4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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  • Dreben Parabellum

    she broke the pasta!?!? GTFO!

  • DeviantMistake
    DeviantMistake Day ago

    I feel like the amateur was trying to make herself seem like an expert, and I appreciate that, but then the other guys come in like doing all these fancy techniques.

  • vondamm
    vondamm Day ago

    pro chef wearing a ring...

  • alexpracticevid
    alexpracticevid Day ago

    No judge?

  • Carolina M
    Carolina M Day ago

    Hmmm.. i don't believe them. I'm gonna have to try a plate of each one to check for quality.

  • Smekty
    Smekty Day ago

    Lvl 1. Crook... Lvl 35 boss

  • Commie Doggo
    Commie Doggo Day ago

    Level 1 crook

  • kiddo_ kailani
    kiddo_ kailani Day ago

    Level 20

    Moms spaghetti

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada Day ago +1

    Now I’m craving spaghetti 🍝..gotta go.

  • Sadi.
    Sadi. Day ago

    Actually the levels are-
    Level 1 crook,
    Level 5 Rookie,
    Level 35 Boss.

  • Trophy Guide 101

    Donkay sent me

  • sean lim
    sean lim Day ago

    Come on man let's admit it, many of ya'll are level 0 chefs aren't yall?

  • Cian Boyle
    Cian Boyle Day ago

    The Lorenzo guy thinks he knows everything

  • Charlie Buendia
    Charlie Buendia Day ago +1

    Where's the level 99 boss?

  • Jeremy Potvin
    Jeremy Potvin Day ago

    Sautéing meatballs? Uh, no. Just drop them raw into the sauce and simmer for a few hours.

  • Kyle Felicio
    Kyle Felicio Day ago +1

    Hi I'm kyle, I'm a lvl 100 chief.

  • Alexandre Bouvier

    With your pasta you need this ratio : 100gr (pasta)/1L (water)/10gr (salt)

  • Alexandre Bouvier

    4:44 Me : Noooooooooooo.. nooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Falafl
    Falafl Day ago

    where is the lvl. 100 boss?

  • joni deep
    joni deep Day ago

    How to basic is better than u all

  • Crystal Price
    Crystal Price Day ago

    She said to add salt to the already boiling water or it would take too much time to heat the water. I don’t understand this.

  • BEEF
    BEEF Day ago

    Переведите на русский, пожалуйста 😢

    MYSTIEZLIFE 275 Day ago

    Also as an Italian spaghetti and meatballs is an american combination not to be related to the pinnacle of cuisine that is pasta , Carluccio would turn in his grave

  • San Andreas Fault

    Hi I’m Andrea, I’m a 0 level chef. *uses phone to order food*

  • Luca Hasselberger

    I actually tried putting salt after and before boiling and it's actually faster when you don't put salt just put it when it stars boiling

  • Luca Hasselberger

    Oh my God when she broke the pasta

  • Tommy Robinson Sport

    When your video doesn't reach ten minutes

  • Ja Wot
    Ja Wot Day ago

    He does look like a Frank

  • Jason Cheung
    Jason Cheung Day ago

    spaghetti and meatballs is not even Italian its considered Americanized

  • Weeaboo Jones
    Weeaboo Jones Day ago

    *I am a level 99 Boss*

  • Anton Hedin
    Anton Hedin Day ago

    As a guy frome Sweden, what the heck are you guys doing???

  • miagy420
    miagy420 Day ago

    I liked the home cook better...

  • Laura Patino
    Laura Patino Day ago

    I was just trying to see what would taste the best so I could make it, now I’m confused and don’t know what to do. I don’t have a grinder or a food processor or a pasta maker 😓

  • Jackson John Jones

    at first the thumbnail looked very vulgar

  • Adrian l
    Adrian l Day ago

    I really enjoy the “4 levels” videos but would have enjoyed a better ending by having level 4 try the other levels dishes. Please consider for future videos ?

  • - Chvmoy
    - Chvmoy Day ago

    It’s stupid that they made them eat their own spaghetti, no shi they finna say it’s good🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 1s InALifeTime
    1s InALifeTime Day ago

    Hmm... Level 2 spaghetti looks goooOo00d

  • Gamebuster 12345

    Did... did she just say store bought spaghetti is better than fresh or home made

  • DATMemeboi
    DATMemeboi Day ago

    awww...the food scientist didnt make her own? or even get a taste test of them?

