• Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • HELLO gorgeous angels and welcome back to the holiday vlogs yaayyyyyyyy!! It is so amazing to be back in such a gorgeous place with my family and I really hope you enjoy this super relaxed, chilled out vlog. Can't wait for vlog 2 already hehe! Love you guys xxxx
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  • Zara K
    Zara K 20 days ago

    HSM 2 is alwayysss my summer vibes

  • Rosie Bowers
    Rosie Bowers 2 months ago

    I hate it when you say boo and sis

  • Toni
    Toni 2 months ago

    Great video hun love your family,love you lots x❤❤

  • Lauren summer
    Lauren summer 2 months ago

    Omg Katie's face when con walked out!! 😂
    Also jensons dancing, bless his heart

  • Naveds awesome adventures with mom

    Conor looks like the one from little mermaid lol

  • O G
    O G 4 months ago

    is cafelaola in puerto de carmen and is it expensive? X

  • Hannah Comerford
    Hannah Comerford 4 months ago

    Love the shoes con😂

  • chatreen oconnor
    chatreen oconnor 4 months ago

    can I ask if you actually get a tan with fake tan on? like I need to know

  • Jayla Mooney
    Jayla Mooney 4 months ago

    Omg I love Lanzarote xx

  • Petty Salakana
    Petty Salakana 4 months ago

    the sandals looked good

  • Teah Cobey
    Teah Cobey 4 months ago


  • Just for Watching
    Just for Watching 4 months ago

    I rate con’s shoes

  • Siobhan Smith
    Siobhan Smith 4 months ago

    I love the sandals 😅

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 4 months ago

    Does she have black eyes from a nose job? Never seen her before

  • verhmichel56
    verhmichel56 5 months ago


  • Leonie Dawsonharrigan
    Leonie Dawsonharrigan 5 months ago

    Love these video Connor deffo looks better in the sandals

  • Abby Chuma
    Abby Chuma 5 months ago +1

    What did you use on your skin as far as sun block and skin care?? You don't look too burnt at all and you have such a nice radiant glow!!

  • Lauren Rice-smith
    Lauren Rice-smith 5 months ago

    Such a good looking family

  • Olivia Xo
    Olivia Xo 5 months ago

    How olds Katie x

  • Katie Lambert
    Katie Lambert 5 months ago

    Boo we love the scattered vlogs! You're on holiday, don't put pressure on yourself to vlog perfectly; chill, relax, have fun and take us along with you. Stop worrying. xxxxx

  • Samantha Newton
    Samantha Newton 5 months ago

    What hotel do you stop at in lanzarote?? Im unsure if you said it and I’ve missed it?? X

  • Aliza Ali
    Aliza Ali 5 months ago

    How olds kit kat

  • LynneUK1
    LynneUK1 5 months ago

    Con's Birkenstocks looked good with that outfit.

  • andrina joseph
    andrina joseph 5 months ago +1

    Katie’s face when she saw Conner`s sandals 🤣🤣🤣

  • photos_by_char
    photos_by_char 5 months ago

    Love the chill, shattered vlog tbh! Also Birkenstocks are amazing & Con was rocking them with that outfit 👌🏼 Love you & your vids 💕

  • ellie beckett
    ellie beckett 5 months ago

    Love the holiday videos! Even if they’re bitty or not flowing it doesn’t matter we love them, keep them coming angel x

  • Londonlocgirl Londonlocgirl

    Hello Elle, where is Connor's v neck white shirt from please thanks? A great holiday family blog x

  • Roxellabella
    Roxellabella 5 months ago

    Need some socks with them sandals 😂

  • Leah Hogan
    Leah Hogan 5 months ago

    New to your channel and I love it obsessed with Katie and your bond with eachother The Whole video just made me smile and laugh you’d are the cutest💗

  • Anna Pettersson
    Anna Pettersson 5 months ago

    Love holiday vlogs 💖

  • Anna Pettersson
    Anna Pettersson 5 months ago

    Yaaas Con, the birkenstock 😍

  • Sharon Pea
    Sharon Pea 5 months ago

    Love your hol vlogs x

  • Hannah Dickson
    Hannah Dickson 5 months ago

    Your such a great sister , especially to Katie! Came across yours and Lucy's channels and just love watching both your content atm! X

  • Charlie Mathews
    Charlie Mathews 5 months ago

    We just love hearing from you!! Please never stop your chatty vlogs, they’re not scattered or ‘non polished’, they’re wonderful, as are you!💗

  • Thehealthycorner With Gemma Whatley

    Grandad vibes 😝

  • Thehealthycorner With Gemma Whatley

    Who’s Jordon?

