MAXO KREAM "BIG WORM" (Offical Music Video)


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  • joshua humphries
    joshua humphries 13 days ago

    Bs & Cs vibin

  • Garrett Bralley
    Garrett Bralley 16 days ago

    Ayeeeee izzz a bangaaaa

  • Bass Addiction
    Bass Addiction 19 days ago


  • Micah Parnass
    Micah Parnass 22 days ago

    0:35 Kader Sylla lookin ass

  • Noah Lowe
    Noah Lowe 24 days ago

    I saw some bald eagles

  • Clay Poxon
    Clay Poxon 25 days ago

    Don’t play with my money Smokey...

  • BrandoNNN
    BrandoNNN Month ago

    Grime sample lol didnt expect this

  • Adam Gregory
    Adam Gregory Month ago +1

    I always thought big worm deserved his own sequel.

  • Michigan Small Grow Est. 2019

    Where's Craig???

  • J O R D A N
    J O R D A N Month ago

    I now like black girls :)

  • Javan McDaniel
    Javan McDaniel Month ago

    H town put it down. Love from a Dallas native ♿♿

  • Abraham Hernandez
    Abraham Hernandez Month ago

    Shit is 🔥

  • Travis Tommy
    Travis Tommy 2 months ago

    Shit slapped my car right into an accident

  • Gabe Briscoe
    Gabe Briscoe 2 months ago +4

    [Verse 1]
    I got TEC's and Glocks, AK-40 chops
    I ain't got a box, pop a couple shots
    Call my plug a lot, 10 pounds I'ma cop
    Front me six off top, all I do is shop
    You don't like the pot, come and swap it, I
    Rip and run it's why, I be on the block
    Niggas serving grams, I can't serve a zip
    Partner I get it shipped, give it to my crips
    Run off this okie-dokie
    Don't play with my money, Smokey
    Drive by we shooting weapons
    Big Worm come through collecting
    I got TEC's and Glocks, AK-40 chops
    I ain't got a box, pop a couple shots
    Lotta drug dealer, serve the drug dealers
    Call me for the issue, need to meet your chief
    Trapping endo smoking out though, nitro
    Gas pack kush of the hydro, styro
    Cupheads smelling like a cyclone, iPhone
    Going off block caller unknown, ding-dong
    Clients at my door
    Say they want some more
    Sold my other pints, only got a four
    Hate to tell them no
    I sell out a lot, inventory style
    Money come and go
    Used to serve kids like the ice cream man
    I was busting down zips
    Selling grams hand to hand
    Clientele picked up off substance then
    Mixed the molly with the percs can't feel my skin
    I'm good with the lean and the vicodin, taking them down
    Down set hut, what's the price on them? Jug!
    Swiper no swiping get ya whole trap took
    Bang! [?] peep game whole squad lame
    Fucked up all my cash
    I was trying to flex
    Ran another check
    Had to go invest
    Had to learn to stack
    Had to take some packs
    Forgive or forget, call it Robin Givens
    I've been robbing giving
    Serving all the children
    This is how I'm living
    I'm a piece of shit
    Want the dough for sure
    Maxo Richie Rich
    I might want the hoe, but I don't need the bitch
    For the long hail Mary going forward no pun
    Put the bitch out she coming back with some
    Little brother sliding through your hood like Deebo
    Plug called Theo started talking to the people
    Ran his mouth a lot
    Had to cut him out
    He a middle man
    Met the plug and copped
    He on bars a lot
    More grams in the forum
    Collecting my return
    Trapping like Big Worm
    Cup real muddy like you went four wheeling
    Off xans getting sleep with all these damn drug dealers
    Nae-nae in the kitchen got the lil' bitch whipping
    Weigh it up on the scale, right next to the sale
    If you can't tell by now I'm janky as hell
    Tuesday, Thursday be trapping hard as hell
    Tuesday, Wednesday, gotta go check bail
    I ain't taking probation fuck the judge go to hell (Tap out!)
    Submission on the pack Chris Benoit (Pass out!)
    Kush coma smoking out the glass jar (SKRRRT)
    Speeding through traffic with the package (Turn up!)
    Got molly, got lettuce, got cabbage (Damn!)
    Real trapping but this rapping is my hobby (Get it!)
    Might go hit a lick with Bobby (Hold on!)
    The people they follow my [?] (Splurge!)
    Do this for my money Big Worm

