Turning Coal into Diamonds, using Peanut Butter

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
  • Today we're taking a look at a viral video and seeing if it is actually possible to turn a peanut butter covered coal into a crystal!
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random  5 months ago +2509


    • Crusader Honor
      Crusader Honor 11 days ago

      I did some searching online. turns out you can use coal to make diamonds but it takes a hella long time to do so. plus you have to use the coal that's found in mines, not charcoal. so the people that made the video were actually lying.

    • Katty katlover
      Katty katlover 13 days ago

      That was crazy

    • Pinkshee
      Pinkshee 16 days ago

      Rip peanut butter

    • Dj Kermit
      Dj Kermit 17 days ago

      You liked your own comment

  • DarkSoul
    DarkSoul 6 hours ago

    Nice montage (3:37) with bulbadaur

  • Night Fox888
    Night Fox888 6 hours ago

    It was char cole it is burned wood you need a cole from a mine dude

  • Katie Jackson
    Katie Jackson 9 hours ago

    Sigh let me guess u got this idea from 5 minute craft........IT ACTUALLY WORKED 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯........nvm BUT STILL

  • jamarah bea
    jamarah bea 11 hours ago +1

    3:22 😍😍

  • syed hassan
    syed hassan 14 hours ago

    Um you did it wrong when it is hot then dip at peanut butter as fast as you can then put it in the bowl

  • FIFA boys
    FIFA boys 17 hours ago +1

    How is this possible🤔🧐😱

  • UrBoiBandit
    UrBoiBandit 19 hours ago

    Did anyone see the curtains at the right at 7:20 move?

  • Blue Sqriue
    Blue Sqriue 22 hours ago +1

    How and who put a bulbasoaur in coil

  • WolfglowLife xox

    I bet it didn't work is because they used CHARCOAL it is supposed to be just COAL

  • torben van poucke

    The amount of sass!!

  • Gacha Ruby
    Gacha Ruby Day ago

    *I wAnT yOuR pEaNuT bUtTeR*

  • AgentMaster46
    AgentMaster46 Day ago


  • Caner Yenialp
    Caner Yenialp Day ago

    In Turkey, we use that ices to cold the Rakija

  • Brl
    Brl Day ago

    im late its pathed

  • Walker9Productionz

    There’s gonna be a barrage of angry parents saying that there kid got upset after trying to turn charcoal into a bulbasaur

  • Shaheen Zaidi
    Shaheen Zaidi Day ago

    y u do dis

  • Brenda B
    Brenda B Day ago

    Don’t you need a combination of heat, time and pressure to create a diamond? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • CutieSmallFri
    CutieSmallFri Day ago

    The charcoal kinda looked like gold in the peanut butter

  • CutieSmallFri
    CutieSmallFri Day ago +1

    Even though I’m allergic to peanuts... THE POOR PEANUT BUTTER WAS RUINED

  • Saba Rezaee
    Saba Rezaee 2 days ago

    So people try to make crystals with peanut butter instead of eating it....

  • No
    No 2 days ago

    You need coal..charcoal is burned wood..

  • Moeed Ahmad
    Moeed Ahmad 2 days ago

    Jif is the best one to use

  • Edelsy Rosado
    Edelsy Rosado 2 days ago

    I have goold!!!

  • Edelsy Rosado
    Edelsy Rosado 2 days ago

    Wat doo you mean

  • Alys Kelsan
    Alys Kelsan 2 days ago +1


  • The Wiccan Way
    The Wiccan Way 2 days ago

    Maybe it’s not natural charcoal

    GREGORIOUS Greg 2 days ago

    Try with liquid nitrogen

  • Deepak David
    Deepak David 2 days ago

    **wild bulbasaur appears**

  • anuj kodan
    anuj kodan 2 days ago

    How many of you have tried it like here 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Hostile Pacifist
    Hostile Pacifist 2 days ago

    Ok at first I thought it actually worked I was like “wait I thought They were debunking this” and then I saw the freaking metal thing and realized 😅

  • Nicole Briant
    Nicole Briant 3 days ago +1

    sorry but the way she says that is so annoying

  • XtremeMC 33
    XtremeMC 33 3 days ago

    Someone messed with the blines

  • Viperish Bear
    Viperish Bear 3 days ago

    you only did that for the veiws

    • Megq Gaming
      Megq Gaming 2 days ago

      Atleast he say its not working for many reason at last

  • Jinx
    Jinx 3 days ago

    *N A T E G E T T H E H A M M E R*

  • vishal Bhandwalkar
    vishal Bhandwalkar 3 days ago

    You are missing the 0.0000001% peanut butter application not correct.... That's why no crystal for you sorry lady...😊😊😊😊

  • Marc Lindayag
    Marc Lindayag 3 days ago


  • Khairul Ahmed
    Khairul Ahmed 3 days ago

    can you make salt crystals

  • Punkin Lumpkin
    Punkin Lumpkin 3 days ago


  • Hannah Elisha Anicieto

    Shouldn’t it be dry ice??

  • abhinav Kabir
    abhinav Kabir 3 days ago +1

    Bulbasor kicked every ones dream from Mind

  • r o o k i e r o o k i e

    I saw that from Blossom

  • Arafi gaming
    Arafi gaming 3 days ago

    you should use salt on the ice

  • Lissette Langdon
    Lissette Langdon 3 days ago


  • willowcat
    willowcat 3 days ago +1

    Isn't charcoal just burnt wood?