  • Beth K
    Beth K 5 months ago

    Obsessed with all your outfits major hol inspoo😍😍

  • Holly Farr
    Holly Farr 5 months ago

    Yesss boo love this!!! How stunning is Ellie!!? OMG! Her and Connor such a good looking couple! Xx

  • Itscameron722
    Itscameron722 5 months ago

    Connor is right the Birks are so cool!

  • jay clayton
    jay clayton 5 months ago +1

    Congratulations Emily and Frank great news! Emily looks stunning.
    Beautiful family.
    I love the look of Lanzarote I'm sure I'll go in the future.
    Jensen's dancing and singing is sooo cute.
    I love vlogs like this. Your vlogs are always great to be honest Elle. X

  • Kayleigh Louise
    Kayleigh Louise 5 months ago

    We love these vlogs elle .. and to the beach to the pool and back is probably what all of our hplidays are anyway 🤣🤣 also .. pleaseeeee get more of Lucy in the vlog .. I love you all and to see you all together in a chatty vlog would be so fun :) xx

  • Coko Loyo
    Coko Loyo 5 months ago

    Katie looks so beautiful and sunkissed in that mustard dress, stunnna! 😍😍😍😍

  • Leanne Poxton
    Leanne Poxton 5 months ago

    Love love love your vlogs. You have a great, close family 😁😁

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 months ago

    I honestly love these kinds of vlogs because they make you feel really in the mood for your holidays! Honestly hunny it was aboslutely perfect any content is good content! X

  • youreonmyradar
    youreonmyradar 5 months ago

    These are my fave type of vlog from you guys!! Chilled holiday vibes are the best! Xx

  • Madeleine Elizabeth
    Madeleine Elizabeth 5 months ago

    Not a fan of the sandals but each to their own 🤷🏼‍♀️💗

  • Francesca Grice
    Francesca Grice 5 months ago

    I feel like I watch the holiday vlogs for holiday outfit inspo - the Darby sisters always bring it! Want to see more getting ready/ outfit of the day/ beach look versus evening looks in these vlogs xx

  • Ava Jackson
    Ava Jackson 5 months ago

    LOVE these vlogs. More please! ♥

  • courtèney mae
    courtèney mae 5 months ago

    Katie tans so quick!

  • Dylan Halstead
    Dylan Halstead 5 months ago

    i LIVE for the lanes vlogs!!!!

  • chloe johnson
    chloe johnson 5 months ago

    loved Katie's reaction to Connors shoes!

  • Jameela Begum
    Jameela Begum 5 months ago +1

    his shoes tho!

  • Jameela Begum
    Jameela Begum 5 months ago +1

    who dosen't love the ledgend High School Musical

  • Laura Close
    Laura Close 5 months ago

    Any one have any reccomendations on hotels in lanza?? X

  • sophie bowden
    sophie bowden 5 months ago

    Me and my boyfriend in the back love watching you guys x

  • Adao Nascimento
    Adao Nascimento 5 months ago

    can you do a vlog of all your outfits💋

  • nicola richardson
    nicola richardson 5 months ago

    Absolutely loving the holiday vlogs your both amazing couple and such a lovely family on holiday too , keep bringing us these Fab vlogs love to see what you wear what makeup look and what you eat at the restaurant , really nice Thankyou hun it’s like being in holiday with you and nice cos we not gonna get chance to get away this year but next year soo looking foward to it x Nikki

  • Alicia Reid
    Alicia Reid 5 months ago

    Where are you staying, I'd really like to go there!! Angels help

  • Grace
    Grace 5 months ago

    Have the best holiday xxx

  • Ellouise Champion
    Ellouise Champion 5 months ago

    Love the relaxed vibes! All the outfits 😍😍