  • iamYt 414
    iamYt 414 2 months ago

    I might want the hoe but I dnt need the bitch 2020 still jammin

  • Payton P
    Payton P 2 months ago

    that one dude looks like setitoff83

  • MurdaDripp
    MurdaDripp 2 months ago


  • Director Terrell Mayes
    Director Terrell Mayes 3 months ago

    That Mario sample tho

    • Alex Erskine
      Alex Erskine 2 months ago - Wiley

  • MrMiddleFinger804
    MrMiddleFinger804 3 months ago

    Mane who is ol girl with the red hair!!???

  • TheOgron24
    TheOgron24 3 months ago

    Loves me some Alief Tx, need some BDs in your video next time 24 till tha world blow

  • Ollie Walton
    Ollie Walton 4 months ago

    Grime type beat yhhh

  • Jason Corbett
    Jason Corbett 4 months ago

    Just in case anyone wanted to knoe the blurred bottle was prometazine

  • AntiSocialFB
    AntiSocialFB 5 months ago +1

    red hair = 10/10

  • Taylor Thompson
    Taylor Thompson 5 months ago

    He is the best with the cultural references

  • sour head
    sour head 5 months ago

    Suffers brutal death..

  • Mell Dloren
    Mell Dloren 6 months ago +1


  • Mell Dloren
    Mell Dloren 6 months ago


  • Mell Dloren
    Mell Dloren 6 months ago


  • Franceska Tha Queen
    Franceska Tha Queen 6 months ago

    Can I strawberry sundae wit sum sizzurp lmfao AND A CHERRY ON TOP MOTHAFUCKA LOL

  • MurdaDripp
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  • j money
    j money 7 months ago +1

    Don’t play wit my money Smokey!!

  • Derek Robb
    Derek Robb 7 months ago

    Who’s old girl in the red...that’s the type of thing to get all us guys in trouble

  • carrillotony38
    carrillotony38 8 months ago

    i love maxo this dude be doing it hard!!!

  • Taylor Thompson
    Taylor Thompson 9 months ago

    Native type flute beat. :)

  • Jeremiah Pierre Louis
    Jeremiah Pierre Louis 9 months ago +1

    Wish he would've shown D-bo

  • Joe Houghton
    Joe Houghton 10 months ago

    Rapping his ass off ffs

  • Ace Shot
    Ace Shot 10 months ago

    Skepta feat. Jme “thatsnotme”
    just sayin

    • meme
      meme 4 months ago

      wiley - morgue

  • James Horrorcore
    James Horrorcore 10 months ago +1

    Wiley Eskimo beats

  • extreme driftz
    extreme driftz 10 months ago

    tbh rn the main people that buyin weed rn from me is from middle school/junior high then again im in 8th grade...fuck it

  • Xavier Strawn
    Xavier Strawn 10 months ago

    Damn beat wild this hard asf

  • The Culture
    The Culture 10 months ago

    Flag was on the grass

    TINTIN NEWS !!! 10 months ago


  • Fabian Klingberg
    Fabian Klingberg 10 months ago


  • Zonko Chankey
    Zonko Chankey 10 months ago

    What ya mean what ya mean

  • Eric Cijevschi
    Eric Cijevschi 11 months ago

    Vibin' Maxo more and more every track I listen to...

  • Purple Matrix
    Purple Matrix 11 months ago +1

    i watched this on all types of speeds

  • Walt Noble
    Walt Noble 11 months ago +6

    That beat is UK GRIME all the way! Hell yeah

  • Desh
    Desh 11 months ago

    dope beat

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts 11 months ago +1

    Yo is that H taaaan Eskibeat?

