Turning Coal into Diamonds, using Peanut Butter


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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random  25 days ago +896


    • Laura Butler
      Laura Butler 15 hours ago

      The King of Random if your really strong you can make Cole into diamonds

    • Piss off naz
      Piss off naz 3 days ago

      I was kinda TriGGeReD when u kept saying charcoal instead of coal lol

    • KyleCorbeau
      KyleCorbeau 4 days ago

      +Jairo Adame Yes, that's basically what snow is. Snow is frozen water vapor that falls to the ground, melts, runs into rivers or run-offs (in large cities), and then is usually collected in large reservoirs. We use it for all sorts of stuff. ;)

  • Shill Out
    Shill Out 5 hours ago

    All that Carbon exposed to the Atmosphere !! You have worsened Global Warming !!
    All that Peanut Butter that could have fed the starving Kids ??
    Oh the Humanity !! Oh the Humanity ??
    Oh well, who gives a Stuff ??

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard 5 hours ago

    Next video : Finding out if it's true you get a idea when you get hit on the head. So...use a ball bat and crack each other in the head for as long you can.

  • Denver William
    Denver William 6 hours ago

    Idiots. Charcoal is not coal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Areeba Ahmed
    Areeba Ahmed 7 hours ago

    Yay now I can get coal for christmas

  • Annalise Kindall
    Annalise Kindall 8 hours ago

    lmao in science class my teacher told us not to, because it doesn't work.

  • xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx
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  • xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx
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  • Ass Wumu
    Ass Wumu 8 hours ago

    Charcoal is not a piece of coal u fool

  • cleaning mafia
    cleaning mafia 8 hours ago

    Why 62k dislikes

  • Lydia Burton
    Lydia Burton 9 hours ago

    Noooooooooooooo no. No! NADA. Not. A. Chance.

    Edit: lol knew it

  • Anton Pokorny
    Anton Pokorny 9 hours ago

    U guys did it wrong

  • Amanda Shaffer
    Amanda Shaffer 9 hours ago

    Coal and charcoal are two different materials. It will not work with charcoal. You have to use regular coal.

  • Bobbie Hernandez
    Bobbie Hernandez 9 hours ago


  • Tajrick Cowins
    Tajrick Cowins 9 hours ago +2

    Brother makes sand which
    " hey who put a piece of coal in here"
    " im making diamonds "
    "So i can have a diamond sworrd like in minecraft"
    Brother calls therapists

  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas 10 hours ago

    BAHAHAHAHA. So sarcastic. WOW.

  • Matthew Biehler
    Matthew Biehler 10 hours ago

    Alright bet

  • Lydia Belle Jenson
    Lydia Belle Jenson 10 hours ago

    It takes millions of years with pressure on top of pressure to make a diamond. Who got the idea that peanut butter and ice could make a crystal overnight.


  • Asonipse Ayara
    Asonipse Ayara 10 hours ago

    Bricket not charcoal

  • Shaudonae Taylor
    Shaudonae Taylor 10 hours ago

    Lol the sarcasm

  • L Lawliet
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  • Toradellin McLennan
    Toradellin McLennan 11 hours ago

    Have you heard of Cubic Zirconia . You can replicate the conditions of diamond formation in a lab using a massive amount of pressure on anything that contains carbon including peanut butter, which is probably where the pranksters got the idea for their hoax. They look like natural diamonds except under an electron microscope.

  • Hajahjaha Hjahajahja
    Hajahjaha Hjahajahja 11 hours ago

    1:33 that laugh

  • GetWreckedGamin
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  • Cyan Ninja Gaming
    Cyan Ninja Gaming 11 hours ago

    Ok, now... Use toenails to turn turds into rocks

  • The Fourth Dimensional Gamer gaming

    Hmmmmmm. I think I know how that works.

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith 12 hours ago

    Okay those sucked

  • Brenden Robert
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  • Sarah Fritsch
    Sarah Fritsch 12 hours ago

    People that are straight up blockbusters..

  • Sleepy BrownHippo
    Sleepy BrownHippo 12 hours ago

    This kind of experiment really not necessary..

  • Hannah Da Kitten
    Hannah Da Kitten 12 hours ago

    Next time, turn a crystal into charcoal XD

  • Masroor Ahmad
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  • Angelina Nguyen
    Angelina Nguyen 13 hours ago

    I guess you could say it, pea**not** work

  • Diamond Rose
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  • Leif McFadden
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  • Rainbow_ LikeIceCream
    Rainbow_ LikeIceCream 14 hours ago +1

    on weird but true:
    peanut butter can be converted into diamonds

  • Nicholas ConsTant
    Nicholas ConsTant 14 hours ago

    Poor peanut butter :(

  • Deyzell HIRAKALOVE
    Deyzell HIRAKALOVE 14 hours ago

    never mind just watched the whole thing

  • Daniel Boster
    Daniel Boster 14 hours ago

    I hope this is cool

  • Deyzell HIRAKALOVE
    Deyzell HIRAKALOVE 14 hours ago

    make one for your wife

  • Deyzell HIRAKALOVE
    Deyzell HIRAKALOVE 14 hours ago

    what kind of peanut butter

  • Forever Southern
    Forever Southern 15 hours ago

    They would have literally passed out if one of them ones that they hammered was some kind of crystal and they broke it😂😂

  • AngryFish
    AngryFish 16 hours ago

    I feel like ive just opened one of those bags and you dont know what you get

  • GottaGo kayakfishing Adventures

    you have no clue what real coal looks like do you not coal briquettes that's charcoal ding dong

  • Thermo blu
    Thermo blu 17 hours ago

    Save you a few minutes yup it don't work

  • Santiago Andrade
    Santiago Andrade 17 hours ago

    Now use mayo on dirt to make coclate

  • ApoptosisPending
    ApoptosisPending 18 hours ago

    It works as long as you have 100million charcoal briquettes and 100,000 atmospheres worth of peanut butter to put on top of it

  • Alexandra Babin
    Alexandra Babin 18 hours ago

    Well, THATS unexpected * sarcastic

  • Pyre Dynasty
    Pyre Dynasty 18 hours ago

    Now make a real diamond making machine.

