AngryJoe Meets Sonic The Hedgehog!

  • Published on Dec 9, 2015
  • AngryJoe finally meets up with Sonic The Hedgehog as they discuss the success and failure of his legendary games!
    *Recorded September 8th, 2015 while previewing Total War: Warhammer - too fun not to post!*
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  • was a name
    was a name Year ago

    Turns out there not cool

  • Blaque Link
    Blaque Link Year ago

    Beat and review sonic mania please!

  • Kane The Nerd
    Kane The Nerd Year ago +1

    sonic mania revew

  • The Rockstar
    The Rockstar Year ago

    I'm pally with sonic as well

  • Derek Imler
    Derek Imler 2 years ago

    so stupid

  • Angelo Teodoro Teodoro


  • Eric Falcon
    Eric Falcon 2 years ago

    Come on joe can't you see he's also trying to avoid his agent. The guy who put him in games like sonic 06 or boom...

  • Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash

    SJW Joe vs Classic Sonic Plush.

  • Uru19861
    Uru19861 3 years ago

    Jajaja, poor Sonic... Joe is mad!

  • NIAB
    NIAB 3 years ago

    I have one question
    why does sega have a shadow the hedgehog (by that I mean the game) staute?!

    • 360Ragequit
      360Ragequit 2 years ago

      +NintendoInABox Shadow the hedgehog 2 confirmed.

      Lol idk

  • Cybeast
    Cybeast 3 years ago

    Dude can hold a grudge after years from getting rid of the game. But hopefully they will make a better game than what they have been giving us and not just the Mario and Sonic Olympic games!

  • Aldo Espino
    Aldo Espino 3 years ago

    Well, that's 50 seconds I'll never get back.

  • gerald ayotte
    gerald ayotte 3 years ago

    have you ever herad of sonic 06

  • Jono Zygorodimos
    Jono Zygorodimos 3 years ago

    He still plays mario kart 8 that he doesn't stream do to copyright

  • Ohgun
    Ohgun 3 years ago

    I bet Dr. Eggman enjoyed watching you beat up Sonic over Sonic Free Riders.

  • HecklerTheDragon
    HecklerTheDragon 3 years ago

    That's funny

  • Michael Lai
    Michael Lai 3 years ago +1

    5 years you are still pissed off. Lol

  • Zonic the zone cop
    Zonic the zone cop 3 years ago

    lol never frogget sonic free riders XD

  • RobinPM100
    RobinPM100 3 years ago

    Lol :-D :-D

  • Lady Tsuki
    Lady Tsuki 3 years ago

    Hahaha! ...Am I the only one who reeeally wants that giant Sonic plushie? It'd take up a nice chunk of my tiny bedroom but oh... what an addition to my collection it'd make! *swoons*

  • WH250398
    WH250398 3 years ago

    And than Joe found out about Sonic Boom and broke Sonic's neck

  • AsRebel
    AsRebel 3 years ago


  • HPS-47
    HPS-47 3 years ago

    yay shadow, I'd like to talk

  • Kenneth Espericueta
    Kenneth Espericueta 3 years ago

    He still haven't forgot sonic free Riders after almost 6 years

  • Stephanie M. Diaz
    Stephanie M. Diaz 3 years ago

    Sonic and Joe

  • _
    _ 3 years ago +2

    Note to self: don't watch AngryJoe in the library

  • Юра Репин
    Юра Репин 3 years ago

    Very cool video.

  • Юра Репин
    Юра Репин 3 years ago

    Прикольное видео.

  • Юра Репин
    Юра Репин 3 years ago

    Прикольное видео.

  • FourSwissRolls&NothingMore

    So Shadow the Hedgehog was one of the worst Sonic games ever... And they make a statue of him with the most controversial thing in his hand from said game?

    I'm okay with this

  • Charles Jr. Simoneau
    Charles Jr. Simoneau 3 years ago

    Nice to see them work out their problems.

  • SrgRawlsTheLast
    SrgRawlsTheLast 3 years ago +2

    It's okay we forgive you Sonic. Sega on the other hand...

  • Soul Fist
    Soul Fist 3 years ago

    Im like the biggest sonic fanboy ever and even i want to punch him for free riders

    ORAIOO 3 years ago

    Hell even the official Sonic Facebook page is better than the games it self at this point.

