Adore Delano - 27 Club (Official Video)

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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  • Matt Attard
    Matt Attard 7 hours ago

    This is what a hypothetical led-Zepplin Madonna cross breed would look like

  • kiki 1907
    kiki 1907 7 hours ago

    I want Adore to do my makeup every morning.

  • Domy international

    this is your masterpiece my lady...i love it

  • Mommailuvu
    Mommailuvu Day ago

    I used to watch angle baby wayyy back in the day. Came back to get nostalgic. I’m glad you didn’t stop making videos! (Even if it’s way different than what I watched) I get sad when I watch old videos and their channel is dead

  • LeilaniLanes
    LeilaniLanes Day ago

    *Grunge Drag Realness Hunty*

  • Del Martinis
    Del Martinis 2 days ago

    I 'fuckin' LOVE this!

  • Dania
    Dania 3 days ago

    this is amazing omfg

  • mood: fifty shades of Roh Tae Hyun

    how can someone has a voice this perfect?

  • Estuardo MF
    Estuardo MF 3 days ago

    Este estilo 😍🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • m xoxo
    m xoxo 4 days ago +1

    Talented bitch.🖤

  • ɞuʟmѧ ɞяıєғs

    This is mockery

  • Billyboo Adventures
    Billyboo Adventures 8 days ago

    I’m sure I’ve heard this on the radio

  • Pedreiro
    Pedreiro 8 days ago

    fds afiname a voz e toma as armonas para ficar com voz fina

  • Khun Jack
    Khun Jack 10 days ago

    We love your in Bangkok..... hope you make it over here sometimes ... we will be there for sure are f.... awesome ..... thanks. Lo
    Please come over .. we will find a nice venue ..come

  • Brenda P. Sicar
    Brenda P. Sicar 10 days ago

    how thw fuck did this not get over a mill?

  • Maria Luisa Rocha
    Maria Luisa Rocha 11 days ago

    Feat with pitty

  • weirdflorist
    weirdflorist 11 days ago

    I fucking love this seriously this is the best one!!!!

  • Ashley Calvert
    Ashley Calvert 11 days ago

    I cannot get enough of this song and video. Amazing!

  • young dagger dick
    young dagger dick 11 days ago

    Mori futu.ti mortii ma.tii

  • Sally ‘S channel
    Sally ‘S channel 11 days ago

    Who’s a star now Simon

  • Achmad Yoga22
    Achmad Yoga22 11 days ago

    Love 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Aude S
    Aude S 11 days ago

    I love this grungy voice of you, Adore!

  • Snow Wolf
    Snow Wolf 11 days ago

    I was not expecting the voice

  • Lady Gelos
    Lady Gelos 12 days ago

    This is beautiful.. i feel you. i feel it.

  • Platinum Trio
    Platinum Trio 12 days ago

    Omg ive always loved this kind of rock/screamo sound and im so happy that i can appreciate that and drag and the same time

  • anildo
    anildo 12 days ago

    i want to be her

  • my google name
    my google name 12 days ago +1

    Simon Cowell has left the chat

  • Christy Deer
    Christy Deer 14 days ago

    Your music just keep getting better and better

  • Jeremie's Adventures
    Jeremie's Adventures 14 days ago

    I wish to see her on rupaul again

  • Planet cabello
    Planet cabello 14 days ago

    I A M S H O O K.

  • Vampire_1901
    Vampire_1901 14 days ago +1

    Adore should make more songs like I adore you!

  • Sk8ergurl513
    Sk8ergurl513 15 days ago

    Please release more of this grunge/rock music, honestly you have an amazing voice and I believe that you are the start of actual drag music. Not just some copied mediocre music.

  • elhardo
    elhardo 15 days ago +1

    this song is addicting

  • Andrea Palencia
    Andrea Palencia 15 days ago

    why does he look like ariana on the thumbnail i swear

  • Lilli Crow
    Lilli Crow 15 days ago

    I love hearing her sing like this, so raw 😍

  • Flavio Oliveira
    Flavio Oliveira 17 days ago


  • Rose Siegel
    Rose Siegel 17 days ago

    Adore needs to shave her armpits.

  • help im emo
    help im emo 17 days ago

    we stan a queen and bitch? wOw, adoooooore you have an amazing voice.

  • Giovana Nazatto
    Giovana Nazatto 17 days ago


  • Peter Boykin
    Peter Boykin 17 days ago

    Love the Voice!

  • Washington Barros Barros

    Qualidade das músicas decairam muito

  • spleerfloof
    spleerfloof 17 days ago

    But why??

  • Sian C
    Sian C 18 days ago

    Adore is so hot. Goals

  • Kiz Bathurst
    Kiz Bathurst 18 days ago

    I love you!!!!!

  • LPS celeb
    LPS celeb 18 days ago

    O-O did any one see adores hairpits/ armpit hair

  • David Koncek
    David Koncek 18 days ago

    2 words. ...wig snatched

  • A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

    I just Love You.
    And your Mum.

  • 11fabace
    11fabace 19 days ago

    One of my favs on the album slay me adore !!! 😍😍😍

  • labellav1103
    labellav1103 20 days ago

    Let me find out you took MGK's concept 🧐

  • Raquel Theron
    Raquel Theron 20 days ago

    So weird, love the song, love the voice - chorus is specilly powerful, you can really see that unique growl she has. But something is off... keep going babes this is already quite good and I think you could be making amazing music!

