How To Beat The BULLIES & NERDS In "The Final"

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
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    If you were captured by a group of nerds who wanted to punish you for bullying them, what do you do?
    Thank you for watching The Final explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary  3 months ago +886

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days 💥

  • A J
    A J 3 months ago +3059

    How to beat this movie: Have strict parents that won't let you go to a shady place in the middle of the woods without getting the name + number + parents' number of the person who organized it

    • Xavier Maxime
      Xavier Maxime 4 days ago

      Well this should be easy.

    • Dylan Fry
      Dylan Fry 6 days ago

      If your old enough to drive then having strict parents who make you give all that info isnt really solving anything. Because regardless of what you tell them, you can always drive anywhere you want.

    • Calvin Simpson
      Calvin Simpson 15 days ago

      Also not being a bully

    • In my Opinion
      In my Opinion 22 days ago

      @Guiden I agree :)

  • Scyye Gaming
    Scyye Gaming 3 months ago +1142

    I love how the lesson learned is "never drink the koolaid" and not "don't bully the quiet kid"

    • Tyler Bigner
      Tyler Bigner 11 days ago

      I have seen jungle juice being served out of everything in the book. Him thinking that teens should have been skeptical about it being served in a punch bowl is just a ridiculous analysis. If someone has it at a party you drink it lol

    • Derek Thibodeau
      Derek Thibodeau 22 days ago

      @Scyye Gaming Would it make you feel better about yourself to stoop to their level of assholelery? Be above it your silence and complete abscence from someone elses life eg (cutting them out of your life) is the best way to get back at someone. Know your worth, and what cutting the the other person out is missing.
      "I prefer another form of torture watch the silence hurt your soul and I will laugh, You're sitting there begging (to break silence) and I don't give a fuck, about you, DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?" -Atilla

    • Max Exist
      Max Exist 24 days ago

      @kitoa Kovacs how?

    • Chrossant Vegas
      Chrossant Vegas 25 days ago

      @R H yeh cuz it's funny af

  • Maya Gray
    Maya Gray Month ago +209

    Imagine surviving Vietnam, only to fall for one of the most classic gorilla warfare tactics in the book. How he survived I have no idea.

    • Rodney the Paladin
      Rodney the Paladin 9 days ago +1

      As they are not gorillas it probably makes life harder for him.

    • Found Wanderer
      Found Wanderer 12 days ago

      @aikidodude05 I was gonna say the same thing. The Vietnam War was quite a long time ago. My grandfather was in the Vietnam War and he was a normal person.

    • I'm probably taller than you IRL
      I'm probably taller than you IRL 18 days ago

      @EC-0 Didn't seen shit
      or monkeys

    • Pinky Kenkpen
      Pinky Kenkpen 18 days ago

      Even if Curtis explain the details he wouldn't had known Abt that trap and it was dark how was the old man supposed to see it

  • Krishanu Banerjee
    Krishanu Banerjee 2 months ago +278

    24:15 - +Cinema Summary - To me, this was the weirdest part. How come a veteran who fought in Vietnam doesn't subconsciously check for traps and IEDs when stepping into a potentially dangerous area, where people are apparently getting killed? I often chatted with a Vietnam vet when I was in my teens. He used to joke about how his wife is often irritated by the way he checks for exits and (non-existent) traps even when he visits a friend's house. That is how deeply tactical awareness and paranoia are rooted in soldiers who managed to survive the Vietnam war!

    • Calvin Simpson
      Calvin Simpson 15 days ago

      You don't really expect traps on American soil or at parties with kids. Now, if you have PTSD it's more likely you'll be paranoid about this stuff but not always

    • Sergeant Shām Ali Moosa
      Sergeant Shām Ali Moosa 20 days ago +1

      @Normal Human i agree with you completely. It doesn't go away.

    • Normal Human
      Normal Human 20 days ago +8

      @Sergeant Shām Ali Moosa unfortunately, PTSD doesn’t just go away

    • whydoiexistlol
      whydoiexistlol 21 day ago +3

      I think the writing team didn't research enough for this script.

      PROXIMA 27 days ago +11

      yeah i agree the veteran definitely should have already had it programmed in his mind to check for traps due to paranoia

  • keymaker2112
    keymaker2112 3 months ago +130

    "Of all tyrants, the worst is a slave in power." - Robert Ingersoll
    By that reasoning, "Of all bullies, the worst is a victim in power."

  • Third Degree101
    Third Degree101 3 months ago +3736

    How to survive "The Final."
    Don't be a bully. The end.
    Have a damn good day.

    • ThePeoplesChamp
      ThePeoplesChamp Month ago

      There's some merit to your point. There are accounts where school sh**ters would give people passes if they were friends or just "good" people. It doesn't happen alot, but more than you think.

