Best of the Worst: Parole Violators, Future Force, and Geteven


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  • Smiles & Dies
    Smiles & Dies Day ago

    The background sound around 11:30 is the same as Command & Conquer during some of the cutscenes.

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt 3 days ago

    "Point three five seven magnum" made me sad

  • P Y R O T E C H N I C K

    Wait...Miles Long is an actual porno director's name

  • Cigol Zëlev
    Cigol Zëlev 6 days ago

    Finally managed to get through the entire GETEVEN(Road to Revenge)movie-FUCK it is brutal. The singing by John DeHart is unbearable. The acting by JDH and Wings Hauser is only tolerable due to the fact that BOTH are drunk.The editing is bizarre and jarring. The story lacks and semblence of logic and the entire concept makes me feel embarassed for humanity.

  • Tronnyverse
    Tronnyverse 7 days ago

    Pretty sure that Normad's full name is secretly Norman Madsen XD

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 8 days ago +2

    She was a full blown baege

  • Vasilobilaros Bilarovasilos

    6:55 is that a metal gear reference

  • Matt Hayward
    Matt Hayward 17 days ago

    Rich Evans has surprisingly skinny arms for a corpulently obese man

  • vissova
    vissova 19 days ago

    Time to replace that bulb.

  • Eric Gulseth
    Eric Gulseth 23 days ago

    Three Fifty-seven.

  • Coop Murphy
    Coop Murphy 24 days ago

    Penitent, penitent....

  • BigBadSeed
    BigBadSeed 24 days ago

    The pool was full of water from Super Mario 64.

  • glassessn
    glassessn 25 days ago

    I called John De Hart the other guy. He is a pretty good guy. I liked his song "Starting Over" non ironically.

  • Rudy Salas
    Rudy Salas Month ago

    I just looked up John De Hart. He's a trial lawyer in Los Angeles.

  • Uncle Flansy
    Uncle Flansy Month ago +1

    If you put all of these movies in the teleporter from The Fly you would have Road House.

  • Tetrahedrite
    Tetrahedrite Month ago

    So John De Hart is a lawyer, and his nemesis in Geteven is at one point a judge. Hm.

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley Month ago +1

    I'm offended by John De Hart's very existence. The most talent devoid man to ever live gave himself a forum to show just how terrible at everything he is.

  • Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal

    Every time I think about Geteven, I can't help but see it as one of those self insert fanfictions that teenagers write online. That's what makes it so baffling that it's made by a man who is at least 67 years old.

  • Big Cintra
    Big Cintra Month ago

    10:03 is that the mario theme?

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +1

    This is my fave BOTW

  • gloopdawg1
    gloopdawg1 Month ago +4

    "Dying while masturbating has to be a pretty embarrassing way to go." "Yeah it's like everyone caught you." I lost it. So strong.

  • Trav-D
    Trav-D Month ago

    32:35 it looks like he was waiting for the director to yell cut but since it never happened he is like i guess ill take another drink. You can see him smirking like he is holding back a laugh, just a theory.

  • Tsrif Emantsal
    Tsrif Emantsal Month ago


  • Bryn Anderson
    Bryn Anderson Month ago

    My mom walked in my room when the guy from geteven told the joke to the waiter and she genuinely laughed at the joke. I’m moving

  • Nerdist Channel
    Nerdist Channel Month ago

    in future force why has caridine the hand from kung fu in his back (jacket)-shaolin bounty hunter.the same in kung fu serie

  • ponytailjones
    ponytailjones Month ago

    I firmly believe that Threat Level Midnight was heavily inspired by Geteven...

  • DeckerFI
    DeckerFI Month ago

    49:50 Open up the page for his law firm and let it play in the background. The audio fit so perfectly, I thought RLM superimposed it in this scene.

  • Antonio M
    Antonio M Month ago

    13:00 This sounds like Kermit the Frog singing

  • Lmnjello
    Lmnjello Month ago +2

    No movie has ever made me more uncomfortable than Geteven.

  • passiflora incarnata

    Someone tally Rich's screeching laugh.
    I love you Rich but you're a screecher and it's harder to enjoy the show with such a repetitive shriek. 😱😨

  • Los Vlogs de Yeril
    Los Vlogs de Yeril Month ago

    David carradine jerked himself to death, weel, no wonder, since he has a bionic arm

  • Song Birb
    Song Birb Month ago +2

    "This guy-he is like, a character from doom the video game" = "hello my fellow g a m e r s "

  • Alexander Pohorily
    Alexander Pohorily Month ago


  • Shane Crumpton
    Shane Crumpton 2 months ago +1

    The 234 dislikes are the cast of Parole Violators.

