• Published on Dec 17, 2018
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    ♡ Where do you live? Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.
    ♡ How old are you? I am 18, my birthday is October 13th.
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    ♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!
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  • hello x
    hello x Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got clickbaited
    And you did too

  • Lacey Leigh Saggers
    Lacey Leigh Saggers 2 months ago

    I love you Anna but you do talk a lot .when do you spend time with family and friends without being on your phone xxx

  • Siibhans Skdjd
    Siibhans Skdjd 7 months ago

    Cool vlog

  • Life As Me
    Life As Me 10 months ago

    Does your bank statement just say --- McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds Tesco Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco McDonalds Tesco 😂😂

  • Chloé Bell
    Chloé Bell 11 months ago +1

    At 7:07 I was lmao 😂😂😂

  • Anna Quint
    Anna Quint 11 months ago

    Ana: this will be the last time we are posting cards in this estate cus we are moving house
    Atticus: what ..... oh ....... yeah

  • a n d r a x
    a n d r a x 11 months ago


  • veiwer96
    veiwer96 11 months ago

    In Australia instead of shouting boagies we say penis 😂

  • veiwer96
    veiwer96 11 months ago

    I couldnt live in england its tooo cold its currently 36 degrees here in Australia

  • Hegs G
    Hegs G 11 months ago

    Atticus is my favorite person. 😂

  • Imogen perry
    Imogen perry 11 months ago

    Omggg you and Atticus shouting bogies was sooooo funny

  • Penny
    Penny 11 months ago +1

    Is it just me or are anas eyebrows way too dark...

  • Lola’s Lifestyle
    Lola’s Lifestyle 11 months ago

    Love u Anna ur the best ❤️❤️ Maybe invest in gloves xx

  • ebonyshaw xox
    ebonyshaw xox 11 months ago +1

    Anna you should do 24hrs in saffs house x

  • ebonyshaw xox
    ebonyshaw xox 11 months ago +1

    Lovee you anna xxx

  • ebonyshaw xox
    ebonyshaw xox 11 months ago +1

    Awwww atticus is the cutest xxx

  • Ellegator
    Ellegator 11 months ago

    By the sounds of it your very rough with door handles lol x

  • amra xox
    amra xox 11 months ago

    more story times please xx♥️

  • Lily Reed
    Lily Reed 11 months ago

    Love this so so much xx

  • Aysha Harris
    Aysha Harris 11 months ago +2

    Omg im literally dying when you were sceaming boogies😂 at each other.

  • chelsey gallier
    chelsey gallier 11 months ago

    The fuse could of gone in the light!!

  • Sam Walsh
    Sam Walsh 11 months ago +15

    Anna screaming bogeys has me dead😂😭❤️

  • Milly Britton
    Milly Britton 11 months ago +2

    *Lights match and accidentally drops it outside on grass nothing sets alight*
    P.s: I know Anna doesn’t do this but a lot of others do and I thought it would be funny cus it’s revlant to the video 🤣🤣

  • David Ball
    David Ball 11 months ago +2

    At 7:29 I was laughing that hard I started to cry

  • Scarlet Dunne
    Scarlet Dunne 11 months ago

    Oh my god I love playing boogies 😂😂

  • steph x
    steph x 11 months ago +2

    I actually prefer your vlogs over Saffrons. Slay baby girl😍😋

  • Aminxh Shxhid
    Aminxh Shxhid 11 months ago


  • Ellie
    Ellie 11 months ago

    You actually eat so much mcdonalds, surely it cant be good for Atticus at such a young age?

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life 11 months ago

    Love you so much ana!!! Xxxx

  • Molly Aston
    Molly Aston 11 months ago

    Your channels are amazing ❤️ you should be so proud 💋🙊

  • niamh
    niamh 11 months ago

    it’s a bit weird you filming outside his friends house?

  • Bella Anna
    Bella Anna 11 months ago

    Anna that happens my whole house so now I’m stuck in darkness and in Ireland it’s so dark😂🙄

  • Tara Phillips
    Tara Phillips 11 months ago +1

    Hey Ana! Can u do an editing vlog please cos I really need some tips! Ur editing is incredible! Ilysm! U and Saff r such babes! Xx 😚 💋 😘

  • Gru’s Gorl
    Gru’s Gorl 11 months ago +2

    Ana you can see your address at 1:58 !!! X

  • Jessica
    Jessica 11 months ago

    You have already told this story. So you just used a clickbait title to substitute for the boring vlog?

