Adore Delano - 27 Club (Official Video)

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    A Geek Mythology Production
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Comments • 2 762

  • zach kretzer
    zach kretzer 3 hours ago

    end me holy shit

  • Elizabeth Sinclair
    Elizabeth Sinclair 4 hours ago

    He was great on AGT and she was great on drag race and she rocks a great song

  • Aibhlinn Oakhart
    Aibhlinn Oakhart 4 hours ago

    Adore is God. Preach to the young ones now and set the innocent in the path of Adoration. ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  • Amy Lockwood
    Amy Lockwood 5 hours ago

    Drag kurt Cobain?.... LOVE!

  • priscila gomes
    priscila gomes 9 hours ago

    eu to muito feliz de presenciar isso

  • Miguel Mercier
    Miguel Mercier 16 hours ago

    Sexy bath. I love this song

  • ebony perkins
    ebony perkins 17 hours ago

    So I take this video as you confirming you are giving yourself to the 33rd masters. I just want to know who your handler is. So many signs and the name of rhe song is a dead give away. But i will always love you.

  • Micky
    Micky 19 hours ago

    I wish que had the option to like this video many times ❤❤❤

  • samuel mathias
    samuel mathias 20 hours ago

    Estou viciado nesta música ❣️

  • Theo Saveria
    Theo Saveria 21 hour ago

    we stan an uncinched hairy queen

  • Thimble Fox
    Thimble Fox 21 hour ago

    i love rats :)

  • Noah Lowery
    Noah Lowery 21 hour ago

    Why are y'all okay with this shit? You do know what the 27 club is right? Artists who were Satanic Blood sacrifices at the age 27... Please give me some insight on why you guys are into this? It's clearly satanism at work and I just can't get why it's okay.

  • LeeYoY NeO ToKyo

    Beautiful. Simply stunning darling. STUN!

    NTH THN Day ago


  • Yuu Kiriha
    Yuu Kiriha Day ago

    Dio mío esto hermoso enserio

  • Papaciiito
    Papaciiito Day ago

    #LadyArmpits EWWWWWWW

  • Kathlene Jaudian

    All of The Legends,
    Adore is a LEGEND

  • Luis Barba
    Luis Barba Day ago

    Remembered about Angel Baby and now I am here.. I couldn’t be happier

  • Alfonso Toledo
    Alfonso Toledo Day ago

    Mother she looks Homeless

  • P!nk Fairy
    P!nk Fairy Day ago

    back to pop please !

  • british duck
    british duck Day ago

    In all honesty, if i saw adore i wouldnt think this song was sang by her....JUST...THIS SONG ......WEW GIVES ME LIFE SHDHWDKCJKEJ

  • Paolo Cassiani Ingoni

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! GO ADORE

  • Omega Light
    Omega Light 2 days ago

    this song is really beautiful, im proud of adore

  • Vick Floyd
    Vick Floyd 2 days ago

    OMG,you just represent every single fucking thing that i love and I'm living for this song/video. Thank you for such inspiration,Adore ♥
    Much love from BR

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 2 days ago

    Love the water scenes.

  • Tabitha Ciccone
    Tabitha Ciccone 2 days ago

    So good, but No School needs a video!

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 2 days ago

    This is the first queen I would casually listen to. Love her!

  • aquariahoney
    aquariahoney 2 days ago

    i can’t believe adore invented flower petals

  • ErimcferrySings
    ErimcferrySings 3 days ago

    Yessss you're in the U.K? Omg. I have been obsessed with your album since it came out. You're like my (American) idol. But seriously you're legit and chill and awesome. I'm from London.
    This is my fav song from the album.
    💖💖 Erin

  • Leonardo Neves
    Leonardo Neves 3 days ago

    Adore adorável, adorei essa música

  • Jae's Messy Hair
    Jae's Messy Hair 3 days ago +1

    Adore is the lost daughter from Kurt Cobain and Lana Del Rey AND YES

  • Alex Espinoza Ced.
    Alex Espinoza Ced. 3 days ago

    Wack tbh

  • Kelsey Roe
    Kelsey Roe 3 days ago

    The ratties are so cute! Always nice to see them depicted in a more positive light instead of only being used in an attempt to make something "gross" or "creepy." Rats are smart and sweet and make wonderful pets! Well done Adore, just one more reason why you're awesome. 🤗

  • Eduardo Goncalves
    Eduardo Goncalves 3 days ago


  • Lyllithium Infinitum

    QUEEN ✧*:・゚

  • Patty De Leon
    Patty De Leon 3 days ago

    Damn that beauty and talent ❤️

  • Lisanne Bond
    Lisanne Bond 3 days ago

    Beyond words.