  • Raquel Theron
    Raquel Theron 20 days ago

    So weird, love the song, love the voice - chorus is specilly powerful, you can really see that unique growl she has. But something is off... keep going babes this is already quite good and I think you could be making amazing music!

  • MrNigglez
    MrNigglez 20 days ago

    Thank you

    • MrNigglez
      MrNigglez 20 days ago

      And this is my real last name so respect plz

  • Dainty Spence
    Dainty Spence 20 days ago

    She sounds like Palaye Royale ngl

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo 22 days ago

    All of the legends since I was 11 have all gone to Heaven... omg those are such powerful and emotional lyrics... it's sad because all the great legends are leaving us one by One... Cher n Madonna are one of the few left from that era... at least from our generation...

  • IV
    IV 22 days ago

    ...Seeing you be strong *AND* be weak and vulnerable is helping me out so much right now. You're keeping me strong with this, something beyond beautiful.

  • supposedlyConscious
    supposedlyConscious 23 days ago

    i'm gonna fucking scream???

  • Cezar
    Cezar 23 days ago

    So this is what happened to angle baby

  • Eduardo Negrete
    Eduardo Negrete 23 days ago

    i like more the other voice!

  • Ellie-Mae Hares
    Ellie-Mae Hares 24 days ago

    brb just going to saturn to get my wig back

  • Álex SanzCh
    Álex SanzCh 24 days ago

    Is this Adroe's take on Bowie's/Nirvana's The Man Who Sold The World????

  • Sarah Martin
    Sarah Martin 25 days ago

    I love him so much :0 I love ur voice

  • Jumpix
    Jumpix 25 days ago

    I love you

  • Camila Fierro
    Camila Fierro 26 days ago

    Love that pink wig and lipstick that went with where did he get it?

  • Thais Eduarda Scopel
    Thais Eduarda Scopel 26 days ago +1

    Só eu que falo em português a qui?

  • Michael McCall
    Michael McCall 26 days ago

    I can’t stop coming back to listen to this song

  • MrZhakypollo
    MrZhakypollo 26 days ago +1


  • Vixen Bow
    Vixen Bow 27 days ago

    Well Damn, she did the damn thing!

  • angeles azules
    angeles azules 28 days ago

    Eres atrevida , como puedes imitar la imagen de santa rosa de lima.

  • Flavio Colker
    Flavio Colker 28 days ago

    Like the song. Video could be better.

  • Álex SanzCh
    Álex SanzCh 28 days ago

    She sings, alright!

  • Gato Sincero
    Gato Sincero 29 days ago +1

    Feat Pabllo Vittar!!! Noww

  • Fiorella Armstrong Way

    Kurt Cobain was found dead and burned.

  • Yanna Alex
    Yanna Alex 29 days ago

    Her voice is phenomenal!!!

  • Alex
    Alex 29 days ago

    Lembra muito nirvana

  • Theoceanmau
    Theoceanmau 29 days ago +1

    My favourite song by Adore. She should do more of this and less of that mainstream shit. This is inspired me.

  • Pee Oui
    Pee Oui 29 days ago

    Fuck your dollar store candles.

    JACKIE LOLLI Month ago

    This is amazing ✌🏻

  • Joseph Fleck
    Joseph Fleck Month ago

    Fuck.... I didn't think I'd like this Adore..... But I do.... I doooooo

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Month ago +1

    Que bueno 🖤🥀

  • young dagger dick
    young dagger dick Month ago

    Ce pula mea

  • davidsask
    davidsask Month ago

    Quit trying to be legend Alice Cooper!

  • Тома Мичиган

    that's what u expected from Taylor Momsen. but she is just a poseur.

  • Maria Maria Ancalao P

    love this song :3

  • PhantomBolt
    PhantomBolt Month ago

    I lost my virginity to this song.

  • Sir Shitler
    Sir Shitler Month ago


  • Caio Abreu
    Caio Abreu Month ago


    FORT FALLS Month ago


    FORT FALLS Month ago

    Favorite i love you adore delano

    FORT FALLS Month ago

    Mi music favoritr

  • ap sr
    ap sr Month ago

    666k views that’s the devils work

  • Olivia Swanson
    Olivia Swanson Month ago

    She reminds me of a new age Alice Cooper!!!! Rock on Adore!

  • Alexandra Gonzalez
    Alexandra Gonzalez Month ago

    Suena tipo Grunge, me gusta uwu

  • MLG Snail
    MLG Snail Month ago

    Wtf is this drag doing singing about legends

  • Lara Wieland
    Lara Wieland Month ago

    I just love this song AND the video and I come back so many times to rewatch it !
    I love analyzing music videos and finding little messages and meanings in scenes :)

  • Gemma Bruce
    Gemma Bruce Month ago +1

    In spirit of the 27 club, I would so love to see Adore do a cover of Back to Black. I think that her voice would have such an interesting take on it, also they have slightly similar styles. I can just picture her with the signature thick black liner and big birdnest wig of Amy Winehouse.

  • M Mackay
    M Mackay Month ago

    Awesome. 🤟🤟

  • Malware Trojan
    Malware Trojan Month ago

    Rainhaaa, amooo

  • Salam Bustanji
    Salam Bustanji Month ago

    Courtney Love realness


    wow such a waste of a good male voice. looking too feminine for me to care and lyrics suck.