    • feeble funkle
      feeble funkle 2 months ago

      Also don’t go to shady parties. In the beginning of the movie, the group of “losers” decide to specifically spare one classmate because he’s kind to them, which implies that they invited other people in the school who had little to nothing to do with the bullying.
      This also implies that, assuming you were one of the students attending that school, you’d receive an invitation just because you may have been around when the bullying happened.

    • Cyclone
      Cyclone 3 months ago

      @K.K Gacha this was his/her biggest mistake, Reporting a bot will not do anything because the TheXvid “moderators” will not do anything about it and you wasted 2 seconds and 36 milliseconds of your life trying to report a bot.

    • Red Panda
      Red Panda 3 months ago

      @SapphireYuna yeah

  • Justice Franklin
    Justice Franklin Month ago +27

    The kidnappers had already planned to end they're lives before when they were done so revealing themselves wouldn't have done anything in a real hostage situation it work but in this specific situation it wouldn't help if they didn't reveal themselves it's a good movie though a little too much torture for me but overall pretty good
    Edit: also they promised "not to kill anyone but you will wish we had" or something and stated that not everyone was going to get tortured but they will have to watch

  • Tim Easley
    Tim Easley 28 days ago +13

    8 minutes in and the video omits a key point. The five were suicidal and expected to die one way or another by the end of the night. They didn't care about being exposed. They wanted to teach a permanent lesson.

  • AnomalyINC
    AnomalyINC 29 days ago +5

    How to beat a jock: When he punches me, just say "Harder daddy."
    He'll back off real quick.
    How to beat a nerd: Say that "Star Trek: Discovery" was the best series of the franchise.
    He'll have an immediate seizure.

  • Guille Rey Ramírez
    Guille Rey Ramírez Month ago +11

    27:09 "With one single touch he can take away everything that brings him joy"

  • Pitched
    Pitched 3 months ago +9637

    I really have to compliment your way of telling a story. I would never watch these movies, but literally any 30min video of you is really entertaining. Even tho it's a summary, you manage to give it suspense

    • Mason Payne
      Mason Payne Month ago

      Yea, his commentary is great. I would see a movie like this and skip, but now I can see these cool movies without using the time

    • Nelle Carmon
      Nelle Carmon Month ago

      It’s not a bad movie actually

    • Nicknac
      Nicknac Month ago

      You're telling me this is the third movie reviewer that I've watched and watch the whole review instead of watching the movie how the heck does he do that

    • capanbren is such a bot
      capanbren is such a bot Month ago

      @Pitched oof

    • Owen C
      Owen C 2 months ago

      Definitely, I think the Dead Meat Kill Count videos are great in that sense too

  • Sebastian Muntaner
    Sebastian Muntaner 3 months ago +23

    Punch bowls aren't all that uncommon at a party. I've been to college parties that serve what people just call "jungle juice," and they're usually just a bunch of drinks poured into a big bowl

  • Quiet Kid with a Mecha

    This is a summary I know, but if we base it on a real life scenario, we wouldn't think of this thoroughly since we're so terrified about the kidnappers

  • Eugene
    Eugene Month ago +5

    This is a perfect example of how dangerous the quiet kid is

  • Jelly Dart
    Jelly Dart 3 months ago +10

    24:00 you know for a Vietnam veteran you assume he would understand the concept of tripwire traps especially ones that are spiked and in a forest cuz from what I know Vietnam has a lot of traps similar to this

  • De_ Jimberto
    De_ Jimberto 3 months ago +6569

    It's kinda funny how Cinema Summary is on the side of both parties. He tells how the bullies could survive but also tells the 'losers' how they could have better carried out their plan.

    • Meme Seller
      Meme Seller 2 months ago

      He's like Emperor Palpatine

    • Speeder
      Speeder 2 months ago

      @G i n a 🖤 that’s fucking cp

    • Neoloc
      Neoloc 3 months ago

      @G i n a 🖤 ah yes *a fcuking bot*

    • Bumbebee
      Bumbebee 3 months ago

      Noted, now i know what to do...

    • legion
      legion 3 months ago

      "I play both sides, that way I always come out on top"

  • Aminata Kone
    Aminata Kone Month ago +10

    my main confusion is how they tortured and spared their previous victims but killed ravi… like that’s your friend that saved someone who didn’t do anything to you but u kill him instead of locking him away like u did the people who actual set harm against you ? weird

  • Reina Ramirez
    Reina Ramirez Month ago +2

    i love how in all his videos he comes up with the most creative ways to advertise his sponsors. it just makes me love his vids more than i already do

  • Zachary Burns
    Zachary Burns 3 months ago +3

    I think these bullies were incredibly lucky that's all they did to them. The captors made a load of mistakes ( which, as high schoolers, is understandable ) and were pretty uncreative.

  • Okraleon_
    Okraleon_ 2 months ago +1

    honestly if I ever found myself in this situation, (as in, if I actually had the heart to bully somebody like these kids did) I'd just try to cooperate with them as much as possible.
    a few missing fingers or other injuries that can be treated later that still leave chances of survival is better than death.
    if there's something better than death, I'm content with that.

