Real or fake? I X-rayed my Samsung Galaxy Phone to find out!

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • I wanted to know if it was possible to spot the difference between the Samsung Galaxy phone I made in China and one I bought new at Best Buy. So I stuck it in an X-ray machine to find out! And the answer totally surprised me (not clickbait). Also, want to know how much the phone cost to make? Stick around to the end.
    Thanks to the folks at Creative Electron ( for showing me around and letting me play with their machines!
    See behind the scenes at Strange Parts:
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    Gear for this video:
    Main camera:
    Main lens:
    Other camera:
    Repair Toolkit:
    Always Awake - Elliptik (Licensed through
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  • Ovais
    Ovais 8 hours ago +1

    Came here from the Linus China vid

  • abduRRahman Ali
    abduRRahman Ali 16 hours ago

    Indonesia subtitle pls

  • Harry Virk
    Harry Virk 17 hours ago

    Hi.... I have question in my mind, if we rotate a coil in magnetic field it induces current or vice versa, so can we charge a mobile phones having wireless charging by rotating a magnet near to the coil. Can u make a video on this experiment.

  • Jonathan Ray Pereira
    Jonathan Ray Pereira 19 hours ago

    @Strange Parts

  • Ash-ish Khatri
    Ash-ish Khatri Day ago

    What course did you study?

  • James Endsley
    James Endsley Day ago

    You know I've always wondered if you could actually build a apple with a expandable memory slot for an SD card you can always rig something up if you ever feel like trying it

  • faiyaz ahamed
    faiyaz ahamed 2 days ago

    i love you man

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 2 days ago

    Please put iPhone X into an iPhone 4, I wanted to see somebody put wireless charging and bezel-less version of the 4 you seem pretty competent!

  • fake name
    fake name 2 days ago

    Can you make a p30pro

  • Universo Curiosidades

    You could do some crazy experiment such as increasing the ram memory of the iphone 6 or 6s or trying to adapt the iphone ten screen to the iphone 6 or 6s it would be great to see something like that.

  • Universo Curiosidades

    You could do some crazy experiment such as increasing the ram memory of the iphone 6 or 6s or trying to adapt the iphone ten screen to the iphone 6 or 6s it would be great to see something like that.

  • Marcell tóth
    Marcell tóth 2 days ago

    Nokia 3310 ad pls!

  • MrGreenAKAguci00
    MrGreenAKAguci00 2 days ago

    I'd love to see customization options for Android phones, like expanding the build it storage for example.

  • Andrews Garage
    Andrews Garage 2 days ago

    I am an MIT IPC trainer and this is super common Andrew

  • 一梦相思
    一梦相思 3 days ago


  • 一梦相思
    一梦相思 3 days ago


  • Anthony Kourmoulakis

    Can you attempt to build your own Essential Phone? I wanna see if the parts are easy to find.

  • Eric Yasaratne
    Eric Yasaratne 3 days ago

    this is why never buy from China

  • Mateo Leo
    Mateo Leo 4 days ago

    buen video

  • Zachary Canter
    Zachary Canter 4 days ago

    Because of US laws etc qualcomm versions of Samsung phones may have different parts so best buy would have a qualcomm version and he would had built an exyones version which has a different camera. Apple will do this to but unpredictable like having different chipsets made by different manufacturers with the iPhone 7

  • arcoom
    arcoom 4 days ago

    you shouldn't include tax on how much it was at best buy

  • Safaljot Singh
    Safaljot Singh 4 days ago

    Angel colon...hahahahahahahaha holy asshole

  • MostWeakest
    MostWeakest 5 days ago

    May i get the link to the aftermath of lithium-ion battery fire? i've been scrolling the social media accounts, but haven't found it yet, thanks :D

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim 5 days ago

    Now he doesn’t look so alpha male around those guys cus I used to watch him walk around Chinese people...

  • Ny oam
    Ny oam 5 days ago +1

    porque titulo está em português, mais não tem legenda em português ?

  • Spymo
    Spymo 5 days ago +1

    Christ, that video was boring. I was starting to poke my fingers in my eyes by the 5 minute mark.

  • S fatini
    S fatini 5 days ago

    Do a speed comparison between the one that you buy and buid

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest 5 days ago +1

    Can you make sound jack to the note 10 plus

  • thejohnchen
    thejohnchen 6 days ago

    Tips for verifying refurbished/used iPhone or all other android phone pls 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mayur Jawalkar
    Mayur Jawalkar 6 days ago

    Hey can you build an play station 4

  • TT N
    TT N 6 days ago

    register to help me

  • Hardy
    Hardy 6 days ago

    Hey, do u need a chinese assistant ? I’m in Shenzhen too and I’m so interested in phone. I fixed my iphone4s, 5s, 6, 7, and Samsung glaxy note4 many times by my own.

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica 6 days ago

    samsung galaxy phone must be fully honest made in korea...
    not china...
    but why china made any samsung batterys for korea samsung phones

    • Eric Cl
      Eric Cl 5 days ago

      bestamerica you are wrong . almost 100% phone is made in china. also samsung.

  • goober
    goober 6 days ago

    @9:51 anyone else trying to wipe the bit of lint off their phone screen!? (Top left)...

  • Isak Krantz
    Isak Krantz 6 days ago

    Im interested to build an own phone do you know some good chinese site that i can look at?

