Talking to Strangers

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Sophie Suzuki
    Sophie Suzuki 18 minutes ago +1

    Did anyone else notice the piercing haha??

  • Rajminátor 9191
    Rajminátor 9191 31 minute ago

    1:11 wait if there is censore and he is naked all time does it mean he had invisible penis and when he go in a bathroom his penis goes to visible???????

  • Sweetiie Eilish
    Sweetiie Eilish 7 hours ago


  • VexNade
    VexNade 7 hours ago

    3:44 You're approaching me?

    James: It's not like I want to

  • Aanavi Sarma
    Aanavi Sarma 8 hours ago +1

    Lol, this dude has 3 hands

  • candy team
    candy team 8 hours ago

    You can just ask that does he/she want you to move?

  • Ryan Playz
    Ryan Playz 9 hours ago


  • Marlene Yearwood
    Marlene Yearwood 10 hours ago

    3:29 i like to much that part i laft a lot

  • May May
    May May 10 hours ago


  • the random hambone
    the random hambone 12 hours ago

    Dude your books in walmart now
    So......... YEEEEEEE

  • Magic Slime
    Magic Slime 12 hours ago

    I was looking for something at target and I asked this guy who worked at Little Cesar's (but I didn' know that) HE WAS WEARING A RED SHIRT OKAY!

  • 1player 2player
    1player 2player 12 hours ago

    At 3:45, Was that a Jojo reference?

  • Dedet peteza
    Dedet peteza 12 hours ago

    You say dont make fun of people on there clothes in your buying clothes video then you say juj people on there apperence

  • XxkaychanxX :3
    XxkaychanxX :3 13 hours ago

    You gave me depression cuz I were narrato shirt

  • MR MR
    MR MR 14 hours ago

    I'm HATE being touched

  • abdul shirzeh
    abdul shirzeh 14 hours ago

    when i talk to strangers i feel like they will say weird stuff like this jesjahrdhhagshg! then i think they are crazy not to be mean sorry.

  • Infinity Gamer
    Infinity Gamer 14 hours ago

    3:46 is that a motherfecking jojos reference

  • That boy David
    That boy David 15 hours ago

    People:Hello how’s it going


  • Mary Moton
    Mary Moton 15 hours ago

    His shirt says plagerizer

  • # Zephyr Woomy #
    # Zephyr Woomy # 15 hours ago


  • Internet funny man Brody smith

    can we get the shirt at 1:52 a merch

  • Soni Trivedi
    Soni Trivedi 16 hours ago

    Omg even my birthday is on may pls comment on which date

  • Rosesred 8
    Rosesred 8 16 hours ago

    window seat guys eyebrow piercings kept changing sides

  • Ninja Warrior Adventures Tech MMA

    At 1:11
    Me when there’s a fire drill in my school and I’m using the bathroom

  • Kirbster Yeet
    Kirbster Yeet 17 hours ago

    lol I have a copy

  • johann- orn
    johann- orn 18 hours ago

    Was that a jojo reference

  • Husky Gamer767
    Husky Gamer767 19 hours ago

    Didn’t he say in the clothes video to not treat people based on there appearance but now he did

  • Joe Acuña
    Joe Acuña 23 hours ago +1

    3:45 Is that mother fricking a Jojo reference???!!!

  • Abigail punke
    Abigail punke 23 hours ago

    Gasp stop touching my shoulder is going to be a meme

  • Pavel Paul Davila Garfias

    Two jumpercables walk into a bar, one ask for a drink and the bartender said: Ok, just don't start anything.

  • Reema Khaled
    Reema Khaled Day ago

    I feel you dude

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie Day ago

    Ibis paint x? And kinemaster?

  • Lil Kawaii Cookie

    I know people say other people don't think anything about you but sometimes when I'm in public random people I've never seen before will look at me and have the most disgusted look on there face without me even doing anything...

  • D4R3
    D4R3 Day ago

    Earth isnt flat

  • lolbim a pro yeye

    is it just me or is stage anxiety scaring

  • Roan Caleb SAGUM

    my mom was at target and looking for something, she didnt want to ask the wrong person, so she asked an employee
    do you work at walmart? so the employee said your at target maam.

  • Kaya Jung
    Kaya Jung Day ago

    Now i know why you and jaiden get along so well...
    Pssh..! Introverts

  • Wylie Wizniuk
    Wylie Wizniuk Day ago

    i have social anxiety

    JA SIGEARS Day ago

    2:42 looks down at my dbz shirt.......

  • Diyana star
    Diyana star Day ago

    Oh wow my friend at school has that book and reads it EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL

  • Maria Trujillo
    Maria Trujillo Day ago

    6:07 I died hahah ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • Glittergirl Glittergirl

    7:10 iS ThAt eArTh FLaT??!!!

  • Monkeybutt Bannana

    Great animation on the STOP TOUCHING MY SHOULDERS parts!

  • Lyndsey Schley
    Lyndsey Schley Day ago

    According to NYC transit unwritten laws, you always move. You give people as much space as possible. There is so little.

  • Elektronika Studio

    Try to ride a filipino jeepney😇

  • Xander Fishburn
    Xander Fishburn Day ago

    Thats why I don't use urinals

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes Day ago

    I think I laughed so much I clicked the share button.
    I do the same thing. Lol

  • Rickee Russell
    Rickee Russell Day ago

    I bought your book

  • Pecas Thecat
    Pecas Thecat Day ago

    Some buddy tell me why they hate me so much at school?!

  • Noivern Nest
    Noivern Nest Day ago


  • Kellfire Gamer
    Kellfire Gamer Day ago

    Jaiden animations also tries not to talk to other people she said in a video

  • Kōrari Horncy
    Kōrari Horncy Day ago

    Its so weird to see James draw Jaiden and SomethingelseYT but its weird
    to Jaiden draw James and SomethingelseYT
    BUT THEN its weird to see SomethingelseYT draw Jaiden and James...
    I dunno the point to this comment, But its here and you're reading it... Sooooo

  • Peppapig Perez
    Peppapig Perez Day ago


  • Bailey Dahm
    Bailey Dahm Day ago

    I love your book so much

  • ronnie lohr
    ronnie lohr Day ago


  • ronnie lohr
    ronnie lohr Day ago


  • Ainsley Culp
    Ainsley Culp Day ago

    Don’t ever pause a video 7:25

  • Ja-Juan Thomas
    Ja-Juan Thomas Day ago


  • ND Videos
    ND Videos Day ago

    Jaiden=Jaiden Animations
    Alex=It's Alex Clark

  • Emma Freear
    Emma Freear Day ago

    Thor axe/stormbreaker