  • caterkiller green
    caterkiller green 3 years ago

    sonic noooooooooooo

  • Frizzurd
    Frizzurd 3 years ago

    That Sonic plush is almost as off model as post 97 Sonic

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts 3 years ago

    The next Sonic game is being delayed.
    Sega said they learned from their mistakes and will give players explorational and speed segments.
    Could this be it?
    Is Sonic finally being given the care he should have been?
    Is the legend making a triumphant comeback?

    • zeHokai
      zeHokai 3 years ago

      +Dylan Roberts Welcome

    • Dylan Roberts
      Dylan Roberts 3 years ago

      +Ze Hokai Well thanks for ruining the mood.

    • zeHokai
      zeHokai 3 years ago


  • Цветелин Василев

    AngryJoe meets the Autism Deity

  • Colby Barlow
    Colby Barlow 3 years ago

    Only joe would do this

  • Revolt Wolf
    Revolt Wolf 3 years ago

    When I first saw the video picture of Joe with Sonic. I was damn sure he will mention free riders xD

  • Mr. Lucky
    Mr. Lucky 3 years ago

    What a COOL Shadow statue :D

  • MarioMario786
    MarioMario786 3 years ago +1

    That Shadow statue...i want it inside me.

  • Night Knight
    Night Knight 3 years ago

    His arms should be blue

  • acetraker1988
    acetraker1988 3 years ago

    Sonic is a game that doesn't work in 3d people get the memo.

  • Zazon Zenzy
    Zazon Zenzy 3 years ago

    Wait, SEGA US has Puyo plushies? They're the evil guys that deem puyo puyo sucks, right!?

  • Gorz the Emissary of Swag

    Meanwhile in the HQ: WHAT THE FUCK IS A SONIC?

  • BetaComparison5
    BetaComparison5 3 years ago

    I wish he had LITERALLY ripped that plushie's head off!

  • yutsebestbuy
    yutsebestbuy 3 years ago

    you still havent punched him for ruining the total war franchise

  • Kenneth’s Movie Corner

    he still has resentment on Sonic Free Riders

  •  3 years ago

    ....Then Joe kissed sonic & became super pregnant....

  • Floofy_Wolfe
    Floofy_Wolfe 3 years ago +1

    wtf was this video XD

  • Equinox
    Equinox 3 years ago

    Poor sonic he's been through some tough sh#t stay strong little blue blur you'll get your day

    • Cyber Corpse
      Cyber Corpse 3 years ago

      +Ozzie Encinas i think sonic has a more exciting story than mario had. there was a ton of thought put into the sonic comics.

    • Equinox
      Equinox 3 years ago

      +Timothy “Midnight Pallette” Showers yeah the guy doesn't deserve all that hate, on the other hand mr.casual himself Mario is laughing at em fat Italian bastard!

    • Cyber Corpse
      Cyber Corpse 3 years ago

      now he's abused by sega

    • Cyber Corpse
      Cyber Corpse 3 years ago

      sonic used to be really good in 2000s

  • 140catgirl
    140catgirl 3 years ago

    That shadow statue would be great for photos. :3

  • Monkeyhook 685
    Monkeyhook 685 3 years ago

    Joe and sonic have their regrets joes r greats make up a football sonics regrets make up a dwarf star

  • Blake Bortles #GarbageTime #RaiseEm #WikipediaClub

    Why wasn't there a review of Sonic Boom?

  • Sea Monster
    Sea Monster 3 years ago

    Does Angry Joe ever change his clothes?

    • Shabur Bakhtiar
      Shabur Bakhtiar 3 years ago +1

      +The Darkness Yes he does if you watch his livestreams, this is his favourite thematic clothes, basically you could call it a costume if you want.

  • Millenia Williams
    Millenia Williams 3 years ago

    OVER 450 FOOLS think Sonic games are still good.... OMG!!!!

  • Arcrombie
    Arcrombie 3 years ago


  • Khris 7
    Khris 7 3 years ago


  • Miss Unamused Nerd
    Miss Unamused Nerd 3 years ago

    awesome shadow statue in th bg

  • Kaluriel
    Kaluriel 3 years ago

    I think I've seen this before, don't try to make a move on him the egg man lies

  • BrainEatPenguin
    BrainEatPenguin 3 years ago

    Who else is excited for kingdom come deliverance?