  • Steven Andrew Chua
    Steven Andrew Chua 3 months ago +1317

    The losers were idiots for doing this at all. With the dead bullies never being seen again, they’d be the first suspects in a police investigation. Dane especially since he was bullied the most and has the biggest amount of reasons to do this.

    • Mcnoodles
      Mcnoodles 5 days ago

      @GravityGoobity They only deserve what they dished out. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    • GravityGoobity
      GravityGoobity 2 months ago +1

      Bruh, yall really out here saying that the bullies don't deserve it like, wtf?? People like yall be the main reason they be bullying, they know there aren't no consequences. While I wouldn't do something as bad as this, I definitely wouldn't feel bad for em at all. Fucking up someone else's life and not getting any punishment for it just makes you want to do it more

    • never gonna give you up
      never gonna give you up 3 months ago

      Not in this case as it makes the “victims” look irredeemable and monstrous

    • never gonna give you up
      never gonna give you up 3 months ago

      Yes. And there are more satisfying and sympathetic ways to do a bully revenge plot in a movie.

  • Windsguidance
    Windsguidance 3 months ago +3

    I find it really ironic how the nerds still get the short end of the stick in a movie about getting revenge. The bullies are still alive (albeit scarred) but almost all nerds are dead

  • •Hon3yC4K3•
    •Hon3yC4K3• 2 months ago +5

    Cinema Summary: “This student is gonna regret bullying for the rest of his life”
    Me: “Who said he was going to live-“

  • Vibe Dalai Kami
    Vibe Dalai Kami 3 months ago +21

    I find it hilarious that the final lesson was 'dont drink the koolaid' and not 'dont be a bully'

  • ItsZaylan
    ItsZaylan Month ago +6

    The one guy dressed as a Nazi has my props, as it looks realistic.
    Edit: My uncle actually only has a half of his thumb, as he suffered an injury at work, he is an engineer.

    • AnomalyINC
      AnomalyINC 29 days ago

      I knew a guy who had lost half a thumb!
      People called him "One-and-a-half-thumb". I'm not kidding, he even had a raccoon-hat and owned a gold panning business.
      A real prankster he was, too.

  • DIOミストレスディオ
    DIOミストレスディオ 3 months ago +1564

    imagine breaking into Cinema's house only to cut to a freeze frame and hear, "Okay, this guy has just made the worst mistake of his life."

    • Mr boost
      Mr boost 2 months ago

      I would pull out the uno reverse card

    • JustJofee
      JustJofee 2 months ago

      Bro i would have to call the military if i hear him saying that

    • Naughtydogfan2007
      Naughtydogfan2007 3 months ago

      @M oh hey a centaurworld fan

    • MisterB
      MisterB 3 months ago +1

      Honestly, if I did ANYTHING and heard the Cinema Summary background music playing, I'd be terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

    • M
      M 3 months ago

      Pulled a Zulius.

  • Gaming Boyie
    Gaming Boyie 3 months ago +32

    As a someone who was bullied over 3 years through out 3rd and 5th grade. The ending was very upseting

    • Chel Ronin
      Chel Ronin Month ago +2

      @ZakkBWyldin🇺🇦 anytime from 4th all the way until like 9th grade, kids can be absolutely evil because they either want to fit in, have little to no empathy, or just don’t care. Although i was bullied in kindergarten so obviously personal experience will be different. But from what i saw, those are when kids are the most mean

    • HumorGames
      HumorGames Month ago +1

      @ZakkBWyldin🇺🇦 bro in my school bullies literally weren't a thing in 5th grade or anything before that

    • ZakkBWyldin🇺🇦
      ZakkBWyldin🇺🇦 Month ago +1

      @Chel Ronin nah from experience 4th and 5th grade are the worst.

    • Chel Ronin
      Chel Ronin Month ago +9

      @Aramaru 1837 Bro kids are so messed up, Id say middle school is probably when kids are most mean, but elementary school kids can be horrible. I was pretty much made fun of by my whole class cuz one popular kid said bad stuff about me. I was completely ostracized because he just didn’t like me. If you’re wondering why, all I did was become friends with his friend and he didn’t like that so he turned the whole class against me. I was a pretty funny and open kid so thats why I got along with people, and he still managed ti make everyone hate me.
      Apart from that, he would also physically attack me a lot. Even pushing me WHILE WE WERE RUNNING IN A FIELD. It was a race and i was going faster than him, and he knocks me over. Then when I defend myself he continues to push me into the dirt and everyone just let him do that.
      One I started defending myself, he stopped tho. Cuz bullies are giant fucking cowards. If you show any resistance they’ll start to stop

  • Home Frog
    Home Frog 13 days ago

    Wow! From what the narrator says, it sounds like he'd have the best instincts ever in all the situations covered by his videos! Wow! I really hope that I'm with this guy if it ever hits the fan!!!