  • Trang Uyen Le
    Trang Uyen Le Day ago +1

    Hi I’m Jeff and I am a level 69 mafia boss.

  • Shea Wilson
    Shea Wilson Day ago

    He said he’s going to add sweetness to his sauce by adding carrot? I guess I don’t associate sweetness with a carrot.

  • noahmeme2
    noahmeme2 Day ago

    I'm in between level one and two.

  • Tormented Soul
    Tormented Soul Day ago

    I wanna smack her with that f**king pointer

  • zz HenerL zz
    zz HenerL zz Day ago

    Level 1 : Honest
    Level 2 : Let say, less more "Humble"
    Level 3 : more technical
    Level 4 : a teacher

  • Michael Block
    Michael Block Day ago

    I was taught to add the oil because it was supposed to prevent sticking. But then I DID always wonder why the sauce went right thru the spaghetti. glad I watched the video then.

  • Coco Mambo
    Coco Mambo Day ago

    the food scientist ruined this video
    I just wanted to know why theres so many more eggs in the pro pasta!!
    she talked about the features of the different dishes but completely forgot to compare them

  • screaming_cactus

    I put oatmeal in my meatballs and I'm a Level 2 cook. I'm too poor for breadcrumbs.

  • Leo Q
    Leo Q Day ago

    Cutting pasta in half is just plain criminal.

  • JmMMII
    JmMMII Day ago


  • Cats 4E
    Cats 4E Day ago

    We seriously don’t eat spaghetti meatballs in Italy... they’re a rarity. We eat a lot of spaghetti and pasta tho.

    • Cats 4E
      Cats 4E Day ago

      Also salt is needed and just throw the oil in the garbage can

  • Ayo Sunmola
    Ayo Sunmola Day ago

    at the end they all look the same

    THOT SLAYER Day ago

    We all know if we compare all of these to our moms mom would taste the best

  • Da King83
    Da King83 Day ago

    Amateur or not, Elina can cook meatballs for me anyday😍😍

  • Connor S
    Connor S Day ago

    Salt doesn’t make water boil faster...

  • Ulvven
    Ulvven Day ago +1

    IKEA: Hold my beer

    xXI’m_POTATOEXx 2 days ago

    My spaghetti and meatball recipe:
    1) Put pre-made pasta in boiling water with salt
    2) take it out and put canned tomato sauce
    3) put pre-made meatballs heated up
    There you go!

  • Johnny Sunday
    Johnny Sunday 2 days ago

    If you break spaghetti it becomes bisketti and we all know how much we loved that when we were kids

  • Johnny Sunday
    Johnny Sunday 2 days ago

    What was the point of this without Gordon Ramsey tasting the final dishes?

  • Ezekiah Mckenzie
    Ezekiah Mckenzie 2 days ago +1

    why can't you break spaghetti ??!?!

  • snake nolastname
    snake nolastname 2 days ago

    *Mussolini voice * PASGUETTI

  • burh dood
    burh dood 2 days ago

    can we actually someone interesting for level 4

  • Kayla Does_most_things

    My moms is better

  • Schamaine Armstrong
    Schamaine Armstrong 2 days ago


  • Schamaine Armstrong
    Schamaine Armstrong 2 days ago

    The Spaghetti and meatballs in the tins.... Me no like am... :(

  • IDK
    IDK 2 days ago

    I burnt milk once

  • Alice Mastrovito
    Alice Mastrovito 2 days ago

    Level 5 in Italy there is no such a thing as pasta&meatballs as well as pineapple in pizzas or flying unicorns... we would have a good plate of pasta and a second one of meatballs with a delicious tomato sauce... possibly with no orange flavour...

  • Janero Meeks
    Janero Meeks 2 days ago

    I absolutely adore the look of Lorenzo's meatballs. His dish, to me, was the most beautiful, and I think I just developed a massive crush on him. He is SO handsome and his smile and laughter makes me smile and laugh. My favorite out of all three chefs (considering the flavors and texture of the sauce and noodles) would have probably been Frank's. The only thing that gave me pause about Frank's meatballs was the veal. I don't know about that. I've never tasted it before so I can't really speak on it. I really liked listening to Ms. Estella's explanations as she cooked because they had a lot to do with her mother. That was sweet.

