forging in a triad with Julien Puy and Alec Steele

  • Published on Oct 30, 2012
  • Forging a gigantic nail as a sculptural art is a very good way to train striking techniques and rythms exspecially with multiple blacksmiths working around a swage block.
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  • SuperBRUTALdeluxe
    SuperBRUTALdeluxe 5 years ago +1

    a good moment in my shop !!!!! it's traditionnal , when you come in my forge , you have to made a nail to put in the entrance of the shop !!!!! when you come back , you see the nail and you remember good moment !!!!!! enjoy !!

  • Black Dragon Smith
    Black Dragon Smith 6 years ago

    awsome 3 person forging

  • Daniel Lea
    Daniel Lea  6 years ago

    It is like playing with dough for blacksmiths :D

  • Daniel Lea
    Daniel Lea  6 years ago +1

    ^^ Alec had to switch to a lighter hammer in the second round because he was too exhausted, so...

  • Hans Dieter
    Hans Dieter 6 years ago

    But nice idea to forge a big nail!

  • Hans Dieter
    Hans Dieter 6 years ago

    Haha, you see very good that the experienced workers do a better job ;) The young guy hits twice as hard as you.
    Do not let the hammer fall...hit the workpiece. You are a man! Are you not?? :P