  • Voidkeeper Gaming
    Voidkeeper Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Dude I've been watching your channel for about 6 months now and I've been subbed for a minute and I just gotta say you do amazing work I still can't figure how you splice the footage and clean up the audio but you are spot on

  • CrownClown Creations
    CrownClown Creations 15 days ago

    I feel like CS forgot that The Outcast crew had plans from the beginning to kill themselves at the end of their "plan". The masks were probably mostly a way to scare and intimidate the bullies, and, as they said themselves, to "show the monsters they'd created".

  • Sophie
    Sophie 3 months ago +4007

    They literally could have just dropped Curtis at his house or somewhere else after he fell asleep

    • Loony Loo
      Loony Loo 16 days ago

      @🔵Kaiden🔵Simpson they could have asked him and make up an excuse

    • Nena4Ever15
      Nena4Ever15 20 days ago

      They weren't on the same page and 5here wouldn't have been enough time

    • Katz
      Katz 20 days ago

      There all bolted to each other, the predators are in a group and they all equiped with guns

    • Banana the mango 🥭
      Banana the mango 🥭 21 day ago

      @Lucas Huang same
      Edit: obviously that's horrible but compared to the other children that was a little easy.

    • soups disco kitchen
      soups disco kitchen 23 days ago

      Fr fr, they could've thrown him into a separate room at the VERY LEAST

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin Month ago

    16:49 keep in mind he was still being shot at so if he gets shot thats game over so for me i would've just ran away until i lose them and slowly get back to the car to see if they are still there because theres no chance the car would be locked. And this is a major flaw to my escape because.. you know the car is open they can take the key out but i take my risks and sometimes it benefits me

  • Redoz
    Redoz 5 days ago

    Uhh, I've had plenty of punch bowls at parties
    As for the trip wire they're damn near impossible however a veteran would know about the "ghost stick" technique where you loosely hold a stick out in front of you with your off hand, if the stick catches on something then you know there's a tripwire

  • BiasedGrunt1998
    BiasedGrunt1998 2 months ago

    The reason the accuracy you stated (35%) is so low, which seems odd for cops, is because they're instructed to practice on their own time as well, which they of course don't do lmao, it's funny how often I've watched them test and they do poorly, and admit they didn't practice like they should 😂

  • MisterB
    MisterB 3 months ago +1

    4:20 - Damn, that segway into the Raid ad was smooth! I think Cinema Summary is getting better at catching us by surprise with his sponsorships, it's both terrifying and impressive.

  • Derek Moon
    Derek Moon 20 days ago

    I don't think they'd get thrown out. they have the guns by that point and can just hold them hostage at that point. 4 guns against 15-20 people seems like they could keep that un control. they would have to act fast though, so no one starts pulling their phones out and texting or calling people.

  • Cade Ronlund
    Cade Ronlund 3 months ago +3

    How could they accuse the banjo player of seeing him drop the key when they didn't even know there was a key. if they knew they would have been hurrying to release all the other bullies.

  • Spencer Collins
    Spencer Collins 26 days ago +1

    9:26, Am I the only one who would have gone the opposite way the kidnappers told us to go? I mean, they gave directions to get back to civilization, so presumably that's the direction they would look for you. Run the other way and hope that you find someone or at least hide and wait it out. IDK, seems like a logical course of action to me.

  • White as Milk
    White as Milk 26 days ago

    I’ve been looking for this movie for a good second. I saw it when I was seven or eight on The SyFy channel. I remember being glued to the screen at my grandmas house watching this while she cleaned the house. It was the first horror movie I watched by myself and It’s most likely the reason I love horror movies so much!

  • Figuroo
    Figuroo 3 months ago +1613

    I like how CS not only shows mistakes and ways to beat it to the protagonists, but to the antagonists as well. Kinda makes me uneasy but whatever.

    • Figuroo
      Figuroo 3 months ago +1

      Wow, this happened to be my (currently) most liked comment :)

    • RanMouri82
      RanMouri82 3 months ago

      IKR? Don't cross CS!

    • KaedonX06
      KaedonX06 3 months ago

      Well it’s easier to point out the protagonists mistakes from the perspective of those who could’ve otherwise benefited from

    • AdrianOnAttack
      AdrianOnAttack 3 months ago

      @Deku the Demon mercenary FACTS

    • Deku the Demon mercenary
      Deku the Demon mercenary 3 months ago +1


  • Link Kid1232
    Link Kid1232 6 days ago

    “That suddenly turned this into a deadly scenario”
    Like it wasn’t deadly before

  • clown
    clown 2 months ago +4

    I thought the valuable lesson was to not bully anyone LOLL 🤣

  • Plvt0n1vm
    Plvt0n1vm 3 months ago

    As someone who was bullied from kindergarten to 11th grade, I felt for the kids that were bullied.
    And the lesson those bullies learned was: Don't be a fucking asshole.

