Revisiting Devil May Cry 3 - Why It's Still One of the Best Action Games Around

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
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    We're taking a look back at DMC3 to discuss why it stands the test of time as one of the best action games of all time.
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  • Wattz & Learn
    Wattz & Learn 5 hours ago

    DMC3 > any action game

  • Raf
    Raf 4 days ago

    The first dmc is the legendary one you guys got it wrong

  • SoftcorePleb Gaming
    SoftcorePleb Gaming 4 days ago

    my dude I can tell that you are seasoned gamer and you know what you are talking about.i apreciate this and would like to see more from you.keep it going !

  • AkiraTheGodEater
    AkiraTheGodEater 4 days ago

    my second favorite game of all time

  • shad0w8
    shad0w8 4 days ago

    3,1,4 are the best dmc games. Shame the reboot was a failure. I gave it a chance and it was a huge disappointment. All the characters were so unlikeable, the story was trash but the only redeeming quality was the level design.

  • Mr Kam
    Mr Kam 4 days ago

    this was my first dmc I played on ps2 its was the best its fav dmc tgen I played 2 and then 4 on ps3

  • Azura The Songstress
    Azura The Songstress 4 days ago +1

    Imagine a DMC and Bayonetta crossover 🤤

  • RaptorCrite
    RaptorCrite 5 days ago


  • Jay
    Jay 5 days ago

    Christ died for our sins...He was buried...He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures...He appeared to Peter, then to the twelve. After that He appeared to more than five hundred..." (1 Corinthians 15:3-6).

  • Amit Ssj
    Amit Ssj 5 days ago

    Loved your playing... Keep playing.. cheers

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans 5 days ago

    Why is this trending?

  • saim amir
    saim amir 5 days ago

    Hey dude we need more of this and your so much more chill and less arkward keep it up

  • Solid Egg
    Solid Egg 5 days ago

    I hate that series

  • JZA the Jenius
    JZA the Jenius 5 days ago

    Still the best DMC.

    K3NUNICO 5 days ago

    este juego me encanta

  • Raziel
    Raziel 6 days ago

    Three reasons:
    1. Epic badass cool characters like Dante and Vergil
    2. Stylish martial arts moves
    3. Devils never cry song

  • Strange Tattoos
    Strange Tattoos 6 days ago

    Dmc 1,2 & 3 Remakes for ps4 and Xone would be awesome

  • Sophia .Chung
    Sophia .Chung 6 days ago

    I want to play one of these action games should I play devil may cry or Bayonetta

  • xpcoolzzz
    xpcoolzzz 6 days ago

    Playing as vergil is the best!!

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia 6 days ago +5

    I remember when IGN was crying because the game was too hard, i think they did a top 10 hardest games, and dmc3 was first, and im like, wait what??

    • Julio Garcia
      Julio Garcia 5 days ago

      MrReddragon543 Lol i forgot about that, but, even in hard is wasnt THAT HARD

    • MrReddragon543
      MrReddragon543 5 days ago +1

      Julio Garcia probably talking about when the original came out for ps2 the normal difficulty was set on Japanese hard. Then special edition came out a year or two after.

    DAN FLEX 6 days ago +1

    The only reason I missed out on DMC was because of ninja garden despite the protagonist having the same name as me :(

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 6 days ago

    I was just playing the game on my PS3 a while ago

  • Gam Dragon
    Gam Dragon 6 days ago

    DMC3 is absolutely awesome . I like to play This only in ps4. It is amazing 🤗🙂

  • Otto Burnham
    Otto Burnham 6 days ago

    One word. Lady.

  • voila
    voila 6 days ago +1

    loved 1, 3 and 4
    2 was ech
    reboot was horrible
    cant wait for 5

  • AK Gaming
    AK Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Mitchell from gamefront.

  • ro t
    ro t 6 days ago

    the only DMC that matters

  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank 6 days ago +1

    One thing that I really don't like about the new DMC is that its main character is Nero. Why are they giving Nero the spotlight? Dante should be the main.

    • Daniel Frank
      Daniel Frank 5 days ago +1

      Magatsu Izanagi Gunslinger gives you super cool gun skills and that's only for DMC3. The swordmaster style gives you cool af melee moves. These are exclusive to Dante in DMC3. And Dante is much more charming in DMC3 than Nero will ever be.

    • Magatsu Izanagi
      Magatsu Izanagi 5 days ago

      Daniel Frank oh yeah and I forget table hopper

    • Magatsu Izanagi
      Magatsu Izanagi 5 days ago

      Daniel Frank snatch max act better stinger natural air rave buster are all super fun and yes I've beaten 3 multiple times

    • Daniel Frank
      Daniel Frank 5 days ago

      Magatsu Izanagi How is Nero more fun to play? Have you played DMC3 to even claim that?

