World's Smallest Cat - Cute, Tiny and Mean


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  • TheMeanKitty
    TheMeanKitty  9 months ago +1239

    How are my special effects? Looking better? If you're subscribed to us then you know he's obviously not that small but for those who aren't subscribed, I did say "I like to tell stories and use special effects". I really wasn't expecting this video to be trending, so I apologize to any of you who feel mislead by my content. I was just having fun with my regular viewers. I didn't think so many people would take the joke so seriously.

  • I Do gacha studio ROLE PLAYS

    i don't want that cat cause I'll lose it or kill it

  • Margaret Hannah 1234567

    Lmao who actually believed this? I know that he never intended for people to believe it, but so many people did lol

  • Margaret Hannah 1234567


  • manoj mantri
    manoj mantri 2 days ago

    So cute I want one

  • Matus Igaz
    Matus Igaz 2 days ago


  • Ahmad El-Belely
    Ahmad El-Belely 3 days ago

    It is photoshop

  • Lo Fuke
    Lo Fuke 3 days ago

    WTF How small How cat be?

  • Waldy Duran
    Waldy Duran 3 days ago

    *Y O U R K I T T Y L O O K S L I K E A F L A T T I R E*

  • Ernesto Perez
    Ernesto Perez 3 days ago

    Is that a real cat

  • Totally Acting
    Totally Acting 4 days ago

    Wonderful nano cat I own one my self but my dog ate it so it’s gone

  • Katie Ortiz-Almeida - Tomken Road MS (1153)

    I don’t believe it but it’s cute

  • rupali arlekar
    rupali arlekar 5 days ago

    is that cat in her real size

  • Kittycatgam3r :3
    Kittycatgam3r :3 7 days ago

    Small,cute,TO CUTE AND SMALL

  • Thanisha Zaman
    Thanisha Zaman 7 days ago

    So cyut

  • Manir Akhtar
    Manir Akhtar 7 days ago

    Is that actually a small cat

  • Seyland Mapping
    Seyland Mapping 8 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This is an unoriginal comment, I’m going to stop here.

  • Patti Howard
    Patti Howard 9 days ago

    That's computer made

  • dd martinez
    dd martinez 11 days ago


  • Alexander Langman
    Alexander Langman 13 days ago

    VassilissaL is cuter.

  • Connor Miles
    Connor Miles 14 days ago

    It's edited it can t be that small

  • Blockmastermax
    Blockmastermax 14 days ago

    This gives me “The Onion” vibes cause this looks like something The Onion would do

  • Abiegail Bunag
    Abiegail Bunag 15 days ago

    its an edit

  • Ingrid Leung
    Ingrid Leung 15 days ago

    how do you not loos her?

  • puspa liya
    puspa liya 16 days ago


  • Pro Boss7
    Pro Boss7 18 days ago +3

    I liked me own comment because no one else would

  • Bloxy
    Bloxy 18 days ago

    Why do I want to squish it?

  • GamingCats
    GamingCats 19 days ago

    If it was real.

  • Alisha Ali
    Alisha Ali 19 days ago


  • Trina Halberstadt
    Trina Halberstadt 20 days ago +4

    But I'd probably lose it my dog would probably eat it

  • Trina Halberstadt
    Trina Halberstadt 20 days ago

    It's so cute I wish I had one

  • Jkvineeth Kadiresan
    Jkvineeth Kadiresan 21 day ago

    It would be great if this is real

  • Lindsey Krajzel
    Lindsey Krajzel 21 day ago

    Wow lol so funny now you are using special effects lol

  • boygamer rvx
    boygamer rvx 22 days ago


  • it's 10:04
    it's 10:04 22 days ago

    The thumbnail is so funny it's sad

  • Lawrence Tan
    Lawrence Tan 25 days ago

    I don’t think the cat is real though but still love ur vids

  • Queenzy Melanie
    Queenzy Melanie 26 days ago

    Dumb ass

    • Me Me
      Me Me 21 day ago

      Queenzy Melanie Why?

  • JerseyPearl Ajpw
    JerseyPearl Ajpw 26 days ago

    One bag of cat food can last decades for that little cat, i honestly wish it was real ;^;

  • MazterDjDobz
    MazterDjDobz 28 days ago

    Great graphics

  • John Downey
    John Downey 28 days ago

    Special effects

  • Robin Keep
    Robin Keep 29 days ago

    everyone that thinks it's a real care and think it's cute it's a real cat it's in the bed🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • ffstew
    ffstew 29 days ago

    hey, I just saw Sparta and he was a giant! 🐱

  • Madame Fortuna
    Madame Fortuna Month ago

    this is america

  • Kittty Kailah
    Kittty Kailah Month ago

    Awwwww I want one

  • mdcisneros1
    mdcisneros1 Month ago


  • Hawks Fan88
    Hawks Fan88 Month ago

    How would you pet this cat?

