4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of spaghetti & meatballs. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which one was the best?
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    4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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    XTREMEPOTATO103 Hour ago

    Dunkey wants to know your location

  • cyberNyan
    cyberNyan 4 hours ago

    When the tomatoes are so bad, that even the pro level chef is using canned ones... that's sad

  • K bonbon
    K bonbon 4 hours ago

    I like Lorenzo's coz I'm not a pro

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 hours ago

    wtf but give all the 3 dishes to taste to everyone

  • Jonas de Lorenzo
    Jonas de Lorenzo 5 hours ago

    You are the cancer of Italian cuisine

  • Ria Michelle
    Ria Michelle 5 hours ago

    Lorenzo is really annoying

  • Matt C
    Matt C 5 hours ago

    I don’t care how expertly delicious it tastes. I am never adding veal to anything I cook.

  • astralips
    astralips 6 hours ago

    My boy frank is just using machines and utensils to cook no manual labor.

  • please don't subscribe to this channel

    **papyrus wants to know your location**

  • Jaecob Easter
    Jaecob Easter 6 hours ago

    emily would have been like:hey ima make a ketchupball

  • Mikalana's Kitchens
    Mikalana's Kitchens 6 hours ago

    Frank..why no anchovies in the sauce?

  • my dad beats me
    my dad beats me 8 hours ago

    *how can you be hydrophobic in this day and age? Its 2019 man people are born this way.*

  • Seil Epigon
    Seil Epigon 8 hours ago +1

    Level 1: I put that in cause why not?
    Level 3: As a chef, I like to grow my own cow to acquire the meatballs

  • Brandon Ravioli
    Brandon Ravioli 8 hours ago

    Pro chef: so I grew this own kitchen by myself

  • Ian Eck
    Ian Eck 9 hours ago

    I watch these vids for Lorenzo

  • All 4 G4MING
    All 4 G4MING 9 hours ago


  • Anthony Naro
    Anthony Naro 10 hours ago

    Notice that the experts hands are white and the whole cooked in the novice are darker hands

  • Cherry Lou
    Cherry Lou 10 hours ago

    this is the first vid i've watched where everyone's dish looked great

  • xX Katexzpgacha Xx
    xX Katexzpgacha Xx 11 hours ago

    I love how this happens:
    Level 1: I add salt and olive oil because someone said that somewhere and I guess it adds flavour?
    Level 2: NEVER ADD OIL.

  • BlacKNightUmbreonS
    BlacKNightUmbreonS 11 hours ago

    *cracks pasta in half*

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 12 hours ago

    That level 2 chef sounds like he has a blocked nose.

  • Mathis Derenne
    Mathis Derenne 13 hours ago

    Food specialist didn't comment the whole block of Permagiona throwed in the pan 🤔 wondering if that's a good idea of if Italian are ashame by this.

  • Makar
    Makar 13 hours ago

    donkey would like this.

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 14 hours ago +1


  • Drake Dodson
    Drake Dodson 15 hours ago

    If anyone gave me spaghetti with that sauce that Lorenzo made I would throw it back at them as hard as I could ... I want sauce, not tomato chunks *voms*

  • TheLazyGirl 000
    TheLazyGirl 000 15 hours ago

    0:13 my mom: Hi my Name is Asian mom I'm level 999 chef

  • The Fiddle
    The Fiddle 15 hours ago

    One of the views is from Dunkey I feel it

  • Simon Salatandre
    Simon Salatandre 16 hours ago

    Level 1 - I just want my food.
    Level 2 - I just want to be healthy.
    Level 3 - I just want my money’s worth.
    Level 4 - I just want my Ph. D.

  • Reina N
    Reina N 16 hours ago +3

    "You never add oil to your boiling pasta"
    ...but Gordon Ramsay does 🤔

  • Franz Lopre
    Franz Lopre 17 hours ago

    Omfg, if you come in italy and cook like that i don't think that you'll survive

  • Bleach
    Bleach 17 hours ago

    all of them are lvl 1 crook while lvl4 food sciencetist is level 9999 cook

    H2O JANWARREN 18 hours ago

    when i saw like the intro i already knew lorenzo and frank is gonna be in it
    like if u want frank and lorenzo to be a cooking duo

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill 18 hours ago

    Id never pay more than 10 dollars for any restaurant spaghetti dinner so do what you want to it but I just dont like the idea of shelling out big bucks to get full on a dough ball w/ meatballs. Also, one of the cheapest things you could do to flavor things up is add red wine. I didnt see them do that? Im always using red wine for pasta sauce.