  • mimi the barbarian
    mimi the barbarian 3 days ago

    Simply AMAZING 😍

  • Mari Cruz
    Mari Cruz 3 days ago

    I love this song... Especially while stoned. 😊

  • punxcake
    punxcake 3 days ago

    I miss pop Adore Delano. :(

  • Σάμο Κόρρο
    Σάμο Κόρρο 3 days ago +2

    Don't wanna be a part of that scene, I heard
    Of the curses with death
    My life is falling into temporary sin
    Cluster of roses and babies' breath
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know
    All of the legends
    Die at twenty seven
    They all went to heaven
    All of the legends
    All of the legends
    Since I was eleven
    All went to heaven
    All of the legends
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know
    That I don't wanna go
    All of his dreams
    Are in the fast lane scene
    These habits go so fast, he can't see
    Baby lost his mind
    Nobody gives in time
    The drugs are worth it
    Or so it seems
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know
    All of the legends
    Die at twenty seven
    They all went to heaven
    All of the legends
    All of the legends
    Since I was eleven
    All went to heaven
    All of the legends
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know
    That I don't wanna go
    Can't be a part of the broken apart
    Don't wanna know what my momma would say
    Nobody left in this town
    Stuck with this permanent frown
    I'm ending all of this right now today
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know
    That I don't wanna go
    All of the legends
    Die at twenty seven
    They all went to heaven
    All of the legends
    All of the legends
    Since I was eleven
    All went to heaven
    All of the legends
    I've been trying and I've been buying
    And I've been lying and I've been crying
    And that's how I know

  • crimsonroses333
    crimsonroses333 3 days ago


  • Darryl Stewart
    Darryl Stewart 3 days ago

    I instantly thought of Kurt Cobain. Great voice and love the drag.

  • virrrago
    virrrago 3 days ago

    Gorgeous 🖤🖤

  • Sergio Girón
    Sergio Girón 3 days ago

    I lo ved

  • Hoa Production
    Hoa Production 3 days ago

    i adore you Adore :3 the song is perfect! and i love the music video that goes with it ^^
    p.s. the armpit hair distract me xD

  • El wey de los dibujos :V

    After seeing this, can we quit Trixie the crown and the price and give it to Adore?

  • ezequiel alves
    ezequiel alves 4 days ago


  • Melly Bell
    Melly Bell 4 days ago

    this is all I ever wanted. I fucking looooove this

  • Nicola Grosswiler
    Nicola Grosswiler 4 days ago

    Damn yes!!! Love the song and love the video !! #teamADORE

  • Nulka Pończoszanka
    Nulka Pończoszanka 4 days ago

    Glass and gravel in your voice is everything

  • Jade MoonRaven
    Jade MoonRaven 4 days ago

    Yaaasss! Come Through!

  • Rider3322
    Rider3322 4 days ago

    Good bye Danny, all the best for the future x

  • Blake Kingsland
    Blake Kingsland 4 days ago

    Amy Winehouse lives

  • princess 1
    princess 1 4 days ago

    Me An adore where born the same month an day An my favorite singer is Amy wine house 27 club just makes me love me love you more Adore 💜

  • Olivia Jalbert
    Olivia Jalbert 4 days ago

    Such a fucking icon yes

  • Rollercoaster Rob
    Rollercoaster Rob 4 days ago

    Those looks tho yeet. Get it gurl!!! 😍🎉👍😁

  • Gavin Higgins
    Gavin Higgins 4 days ago

    I am lovin' this song!!! :P

  • Louie Ayala
    Louie Ayala 4 days ago

    Low key living

  • Roque Woscker
    Roque Woscker 4 days ago


  • Gynger Biist
    Gynger Biist 4 days ago

    omggggg such cute CREATURESSSS *adores cute too i guess) ;)

    a grunge godess

  • Lightning4Bug2Tits0
    Lightning4Bug2Tits0 5 days ago

    This is such an earworm. IFL Adore!! We stan a legend

  • Morgana Oliveira
    Morgana Oliveira 5 days ago


  • Joe Gaga
    Joe Gaga 5 days ago

    Nice video .. this is so amazing... girl

  • Brenda Suila Araújo

    Omg i love this song. You are amazing ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Finn Tran
    Finn Tran 5 days ago +1

    Voice: STUNNING
    Make-up: STUNNING
    Video: STUNNING
    Adore: STUNNING
    Armpit hair: STUNNING

  • Wyatt Edgeton
    Wyatt Edgeton 5 days ago

    I love that she's a drag queen rocker, that's cool. I really want to like the actual music...but honestly it feels underdeveloped and she uses a lot recycled/outdated musical ideas... but not in interesting or unique ways. It bums me out.

