• Published on Nov 17, 2019
    Check out a new collection of cooking ideas that will ease your life! It could be a real challenge to prepare a fish but we prepared a lot of ideas to simplify your life. You will learn how to remove fish skin using whisks, the easiest way to debone fish using chopsticks, how to prepare prawns and shell them using chopsticks. If you need to remove the skin from fish fillet in seconds, all you need is to pour boiling water on it. Check out an easy tutorial. The next idea is cool! Prepare threaded spaghetti prawns. Find out a tutorial! You can use the same recipe to cook sausages. You will find a whole collection of dishes made from sausages. Some of them look amazing but very delicious! You will find a lot of easy ideas on how to turn sausages into a culinary masterpiece. Make sausage barbeque with Pringles can. Supplies you will need sausages, a skewer, pringles can, and plastic wrap.
    The next recipe seems crazy but you can cook cinnamon rolls in orange? Check out the video and follow these easy steps. Take oranges and cut off the tops, scoop out the insides using a spoon. Insert cinnamon rolls into the orange halves cover with butter and bake.
    00:09 Easy ways to cook fish
    00:27 How to cook prawns
    05:00 Bacon cheese hot dogs
    14:38 Sausage barbeque
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  • Julius Singh
    Julius Singh 13 days ago

    3:29 noodle weanie dogs❤️

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  • sarah cooking
    sarah cooking 16 days ago

    Nice ideas thank you 🌹🌹🌹

  • Gheovanny octavia
    Gheovanny octavia 16 days ago

    Bagus dan menarik

  • Hannah Mercer
    Hannah Mercer 16 days ago

    So GROSS!🤢🤮

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    Maya Roy 16 days ago

    I just hate fish yaaakkkk 😑

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    Help me guy's plz

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    i hate fis

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    Gaming Gang 18 days ago

    Too many old clips

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    Mirella Joe 18 days ago

    Not even nice

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  • manisem isem
    manisem isem 18 days ago

    why are you guys using plastic

  • Cooking Made Easy Ng
    Cooking Made Easy Ng 18 days ago +5

    Who else is just loving all these hacks right now? 😂😂😂💃💃💃💃

  • Fern Moore
    Fern Moore 18 days ago

    Don't use vinegar to make cheese. It tastes disgusting.

  • Vahitha Begum
    Vahitha Begum 18 days ago

    KO lo

  • Mbango Nsanganyele
    Mbango Nsanganyele 18 days ago +1

    Nice hacking from 5 minute crafts😗😗😇👼👱‍♀️👇

  • Anne Woods
    Anne Woods 18 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who realised they didn’t clean the poo out on the first one

  • Fandango Fandango
    Fandango Fandango 18 days ago

    Wonderful Stuff.

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  • Ciara Johnston
    Ciara Johnston 19 days ago +1

    Sees hack at 14:38
    Me: NO! That can't be possible? Five minute crafts just took the saying 'its hot enough to cook a eggg outside' to a hole new level, by cooking a sausage outside!

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  • Marlon Gutrie
    Marlon Gutrie 19 days ago

    Now i just got hungy

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  • Goldey
    Goldey 19 days ago

    can you do something better in life then killing shrimps

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  • Rony Kunou
    Rony Kunou 19 days ago

    Using hand mixer to scrape the fish scales?? Thats messy!! Eewww

  • Money is life
    Money is life 19 days ago

    How can u guys eat insects fish animals etc... Oh god.. hilarious

  • Balan Kky
    Balan Kky 19 days ago

    But some one said in your program nothing can be possible

  • Balan Kky
    Balan Kky 19 days ago

    Your program is my favorite

  • Rahnaz World
    Rahnaz World 19 days ago

    Chicken sandwich cake: thexvid.com/video/vj8Zl4EOGzE/video.html

  • Random uploader
    Random uploader 19 days ago +1

    who is scrolling and not watching videos?

  • Iftikhar Naqvi
    Iftikhar Naqvi 19 days ago

    Pakistan se jis ko piar alike karay

  • Amy Freeman
    Amy Freeman 19 days ago +1

    Y do Americans put CHEESE IN EVERYTHING!?
    Its really gross

    • Hannah Mercer
      Hannah Mercer 16 days ago +1

      OI I’M Australian dude don’t have to assume everyone is American!😼🤬

  • Ani Barikah
    Ani Barikah 19 days ago


  • Maria clara olivera
    Maria clara olivera 19 days ago

    Ficei com fome

    MARINA FADEEVA 19 days ago

    6:37 spaghetti,no eggs!!! What is a very good and we will be able to make sure that you))))

    MARINA FADEEVA 19 days ago

    6:37 Wasn't best to get the chance to look

  • pappu bhuiyan
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    Don't upload the same video plz!!

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    Everything but the fish looks good

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    Damian Dong 19 days ago +3

    ME: watching this while hungry

  • Plush Plays
    Plush Plays 19 days ago +3

    You know they sell hodogs with cheese inside already right? My mum used to by them all the time :'(

  • Delia101 w
    Delia101 w 19 days ago +7

    Wow looks like sifts haven’t been invented yet 😬

  • Milton Mahoney
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    U guys upload too much

  • Hannah McCall
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    What the heck is BACKED SAUSAGE?

  • ntema binte uh c7 GB 7din

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  • 워쉬매디슨 바람

    4:26 you have disappointed the Asians and me.

  • Lay'La Longoria
    Lay'La Longoria 19 days ago +2

    5:17 when someone says to give them the ultimate American food

  • Johanna Veras
    Johanna Veras 19 days ago

    this is so unreal

  • Hognosies
    Hognosies 19 days ago

    R.I.P Five fishR.I.P Twenty-six shrimpR.I.P Nineteen weird clam thingsR.I.P COUNTLESS chicken eggs(Can we get a silent moment for all those poor nugget mothers?)R.I.P ALOT of cowsR.I.P Seven pigs(I OWN a pig ;-;)R.I.P Forty-Eight farmers who worked their butts off trying to grow cropsR.I.P Every single vegan who ever walked the face of earth

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  • Gowri Palanisamy
    Gowri Palanisamy 19 days ago

    How to solve the 3×3 cube put video

  • Ghost Writter
    Ghost Writter 19 days ago +1

    what is a "BACKED" SAUSAGE?
    did they mean "BAKED" SAUSAGE? LOL

  • Laura Stewart
    Laura Stewart 19 days ago

    Why is everything dipped in ketchup