantastic

  • @GmaesPro
    @GmaesPro 2 years ago

    primer comentario en Español, amo como ella canta

  • Supreme Gentleman
    Supreme Gentleman 2 years ago

    Is that Doctor Strange?

  • Peilin Stephen
    Peilin Stephen 2 years ago +7

    Why don't we know more about this band, they're great?

    • Blackburn
      Blackburn Year ago +1

      Just google, man) they have many albums and concerts. And the girl (Нуки) has her own solo project

    • Ludo Neves de Irlanda
      Ludo Neves de Irlanda Year ago

      So amazing all! #Slot

    SOMLOL 2 years ago +6

    все хейтят Кэша,но какбы есть другие группы типо Тракторов и Louna и т.п там где чисто женский вокал . кому не нравится слот иди соло Нуки слушайте и поймете разницу как это без Кэша

    • Malusdeus88
      Malusdeus88 Year ago

      Не обоснованный гон на Нуки, она сама же объясняла много раз, что сольный проект - это эксперимент на стороне, потому что Слот - сложившаяся парадигма, и рулит там Кэш. Я более, чем уверен, хотела бы она скопировать Слот, у неё получилось, но у неё цели иные. А Кэш - самовлюблённый ребёнок лет десяти=))))

  • Doncella Del Metal
    Doncella Del Metal 2 years ago +2

    I love it😍

  • Алексей Волков


  • 624 Porters
    624 Porters 2 years ago +1


  • 624 Porters
    624 Porters 2 years ago

    allot of Slot songs are better in Russian ..... this is one of them
    ...plainly stated some songs can just tell they have no idea whate the words are in english and therefore no idea where the INFLECTIONS GO...i love these guys!!!

  • Wanh Ehrlichmann Kluge

    I luv Slot, one favorite Band!! hurry up Slot!!

  • Андрей Беседин

    да солист посредственность, всё держится на девочке)

  • Igão F7
    Igão F7 2 years ago +2

    óyimo rock russo mui gata la chica Daria nookie

  • Bruno BRF3
    Bruno BRF3 2 years ago +10

    thanks from Brazil 🇧🇷👍i really like this Band!

  • Daeron Targaryen
    Daeron Targaryen 3 years ago +3


  • василий вербицкий


  • Piano Girl
    Piano Girl 3 years ago +1

    Dariya is too damn sexy! If I had one I'd stick my dick in her tight wet mouth. Mmm

    • 169gr gr
      169gr gr Year ago

      imagine yourself

    • Пукер
      Пукер 2 years ago +3

      я понимаю голоса можно не различить, но лица? вот ты реально дибил

    • Hurusables
      Hurusables 2 years ago

      she is Uliana stuped you makaka, not Dariya

  • guilherme passos
    guilherme passos 3 years ago +2

    Eu amo !

    SEAN B BOMB B 3 years ago +21

    its pretty dope -- I mean I have to look up what there saying lol but its good music-- shoutout from Detroit Michigan USA :)

      SEAN B BOMB B 3 years ago +2

      @Alexey Mukhachev yea Detroit has its up and downs, you know is good parts and its red zones. personally me growing up in this city and just being here just makes me annoyed an just pushes me to wana LEAVE asap -- just IF you do come here -- don't let all the nice and all so beautiful (Downtown) Detroit get you fooled. if you wana see the real shit go 5 min from the city and damn there any person in the REAL Detroit will tell you how it really is.. Not all those lame hipsters who call there selves Detroiters and "Rebuilding Detroit" - just giving you heads up -- that's allll bull shit Detroit is prime property and all they are trying to do is up the living cost to kick us out and let those with money (outsiders) move in. just warning you this city is fucked up. just ask any REAL Detroit resident

    • Alexey Mukhachev
      Alexey Mukhachev 3 years ago +2

      +SEAN B BOMB B Greetings from Russia, Detroit is one of the cities what I want to see in my jour tour in this or next year. I heard this is a dangerous city :)

  • Marc Demme
    Marc Demme 3 years ago +8

    I love this band :)

  • Juozas Srėbalius
    Juozas Srėbalius 3 years ago

    Back when Nookie was beautiful and not a corpse like nowadays...