  • giselly bella
    giselly bella 5 days ago

    Queria entender a proposta do suvaco cabeludo! Só porque é rock? Kkkkkkk fora esse detalhe tá tudo maravilhoso....

  • Andy Ways
    Andy Ways 5 days ago

    I love it when drag queens make music that doesnt sound like just another club dance song

  • Bikini Martini
    Bikini Martini 5 days ago


  • Amanda Ruiz
    Amanda Ruiz 5 days ago

    BRING ANGEL BACK 🙏🏻🙏🏻🖤❤️❤️

  • Sandra Lara
    Sandra Lara 5 days ago

    I know Adore might not probably read this, but I thought I would give this a try. If only people knew the true art that Danny is creating. This video and album in general deserves so much more attention than it is receiving. This video should have millions and millions of views! As someone who grew up loving many old rock genres, especially that of Nirvana and the Grunge Rock movement... Adore has finally achieved this sound through this new album. The minute I heard this song on the album I knew you had to make a music video for it, and it was nothing short of wonderful. Adore... I ADORE YOU for this. Thank you for keeping the Grunge movement alive. P.S If you can make a video for "No School" my heart would forever be happy.

  • Sage Perigen
    Sage Perigen 5 days ago

    can you make more makeup tutorials ? ps love you my grunge queen

  • Emeli Yoya
    Emeli Yoya 5 days ago

    she kinda looks like that chic from fifth harmony, Lauren?

  • Duban peña
    Duban peña 5 days ago

    fucking transvestite son of the most disgusting whore

  • Gregarino Official
    Gregarino Official 5 days ago

    Please stick to making rock music adorable Adore

  • LeanerOrNot
    LeanerOrNot 5 days ago

    Serving Hot-mess Realness 😵👑

  • shoji
    shoji 6 days ago

    trash queen i love u eat me pls

  • Sydney Archer
    Sydney Archer 6 days ago

    I stan

  • Jaz Is A Meme
    Jaz Is A Meme 6 days ago

    Oooooo party can I join?

  • Rudina Bridgewater
    Rudina Bridgewater 6 days ago

    pesky saturn return curse

  • H4ts1ne
    H4ts1ne 6 days ago

    Dá vontade né @GiaGun senhora flopada

  • Kayla Amagliani
    Kayla Amagliani 6 days ago

    Amy winehouse vibes! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Robert Sebesten
    Robert Sebesten 6 days ago

    Addicted to Adore!!! You are my fave!

  • Nico Conti
    Nico Conti 6 days ago

    Hex Girl

  • El Rey
    El Rey 6 days ago

    WOW!!! Beautiful grunge voice

  • Zuzička 007
    Zuzička 007 6 days ago

    Can we talk about this masterpiece

  • jenny jen
    jenny jen 6 days ago



    I been TRYING and I been BUYING and I been Crying...and that's how I know. Adore stay with us stay 21 forever I love you since your American Idol audition I know u don't wanna go I don't either but we all can stop buying lying CRYING. Screw these drugs grunge is born inside u without it nirvana was in in utero and this is a mix sound God I love it AS5 tricks for the win

  • bindea roxana
    bindea roxana 6 days ago

    Holy shit Danny ! Love it

  • slicegeorge
    slicegeorge 6 days ago +1

    this song reminds me of true blood

  • daniel moreno
    daniel moreno 6 days ago

    I need more song's like this

  • Samantha Love
    Samantha Love 6 days ago

    Yassssss!!! 💚💚❤️❤️🖤🖤

  • Dee l
    Dee l 6 days ago

    I miss the funny videos

  • Kelwyn Brennan
    Kelwyn Brennan 7 days ago +1

    holy shit this is amazing. adore i would die for u

  • Ki M
    Ki M 7 days ago +1

    Yes girl we love a grunge queen

  • Private Person
    Private Person 7 days ago

    This is pure evil and blasphemy dumb ass Bitch lol can't u fags do something more simple instead of bringing religion to your satanic culture LMAO

    • Private Person
      Private Person 7 days ago

      Shauna Clements impossible lol u can't handle it Hoe

    • Shauna Clements
      Shauna Clements 7 days ago

      +Private Person u got roasted by a 12 year old twice 😅😅😅😆😆😆

    • Private Person
      Private Person 7 days ago

      Shauna Clements well I have one thing to say too GO suck yo mommas pussy u stupid little cunt and get off my crotch 😂 LMAO

  • Fuck-se
    Fuck-se 7 days ago

    Perfection have a name, and the name is ADORE DELANO❤️

  • Juan Andres
    Juan Andres 7 days ago

    weird... but its really good song... i like it

  • End Is Near Y'all
    End Is Near Y'all 7 days ago +1

    Um how dare you be so beautiful Adore smfh