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 3 years ago

    fuck you sonic

  • haveAboy
    haveAboy 3 years ago

    this is pretty autistic

  • Derp Mcderpinton
    Derp Mcderpinton 3 years ago

    Too bad sonic was doing good until sonic fucking boom came out

    MARK WALLACE 3 years ago

    you the man angry joe. your channel rocks. I am proud of you. you really put in a lot of hard work. everybody can see that. your doing a great job. keep up the hard work. kudo's. : )

    MARK WALLACE 3 years ago

    aaww how cute.

  • referral madness
    referral madness 3 years ago

    Joe can beat up sonic all he want but if he ever tries than on ryo hazuki it's gonna be the RIPJoeShow

  • Jar Jar Binx
    Jar Jar Binx 3 years ago


  • PurplePanda
    PurplePanda 3 years ago

    #SonicCringe XD

  • mba _360
    mba _360 3 years ago

    Yo Joe did u forget sonic06

  • Robbie Roberts
    Robbie Roberts 3 years ago

    That ain't right, Joe. You caved in his nose, you elbowed him in the freakin' neck, geez, man.

  • derick belair
    derick belair 3 years ago


  • Chandler Stlouis
    Chandler Stlouis 3 years ago

    This is the effect of playing sonic free riders. It make you flash on and off from being very aggressive to friendly, it makes you sort of bi polar

  • Kknewkles Wildwision
    Kknewkles Wildwision 3 years ago

    Now I know what Joe's gonna do to me if I make shitty games.

  • Elise Mertens
    Elise Mertens 3 years ago +2

    Heya, A+ Work! four eggnog 11

  • Frank 9mm Luger
    Frank 9mm Luger 3 years ago +2

    LMFAO Angry Joe beat sonic azz for the bad game then like I just had to get out that aggression! 😂 pure comedy!

  • pen0rprick
    pen0rprick 3 years ago +5

    he was clearly moving sonic's hand

  • The Boss Stage1
    The Boss Stage1 3 years ago +4

    RIP sonic 1991-2006

  • Zag Zagzag
    Zag Zagzag 3 years ago

    why is this sonic is so hyped? it is just a lame sega game

  • Bannik13
    Bannik13 3 years ago

    Damn Sonic brings back some memories, it was practically the second game I played. Super Mario was first!

  • saundecr
    saundecr 3 years ago

    Sonic free riders is not BROKEN BECUSE sonic o6 is more broken do the games REVEW in the past do that now

  • Jabberwocky
    Jabberwocky 3 years ago

    Sanic the hegehodg.

  • Lars H
    Lars H 3 years ago

    I want Sega to produce a new game with shadows as the main character with a pretty dark story like Sonic facing shadows and shit.

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 3 years ago

    You should play some GOOD Sonic games now,Joe!
    Like Sonic Colors,Sonic boom,and Sonic unleashed!
    (the last two games are mostly half good!)

  • Mr. Lowell
    Mr. Lowell 3 years ago

    ...(I don't think their cool, guys)...

  • The 1 and Only Logan
    The 1 and Only Logan 3 years ago

    Am i the only one that was okay with shadow having a gun? It made me like the character even more.

  • Burgerwolf Brown
    Burgerwolf Brown 3 years ago

    why does shadow have a gun?

  • Jose Echevarria
    Jose Echevarria 3 years ago

    Go home Joe, you're drunk

  • josh koh
    josh koh 3 years ago

    Just imagine the janitor reaction to think

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh 3 years ago

    the shadow statue is a reminder of when of when sonic games started to get really bad

  • Fan of the Demi-Gawd.
    Fan of the Demi-Gawd. 3 years ago


  • Enclavefakesoldier
    Enclavefakesoldier 3 years ago

    Sonic '16 here we come

  • Imma Edit That Out
    Imma Edit That Out 3 years ago

    sanic is my favorit yugyoh from meerio

  • SuperSonicWind
    SuperSonicWind 3 years ago

    He should've went again and said SONIC BOOM!!!

  • SaniPlays
    SaniPlays 3 years ago

    I thought SEGA was banned on TheXvid for their previous actions

  • CSM Productions
    CSM Productions 3 years ago

    I rly liked that live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie that was released in 2013. Did anyone watch that? Sylvester Stallone did a good job voicing him

  • youngstert
    youngstert 3 years ago

    sonic free riders was fun. playable unlike BOOM. that shadow statue angryjoe love his life why he didn't fuck with shadow hedgehog would shoot u

  • IllCaesar
    IllCaesar 3 years ago

    I'm having Sonic Dreams Collection flashbacks.