• Published on Mar 24, 2018
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    I got the chance to go behind the scenes at one of the top test kitchens in the UK. Iceland brought culinary legend Neil Nugent in and he had the kitchen built from the bottom up. Neil created the Heston Blumenthal, Delia Smith and Prince Charles Duchy ranges for Waitrose. Neil and his team are so knowledgeable about food its crazy and I loved learning from them
    Trying lots of new formats out at the moment, let me know what you thought about this vid.
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Comments • 73

  • Apocalyps
    Apocalyps Year ago +1

    lol Eating all that Indian food with a fork & knife. *facepalm*

  • CallmeMAck
    CallmeMAck Year ago

    The second recipe its called "pollo violado" (raped Chicken) here in Mexico. Its kind of a "modern tradition"...

  • Josh T
    Josh T Year ago

    Excellent. More please

  • dylan foley
    dylan foley Year ago

    if its in a supermarket it isnt good quality end of

  • Adam Hussein
    Adam Hussein Year ago

    Shio Koji Looked the lick! Has alcohol in.😭😭😭

  • Joshua Murray
    Joshua Murray Year ago

    took me 3 minutes to realise you were talking about Iceland the shop, not the country.

  • Nefarious Cookie
    Nefarious Cookie Year ago +1

    Without opening a book its easy. Fermented fish sauce. Dry seaweed. And high quality sake. In america secret ingredient means “ msg”

  • Tony Killer Bray
    Tony Killer Bray Year ago

    must found you today!1 my new favourite chef!! mann i love foood

  • Victor Myndra
    Victor Myndra Year ago

    Great work as usual, man. Please make more videos like this.

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer Year ago

    The chicken looks amazing.

  • Ian Bell
    Ian Bell Year ago

    I bought a new product i had heard of on a food blog i follow, called red boat fish sauce. It is AMAZING!!! Its nothing like other fish sauces in that it brings out all the other flavours it combines with. It bursts unami into your food, but its annoyingly bloody hard to find here in the UK. Expensive too, but my favourite find in the last decade hands down. Your description of this product here sound very similar to how I've described redboat to friends of mine, maybe you should check it out and compare?

  • daibarDK
    daibarDK Year ago

    yes please to the question regarding more videos like this :)

  • Matthew Cojeen
    Matthew Cojeen Year ago

    Great skills John, will we one day see a recipes from a frozen shop of your pal.

  • kray97
    kray97 Year ago

    Chicken looks a little rare.

  • ReNeyer
    ReNeyer Year ago

    Liquid Koji? Why not go with regular Koji like the people at Bon Apettits Test Kitchen have?

  • Glen & Friends Cooking

    Love Shio Koji!!!! A Japanese chef in Hong Kong turned us to it a few years ago. We haven't used it in our on camera recipes because it's been hard to get here (or ridiculously expensive when you do find it)... but maybe I'll start slipping it in?

  • Iggy O'Dwyer
    Iggy O'Dwyer Year ago

    Took way too long for me to get there wasn't a whole heap of northerners in the the Nordic country of Iceland. cheers from Australia.

  • Hunnie B
    Hunnie B Year ago

    Excellent video John.........that chicken looked delicious :)

  • Jaakko Laurila
    Jaakko Laurila Year ago


  • Aniket Shendage
    Aniket Shendage Year ago

    FAKE TAXI ????

  • za mes
    za mes Year ago

    This is what i was recommending some time ago. Thanks for sharing and i hope to see more episodes like this.

  • Charles Kuhn
    Charles Kuhn Year ago

    Please put the content of the promotion in the description. I don't mind sponsored content, but it's nice to know what to look out for. A little honesty goes a long way

  • original thought
    original thought Year ago

    Love the vid. Keep those type coming. Nice work!

  • Amit R. Kowshik
    Amit R. Kowshik Year ago

    That is an ugly looking chapati

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp Year ago

    You really didn't have to do the stupid Mouth agog thumbnail did ya? You'll be putting how much stuff costs and big arrows next. Oh wait...

  • Shayne Bell
    Shayne Bell Year ago +1

    Great idea 👊👊👊👊

  • Kao H
    Kao H Year ago +1


  • Fixaren11
    Fixaren11 Year ago +1

    New things are always exciting! Great video.

  • Alexis Kasperavičius

    Love the vids and have been watching them for many months. But I just realized when the host said "Mrs Food Busker" that I have no idea what his name is... He never introduces himself and there is no on-screen text.

  • Eileen Kenny
    Eileen Kenny Year ago +1

    Love the video. Can't wait to get my hands on some shio koji to try out. And, BTW, love you too Food Busker. Can I adopt you?

  • homejungle
    homejungle Year ago +1

    More like that please Govner

  • noreal name
    noreal name Year ago

    Ahhh xD cant find it online...

  • Angela Nardi
    Angela Nardi Year ago +1

    O.M.G. that tandor chicken is making my mouth water 🤤 👍🏼

  • HAHAHA !!!
    HAHAHA !!! Year ago +1

    Awesome video my brother!! Give me more secret recipes :)

  • Carlo Magno
    Carlo Magno Year ago +2

    Yes please, I'd love to see more videos like this. I love your videos.