  • Everliza A
    Everliza A 18 hours ago

    Damn. I’m hungry as hell😭

  • K0ng0
    K0ng0 18 hours ago +1

    They are level 1,2,3 chef and i'm level 100 Mafia.
    Funny how the world works.

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill 18 hours ago

    Adding salt and olive oil is a great way to jazz up those hard store bought boxes of pasta. I add pepper too. I like my noodles to be tasty on their own. The oil helps keep it from clumping. Bring to a boil, then simmer like rice. Chef number 3 is saving money by making his own pasta, thats awesome because its going to be better than store bought for about the same price. Lorenzo paid too much for his pasta but I understand his point.

  • louiesabordo
    louiesabordo 18 hours ago

    Lorenzo think his proffesional

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill 18 hours ago

    I dont like the idea of peoples hands in my meatballs without gloves or the idea of adding milk. Just use a utensil or something. I dont want whats under your fingernails, and your dead skin in my food...lol.
    Other than that I thought Id like all of their Meatball recipes.

  • TaeTae'sGorl ! ARMY!
    TaeTae'sGorl ! ARMY! 18 hours ago +3

    Level 3 "if you really love people you make fresh pasta"
    Level 1- welp guess I don't love my family

  • Aris cambongA
    Aris cambongA 19 hours ago

    Lorenzo is my ideal chef... That i wanna be someday

  • Lucy Reyes
    Lucy Reyes 19 hours ago +1

    Everyone's face is sooo whitened

  • easha eash
    easha eash 19 hours ago +1

    Level 1: Cracks the pasta and kills the Mexican population.
    Level 2: Does everything perfect.
    Level 3: If YoU lOvE pEoPlE yOu MaKe FrEsH pAsTa AnD gRoW yOu'Re OwN wHeAt.

  • C P
    C P 20 hours ago

    My sauce cooks for 4 to 5 hours San Marzano tomato Jarred sauce is level 0

  • Ines Cualan
    Ines Cualan 21 hour ago

    Does anyone watch the video but skip the food scientist part

  • D B
    D B 22 hours ago

    Not one of them finished the pasta IN THE SAUCE!!!!

  • Mai Al-Baghdady
    Mai Al-Baghdady 23 hours ago

    level 3

  • Gama
    Gama Day ago

    It hurt when she broke her pasta in half

  • Job Phillip
    Job Phillip Day ago +1

    Hello I'm -Unknown- and I'm a level 4 chef

  • Michaela Cioffi
    Michaela Cioffi Day ago

    I was taught to add oil (not necessarily olive oil) in water that is going to be boiled to avoid pasta from sticking together. Is it true?

  • Mr. Flip Flops
    Mr. Flip Flops Day ago


  • Kyle Fagan
    Kyle Fagan Day ago

    My grandma makes the best sauce

  • R. T.
    R. T. Day ago

    Level 1: Your college best friend.
    Level 2: The stay at home cool dad.
    Level 3: Next Hell's Kitchen Contestant.
    Me: *folds menu* "2015 Fowels Pinot Noir. Otherwise, anything with a cherry to raspberry taste in it is fine."
    Waitresses: "We have Raspberry Tea."

  • sulav shrestha
    sulav shrestha Day ago

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️who cares, it should jst taste great nomatter how much science u put it through it

    NOT EVEN GOD Day ago

    Asian guy is anoying

  • cj
    cj Day ago

    What's the difference between home cook and amateur when they are both made in their homes?

  • Justin Luong
    Justin Luong Day ago

    When it comes to the tomato sauce
    Normal pooh: Im too lazy
    Fancy Pooh: iT mAkEs iT mOrE aCiDiC

  • Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)

    Lorenzo is so happy, and loves what he's doing... could we please get this man his own cooking show?

  • snap me daddy
    snap me daddy Day ago


  • Itshardtogetauser
    Itshardtogetauser Day ago +6

    Lorenzo always seems like he’s on mood enhancing drugs

  • Endless Possibility

    Lvl2 and Lvl3 is kinda the same but lvl2 cooks at home.

  • Amal Al-Nadher
    Amal Al-Nadher Day ago

    The level 2 guy is very annoying and kind of arrogant

  • Itsnotori
    Itsnotori Day ago

    i'm here for lorenzo

  • Leeyan RBLX
    Leeyan RBLX Day ago

    Lol Lorenzo is in almost 4 levels of ( insert title )

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith Day ago

    I love frank. He’s great.