  • cheetahEAR
    cheetahEAR 2 months ago

    29:01 nice throw and catch 👌👌⚾🏀🎯🔥🔥🔥

  • Kevin Wyers
    Kevin Wyers 2 months ago

    I think Rich Evens must be a savant with his unbelievable ability to replicate the dullest scenes from the the dullest movies. almost frame for frame

  • Geoff Chisholm
    Geoff Chisholm 2 months ago +1

    He hit Big Jake!

  • Urist McInternet
    Urist McInternet 2 months ago

    I still think Colin brought Geteven for the crew to watch as a practical joke.

  • Rus Block
    Rus Block 2 months ago

    & pretty sure that's uzi- not u21 there colin..

  • Rus Block
    Rus Block 2 months ago +2

    that they don't recognize jerry springer's bodyguard is problematic

  • Glitch Xero
    Glitch Xero 2 months ago +1

    All he had to say was, "point three five seven magnum" and you could tell he's Canadian.

    • Glitch Xero
      Glitch Xero 8 days ago +1

      We'd just say "three fifty-seven magnum" in the US. Mostly the decimal isn't mentioned at all, since most of us here know it's there anyway, even if they don't know why. lol

    • emily
      emily 8 days ago

      Glitch Xero How do you actually say it? I'm Canadian too, so I don't know either, haha.

  • deeze03
    deeze03 2 months ago +1

    I want the Joe vs the Volcano shirt Jim is wearing.

  • RooTwo
    RooTwo 2 months ago +2

    29:01 holy fuck good catch Mike

  • Indrek Anteploon
    Indrek Anteploon 2 months ago

    I haven't laughed so hard and much in long time!!!:D. Thanks!

  • John T. Campbell
    John T. Campbell 2 months ago +1

    "He looks like Jerry Seinfeld with Michael Bay's face."
    What's the deal with these explosions?!?

  • Danburd
    Danburd 2 months ago +5

    I'm impressed Rich was able to successfully pronounce 'auto-erotic asphyxiation' TWICE.

  • Cyber Demon
    Cyber Demon 2 months ago +1

    Lol 10 inch high dude should be 5 minutes in looking like Rocky at the end of his movie with how he keep getting his ass kicked all the time.

  • Dan Triance
    Dan Triance 2 months ago

    love the totally unnecessary semicolon choice

  • jesustheres
    jesustheres 2 months ago

    "Are they censoring themselves?"

  • AD Q DA
    AD Q DA 2 months ago

    17:50 just noticed this on a re-watch.. that lavalier flies out of his shirt

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 2 months ago

    Rich Evans confirmed for having a piece of trash phone two years ago

  • Antonio H
    Antonio H 3 months ago

    De Harts singing is comedy gold

  • Antonio H
    Antonio H 3 months ago +1

    This is one of the best BOTW episodes for the review of "Geteven" alone!

  • Vash Watercrest
    Vash Watercrest 3 months ago

    u guyz crack me up!

  • Jorji
    Jorji 3 months ago +1

    Drinker by the dozen

  • Tommy Derp
    Tommy Derp 3 months ago


  • three person couch
    three person couch 3 months ago

    the ending is fucking hysterical

  • jay lo
    jay lo 3 months ago

    Miles Long = Neil Breen's Laptops

  • Dareloth
    Dareloth 3 months ago +1

    I got the tune to that Shimmy Slide song stuck in my head a few months ago and I could not for the life of me remember what the hell it was from

  • Popular delusions & madness of crowds

    That Brundleflick at the end was EVERYTHING!

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian 3 months ago +1

    I hate when that happens @58:58. I don't know who's the idiot that thought it was a good idea to have the proximity sensor decide exclusively when the screen should be turned on during a phone call on Android. As soon as something happens to the screen or the flimsy sensor (or if you put a screen protector that the sensor doesn't like) the "phone" becomes completely useless for actual "phone calls". Even now in 2018 they still haven't thought of adding an option to Android to make it possible to force the screen to be on during calls in case the sensor gets blocked or broken.

  • TheChecklo
    TheChecklo 3 months ago

    RLM needs to make a kickstarter to give to a clueless idiot a million dollar budget to make the movie they wanna make. I would put $500 dollars towards that easily.

  • BastianAndTheBear
    BastianAndTheBear 3 months ago +1

    I hate when people randomly start telling me jokes for no god damned reason. Such a big pet peeve.

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower 4 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Miles Long look exactly like Dennis from always sunny with a mullet?

  • Dreamwalker Films
    Dreamwalker Films 4 months ago

    Joe and the Volcano shirt ftw, whoo!