  • Kittykat's Videos
    Kittykat's Videos 4 days ago


  • ItzFallen 69
    ItzFallen 69 4 days ago +1

    Here's the problem man you duped all the kids at the beginning so now you got 83,000 dislikes

  • Leon FIGHTER
    Leon FIGHTER 4 days ago

    There was this one time I turned stones to diamonds, it took 7 million years

  • Sam Labo
    Sam Labo 4 days ago

    Burning charcoal inside is a suicide method.

    SPNIX 4 days ago

    The only thing worse than the scammers is that poor jar of peanut butter

  • Gracie Folger
    Gracie Folger 4 days ago

    this can’t be real

  • Ok
    Ok 4 days ago


  • Infinite Girl
    Infinite Girl 5 days ago

    I wish it actually worked

  • Khaleel Al Rabee
    Khaleel Al Rabee 5 days ago

    The amount of sass in this video, I love it

  • James Ritter
    James Ritter 5 days ago +1

    One, coal needs heat and pressure to crystallize. Not peanut butter and ice. Two...ITS PEANUT BUTTER!

  • Mikeely McDonald
    Mikeely McDonald 5 days ago +1


    SAKET NATH MISHRA 5 days ago

    Video start from 5:28

  • Miss hamster Lover
    Miss hamster Lover 5 days ago


  • rita baccala
    rita baccala 5 days ago

    I knew it

  • Josh Clancy
    Josh Clancy 6 days ago


  • Vanessa Alvarez
    Vanessa Alvarez 6 days ago

    *FrEe ChArCoAl*

  • Im_ weak
    Im_ weak 6 days ago

    They are using charcoal not coal

  • Sheila Gilbert
    Sheila Gilbert 6 days ago

    Can we do it outside

  • Ali Turbali
    Ali Turbali 6 days ago

    I kann turn Transvestite to a Man.

  • Sanjit Kumar
    Sanjit Kumar 6 days ago


  • GG Squad
    GG Squad 6 days ago


  • đřóńê
    đřóńê 6 days ago

    Its a scam it didnt work!!!

  • Rusticlolgamer- Julian Hafell

    A wild bulbasour appeared

  • Raihandrøid
    Raihandrøid 6 days ago +3

    In earlier versions minecraft pe, we turn diamond into nether reactor core

  • MrAngred Landon
    MrAngred Landon 6 days ago

    Minecraft players want to know your location

  • Denil Silva
    Denil Silva 6 days ago

    U meant to use coal

  • IKMV 1205
    IKMV 1205 6 days ago

    They used charcoal, technically it's not a coal.

  • siva subramanian.B thamrai

    I think a infinity stone comes

  • siyuan man
    siyuan man 6 days ago


  • DownSouth Ninja
    DownSouth Ninja 6 days ago +1

    Turning dipshits into bigger dipshits using TheXvid.

  • Nelson Marques
    Nelson Marques 6 days ago

    Mericans and peanut butter.

  • Awsome Gamer
    Awsome Gamer 6 days ago


  • Mykhail Altman
    Mykhail Altman 7 days ago

    Hope u guys know that guy is pewdiepies dumba&$ cousin

  • Elite_Vinny
    Elite_Vinny 7 days ago

    Where is Grand?

  • TwentyOneFans 4Life
    TwentyOneFans 4Life 7 days ago

    See they are liars😕

  • ART emis
    ART emis 7 days ago +3

    *It worked for me!!*
    I got a Pikachu

  • JT Marvel
    JT Marvel 7 days ago +2

    In my country,
    Peanut Butter, eats YOU

  • Chandler Reagan
    Chandler Reagan 7 days ago

    The lady actually ruined it

  • Rachel Henson
    Rachel Henson 7 days ago

    you liars

  • Jim Boss
    Jim Boss 7 days ago

    Nice jock

  • Princess nine tail
    Princess nine tail 7 days ago


  • Megan Dempsey
    Megan Dempsey 7 days ago

    I'm gonna do this through my whole life now...

    • Megan Dempsey
      Megan Dempsey 7 days ago

      Wow I should have watched the end of the video before I typed that

  • Wassim Nashashibi
    Wassim Nashashibi 7 days ago

    You can actually use this against Santa! ( if it worked )

  • O'giro Mercado
    O'giro Mercado 7 days ago

    It does work I did it

  • Aiman Khaleel
    Aiman Khaleel 7 days ago

    I love diamond

  • Alissa studio
    Alissa studio 7 days ago

    Nooo way i wanna try this at home!!!

  • Sharie Alcala
    Sharie Alcala 7 days ago

    Ofcourse. Charcoals are made from woods. How can it be crystal 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

  • 《Gächą Rising》

    A chemical that turns into a POKÉMON?!

  • CrazyNexusMaster123 Gulmatico

    Just call one punch man and let him punch a piece of coal, instant diamond

  • Lil Copper YT
    Lil Copper YT 7 days ago


  • Alpha Coo
    Alpha Coo 7 days ago

    I’m mad they used a whole jar of peanut butter for this. Could’ve scooped some aside

  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan 7 days ago

    It worked once look at guava juices video

  • Foxygirl103457 Ferrets

    They can be made by charcoal

  • Syed Tayyab Noor
    Syed Tayyab Noor 8 days ago

    The video was 5 minute crafts which doesn’t really work

  • Salad Volcano
    Salad Volcano 8 days ago

    How did they do that??
    Does it randomly create pokemon??
    I found this quite amazing!!