  • Mehmet Kara
    Mehmet Kara 6 days ago

    Please add turkish subtitles again

  • Aashish George
    Aashish George 6 days ago

    Dude, you have inspired me. I wanted to learn fixing phones and doing engineering stuff, but I let it go and seeing you making stuff and doing these innovative things has lit that spark in me again. I would love to learn from you if we ever meet. Big big fan. Keep doing what you do and help us learn along the way.

  • Makaveli Disciple
    Makaveli Disciple 6 days ago

    So basically we found out China counterfeits stuff... Lol nah but awesome video man. I love watching your stuff! Such unique video ideas.

  • Massimiliano Olivieri
    Massimiliano Olivieri 6 days ago +1


  • it ts
    it ts 6 days ago

    私は日本人ですあなたのような機械に詳しい人に憧れています。応援しています‼                                  I am Japanese I am longing for someone who is familiar with machines like you

  • stijn cuijpers
    stijn cuijpers 6 days ago

    buy a Pi4 and check to see if its possible to upgrade RAM yourself to 8GB, or if you can find one 16GB... please?

    INDIVELOPE 6 days ago

    You're surprised about the parts not being genuine? From China? You sir, deserve a slap in your mildly large face.

  • sunny steve
    sunny steve 6 days ago +1

    I think it's impressive to counterfeit samsung camera, they are top 10 in DXRmark

  • Slowburn
    Slowburn 7 days ago

    Damn, he never seen "The Price is Right"??? It is supposed to be the closest without going over...

  • David Foltyn
    David Foltyn 7 days ago

    quite informative video

  • Paulo Forged
    Paulo Forged 7 days ago

    Angel Colon hahahahahahahaaa

  • Rogelio Quintana
    Rogelio Quintana 7 days ago

    It wasn’t ready to come, “that’s what she said!” Lol Thanks Scotty

  • Alexis Morin
    Alexis Morin 7 days ago

    Wow. Way to make a 14 minute video into 21 minutes...

  • UnjustifiedRecs
    UnjustifiedRecs 7 days ago

    'It's like that game where you have to spot the difference between pictures' you mean Spot the Difference?

  • Landi Landi
    Landi Landi 7 days ago

    15:49 here's what you came for

  • DKTAz00
    DKTAz00 7 days ago

    "I didn't say which one was bad" lmao!

  • James Zhao
    James Zhao 7 days ago

    Hey, Mr strangeparts, someone transfered your video to bilibili and I know that you have your own bilibili account. why don't you send your video to bilibili? it will be much more fans following you if you do that.

  • Stefan Burford
    Stefan Burford 7 days ago

    I'm in Thailand.
    I want an Iphone 8 plus logic board.
    Whats the best Chinese website to use for getting one sent over?
    Ali express seems same price as Ebay, that can't be right?

  • Gus Glue
    Gus Glue 7 days ago

    SO fake.

  • Mufasa #TeamNesquik
    Mufasa #TeamNesquik 7 days ago

    Now u should make a high end tablet

  • Michael Coronado
    Michael Coronado 7 days ago

    Big fan here bro can I ask a favor I really love my samsung galaxy grand series can you make a vidoe for that..

  • Menito Bussolini
    Menito Bussolini 7 days ago +6

    15:40 for the S9 parts price

  • Chrollo Xania
    Chrollo Xania 7 days ago

    12:00 "they getting better they getting more sophisticated.....criminals " well your job are making you to say that . you should be thankful to them Bkz without their efforts you would be homeless probably. also THEY MADE THE LIVING CHEAPER TO 90% TO TH PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.....:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mad zak
    mad zak 7 days ago

    May be it is just another revision of cam

  • vincent fong
    vincent fong 7 days ago

    So how much was spent on building the Samsung s9 plus ?

  • Technigeek
    Technigeek 7 days ago

    your videos is the type of videos i enjoy the most , thanks for all your effort

  • Nathan Kroeze
    Nathan Kroeze 8 days ago

    That's a Brazilian accent!

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph 8 days ago

    Try to get a headphone jack on the Note 10

  • David Plowie
    David Plowie 8 days ago

    Really, Angel Colon?? What a name lol

  • branxxstorm
    branxxstorm 8 days ago

    Muy buen video muy buen video! Solo hay algo malo... NO HABLO INGLES CHINGADAMADRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TGK Team
    TGK Team 8 days ago

    and a new one here costs 350$ (new) , is it worth it ?

  • CCRLH85
    CCRLH85 8 days ago

    This video brings up the possibility of counterfeiting components from the 80's as an example. However, patents are limited to 20 years by treaty (the US _increased_ its patent length in 1995 to become compliant). Why can't other companies make 30-40 year old components that aren't bound by patent anymore? Are these parts somehow covered by our insanely long copyright laws?

  • Zak Caley
    Zak Caley 8 days ago

    If you have to x-ray it does it matter

  • ANIL xTR
    ANIL xTR 8 days ago +1

    X-Ray is fake not real.

  • Miguel Barra Almeida

    I was 10$ away....

  • Steffan DMello
    Steffan DMello 8 days ago

    Do this with the iPhone you made

  • asmrpin3 lver4life
    asmrpin3 lver4life 8 days ago

    Phone specs vary by region because of network connections.
    The United states is one of the few countries left that still use cdma like Verizon and sprint.
    Most countries use gsm which is at&t and tmobile in the United states.
    There are several galaxy phones that differ by region.

  • Saoz zZz
    Saoz zZz 8 days ago +1

    Dollars Hong Kong ? Or the real one ?

  • lennardcolt
    lennardcolt 8 days ago +1

    Put a usb c connector in a iPhone X

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 8 days ago

    Awesome reality check!