  • TheRealOsanji
    TheRealOsanji 2 days ago


  • Le Ho
    Le Ho 2 days ago

    Water boils less fast if you salt it becasue it increases the boiling point..

    • Nornocci Mandarine
      Nornocci Mandarine 2 days ago

      My thought was that pasta doesn't "care" about whether the water is boiling or not, it just needs to be at the boiling temperature. If you add salt, or not, it will reach 100 degrees Celcius at the same time.

  • Forgetful Hatter
    Forgetful Hatter 2 days ago

    have you ever sneezed and gone from installing an ssd to making Spaghetti & Meatball?

  • nitelite
    nitelite 2 days ago

    lvl 35. mafia boss

  • Lena Katherine
    Lena Katherine 2 days ago

    LOVE this series thank you, im learning!!!!

  • Tristi
    Tristi 2 days ago

    Now we need Dunkey to rate them

  • Fran gitara
    Fran gitara 2 days ago

    im a level 1 but she sucks she is -1

  • Arceus
    Arceus 2 days ago

    Lvl 1 Crook

  • flossie Flossie
    flossie Flossie 2 days ago

    I use oregano and half as much basil or I find the sauce too sweet.

  • Lucas Tan
    Lucas Tan 2 days ago

    The level two cook reminds me of the Box Office Artist

  • Ananya GK
    Ananya GK 2 days ago

    So who won?

  • jov itani
    jov itani 2 days ago

    I'm a food technology student and I'm really interesting with this kind of video. 👍👍👍

  • armybear1
    armybear1 2 days ago

    Is no one going to mention the fact that the level 2 cook, Lorenzo, stuck in a whole chunk of Parmesan cheese into his sauce and didn't even bother to cut it up or shred it so that it would actually dissolve into the sauce? And it was still there at the end!

  • Sakshi Kolhe
    Sakshi Kolhe 2 days ago

    Hey it seems so delicious...I thought there will be a testing taste

  • Huan Bai Liong
    Huan Bai Liong 2 days ago

    So who's the winner?

  • lilydaffodils
    lilydaffodils 2 days ago

    Ahh I'm craving for pasta meat balls!

  • Aria Addison
    Aria Addison 2 days ago

    Ultimate level: Moms

  • OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    I need to know the name of level 2 chef, he is amazing and so cool. He should have his own cooking show

  • Robloxian Legend
    Robloxian Legend 2 days ago


  • Monique Hicks
    Monique Hicks 2 days ago

    Wait, so... which one was the best??

  • Just Quillie
    Just Quillie 2 days ago

    I like the first girl. I would eat her meat balls. I just hate food that is too fancy lmao

  • Smol Doge
    Smol Doge 2 days ago

    Who else wants Lorenzo to open a restaurant? ☺

  • mausalus09
    mausalus09 2 days ago

    Mama June is speechless now

  • FRM YT
    FRM YT 2 days ago

    Papyrus Spaghetti is the best

  • Pru Meow
    Pru Meow 2 days ago

    The level 2 and level one guys are always more funny/interesting. The level 3 ranges from kinda cocky to robotic.

  • U 2
    U 2 2 days ago

    lvl 30 hitman vs lvl 3 chief who would win

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca 2 days ago

    I say to bring it up a notch to make your own freshly made pomodoro tomato sauce, no cans. When we came from Europe (my family and I) anything canned was rarely if every used. Boil the tomatoes to get the skin off (i still do that) and make your own sauce.

  • Aimee Rasero
    Aimee Rasero 2 days ago

    I cried when she didn't salt that pasta water (a miniscule pinch does not count)

  • Bryce Templeton
    Bryce Templeton 2 days ago

    All look very good

  • Nesa Devi
    Nesa Devi 2 days ago

    Well, now i know i’m level 1.

  • Southern Sassy Mama
    Southern Sassy Mama 2 days ago

    Um level 1 here lol

  • john smith
    john smith 2 days ago

    Man they really skimp on the sauce don't they

  • Salt Rooster
    Salt Rooster 2 days ago

    Wow - to me, spaghetti has always been one of those easy, no-brainer Sunday dishes. Didn't realize how complicated it can actually be!