  • chrisisteas
    chrisisteas Year ago +5

    I like the video. I just thought it was a bit too fast-paced to appreciate the look and idea of the different foods in the video.
    That's why I watch these videos atleast, not necessarily to learn how to cook.

  • Mike Jarrett
    Mike Jarrett Year ago

    5;35......bloody hell he aged 10 years in a second and became scottish!

  • John Barj
    John Barj Year ago +1

    More videos like this!

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward Year ago +1

    Thanks again for the great work, John!!

  • Abdallah Bissar
    Abdallah Bissar Year ago +1

    So basically MSG.

  • C. Karalee
    C. Karalee Year ago

    Amazon in the U.S.A. sells shio koji in liquid and solid. Also called "Rice Malt".

  • peshmerge44
    peshmerge44 Year ago

    I would prefer a format where you get experimental with stuff like this. For example you could say there are different ways to salt and then introduce this product. I mean unique stuff which is not mainstream. One example i only heard a couple of month ago about the mushroom "chicken of the forest" and you could show us exotic stuff like that we would never ever heard of if it weren't for you

  • Charles-A Rovira
    Charles-A Rovira Year ago +7

    I'm *very* interested in seeing more episodes like this. (You could aggregate them into their own playlist on your channel.)

  • Gadget Junkie
    Gadget Junkie Year ago +1

    Never thought I'd hear Michelin star and Iceland in the same sentence

  • William Haddon
    William Haddon Year ago +1

    Omg. Now that is food. Always missing was a movie pint of lager and I would be a happy man.

  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

    Hey man, that was an excellent video. Had me glued to the screen so please make a few more like it. Thanks.

  • keks -.-
    keks -.- Year ago

    i can't seem to find where to buy this Hanamaruki shio koji :( (germany)

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare Year ago


  • Sergey Bigun
    Sergey Bigun Year ago +1

    Like it,keep going.

  • petyahaha
    petyahaha Year ago

    poor camera guy at the end :(

  • Jesper Møller
    Jesper Møller Year ago +1

    Moooorrreee pls

  • Manuel Pestana
    Manuel Pestana Year ago +2

    I love your videos!!! u deserve more credit, underated :)

  • Jugnu Karluja
    Jugnu Karluja Year ago

    Chapati has to fluff up making a big air pocket before taking off the fire.

  • Gary Daniels
    Gary Daniels Year ago +5

    Will he let you into his kitchen again, well clever all that. Going to be trying some chilli flakes on my eggs. That chicken looked well handsome. Going to be viewing Iceland in a whole new light. Thankyou John.

  • Azhar Dhoomun
    Azhar Dhoomun Year ago +3

    this guy deserves a lot more subscribers

  • PR Etc
    PR Etc Year ago +3

    Need to get some of that shio whatsitcalled 👍🏽

  • Jappeli026
    Jappeli026 Year ago +1


  • Neil Hanson
    Neil Hanson Year ago

    Cobra does come in cans.

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue Year ago +4

    Very interesting stuff! Love these videos!

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy Year ago +2

    Went and purchased 2 bottles!

  • Sato G.
    Sato G. Year ago +1

    More video like this!!MOAR!!1!!

  • sahil gangwani
    sahil gangwani Year ago +2

    It's not keema lamb! It's just keema.

  • Leroux Megumi
    Leroux Megumi Year ago

    I wish our chef will discover the new taste! Next Your new cuisine please! Shikoji mariné for fish, veggies, meat,many combination will be fine! egg york shiokoji marine 72h. So tasty try do it! 72h after in fridge, york will be nice orange color, texture to be creamy, best match with tofu and shiso :)

  • NissanMarchK11
    NissanMarchK11 Year ago +19

    Not sure if cooking with the paint of a can is really a great idea

    • Jon Rouse
      Jon Rouse Year ago


    • dylan foley
      dylan foley Year ago

      it wasnt heston you tool it was rene redzepi ... and it was because of mussels they proved it

    • SuperTeds Dead
      SuperTeds Dead Year ago

      All that suggests is that its possible for any single chef to make a mistake. But Multiple Chefs have been using the beer can method for a considerable amount of time, so at the bare minimum its time tested.

    • Somarik Green
      Somarik Green Year ago +2

      Well Heston Blumenthal has 3 stars and his restaurant still had to close for giving norovirus and food poisoning to 529 people. The Health Protection Agency report said they had "severe weaknesses in procedures at the restaurant".
      So yeah people should never question Michelin starred chefs.....

    • SuperTeds Dead
      SuperTeds Dead Year ago +3

      God forbid an experienced Michelin starred chef should know what he's doing?

  • Anurag Roy
    Anurag Roy Year ago +3

    Indian food! ❤️

  • Yannick Oliveres
    Yannick Oliveres Year ago +2

    Yes I'm early!