  • Kyleigh Copeland

    "I put salt and olive oil".......

    " DO NOT PUT OIL!" .....

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson Day ago

    You shouldn’t feel bad about not making your own pasta or grinding your own beef. This guy is a chef and you are probably not , and that’s ok 😉

  • Adiba Triple A
    Adiba Triple A Day ago

    Italian don't make meatballs in theire bolognaise

  • SCRUB GOD123
    SCRUB GOD123 Day ago

    Lorenzo looked like he was have intercourse with his meal

  • solidus784
    solidus784 Day ago

    I suspect Elena brought her own herbs for this shoot.

  • - Maya -
    - Maya - Day ago

    I love how Lorenzo is just so positive and smiling- ✨🙌

  • Oh Sehlest
    Oh Sehlest Day ago

    “my grandma would be proud”, mia nonna no.

  • Anthony Zamora
    Anthony Zamora Day ago

    Who else thinks Lorenzo is hella annoying

  • Filippo Gerbino
    Filippo Gerbino Day ago


  • Sir ZaTe
    Sir ZaTe Day ago

    Mafia boss
    LEVEL 99

  • My Name is Gladys

    All the videos of watched always make me think a Home cook is better

  • Khaled Muhanna
    Khaled Muhanna Day ago


    Frank: if you respect your and everyone else's existence you will give birth to a chicken and use its eggs to make spaghetti

  • samueloklas405
    samueloklas405 Day ago

    Level 0: pulls out can of spaghetti O’s

  • Futur e
    Futur e Day ago

    Eminem is on level 999
    I mean he did come up with Moms Spaghetti

  • Min Sung Seul
    Min Sung Seul Day ago

    Level 1: Let me put that in there even though idk what it does

  • JellyyFishoo
    JellyyFishoo Day ago

    how did alex german shepherd get on this show

  • Andyilmatto
    Andyilmatto Day ago +12

    Girl: * breaks spaghetti in half *

    • Rob Dinglasan
      Rob Dinglasan 3 hours ago

      Andyilmatto your channel icon makes this comment better and relatable.

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan Day ago

    I like lorenzo the most he would be a good entertainer

  • pinkuwu
    pinkuwu Day ago

    *_meatball juices_*

  • Isaiah Corre
    Isaiah Corre Day ago

    Wait... Carrot is sweet!😓😓😓

    I was living on a lie😜😜😜

  • 122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile

    5:25 well he is not a chemist for sure.

  • Akari Ringo
    Akari Ringo Day ago

    You forgot level 5: buy the meatball at supermarket and just cook the spaghetti. Last, serve it in the plate and enjoy it by yourself..

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull Day ago

    Am I the only one who likes the level 1 ones best?

  • Hazeltrap
    Hazeltrap Day ago

    I'm so mad when people break spaghetti pasta in half just to make it fit in the pan. >:( If the spaghetti is sticking out of water in less than a minute the bottom will get elastic and you can bend the rest of pasta in the boiling water. :(

  • Tomato Is A Fruit Gaming

    Level 2?!?!? Bruh you just found a ninja chef.

  • Gatcha Lovery
    Gatcha Lovery Day ago

    LOL the level one chef named Elina is my name to my name is Elina XD

  • First_Levi
    First_Levi Day ago

    As an Italian i feel offended
    Everything is over salted and a lot of errors have been made...

  • Charmaine CHAN
    Charmaine CHAN Day ago

    4:08 my swim teacher 😂

  • Midnight Anomaly

    gordon ramsay joined the group

  • Ajib Alamsyah
    Ajib Alamsyah Day ago +4

    I read spaghetti and meatballs, i suddenly remember my histology exam.. Horrifying..

  • Whizzie Gaming
    Whizzie Gaming Day ago

    Lol Gordon ramsay said that

  • Charmaine CHAN
    Charmaine CHAN Day ago

    2:03 when my mom says "ICE CREAM!!"

  • Rishabh Kapatkar

    Hmph, Experts meatballs where too fashionable. I'd choose Lorenzo

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse Day ago

    Well, I guess I'm not even a level one chef...

  • Zenith
    Zenith Day ago

    Honestly i skip the food scientist

  • Jacob Zamorano
    Jacob Zamorano 2 days ago

    6:05 "my grandma would be proud", damn whos cutting onions in here getting me all teary eyed