  • T O
    T O 3 months ago

    I'd just like to point out the cop car wouldn't have provided much protection against bullets, unless you get behind the engine block bullets will pass easily through the rest of the car

  • Siliux
    Siliux 3 months ago +1141

    "Just like he's not expecting Ravi to get his revenge"
    "You're not expecting RAID : SHADOW LEGEND"

    • RanMouri82
      RanMouri82 3 months ago +1

      Nobody expects the Spanish Raid: Shadow Legends Inquisition!

    • Apocalypse Drakaina
      Apocalypse Drakaina 3 months ago

      599th like

    • nate🇺🇦
      nate🇺🇦 3 months ago

      Thank you for the warning

    • MicroWolf
      MicroWolf 3 months ago +2

      i mean i wasnt expecting it so he got me there

    • ivy
      ivy 3 months ago +9

      i love his smooth transitions

  • Xx_Rainbie_xX
    Xx_Rainbie_xX 2 months ago +2

    10:30 I like how curtis looked so calmed during all the murder LMAO-

  • Fallixix
    Fallixix 2 months ago +1

    “Your not expecting *Raid Shadow Legends*”
    We can all agree that this is the *best* statement a human has ever made on this earth.

    KAERU Month ago +1

    Your Raid placements are always perfect

  • Oblivion Paw
    Oblivion Paw Month ago +2

    16:45 actually cars are some of the most dangerous places to be in during a gunfight, henceforth why police refer to the vehicles as the “tomb”

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 3 months ago +1810

    The biggest issue with using a punch bowl is dosage.
    There’s no way of ensuring that someone doesn’t drink to much or little of the poison, especially given all the factors in play. Beyond the issue of actually killing someone, there’s no way to make sure there’s not a few folks who aren’t taken out or recover quickly.

    • The green tweeter
      The green tweeter 3 months ago

      @Random Person still would have killed them or just made them kinda drowsy

    • O K
      O K 3 months ago

      The killing might not be a problem since certain substances just won't kill you regardless of the dosage. But too little or not at all will certainly be how do you make sure everyone has drank some people only have one drink for the entire party and they could have gotten it before you slipped the poison

    • invader horizongreen
      invader horizongreen 3 months ago +2

      @RanMouri82 You also have to take weight and Metabolism into account as well.

    • RanMouri82
      RanMouri82 3 months ago +1

      That's probably why the outcasts had a girl serving it, but there's even a shot where someone just dips their cup into the bowl (ew), so that's still no guarantee.

    • XeonDarkFire
      XeonDarkFire 3 months ago +1

      Is it wrong thank to CS for helping me make a better oc form what he originally started out as [ its the one my yt account is named after and the pic is based after]

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 24 days ago

    This really makes you thank your parents when you were young that they never let you go to parties.
    Edit: "He calls the police and tries to make his best white guy voice" is the best part of the video.

  • DeffKyoshi
    DeffKyoshi 3 months ago

    The transitions into the sponsors are the ONLY reason why I don’t just skip them. I love them so much lol

  • Buzzy
    Buzzy 2 months ago +1

    This guy has the smoothest transitions to sponsers I've ever seen

  • •Daliah Winnie•
    •Daliah Winnie• 3 months ago

    Tbh i love these videos so much because they’re so entertaining. And i love horror moviesbut I’ve probably only actually watched a few. Lol I hope you have a great rest of your day I love you all 💕

  • cory6266
    cory6266 3 months ago +1790

    The best way to escape while being chased is to get out of sight, then hide. Your pursuers are most likely going to assume you'll keep running and keep going after you, which takes them farther away from you, giving you more time to escape while they try to backtrack and spread out to find you. The guy who chose to be hunted should have hid near the house rather than run at all, when the hunters go out to find him he can get back inside knowing the captors have fewer people to guard their captives.

    • cory6266
      cory6266 18 days ago

      @EC-0 If the person chasing you doesn't _see_ it when you stop running and hide, they won't _know_ you've stopped, they'll keep going. When they go, go back the other way.

    • EC-0
      EC-0 19 days ago

      what your describing is the "hide in the alleyway to get away from the angry mob" thing they do in cartoons

    • cory6266
      cory6266 Month ago

      @Shan A small woman has far less chance of overpowering one of the kidnappers and taking their weapon, and once I had one of their guns, it's basically over, they're simply not smart enough to get me before I get them.

    • Shan
      Shan Month ago

      @cory a small woman would survive easier in this scenario than a bulky giant. They have vechicles and weapons to mow you down and a big guy is an easier target. You make more noise, you're bigger and easier to track, etc. You'd want to be small statured and light-footed in a death game of hide and seek. A smaller woman has a better chance of climbing a tree and having the limbs bear her weight also. Try clinging onto limbs to climb a tree when you're 6 foot 200lbs. You'll fall easily because your weight is not supported by weak branches, only the higher up ones would support you to bear all your weight on them to climb. Girls win this one!

  • Grimme
    Grimme Month ago

    I would have done what I've always done in my life and sit in the back and mind my business. That way the only thing that happened to me was getting a little drugged and I wait to be rescued by cops unharmed.