  • Lowbrass64
    Lowbrass64 4 months ago

    U21 = UZI. No fucking way I'm scrolling to see if anyone else posted this already.

  • Dextresen
    Dextresen 4 months ago

    I wish I enjoyed things as much as Rich does.

  • Mike Semore
    Mike Semore 4 months ago

    I don't have any friends. I watch rlm all the time and imagine that they are my friends. I'm pathetic.

  • Phantom Sidious
    Phantom Sidious 4 months ago +3

    That song at the end..beyond hilarious/terrible!

  • Aurex
    Aurex 4 months ago +1

    Horseshoes? Who plays horseshoes? People in Rimworld! :D

  • SicCoyote
    SicCoyote 4 months ago +1

    Death check: Future Force: Director:dead 2015, Star:dead 2009 Villain:dead 1990... John De Hart... Still helping people Geteven in court.

  • Sean
    Sean 4 months ago

    I don't remember being in parole violators

  • Ghosthead83
    Ghosthead83 5 months ago

    Damn Rich's shit phone!

  • Axterix13
    Axterix13 5 months ago

    I'd be surprised if anyone out there didn't manage to figure out the surprise ending for "Geteven" just from the back of the box, between telling you there's a surprise ending and "appears to end the life of CINDY". Might as well have written "which CINDY survives just fine".

  • Eli Savage
    Eli Savage 5 months ago

    John Daheart supports the black tank top theory

  • Pandaman
    Pandaman 5 months ago

    7:30 Future Force!

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 5 months ago

    The drunk dude up the back staring around inanely. Superb.

  • Carlo DelPizzo
    Carlo DelPizzo 5 months ago

    The video tags have Mike's name spelled wrong :p

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 5 months ago

    Take the baseball cap off
    and Colin is wearing full Cabin Boy costume!

  • JellyDonat
    JellyDonat 5 months ago +1

    that lawyer guy really struggled unhooking that bra

  • JellyDonat
    JellyDonat 5 months ago

    that nip slip though

  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder 5 months ago +1

    Geteven is my favorite example of a film ahead of its time. I mean, that title is just screaming for a hashtag.

  • Mr Buinov
    Mr Buinov 5 months ago +1

    1:03:56 The only time Rich can pronounce something right is when he’s meant to pronounce it wrong...

  • Qwufi
    Qwufi 5 months ago

    1:05:48 Suburban Sasquatch

  • John A
    John A 5 months ago +1

    it's like the minutes leading up to an execution

  • Hayden D. Ealy
    Hayden D. Ealy 5 months ago +1

    Is that a "Joe Vs the Volcano" shirt?

  • J.R. Trevino
    J.R. Trevino 5 months ago

    Robert Tessier, not Telly Savalas

  • fyxation
    fyxation 5 months ago +1

    I was in a bad mood, so I decided to watch some old episodes to cheer me up... and then the deer in the headlight comment followed by the horn made me spray my drink everywhere. Thanks, I guess?

  • EnteR ChazmaN
    EnteR ChazmaN 6 months ago

    I knew the Carradine jokes were incoming but I still laughed at every one

  • William May
    William May 6 months ago

    Is that bad guy drinking Old Grand-Dad bourbon?

  • 0=Axel=0
    0=Axel=0 6 months ago +1

    That Parole Force Violators: Even trailer looked super dope! Can't wait for the full film.

  • BishopOfHexen192
    BishopOfHexen192 6 months ago

    Oh wow, De Hart is the most dreadful thing I've ever witnessed... Truly bizarre.

  • Picard is Wesley's Father
    Picard is Wesley's Father 6 months ago +1

    35:40 I actually loved "John Tucker Must Die." It is an underrated, cinematic gem

  • zoddie
    zoddie 6 months ago

    I'm convinced the fat ones high pitched laugh exist only to drown out everyone elses reactions cause he is an attention whore.

  • Miguelthedog
    Miguelthedog 6 months ago

    Get Violators Force

  • Daron J
    Daron J 6 months ago

    It would be so fucking hilarious if you can do a critical review of both or either,

  • Stone Wolf
    Stone Wolf 6 months ago

    Mike seems depressed. Need a Zoloft buddy?

  • Freshmeat2
    Freshmeat2 6 months ago

    One of the greatest BotW episodes they've ever made.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo 6 months ago +4

    Just watched Road To Revenge aka "Geteven". Its one of the best worst movies i've seen in awhile. John De Hart wears leather pants 99% of the movie. He even wears leather pants to court along with a flannel shirt and sport coat that is too big for him. Wings Hauser had to be just shit faced drunk and maybe on mushrooms or something during the entire filming.