  • Nelly Gazsivo
    Nelly Gazsivo Month ago

    That is not real

  • Melissa Gallo
    Melissa Gallo Month ago

    Soon real lol

  • Tiny Mann
    Tiny Mann Month ago

    Are you afraid you might accidentally step on him?? XD

  • Marisha.orangefox. animator

    I know that is special effects

  • Jay Cusick
    Jay Cusick Month ago

    He’s so tiny

  • Leslie mashmann
    Leslie mashmann Month ago

    There are most definitely some small cats - but the photo shop or special effect done on this baby are a bit too much - love cats, but this little critter is not the smallest in the world.

  • Samia Mashaal
    Samia Mashaal Month ago +1

    I wish that it would be real but it is not

  • ThePremiumOnekek
    ThePremiumOnekek Month ago

    0:37 this is SPARTA!!!!!

  • Meka Doan
    Meka Doan Month ago

    i wish he was real

  • Mistytheunicorn :3
    Mistytheunicorn :3 Month ago

    Is this real?? :/

    • Me Me
      Me Me 21 day ago

      Mistytheunicorn :3 Yes obviously

  • R. Largo
    R. Largo Month ago

    That is not real.

  • Shyam Murari
    Shyam Murari Month ago

    Very boring

  • Ariasvideos
    Ariasvideos Month ago +2

    Emagine that this was a dog. *How are you gonna go on a walk with that?*

  • William Staufer
    William Staufer Month ago


  • Ly Sonyda
    Ly Sonyda Month ago

    Editing maybe

  • Jiří Pechman
    Jiří Pechman Month ago

    I love the effects tho so you know what. I actually watched your previous vids like Sparta reacts to your death and it was funny how he left you hanging in the end and he just went down next to you. *Screw it at least I'll devour my owner.*

  • Arturo Navarro
    Arturo Navarro Month ago

    suppperr cuttte

  • Haifa Raheem
    Haifa Raheem Month ago

    Hahahahahaha I cant believe it hahahahahaha I can’t believe it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Mossang Sam
    Samuel Mossang Sam Month ago

    can you show more nano animals

  • Jheziah Diamond
    Jheziah Diamond Month ago

    So photoshopped just by the thumbnail

  • Dclone
    Dclone Month ago

    Ill take 10

  • Kittengirl6000
    Kittengirl6000 Month ago


  • Yesenia Whetstone
    Yesenia Whetstone Month ago

    You actually expect me to believe this

    • SaryTheWolf
      SaryTheWolf Month ago

      No. It's pretty clear that the whole thing is joke and the clearly "photoshoped" video is not trying to fool anyone.

  • Haolin Yin
    Haolin Yin Month ago

    I...I don’t think that real

  • GD DelTaRimS
    GD DelTaRimS Month ago

    clickbate well done that stupid thumbnails of yours

  • Haj Vb
    Haj Vb Month ago


  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson Month ago

    That's not real but he's cute

  • Mrs. Granny
    Mrs. Granny Month ago

    I thought it was real 😡😡😡

  • Bailey Seymour
    Bailey Seymour Month ago

    i so wish it was real

  • André Games
    André Games Month ago

    i would accidentally step on it

  • Mademoiselle Poodles
    Mademoiselle Poodles 2 months ago


  • Irma Jordan
    Irma Jordan 2 months ago

    If only nano cats were real. I'd take mine with me wherever I went. :) I'd have 5.

  • Monica Jones
    Monica Jones 2 months ago

    By the way he’s so cute!!!

  • Monica Jones
    Monica Jones 2 months ago

    How did you get him please respond Cory because I really want one of those cats

  • Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more


  • Ági Detti
    Ági Detti 2 months ago

    its not real

  • X123Monster EX4
    X123Monster EX4 2 months ago

    I’m dying 😹😹 I love this

  • Aman Basanti
    Aman Basanti 2 months ago

    blow me

  • Beth Meyer
    Beth Meyer 2 months ago

    T Hi Irene Cameron and I am in third grade and I am subscribed and gave you a big thumbs up

  • Frostbite TokenZ
    Frostbite TokenZ 2 months ago


  • ActYourAge101
    ActYourAge101 2 months ago

    i wish it was real :((((

  • Lightning Boy
    Lightning Boy 2 months ago

    Awww so cute and mean

  • CrackerKid
    CrackerKid 2 months ago

    Ima accidentally step on that boi

  • ammar Taman
    ammar Taman 2 months ago


  • Foxygirl505 Gamingandmoreisbackinbusiness

    not actual size btw its special effects

  • boss egg hshshrhjr
    boss egg hshshrhjr 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Geraghty Hubbell
    Geraghty Hubbell 2 months ago

    Can I have your cat.

  • Leanne Reynolds
    Leanne Reynolds 2 months ago

    It's a hologram

  • N. Watson
    N. Watson 2 months ago

    is she that size for real

  • N. Watson
    N. Watson 2 months ago


  • Tanveer Shah
    Tanveer Shah 2 months ago

    Tbh it cute tho.

  • Tanveer Shah
    Tanveer Shah 2 months ago

    Is this actually real?

  • MK Technicals
    MK Technicals 2 months ago

    This is real smallest cat!

  • Thomas Waggoner
    Thomas Waggoner 2 months ago

    damm that’s tinest cat in the world