NEVER HAVE I EVER (w/ Punishment Shots!)


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    • blackops2096
      blackops2096 Year ago

      Never have I ever is played with alcohol though...

    • vivian nguyen
      vivian nguyen Year ago


    • vivian nguyen
      vivian nguyen Year ago


    • Raiyan Ahmed
      Raiyan Ahmed Year ago

      React you all are soon Good . love you

    • rjphilla
      rjphilla Year ago

      REACT how much SourceFed influence do you guys have? Cause your set looks coincidentally like it. A LOT. Just saying.

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago +1

    Alex is a boss!

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago +1

    Eric x Marc 💜
    Eric x Tom ❤️
    Eric x Mikaela 💕
    Eric is everything

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago +1

    Eric is so supportive!!!! 💕

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago

    Eric showing off his beautiful tattoo 👏🏻💕

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago

    Mikaela, you poor girl😭😂

  • Cherry Hana
    Cherry Hana Year ago

    This was hard to watch

  • Ajb1105
    Ajb1105 Year ago

    There's a PS1 in the background😲

  • Tarndra Reid
    Tarndra Reid Year ago +2

    He is wearing a VET RANCH t-shirt!!!!!

  • Çlðvêr Måzê
    Çlðvêr Måzê Year ago


  • Khoa Nguyễn
    Khoa Nguyễn Year ago

    I know it's weird but... chapstick challenge?

  • varun shrivastava
    varun shrivastava Year ago +8

    Tori # 8:34..... you are the best among all .... love from India

  • gessenia carlos
    gessenia carlos Year ago +400

    "TORIII !!!!"
    "i'm coming, Tom !!" 😂😂

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray Year ago +44

    Tom is my favor person in fbe

  • ElJAsok
    ElJAsok Year ago

    I love fish sauce!!!

  • billyk 979
    billyk 979 Year ago

    Hi I love react I watch life Is strange

  • alcaptin m
    alcaptin m Year ago


  • Rocko does Stuff
    Rocko does Stuff Year ago

    The punishment: pour slime on them

  • Rocko does Stuff
    Rocko does Stuff Year ago


  • Xandrea Aquina Hutson

    i subscribe :D

  • Person Likes Food

    Tea spoon of lemon juice

  • Cindy Byerly
    Cindy Byerly Year ago

    How do you have a waste basket from Western New Mexico? That's in Silver City!

  • Nicole Saviel
    Nicole Saviel Year ago +4

    Poor Mikaela xD

  • Katiec6597
    Katiec6597 Year ago +53

    I cry for Michaela. Poor gal. sending love

  • BabybutterRoll97
    BabybutterRoll97 Year ago +1


  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman Year ago

    Shoutout plz psycotic games yt

  • Person Likes Food
    Person Likes Food Year ago +1

    Punishment tea soon of Mad dog hot sauce

  • Yazz Productions
    Yazz Productions Year ago


  • AaronFPS
    AaronFPS Year ago


  • Raiyan Ahmed
    Raiyan Ahmed Year ago +1

    Truth and dare challenge

  • Angelina Suayan
    Angelina Suayan Year ago +5

    punishment: have them eat balut (a filipino egg with the embryo of a duck inside) I mostly want to see Tom eat it

  • Gamer_Shrimp 88
    Gamer_Shrimp 88 Year ago +5

    Awesome!! This challenge was hilarious

  • Karen Mendoza
    Karen Mendoza Year ago +11

    poor Mikaela

  • aainaanaasyidah
    aainaanaasyidah Year ago +5

    loser gets an egg smashed on their head/forehead

  • MsLilyth
    MsLilyth Year ago +8

    Props for the Vet Ranch shirt! Great channel. Great guy.

  • Mya Carmen
    Mya Carmen Year ago +2

    You should do a song lyric prank

  • Worst Renditions
    Worst Renditions Year ago +10


  • Ryan Tremblay
    Ryan Tremblay Year ago +6

    React to Depeche mode

  • Sunny Gao
    Sunny Gao Year ago +4


    • AAXIS
      AAXIS Year ago

      Sunny Gao
      Demolition ranch and off the ranch

  • curter
    curter Year ago +2

    Do guess that body part area :D

  • nixland
    nixland Year ago +9

    Mikaela >>>>>>>>> Daddario

  • Dakota Jeansonne
    Dakota Jeansonne Year ago +3

    Can I get a shout out i joined the notification squad on my phone, tablet, and my computer

  • Janch123
    Janch123 Year ago +2

    Can I have a shoutout plz I luv you guys❤️❤️

    • MetalProfile
      MetalProfile Year ago

      you are supposed to comment within 10 minutes after the video goes live... you are 4 days late

  • kmac639
    kmac639 Year ago +9

    Wait, so were they shooting fish sauce or fish oil? Two very different things and they said both.

  • ad sa
    ad sa Year ago +68

    wait, why is tori offscreen?

  • Keagan Kalbfleisch
    Keagan Kalbfleisch Year ago +3


  • Turbat G
    Turbat G Year ago +7

    having punishment affects NEVER HAVE I EVER

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Year ago +2

    Hit Alix with shtuf chalenge

  • Hatim Abdul Rahman
    Hatim Abdul Rahman Year ago +15

    Punishment : Have a bag filled with ice down their shirts

  • Nicole  Martinez
    Nicole Martinez Year ago +10

    For the punishment they should eat cake with gross fillings and toppings

  • drumkid97
    drumkid97 Year ago +4

    Mark with the Vet Ranch shirt. I love it!!