    • Juozas Srėbalius
      Juozas Srėbalius 3 years ago

      @jeronimo196 Living in a country that had been under soviet pressure for many years hell yes I'm familiar with russian culture and I know where you want me to go. Sorry I offended your goddess.

    • jeronimo196
      jeronimo196 3 years ago +1

      @Juozas Kvedarna, if you'd only stated what you like more, we would not have this conversation now, would we? You said Nookie looks like a corpse in the comment section of a SLOT song, and still seem surprised by my reply. What the fuck did you expect to happen?
      And if you really try and apply your reading comprehension, you will realize I never called you an asshole - I merely stated that the version of you that kept its mouth shut would've not come across as one. Which I may not have needed, but wanted to do nonetheless. I would tell you where to go from here, but if you are familiar with Russian culture at all, I expect you could make an educated guess.

    • Juozas Srėbalius
      Juozas Srėbalius 3 years ago +1

      +jeronimo196 Woah! Easy there, pal! Butthurt fanboy sensors just overheated because of your comment!
      YES she has an amazing voice, NO just because I like their music doesn't mean I have to know every single detail about each member of the band. Nor do I give a fuck.
      Looking like a zombie from the walking dead is something you choose to be. Getting stabbed has nothing to do with it.
      I don't really care about looks that much. As I just said, it's her voice that makes their music awesome. I only stated that I liked this version of Nookie more. Just like some people prefer Tarja over Anette or Floor. You don't need to call me an asshole for that.
      P.S. Fuck you too. In every way possible.

  • Saya Lazuli
    Saya Lazuli 3 years ago +1


  • Harlam Space
    Harlam Space 3 years ago

    Oh pomny slushal etu gruppu.

  • Zombi_ripper
    Zombi_ripper 3 years ago +42

    I loove when she can sound weak and cute in this song, but when the chorus comes, she just shouts and takes control of the situation as a strong russian woman. She is, has been, and will be Cute. Awesome band.

  • Elmer J Fapp
    Elmer J Fapp 4 years ago

    and it was so bad
    it gave me

  • Liz T.
    Liz T. 4 years ago +5

    I bought Break the Code ( in Canada) because it's amazing~

  • Стас Якушко
    Стас Якушко 4 years ago +8

    Если бы они не были вместе, не было бы и СЛОТа

  • Will Hart
    Will Hart 4 years ago +3

    I want to marry Nookie....

  • Adrielle Rocha
    Adrielle Rocha 5 years ago +1

    aaa meu cu

    • Adrielle Rocha
      Adrielle Rocha 3 years ago

      +Gabriel C. Netto de mais kkkk

    • Gabriel N.
      Gabriel N. 3 years ago +1

      kkkk hu3 br eh foda.

    • Adrielle Rocha
      Adrielle Rocha 3 years ago

      +Gabriel C. Netto esse povo ta entrando no meu perfil e fazendo zuera... deve ser minha irmã nao foi eu kkkk

    • Adrielle Rocha
      Adrielle Rocha 3 years ago

      +Gabriel C. Netto esse povo ta entrando no meu perfil e fazendo zuera... deve ser minha irmã nao foi eu kkkk

    • Gabriel N.
      Gabriel N. 3 years ago

      +Adrielle Caroline eh oq? lol?

  • боря голиков
    боря голиков 5 years ago +9

    молодёжненько , вокалистка талантливая девочка

  • Serega DneProvskiy
    Serega DneProvskiy 5 years ago +7

    Бля ну как ты мог?? Мой ангелОК !!1

  • M.G Smack'n
    M.G Smack'n 5 years ago

    Songs dope

  • GrizzlyPandaMusic
    GrizzlyPandaMusic 5 years ago

    These guys rock! they're like the russian version of blood stain child (some songs) check them out!