  • Yahyah Smith
    Yahyah Smith 11 months ago

    My favorite movie haha

  • Anthony Rash
    Anthony Rash 11 months ago

    What up big perm, I mean big worm! Haha

  • Glade Walker
    Glade Walker 11 months ago

    Is she watering the grass in the middle of the day?
    that's not good for it, you gotta water early am or dusk.

  • lmcledog
    lmcledog Year ago

    this is based off of friday

  • Victor Alanis
    Victor Alanis Year ago +1

    Let me find out that’s Smokey ice cream trucc , only real Houston residents will know 😂

  • westside bucc
    westside bucc Year ago

    Deebo harder fuck big perm

  • Larry Wayne
    Larry Wayne Year ago

    playing with my money is like playing with my emotions! don't make me have to fuck you up Smokey!

  • Blazing Hot Cheetoz

    bring DJ Khaled to Maxo's hood so he can learn how to be bout it

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford Year ago

    I knew that would Go!

  • Mag Movies
    Mag Movies Year ago

    Dat. Beat. Doe!

  • tod tod
    tod tod Year ago

    Third coast all day

  • cubement
    cubement Year ago

    This beat is sick.

  • J B
    J B Year ago

    *Red hair bae please have my babies*

  • Conor Sedgwick
    Conor Sedgwick Year ago

    Hip Hop..... Or grime I believe that's grime

  • Kyle Drywall Puncher Pro

    "Call me Robin Givens, I be rob and givin' " "this be how I'm livin' I'm a piece of shit" this dude is such an underrated lyricist.....this dude SLAUGHTERS mumble rapper BULLSHIT ..absolutely humiliating those fools on that other shit... Maxo got my vote.

  • boiled koolaid
    boiled koolaid Year ago

    someone's been listening to skepta

  • swirl
    swirl Year ago

    this sounds like that one sketpa song

    BLACK EMBASSY Year ago

    Aye LOVE $@£UTE that's how u do it for yo hood.

  • Justus Dunton
    Justus Dunton Year ago

    American rap is so "original"
    this is the Original beat.

  • Patrick Cane
    Patrick Cane Year ago +2

    holy crap its been years since i found something underrated

    • Wil Taylor
      Wil Taylor Month ago

      @15chargerbb Bro you got hella good taste in music lmao. I fuck with all of em oms💯🤣

    • 15chargerbb
      15chargerbb Month ago +1

      Give don trip,starlito, and if u don’t dislike white rappers... chains... all tight af. All totally underrated.

  • Nicholas Barlow
    Nicholas Barlow Year ago

    Yoo, its Big Worm off Friday, lmfao.

  • Spencer 420
    Spencer 420 Year ago

    Millionth view? Techs and glocks AK 40 chops.

  • Beatz96Music
    Beatz96Music Year ago +4

    January 2019, Anyone? 🤚🏽

  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop Year ago

    Skepta, JME - That's not me
    Beat style

  • Hannah Gamino
    Hannah Gamino Year ago

    Poopoo peepee


    Is this Bloods and Crips or some kind of branch off that ended up having Crips coo with Bloods or some gang bangin red at least? Thw crips got Grape St Crips here in Cali that rock purple and grapes on everything. Reminds me off GTA lol no disrespect jus sayin

    • James Braddy
      James Braddy Year ago

      Michael Dodson It’s not about Bloods vs Crips anymore. It’s about sets vs sets. Sure you might have Blood sets and Crip sets beefing but you can also have two different Crip sets beef with each other. Within most sets, there are smaller cliques where you can have Bloods, Crips, GD’s, BD’s etc. that are all cool with each other for different reasons such as growing up together as childhood friends but picking different gangs or sets to join because of where they live or who they’re related to/friends with.

  • digo
    digo Year ago

    american grime???? fuck yea

  • Suh Dudeee
    Suh Dudeee Year ago

    this beat is crazy

  • Tweny4hrBoozathn
    Tweny4hrBoozathn Year ago

    Get me some chili fritos

  • Maggie Mothe
    Maggie Mothe Year ago


  • BrownBearBass
    BrownBearBass Year ago