Jaguar Project 8 2000mile Euro-Tour Pt.3. Germany, Black Forest, B500 plus P8 likes & dislikes

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • Jaguar XE Project 8 Euro-tour part 3 episode incudes a guide to some of the best roads (principally the B500) in the Black Forest region of Germany. I also discuss likes and dislikes regarding my Project 8 after 3 years of owning this 4-door super-saloon.
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  • TPiscator
    TPiscator  +36

    Great video again Harry! Your road trip videos always feel like a mini vacation of 20 minutes. Thanks for sharing this adventure!

  • Jon Truelove

    I do enjoy these “diversion”/excursion videos (for me your typical road test/local drives are my favorites). No matter the exact content, you do inspire me to get out my classic and go for a drive out here in the country hills where I live. Thanks as always!

  • Andrew Lucas

    Great series. Thank you. You are right, end of an era.. good roads are being destroyed by the authorities and bikes and cars losing all character in the name of progress. Truly lamentable.

  • Steve Bryant

    Really enjoy your road trip videos, Harry. I've come to appreciate what an excellent car the Project 8 is, purely through your P8 coverage.

  • Dark
    Dark  +4

    Thanks for sharing this adventure, Harry! Your road trip videos always feel like a mini vacation of 20 minutes.

  • Richard Bower

    So love the inspiring content :). This trend of setting speed limits specifically to stop people enjoying roads (rather than for safety reasons) is very worrying. The evo route through the Brecon Beacons is a victim too (as im sure you know). Do any route planning apps allow you to select routes that are primarily de-restricted/nsl ??

  • Ben Leon
    Ben Leon  +151

    Ever since Jeremy & co's focus became less about the joys of motoring and more about self parodying, I have come to see your channel as what TG was at its prime 15 years ago. I loved their road trips across Europe and this was a great treat with hopes to see more in the future.

  • AoToGo
    AoToGo  +19

    Really enjoyed this adventure Harry, thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Maddog
    Maddog  +20

    Without the wing looks fantastic. Gives it a bit of it's class back

  • Matthias

    Hi Harry, so great to enjoy your reports about my homeland… especially I very much celebrate the way you spell our city names, so great… you inspire me to plan the next blast towards Black Forest. Greetings from Stuttgart, Matthias

  • Aslak Vind

    You have a very patient Mrs Metcalfe! We love you both for your efforts!

  • William best

    Ah, the encroaching gloom of regulation. Beautiful video as always. A most furious sedan!

  • RobFerrari

    Truly love these road trip videos, Harry. They're keeping me company during late night feeds and trying to get my newborn daughter to sleep !!!

  • Eric Lovett

    Yes, definitely feel inspired by that Harry to get back out on a Euro Road trip using something from our garage. Germany beckons. Thank you. Your P8 is a fun car and I love the sound it makes.

  • r6ymy
    r6ymy  +1

    Spot on Harry, apparently the B500 used to be great several years ago. I've been twice on motorbike tours, most recently about 4 years ago and thought it was a complete waste of time. It would only be interesting to ride or drive if at least double the new speed limits. There are other good roads around there, but the attitude to bikes and general speed limits means its off my list now for a touring holiday.

  • Kid D
    Kid D 14 days ago

    I absolutely love watching Harrys garage videos. You have a knack of making viewers feel like they’re actually there with you.

  • Rachid Saad

    I wish I could go to Europe soon just to have a drive.

  • Simon Hobson

    Very enjoyable and informative video as always Harry! I did the B500 three or four times on a motorcycle in the early 2000's and it was an absolute joy when not in cloud. Great tarmac, superb open sweeping bends and fantastic views. I remember following a local 911 on an epic ride. But you are right, it is now crowded and clamped down by draconian speed restrictions and cameras, not to mention the weekend bans on bikes. Sadly it is now best avoided, but other parts of the Black Forest are still wonderful.

  • James Ayres

    Hi Harry,

  • champion4lane

    Moral of the story, as with most ''best road'' videos, its the road that gets you there that ends up being better :P Awesome series as usual Harry :)