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 4 days ago

    i love how cinema summary doesen't just help the victim but the criminals aswell lol

  • HetaLuna
    HetaLuna Month ago +3

    I love your videos but when you said the kid was dressed as a "german officer" I was more than mildly shocked.
    The guy is wearing a SS officers uniform, which were an official National Socialist organisation founded by Adolf H*tler.
    Thus they're part of the history of N*zi Germany.
    True, it was Germany, but it's a part of our past we don't want to be identified with.
    So saying the costume represented a german officer is quite inaccurate and slightly offending (last being my personal feelings).
    Just wanted to leave that here

    • B-Chronium Productions
      B-Chronium Productions 24 days ago

      I don't think he could say "Nazi" or "SS" without getting demonetized
      Blame TheXvid, not Cinema Summary

  • ToxoTron
    ToxoTron 2 hours ago

    Moral of the story: Don't be a bully and don't drink from the Kool Aid bowl at a teenage house party

  • Exe Stray
    Exe Stray 3 months ago +852

    I really like how he explains the movie and at the same time helps you "beat it", what there really is to compliment is how SMOOTH that transition from storytelling to sponsoring was, keep it up!

    SANIC 3 months ago +1

    wait, how the heck does that thing have limited range? that axe is super long and looks like it has the length of a katana. even though it probably couldnt reach THAT far, it still has reach.

  • stranger pups
    stranger pups 2 months ago

    Having a dad as a veteran, you should be alert and have your gun aimed in front of you, also you never go in alone unless it's your life in danger. Camouflage is always key in a sneak up, especially with a leaf over tarp, there is a lot more but it I think you get the idea

  • amp
    amp 3 months ago +47

    If you're getting bullied stand up for yourself, even if the person is double your size punch them in their face.

    • Christopher Lamoureux
      Christopher Lamoureux 25 days ago

      @Mr dark skeleton A night black eye makes them think twice next time.

    • Sidsel Marie Bodin
      Sidsel Marie Bodin Month ago

      I mean the nerds stood up for themselfs

    • ᵃᵇˡᵉ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳᵗʰᵉᵒⁿᵉ
      ᵃᵇˡᵉ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳᵗʰᵉᵒⁿᵉ 2 months ago +6

      @Aramaru 1837 this can be a perfect copypasta no offense

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837 2 months ago +5

      I remember I had a bully in 7th grade, so do you know what I did to him. I destroyed his self esteem, by exposing all of the shitty things he did. He confronted me after and I kicked him in the balls. He totally deserved it, and I did not even kick him that hard. He was a social outcast for the rest of the year until he moved schools in 8th grade, and I rose the social structure in middle school and became a chad at that school. I think I am some legend at that school or something.

    • Null Knight
      Null Knight 2 months ago +1

      @angelix440 that does work, just make sure you dont hurt them too much

  • A Devil without a path.
    A Devil without a path. 3 months ago +3

    19:15 Teenager who's been disarmed and bound: I need you to call the cops! There are crazy people holding others like me hostage, so please, help me save them!
    Adult with possible mental problems or simple stupidity: I don't believe you! I was a soldier, so I know when someone's lying! I won't fall for your tricks kid!
    If you think he was there to rob or kill you, then why would he beg you to call the cops on himself? Even if you don't believe his story, calling the cops would still be a good call here since he's asking this random stranger to do this, something isn't right here old timer. This old man thinks that this kid asking for the cops to show up is some kind of trick, but this doesn't make sense either. This kid had a gun, went to your house, bangs on your house to get your attention (instead of staying quite until he had the right moment to attack you like robbers usually do), begs you to help him, gets knock out by you after he followed your orders, says that he escaped some psychopaths chasing him, also says that he needs help from the cops since these freaks have others like him that are captured, and you think that this is some kind of trick. What kind of trick is that for a robber? What were you going to do to this kid if you weren't planning on calling the cops? What kind of logic is this? I watched this movie at some point in my life and it's still as dumb as I remember.

  • LucianDevine
    LucianDevine 3 months ago +574

    With what happens between Emily and the last living "loser" in the house, I feel like they always intended to either kill themselves or get caught in the end.

    • O K
      O K 3 months ago +2

      @Shane Wickersham this is actually very critical when he's suggesting an attempt to escape.since the kidnappers have shown they're willing to kill someone that stands in their way or attacks them.

    • Cheetahgirl Studios
      Cheetahgirl Studios 3 months ago +4

      Tbh if I was in there I would’ve appealed to Emily. Going by this video, she’s one of the most empathetic kidnappers, along with Jack. Judging by how she was mad at Dane for killing Robbie. By the looks of it she realised early on that this plan didn’t turn out how she hoped. I would’ve used that. It would’ve been easy to turn her against Dane, causing that distrust and split between the Kidnappers that CS talked about.

