Johnny Carey X Michael Hamilton - Attitude [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Johnny Carey X Michael Hamilton - Attitude [Official Music Video]
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  • Johnny Carey
    Johnny Carey  8 days ago +1280

    ‘Attitude’ is available to stream & purchase on all major music platforms📲

  • Lks industries
    Lks industries 2 hours ago

    Sounds exactly like never know by k’one

  • Kc Maltby
    Kc Maltby 8 hours ago

    Can u make more songs

  • Jon Boii
    Jon Boii 8 hours ago

    Sippin out of party cups with just the 2 of them 🤣

  • CookieMaster
    CookieMaster 12 hours ago


  • choppa whip22
    choppa whip22 14 hours ago +1

    First I thought It's Luis Hamilton wtf

  • I don’t use this anymore

    This bangs Johnny try contacting music things like grm daily this would bang on views and u would get bare money

  • Kydan Harris
    Kydan Harris 15 hours ago

    Imagine this on GRM👀

  • Reuben Hay03
    Reuben Hay03 15 hours ago

    Better song than all of geko’s 😂

  • Jamie Swift
    Jamie Swift 15 hours ago


  • Skully 12398
    Skully 12398 15 hours ago

    Suck a tune can’t lie good on ya lad

  • Rebecca Carter
    Rebecca Carter 16 hours ago


  • Alibomber436 pussy4life

    Can I use this song in my videos

  • CJ _ NHSOB
    CJ _ NHSOB 16 hours ago

    Luv ur song sick asf gunna download

  • Comments that Trigger
    Comments that Trigger 16 hours ago


  • Abiel Joseph
    Abiel Joseph 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Johnny sound like Dappy?🤔

  • fretful fortnite
    fretful fortnite 16 hours ago

    one of my fav songs going

    OH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH 16 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with this banger off a song bro I don’t like any songs from you tubers but this one just OMG it’s mad sick 💯‼️😈👌🏼❄️🥶🙏🏼👊🏼🤙🏼👍🏼😂💙🌎🙌🏼

  • bailey _1872
    bailey _1872 16 hours ago

    I don't usually like music like this but he might have changed my mind

  • Brodie Smith
    Brodie Smith 17 hours ago


  • Harl Stowe
    Harl Stowe 17 hours ago

    Nig music

  • T3D Gamer
    T3D Gamer 17 hours ago

    I bet Johnny won’t like this commeny

  • zBodyOppz
    zBodyOppz 17 hours ago


  • Hayden England
    Hayden England 18 hours ago

    This fucking bangs my guy

  • Harry Russell
    Harry Russell 18 hours ago

    Tune 👌🏾

  • Splitzz
    Splitzz 18 hours ago

    its fire👌👌

  • Umayr Yaqub
    Umayr Yaqub 18 hours ago

    Usually TheXvid songs are shit but this on like, I rate it uno. Should have posted on Grm Daily and it would bang trust me

  • Zaied Ab3d1n
    Zaied Ab3d1n 19 hours ago


  • BelowFreeze
    BelowFreeze 19 hours ago

    Nahh bro, this is lit asf mannn jhheeezzzzzz!!!

  • Froggy The Gamer
    Froggy The Gamer 19 hours ago

    Fkn banger

  • HowToTechnology
    HowToTechnology 19 hours ago

    Songs calm

  • michael ferguson
    michael ferguson 19 hours ago

    Johnny I’ll be honest . The song would bang if ur voice was better . Maybe you should have got a singer on the chorus then rapped the verse cos ur flow is clearly there 🔥. Or just use a bit of auto tune😂😂 video bangs though , fendi Valentino drip is a wave 🌊. Keep making music though ur natural voice isn’t bad but u might as well use auto tune all the big artists do .... maybe try get a big feature .... T mulla/ 23/ m huncho would’ve banged on this record .

  • Jess Ariana
    Jess Ariana 20 hours ago

    lyrics anyone

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 21 hour ago

    Hahahahahahah using a next man house for Video. You slacking !!!!Get your own shit to stunt with. Its a No from me

  • ohcloudzy
    ohcloudzy 21 hour ago


  • Ewan JK
    Ewan JK 21 hour ago


  • Oisin Finnegan
    Oisin Finnegan 22 hours ago

    Good song

  • Toby Dingley
    Toby Dingley 22 hours ago

    This shit bangs 🔥

  • theboss tho
    theboss tho 22 hours ago

    THIS IS THE NEW BANGER OF 2019 like if this is better then AJ:s mysic

  • theboss tho
    theboss tho 22 hours ago

    flexing with my house you r litt

  • ShadowRage44 Try hard
    ShadowRage44 Try hard 22 hours ago

    Favourite song keep up the good work🔥🔥🔥

  • Uk PUBG King
    Uk PUBG King 23 hours ago

    Bruv this decent

  • George Conway
    George Conway 23 hours ago

    What’s that top he be wearing ?