  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank 6 days ago +3

    DMC3 was and still is the best DMC game. It introduced different styles, amazing bosses and well crafted levels. And Dante is the funniest, coolest and most badass in DMC3.

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja 6 days ago +1

    Bayonetta is better

    • nyrisj
      nyrisj 6 days ago

      Midnight Ninja How so? I like both but DMC3 is a whole tier above in terms of level design and boss fights.

  • Werewolf
    Werewolf 6 days ago

    One of my favorite games ever!!!

  • Romy
    Romy 6 days ago

    The best DMC game. Hopefully, 5 will make at least the same impact!

  • December Angel
    December Angel 6 days ago

    I'm currently playing dmc 3 the storyline and graphics will never be played out. Dante is and will forever be a Bada$$ 😍👍

  • Yellow Flash
    Yellow Flash 6 days ago

    Dm3 was a great game and dmc4 was it's perfect sequel. Let's see what becomes of dmc5

  • Hulk Sadi
    Hulk Sadi 6 days ago +2

    Dmc3,re4,pop3,gow1,dead space1 orignals are just an masterpicess of that generation😈

    • Hulk Sadi
      Hulk Sadi 6 days ago

      HeavySandvichGuy1 ww i played only 2times but ttt i played many times just like dmc3 gow1 ds1 re4.

    • HeavySandvichGuy1
      HeavySandvichGuy1 6 days ago +1

      Hulk Sadi WW > TTT

  • Alfred Tan
    Alfred Tan 6 days ago

    only DMC 3 done it right with that soundtrack :)

  • Where are our darkest timeline goatees?

    DMC3 is still the best DMC. It had a large variety of weapons and playstyles, and the Devil Triggers were designed by the guys behind Digital Devil Saga, which had the signature weird SMT monster designs.

  • RedgraveGilver
    RedgraveGilver 6 days ago +3

    If Agni and Rudra is Ornstein and Smough before Ornstein and Smough then Vergil is Lady Maria/Gerhman before Lady Maria/Gerhman lol

  • Murpy Gaming
    Murpy Gaming 6 days ago


  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa 6 days ago +13

    definitely better than any action games we have in current gen. DMC5 will revive this genre. unfortunately Bayonetta 3 is exclusive to switch.

  • jacky sun
    jacky sun 6 days ago +7

    I love DMC 3 quick silver and doppledanger so fun.

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    DMC Franchise's ; 1 , 3 , 4 , AND 5 BABY'S . Updates.

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    so many memories baby's.. he'll yeah .. DMC 5 SOON BABY'S.. PS4 VERSION..

  • Alucard
    Alucard 6 days ago +14

    Dmc 3 is easily one of my favorite video games ever made, honestly the only dmc game I don't like is the reboot.

  • Adriana Robledo ASMR
    Adriana Robledo ASMR 6 days ago +2

    Looking nice! 👍🏼

    • Hamza Raja
      Hamza Raja 4 days ago

      Man you must be a hit with the ladies

    • walper dreier
      walper dreier 6 days ago

      💏 *I МАSТURВА"ТЕ !Т0 VIDЕ!0S !0N МY С!HАNNЕL! L00!K!* 🔥🔥

    • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
      Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 6 days ago

      Adriana Robledo ASMR You are everywhere. Want to be friends?

  • Oliver Fletcher
    Oliver Fletcher 6 days ago +6

    I bought the HD collection on ps4 cause I’ve never played dmc. Played all of them in order, 1,2,3,4 and DMC. I made a vow to myself to not play dmc3 (hearing how great it was) until I beat dmc2 as Dante AND Lucia. One of the most boring few hours of my life

    • Oliver Fletcher
      Oliver Fletcher 6 days ago

      HeavySandvichGuy1 I’m aware, chronologically it goes 3,1,4,2

    • HeavySandvichGuy1
      HeavySandvichGuy1 6 days ago +1

      You've played them in release order, not in chronological order

    • Mal-El
      Mal-El 6 days ago +1

      Oliver Fletcher I couldn't do it. After I played the first one, I went to the second game, had to replay the first mission for some reason. After I completed the third mission I hoped straight to three and never looked back lol

  • Flareboxx
    Flareboxx 6 days ago +7

    Anyone else prefer Bayonetta 2?

    • nyrisj
      nyrisj 6 days ago

      Not to DMC3, no.