    • LucianDevine
      LucianDevine 3 months ago +14

      @Shane Wickersham I thought I remembered there being something like that, but wasn't completely sure. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Shane Wickersham
      Shane Wickersham 3 months ago +83

      He did a nice job with this video. However he left out very important information that the Bullied group gave at the beginning. They tell the bullies that they have no intention of killing any of them in fact they want them to live and learn from the pain they have caused. Also prior to the party the Bullied made a suicide pact. Prior to the party they show each person leaving a note and saying goodbye to their family. That is why he does not mind showing there faces to the captives they wanted them to know who they are. The kid that was given the key to the chains was the Bullied friend. They did not want him there in the first place this was just for the Bullies. This is a very good movie with a powerful message.

  • K8i_fx
    K8i_fx 3 months ago

    Lmao the fact how he smoothly goes ahead and go’s straight into the sponser

  • Keisha George
    Keisha George 2 months ago

    I love this movie so much....because I was bullied for no reason and I loved their vision but they surely made some mistakes.

  • Landon Weaver
    Landon Weaver 2 months ago

    this guy can make a part from dead serious to funny ngl like "i wouldve called the police a long time ago to handle the situation so i can get back to my puzzle" 25:19

  • Jason Riehl
    Jason Riehl 2 months ago

    Omg I freaking love the final. I just picked it up one day outta the blue and fell in love

  • Krenzi’s Lego Creations

    Thanks for the tips, will apply to my plans :)

    PAKxXxMAN Month ago

    I love how every time he gets a sponsorship, he tries to relate it to the movie

  • Ike_GGD
    Ike_GGD 21 day ago

    I love the lesson you give at the end of the video 😂

    BLAZE 3 months ago

    I honestly love your vids man keep up the excellent work

  • I correctly
    I correctly 3 months ago +1109

    The punch bowl is a red flag? Sounds like a stretch to me. Also, cars are poor cover from gunfire. The engine blocks specifically are pretty good, but to get into a car is to potentially seal your fate if the keys aren't in the ignition. Even if they are, if the assailants are close by, you might not even have a chance to get the car started and/or in gear before they attack, so unless the car is running and you have a bit of a head start, you're probably better off just taking the gun and running.

    • I correctly
      I correctly 27 days ago

      @Adruz001 D I'm talking about base survival knowledge and approaches while stating that, if we're going to make assumptions, better to know and act on the fact that a car is usually better concealment than cover, not hope that my assailants are operating on a budget, and that their supposed bargain bullets are ineffective.

    • Bigenemy 000
      Bigenemy 000 27 days ago

      @Deez Nuts those are SWAT vans. Don't confuse the two

    • Adruz001 D
      Adruz001 D 27 days ago +1

      @I correctly Yeah, what's actually going through their mind is "oh $h1t someone's shooting at me, I need cover!". Then they hide behind the police car door because, wouldn't you know, that's the closest and widest object to put between you and the gun. They definitely wouldn't do what your original comment suggests they would and question how effective this police car would be at preventing them from being shot, as they don't have time for that.

    • I correctly
      I correctly 27 days ago

      @Adruz001 D These aren't things going through most people's minds in a survival scenario, nor should they assume the least of their assailants' capabilities.

    • Adruz001 D
      Adruz001 D 27 days ago +1

      @I correctly If you're going into specifics, the bullets and guns being used are much more important than the construction of the car that's being used as a barrier. A car door doesn't need kevlar reinforcement if the bullet isn't of a high enough caliber to retain enough velocity to kill someone after passing through it. These guns are most likely cheap with low caliber rounds, since it's a few high school students using them, so putting anything between you and the gun, even a thin car door, could be what it takes to prevent you from dying, and as such is a good choice in this scenario.

  • CreatorOfSomthin
    CreatorOfSomthin 7 days ago

    “This student is about to regret being a bully for the rest of his life”
    How long is that like two more days?

  • Player32100
    Player32100 3 months ago +2

    Fun fact, cars don't protect from bullets unless you're behind the engine.

  • Mark Portwood
    Mark Portwood 2 months ago

    Imma be honest that raid shadow legend cut had me laughing 😂

    KIRAI 3 months ago +1

    " Just like your not expecting Ravi to get his revenge your not expecting Raid Shadow Legends°"
    If that wasnt the smoothest way to advertise im not sure what is 🕺

  • Smashkey
    Smashkey 3 months ago +341

    17:19 Shooting at the enemy is still a good choice in most cases. People forget that beyond target accuracy, the target is still a person. Suppressive fire/suppression is a very real thing and while suppressed, the target gets stressed and fear starts to take over, which reduces their accuracy and decision making and forces them to take cover (although it didn't happen in this situation because it's a movie). The kidnappers were driving vehicles while firing, greatly reducing accuracy, so he had a great advantage to fire at a target moving closer. And while the police stat may be true, there's also a need to consider that some of the bullets shot may have been covering fire or suppressive fire.
    Anyways, great video! :)

    • VeryPeeved
      VeryPeeved 3 months ago +1

      on the other hand, if he had held his fire for a bit, they might not realize he had a firearm and be overconfident.