  • AbsEnT ThE RaPpEr

    This bangs 👀 musics better than content in my opinion and I like your content

  • Dan Flack
    Dan Flack Day ago

    Fucking tune

  • Joshua_is_me_123
    Joshua_is_me_123 Day ago +1

    Song bangs bro should make more 💯🤙🔥💸

  • Lewis Hyndman
    Lewis Hyndman Day ago +2

    He's actually a good rapper

  • The British Bomb
    The British Bomb Day ago +2

    Decent bro!! Keep on ur grind, makin waves 🔥👌👌

  • Suckout _
    Suckout _ Day ago

    What’s the instrumental it’s cold❄️❄️

    • Suckout _
      Suckout _ 18 hours ago

      MDeen Beats Yh it’s certi but I’m looking for a wavy drill sort of beat if you can pattern that I’m deya

    • MDeen Beats
      MDeen Beats 18 hours ago

      +Suckout _ you know what. check out the geko x swarmz x b young type beat. i think youll like that

    • Suckout _
      Suckout _ 18 hours ago

      MDeen Beats Yhyh say less

    • MDeen Beats
      MDeen Beats 18 hours ago

      +Suckout _ what you talkink bout. wallah your a lost kid

    • Suckout _
      Suckout _ 18 hours ago

      MDeen Beats Sheng- very shit😭

  • The popular gaming Squad

    This is cold

  • Ollie Gower
    Ollie Gower Day ago

    This should be on grmdaily or jdzmedia

  • iZyk
    iZyk Day ago +1

    lmao this shit is whack fr

  • Oyth
    Oyth Day ago +2

    Ay, If I was you I would go back to roasting year 7s.

    • Oyth
      Oyth 20 hours ago

      +A random person on the internet Yeah I can tell, you're reply is irrelevant and was no reason for you to tell me that..

    • A random person on the internet
      A random person on the internet 21 hour ago

      I am in year 7 🤣🤣🤣

  • Isaaq Saeed
    Isaaq Saeed Day ago

    When he sings it’s similar to kones never know

  • Isaaq Saeed
    Isaaq Saeed Day ago

    He’s using kones beat

  • Oskar Nilsson
    Oskar Nilsson Day ago

    absoult shit

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young Day ago

    I heard this song to day I told all of my friends and listen to it so many times

  • Ben Leigh
    Ben Leigh Day ago

    Honestly thought this would be shite but I actually rate this

  • Charlie Foxley
    Charlie Foxley Day ago


  • arry 213141
    arry 213141 Day ago

    Kezza army

  • Fahaad Khaliq
    Fahaad Khaliq Day ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 what a tune. Best YT tune I’ve heard

  • Red_ScOpeZ TTV _
    Red_ScOpeZ TTV _ Day ago +1

    Firer u are the only youtube who can rap nice vid on my playlist ✊🥵🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay Busuttil
    Jay Busuttil Day ago

    Threw this straight on my spotify playlist

  • PL Football
    PL Football Day ago


  • JK7
    JK7 Day ago

    You don’t live in beta squad house

  • loghead connor
    loghead connor Day ago

    Good tune

  • B.illyx •
    B.illyx • Day ago

    Tune tbf🤜🏼

  • Rafa Benitez
    Rafa Benitez Day ago

    Fuck me this is actually good if you weren’t a TheXvidr u would bang in the uk rap scene

  • daniel savage
    daniel savage Day ago

    I swear down this tune is a banger 💥💥💣💣

  • Owen Hart Guy
    Owen Hart Guy Day ago

    Stick to comedy, mate...

  • Mikki Gilbert
    Mikki Gilbert Day ago

    If this played on the radio I wouldn’t think twice about this being a TheXvidrs song.... just me


    Daamn man 👀

  • Ashton Webb
    Ashton Webb Day ago

    This bangs

  • Cameron Constable

    Chattin shit😂 This guy rappin bout shit he ain't done

  • Rhiley Brown
    Rhiley Brown Day ago

    It’s shit

  • Kyltaaa
    Kyltaaa Day ago

    hook is too cold

  • Sub 2 Pewdiepie
    Sub 2 Pewdiepie Day ago

    How much auto tune did u use in this????

  • Juicy ShoTZz
    Juicy ShoTZz Day ago

    I’ve got to say didn’t think he had this in his locker this song absolutely bangs

  • Aquastar Wukas
    Aquastar Wukas Day ago

    Aint even gon lie ye 🔥 dis bangs fr

  • Lewis L
    Lewis L Day ago

    I rate this song

  • Elliot Marchant
    Elliot Marchant Day ago

    who’s copped on iTunes ? already have

  • SxvyLace
    SxvyLace Day ago

    Just fire 🔥

  • Subhaan Awan
    Subhaan Awan Day ago +1


  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer Day ago

    Best tune banging well done bro

  • Filip Gamez
    Filip Gamez Day ago

    This is probably by far the best song made by a TheXvidr

  • callum Dunster223

    this song is hard

  • Zachary stramer btw Richmonddd

    Low key fire

  • Chanelle C
    Chanelle C Day ago


  • errupt_ZN
    errupt_ZN Day ago

    This song has been in his intros on his vids

  • QU13
    QU13 Day ago

    Its soooooo good

  • abzy -
    abzy - Day ago

    chunkz yard

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts Day ago

    Hard track

  • Ruben Kk
    Ruben Kk Day ago

    Mad songgg

  • Adam Walker0303
    Adam Walker0303 Day ago

    You dont have shit on lock

  • Alexander Tbileli

    Rate it ngl its pretty good

  • nevanrahat TV
    nevanrahat TV Day ago

    sick track

  • CLE Trickshots
    CLE Trickshots Day ago

    Acc not bad tbh

  • Umobin8 Legend
    Umobin8 Legend Day ago


  • Jamie.Fisher
    Jamie.Fisher Day ago


  • Lucy Stevenson
    Lucy Stevenson Day ago

    An actual banger👏🏻🤤