    WILD GAMERS 19 hours ago

    My weekly breakfast 😥

  • Anaqi Binish
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  • Anaqi Binish
    Anaqi Binish 19 hours ago


  • Anaqi Binish
    Anaqi Binish 19 hours ago

    OMG I need to buy charcoal n get profit

    WILD GAMERS 19 hours ago +1

    Crystal - diamond two different things

  • LWH gamer
    LWH gamer 19 hours ago

    That's not peanut butter it's mustard

  • Pathetic Boi
    Pathetic Boi 19 hours ago

    Next video: turn a battery into a grenade

  • Kait Ihm
    Kait Ihm 19 hours ago

    Hahaha lmao

  • Yogdeep Pradhan
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  • Mr.beers Aye
    Mr.beers Aye 20 hours ago

    What if tree use peanut butter will go on diamond's

  • Kim Gignac
    Kim Gignac 20 hours ago

    Why do you need to put it in penutbutter

  • Watie Muhd Yunus
    Watie Muhd Yunus 20 hours ago

    Lol a Pokemon first one

  • ritik sirohi
    ritik sirohi 21 hour ago +1

    Who is this girl?

  • Sophia Juntunen
    Sophia Juntunen 21 hour ago

    I have never watched this, so is that woman his wife???

  • Cecilia Rose
    Cecilia Rose 21 hour ago

    That isnt a diamond its not a crystal its a sugary rock i mean wtf

  • Balaji Canchi Sistla
    Balaji Canchi Sistla 22 hours ago

    Are we, TheXvid visitors, look like fools to you folks?

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha 22 hours ago

    Lol trolls

  • Carlos Ace
    Carlos Ace 23 hours ago

    I love her laugh sm

  • ps rajput
    ps rajput 23 hours ago

    What is the price of this diamond

  • Howtheheck
    Howtheheck 23 hours ago +1

    3:49 Alia intro starts

  • Alyssa Pena
    Alyssa Pena Day ago

    what is dis?!

  • tasin 03
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  • Leah Sarah
    Leah Sarah Day ago

    2018 anyone

  • Arin
    Arin Day ago

    Who so ever thought of that peanut butter crystal idea should get this peanut butter drink (9:00) to drink!

  • Arin
    Arin Day ago

    TheXvid rewind video missed it

  • Mark Lott
    Mark Lott Day ago

    Peanut butter that looks like mustard

  • WHYH8.T XD
    WHYH8.T XD Day ago

    If u get coal for Christmas it will be great

  • unknown_potato chips

    The crystal looks like a piece of ice

  • Stoogie Hat
    Stoogie Hat Day ago

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  • ErikaDanielle
    ErikaDanielle Day ago

    this video just makes me wanna shove big globs of smooth peanut butter into my mouth by the spoonful so

  • Umesh P
    Umesh P Day ago

    That piece of charcoal that fell in the sink is going to be dirty!!

  • FaridCraft RE-Update

    Charcoal Made From What?

  • tony zamora
    tony zamora Day ago

    Do they not know the difference between charcoal and coal. 🤔

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Day ago

    already tried to do it without charcoal do it coal

    :) Ok

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Day ago


  • Super Cat Girl
    Super Cat Girl Day ago

    For an actual piece of coal to turn into a real diamond it takes many many many many many many many many years that’s why they are so expensive

  • Savagegamez
    Savagegamez Day ago +1

    You guys saw that right the heather blinds opened by its self

  • Jason Low
    Jason Low Day ago

    omega lol

  • Noemi Caraves
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  • Noemi Caraves
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  • Ella Branch
    Ella Branch Day ago

    :( I’m annoyed!

  • Carter Fortnite vids

    You put I’m coal bath bombs

  • Caboosegaming 5
    Caboosegaming 5 Day ago +1

    You guys should see what happens if you dehydrate ink and the put a liquid in it to see if you can use it or see how ink reacts to different kinds of acid

  • Matthew Kotulski

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat but how?

  • johnathan towndrow

    You are supposed to use coal not charcoal. There is a difference

  • Miah O'Neill
    Miah O'Neill Day ago

    imma random persom scrollin through comments dont mind me :3

  • Darkstealthgamer

    I found a lego brick in mine, what about you guys?

  • Jackaboy
    Jackaboy Day ago

    If this “works” use some diamond and jam to make a lump of charcoal

  • Pay Pal
    Pay Pal Day ago

    The *Kid* of random

  • Barbie Sieving
    Barbie Sieving Day ago

    Yeah right :/

  • Chaos SwayZ
    Chaos SwayZ Day ago +1

    Grilled peanut butter