    • john
      john 3 months ago +2

      @MetroBoonk that's because they were doing the same thing, shooting at the human target and getting closer + he is outnumbered

    • MetroBoonk
      MetroBoonk 3 months ago +14

      Cinema summary always doing the realistic yet in almost every video he forgets that they're literally human, a human who isn't John wick and a person who haven't had experience in doing something like this. Shock stressful and fear is the immediate response making it much more difficult to think effectively in situations like these.

  • Angel Kingsley
    Angel Kingsley 3 days ago

    I feel like the jocks could have just tackled someone and took their guns… ion know

    STRYKER X 2 months ago +1

    "Made it by the skin of his plot armour" 😂

  • Flamethrower
    Flamethrower 2 months ago

    I love how he smoothly slides into Raid Ad

  • Person who hates science

    The movie takes "Never bully the quiet kids" to the max.

  • Feshdan
    Feshdan 20 days ago

    "Cops who go through extensive firearm training" No actually, even military don't have too much training other than some target practice and combat exercises. Yes I corrected you because I have nothing better to do lol.

  • royce crombe
    royce crombe 27 days ago

    "just like how he's not expecting Robby to get his revenge your not expecting raid shadow legends" i'm crying from that the

  • violetrxses
    violetrxses 22 days ago

    I was getting immersed in this commentary with the description and dark themes and everything - until raid shadow legends popped up 😭

  • KGB
    KGB 3 months ago +1

    "If you were captured by a bunch of losers"
    ay yes making mistakes real quick

  • Sarah Humpherys
    Sarah Humpherys 3 months ago +719

    "And managed to narrowly survive by the skin of his plot armor."
    90% of all horror movie protagonists, basically.

  • elchamber
    elchamber 2 months ago

    The punch bowl thing seems legit cause they’re all high schoolers trying to get wasted. Seeing each one succumb to the “alcohol” would have a somewhat desire reaction.

  • Purple Cat
    Purple Cat 28 days ago +1

    The sponsor transition is just so smooth

  • xD!
    xD! 3 months ago +1

    I love how you censored the gun but not the lighting bolts of the SS uniform lol

  • Da_ducc_dud
    Da_ducc_dud Month ago

    My 11 yr old brother watches u and I honestly think its good because it tezches him to think more clearly and more open minded when tough situations

  • Billy Masterson
    Billy Masterson 3 months ago +569

    I think the punch bowl wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, to be honest. And there’s nothing really out of the ordinary about the party initially either-aside from them not knowing who was throwing the party.

    • Billy Masterson
      Billy Masterson 3 months ago

      @The Dude, I’m not sure if you meant to reply to me, but if you did - your anecdotal information about going to “hundreds of parties” does nothing to change the fact that there would be nothing suspicious at first about the punch bowl especially if a bunch of teenagers get together. Adding their own alcohol into the mix also might be a possibility.
      You can’t tell someone they haven’t gotten out if you don’t them either especially considering that I’m in a Latin fraternity.

    • The Dude
      The Dude 3 months ago +2

      I've never seen a punch bowl at the hundreds of parties that I've been to in the USA, unless you count formal occasions like weddings or prom dances.
      They're featured in a lot of movies and shows, though. Maybe you don't really get out much and are basing your presumption on what you see on TV.

    • Blaire
      Blaire  3 months ago +1

      Hahaha americans and their punch bowls xD

    • LUCY LOU
      LUCY LOU 3 months ago +2

      Ya that's what I thought like I'm suppose to be suspicious about a party because there's a punch bowl

    • Jardex22
      Jardex22 3 months ago +14

      Yeah, if they're willing to create, print, and distribute custom invitations, the party itself is probably going to be more than just a boombox and a couple kegs of booze.

  • -Ŭ̈w̑̈Ŭ̈_S̆̈høp_Lïstĕ̈d̑̈シ-

    This is the perfect representation of the quiet kid meme

  • Top 2 (anthony)
    Top 2 (anthony) 2 months ago +2

    4:12 man i am sick and i thought it was covid(for personal reasons) so i just am in my bedroom watching youtube all day and this was the cleanest way to reveal a sponsor i have ever seen

  • Domphie
    Domphie 2 months ago

    I like the way this guy acts like a total macho genius as if he would always know what to do in every situation

  • robo grunt
    robo grunt  2 months ago

    i like how you are telling me how to make a party for the people i hate and there last time in this world
    thanks really appreciate the tips

  • J V Ever
    J V Ever 3 months ago +916

    Fun fact, the girl bully Emily is a voice actress for anime. She voices Nejire in My Hero Academia, Nagisa in Assassination Classroom, and Kino in Kino's Journey.

  • Maximus Storm
    Maximus Storm 16 days ago

    "...just like you're not expecting Raid Shadowlengends."
    Yes...yes I was actually.