    • Saeed Malik
      Saeed Malik 6 days ago

      Bayo 1, yh. Bayo 2, nah. 2's just a more clean looking game than 1 but ditches the depth that 1 had. It looks more flashy and sick, but doesn't really have the substance 1 had y'know. That's just me though. Dmc3 is sick though

    • walper dreier
      walper dreier 6 days ago

      🙏 *I МАSТÙR!ВАТЕ Т0 VI!DЕ0S !0N МY С!HАNNЕL! L0!0K!* 📱📱📱

  • Jose W
    Jose W 6 days ago +4

    I actually just started playing this game again a few days ago. Love it

  • Pecutan Video
    Pecutan Video 6 days ago

    See my editing for dmc 4

  • Bladimir Soto
    Bladimir Soto 6 days ago +3


  • Dusan Ivic
    Dusan Ivic 6 days ago +2

    25:28 "Most anticipated game of E3" same brother, same!

  • wolfafe
    wolfafe 6 days ago +20

    DMC3 still best DMC i played.

    • Jarard Jones
      Jarard Jones 6 days ago

      wolfafe Those twin swords are the best secondary sword ever in DMC.

    • Jarard Jones
      Jarard Jones 6 days ago

      wolfafe Yes.

  • Mal-El
    Mal-El 6 days ago +32

    I'm gonna keep it real, I love the DMC reboot. I was first introduced to Devil May Cry with the reboot and loved it. I played it numerous times and still play it to this day (definitive edition). So when I saw that a lot of people hated the reboot I didn't get it, so eventually I got the HD collection to see why everyone hates it. First two games I wasn't really impressed, but then I played the third game and after five minutes in I was already hooked. I loved the numerous styles you can play as and the gameplay was fast and action packed. Overall I still like the reboot more but I love Devil May Cry 3 more than the others. I wish they would've made a DMC 2 instead, but you know the OG fans gotta get theirs first with Devil May Cry 5 so maybe next time.

    • walper dreier
      walper dreier 6 days ago

      🌶 *I МАSТUR!ВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ!0S 0N !МY С!HАNNЕL! !L00K!* 🙊

  • ThiVas
    ThiVas 6 days ago +28

    I love people that are passionate about specific game genres. Especially when they have the knowledge and skills on top of that.

  • Janp Verdejo
    Janp Verdejo 6 days ago +2

    I love this game so much

  • CrazyonYT // crazy
    CrazyonYT // crazy 6 days ago

    Revisit BioShock

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson 6 days ago +2

    What are your thoughts on Dantes Inferno vs DMC?

    • Count Artorias
      Count Artorias 6 days ago

      Dante's Inferno is just a lot darker than DMC, everything else, from gameplay to characters to enemy design, is inferior. Music is okay.

    • Dick Deepinsideher
      Dick Deepinsideher 6 days ago +3

      Erik Johnson I like Dantes Inferno, but it doesn't stand up to DMC. DMC3 is one of the best games ever made in my opinion.

  • LordNul1
    LordNul1 6 days ago +9

    For me the game that got me into DMC was, oddly enough Devil May Cry 2. One reason why is what happens if you DT at super low health in that game (although there's a bit of RNG involved in this unique version), and it's description in-game reveals why Dante's personality was so different in DMC2.

    • Werewolf
      Werewolf 6 days ago

      LordNul1 Same here!

    • Ruben Espinoza
      Ruben Espinoza 6 days ago +1

      LordNul1 I forgot about that!!! Caught me by surprise. While I beat DMC2 and enjoyed it. It was too damn easy.

  • spidermonkey2289
    spidermonkey2289 6 days ago +63

    This was the first dmc game I ever played back on ps2 😃😃😃😃

  • Wilhelm
    Wilhelm 6 days ago +3

    nice i have that game at home on my pile of shame

  • The_Dang_Man
    The_Dang_Man 6 days ago +4

    I thought it was boring

    • walper dreier
      walper dreier 6 days ago

      🐰🐰 *I МАSТUR"ВАТЕ Т0 V!IDЕ0S 0N МY СHАNN!ЕL! L!00K!* 🐱

    • Chilly Apples
      Chilly Apples 6 days ago

      The_Dang_Man fair enough

    • Punished Zero
      Punished Zero 6 days ago +14

      Because you have no taste, bro.

    • CD Projekt DOWNGRADE@sony/ms/ubisoft.coN
      CD Projekt DOWNGRADE@sony/ms/ubisoft.coN 6 days ago +17

      The gameplay is extremely solid in this game. You can tell they focused a lot of attention on making it feel impactful and having a very difficult yet balanced challenge. Few games nail that balance. Like when your fighting a tough boss and you die a lot but each time you learn something that you can keep improving to where your finally able to win. That type of smooth curve leads to a very satisfying game.

  • Average Xennpai
    Average Xennpai 7 days ago +1

    First DMC I ever played

    • Chevaughn Bennett
      Chevaughn Bennett 6 days ago

      Average Xennpai same here.. Imma try to get the collection

  • marc07112
    marc07112 7 days ago +1

    I know this game like the back of my hands it's almost on megamanx status for me lol

  • marc07112
    marc07112 7 days ago


  • Jalil Yusif
    Jalil Yusif 7 days ago +1