  • Destiny Dimension
    Destiny Dimension Year ago +15

    1. Haven't watched it yet, but I feel like it's gonna have juicy secrets on it.
    2. Tom's parents are off-screen? Woah.
    3. Haven't seen Marc before.
    4. Poor Mikaela
    5. We Saw TORI!
    6. Off to the 2nd Vlog for me.

  • Rose Lora
    Rose Lora Year ago

    React to Arron Crascall

  • L
    L Year ago +165

    "i don't go to parties" same

  • Jack Dailey
    Jack Dailey Year ago +4

    fill crocs with mayo and have the losers walk around in them

  • NatureBoi Hikes
    NatureBoi Hikes Year ago +2

    You should do Adults React to "Shoes"

  • Tori Godin
    Tori Godin Year ago +1

    Love all your challenges 😃

  • Janch123
    Janch123 Year ago

    Shout out plz

  • Kim Hanlin
    Kim Hanlin Year ago +1


  • Sonic Dahedgehog
    Sonic Dahedgehog Year ago +49

    Poor Mikeala

  • Keira Earley
    Keira Earley Year ago +12

    i love that he is wearing vet ranch merch. i love vet ranch!

  • Artsynerd :P
    Artsynerd :P Year ago +1

    Shoutout plz

  • Hikari
    Hikari Year ago +21

    Oh poor mikaela holy shet...

  • Theamzing Kareem
    Theamzing Kareem Year ago

    Please shout out

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Eric, being a good student has repercussions...such as this one...haha

  • Tao Skates
    Tao Skates Year ago

    Hello gourgy you want chili sauce or fish oil 👹

  • Wendy. k 13
    Wendy. k 13 Year ago +2

    I'm sorry guy's but I have an idea what if you dip the marshmallows in a eggs and eat it

  • Beatriz Zacharias
    Beatriz Zacharias Year ago +2

    Its 5am and I'm laughing out loud with them

  • Arjun The Vlogger

    Shoutout please I blasted that nof. bell

  • Pug Lug
    Pug Lug Year ago

    Do what are the odds. Punishment is chose out of a couple of punishments

  • curr est
    curr est Year ago +11

    "I think I am in love with you" dude, that's cute.

  • MelodicMiner5
    MelodicMiner5 Year ago

    Notification squad!!! I love this show :)

  • Daniela Rivera
    Daniela Rivera Year ago +16

    I ship mikaela and tom

  • Pecky Out Your Eyeses XD

    Pls give me a shoutout.

    KITTY Year ago +2

    hai, do the pie face! also have elders react to markiplier

  • jushiro1983
    jushiro1983 Year ago

    I love Patis ^^

  • Hey M8s
    Hey M8s Year ago +1

    Yay alex is wearing pants

  • Brianna_belley
    Brianna_belley Year ago

    Put the notifications on!
    Love your videos! ❤️

  • saurabh joshi
    saurabh joshi Year ago


  • Sabrina Smith
    Sabrina Smith Year ago

    Slime ballon challenge!!!!

  • StealThIsPower0
    StealThIsPower0 Year ago

    Do elder react to cod ww2 trailer plz

  • Autumn
    Autumn Year ago +1

    Do the slime balloon challenge

  • Caty Yum
    Caty Yum Year ago +9

    Poor Mikalea.

  • Alex Dahlia
    Alex Dahlia Year ago +5

    I have a crush on all of them

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Year ago +1

    I like shout outs.
    Ps I did everything

  • Alex Whitsett
    Alex Whitsett Year ago +2

    I love that overwatch hat Alex!

  • DiogoSantos3
    DiogoSantos3 Year ago +4

    Would do mikaela easy

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Year ago +7


  • hexs
    hexs Year ago +7

    Mikaela getting sick simulator

  • Zerckzer Darkstar
    Zerckzer Darkstar Year ago +25

    well Mikaeela just keep getting more and more attractive sins the start

  • Paige Young
    Paige Young Year ago +8

    Tmw mark is wearing a vet ranch t-shirt😍😍😍😍

  • Tangshang Rangsa Marak

    She is very attractive... her smile make my heart warmth... 😄

  • Soul Meister
    Soul Meister Year ago +4

    Scary movie challenge.
    All must watch IT.

  • Bounthon Lor
    Bounthon Lor Year ago

    Is it weird of me if I like fish sauce?

    • X yer
      X yer Year ago

      Nah it's a pretty common dipping sauce in Southeast Asia(I also happen to enjoy it very much)

  • Klaudia K
    Klaudia K Year ago +3

    I couldve easily watched this for a solid hour

  • özlem Seymen
    özlem Seymen Year ago

    shoutout pleaseeeeee

  • Nicole Bowden
    Nicole Bowden Year ago +10

    Do a round 2 of this ! This was the best challenge yet

  • Teeana Sarkar
    Teeana Sarkar Year ago

    I have subbed and turn on the notification bell love you alll ❤️❤️❤️😛😛😛

  • Youssef Badr
    Youssef Badr Year ago +1

    can you please shout out to me please

  • Sammypit 13
    Sammypit 13 Year ago +1

    Do react gaming rainbow six siege