  • andrea demitriou
    andrea demitriou 11 months ago +4

    Anna have you got retainers because you can get the best price now you are 18 before you turn 21

    • andrea demitriou
      andrea demitriou 11 months ago +1

      I don't think so, there is nothing wrong with me saying that I'm only helping I think she's really pretty but if she got braceses which she can now it would be nice maybe she's thinking the same just saying its more expensive as she's gets older @veiwer96

    • veiwer96
      veiwer96 11 months ago

      andrea demitriou thats random?

  • Skipper72
    Skipper72 11 months ago +2

    Put some fairy lights up in the bathroom, quite relaxing and pretty!!

  • Holly Chantelle
    Holly Chantelle 11 months ago

    It’ll soon happen again if you don’t fix your fire alarm, the beeping that’s gone on for the last 6-7months on your videos indicates an issue with your fire system 😢

  • cht13
    cht13 11 months ago

    their sister-brother bone is so cute awhhhh! 💗💗💗

  • Roxiii May
    Roxiii May 11 months ago

    I think you’ve told us this story before? X

  • Georgina Coleman
    Georgina Coleman 11 months ago +4

    I actually want to adopt atticus ( sorry not sure how to spell it).. hes such a beautiful kind hearted young boy! xx

  • Jessica Evangelou
    Jessica Evangelou 11 months ago

    literally just binge watched all your vlogs on your channel from start to finish :D don't know if i should feel accomplished or just really sad anyway love you so much and love your vlogs

  • Ali Lamb
    Ali Lamb 11 months ago

    Love you so much x

  • Tori Mayhew
    Tori Mayhew 11 months ago

    Who does you hair??? I love it😍😍😍

  • Layla Parks
    Layla Parks 11 months ago

    Just imagine you're upstairs having a nice relaxing bath music is on and so is a face mask you're calm.all of a sudden you here something ana and atticus BOGEYS

  • Hannah Cooper
    Hannah Cooper 11 months ago +28

    Gurlllll does your bank statement just say - McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mariyah Dar
      Mariyah Dar 11 months ago +1

      Hannah Cooper not forgetting Tesco

  • Kathleen kelly
    Kathleen kelly 11 months ago

    Ana, i dont mean to be rude, but ur eye brows r way too dark since u have lightened ur hair. As ur talking im just staring at ur brows lol.

  • e.x morris
    e.x morris 11 months ago

    it’s my bday tomorrow :) ily anna n love vlogmas :)))

  • Lily Barrington Molloy
    Lily Barrington Molloy 11 months ago +1

    Does anybody else think her eyebrows are way overdone like seriously Ana calm it down a bit

  • Amy Farr
    Amy Farr 11 months ago

    I just used a tall lamp if not power point in there use extension cord merry Xmas guys 🎄☃️🎁

  • jaide bunton
    jaide bunton 11 months ago

    Yo who's from tas ☺☺(australia)

  • Shanda Mell
    Shanda Mell 11 months ago

    Anna your shoes were so nice whyyyyyyyyy

  • Joycebox
    Joycebox 11 months ago

    OMG same I`ve been locked in my bedroom twice before because I would close my door and it got stuck trying to open it. So I had to climb through my window and everything, eventually the door handle was removed and never replaced so to this day I still don`t have a door handle on my door 😂

  • Kiara Davies
    Kiara Davies 11 months ago

    I’ve been binge watching your vlogs for the past week 💜

  • Will Richardson -
    Will Richardson - 11 months ago


  • Izzy Taylor
    Izzy Taylor 11 months ago

    So gorgg😍😍😍

  • Laura Mcdowell
    Laura Mcdowell 11 months ago

    Ur house sounds like mine house that Jack made !

  • Will Richardson -
    Will Richardson - 11 months ago

    What is your intro song I love it? Xx

  • isobelpass xo
    isobelpass xo 11 months ago

    awh ana my light bulb has broke as well x://

  • KH X
    KH X 11 months ago