KSI - Lamborghini (Explicit) ft. P Money

  • Published on Mar 25, 2015
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    Directed by Jak X for Geniuswave
    Additional Edit by Yousef Thami
    Car Photographed by NUBI Magazine

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  • Harshaan Sandhu
    Harshaan Sandhu 13 hours ago


  • T Dino Ne
    T Dino Ne 13 hours ago

    Why he’s angry

  • Mr. McGuffins
    Mr. McGuffins 13 hours ago

    Who's here after the fight? KSI🔥🔥

  • HBantz
    HBantz 14 hours ago

    Who’s not here after the fight?

  • xXxBehemothxXx RoK
    xXxBehemothxXx RoK 14 hours ago

    Wow, I thought KSI was just "Okay" at music. After this.. He's only going to get even bigger if he can replicate songs like this.

  • Itz JBaller
    Itz JBaller 14 hours ago +1

    Who is here after the fight?😭🥊

  • Hyper Life
    Hyper Life 14 hours ago

    Epic way to flex on your lambo like if im agree.

  • dellor
    dellor 14 hours ago

    the cringe

  • David Castro
    David Castro 14 hours ago

    After the fight he gets payed [buy the Lamborghini jj buy it]

  • before and after
    before and after 15 hours ago

    One of the best songs ever on youtube
    Like if u agree

  • Seven Mill
    Seven Mill 16 hours ago

    Fiya 🔥....Gotta link up

  • jollychild
    jollychild 17 hours ago

    This song is so bad i can't believe

  • Blake McElroy
    Blake McElroy 17 hours ago

    The only song by KSI that is good

  • Reza Muhammad
    Reza Muhammad 18 hours ago

    Has anybody see jj Lamborghini? No boomer

    MEZOFTW HAMZA 18 hours ago

    Ok boomer!

  • Pqei
    Pqei 18 hours ago

    Whos Here After The Fight ?!😂

  • Ben Chavarria
    Ben Chavarria 19 hours ago

    Fu. Ksi

  • NoX
    NoX 19 hours ago


  • Dimitrije Kokovic
    Dimitrije Kokovic 20 hours ago

    If you are watching in 2019 November you are idiot

  • Balrajeet
    Balrajeet 20 hours ago

    Man actually got p money for this tune he’s a mad bastard

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson 20 hours ago +1

    It’s mad how many people are here 4 years later

  • Rizzory
    Rizzory 21 hour ago

    Anyone from 2019 here?

  • MLGsniper7
    MLGsniper7 21 hour ago +1

    When you manage to escape from the police in gta v

  • fabiositges
    fabiositges 21 hour ago +1

    Nooo he crashed it a year ago u incompetent fuck just learn to drive slow

  • XxF7_ BrutalxX
    XxF7_ BrutalxX 21 hour ago +1

    BLACK LAMBORGHINI BLACK LAMBORGHINI just felt like it........

  • Saman Hussain
    Saman Hussain 22 hours ago +1

    What happened to the Lamborghini

  • Oisinc3
    Oisinc3 22 hours ago

    Logan: i sneezed 3 times
    Ksi: 0:44

  • It's Jadon
    It's Jadon 22 hours ago

    I'm back after the ksi fight

  • Noahツ
    Noahツ 22 hours ago

    Logan Paul: I’m The Richest TheXvidr Ever
    KSI: *uploads*
    Me to Logan: BOII YOU BETTER

  • The gaming dragon
    The gaming dragon 22 hours ago

    Dont need to

  • The gaming dragon
    The gaming dragon 22 hours ago

    Please like or I will take your I will take your Lamborghini

  • Luka Mencer
    Luka Mencer 22 hours ago

    it sou crzy song but legendary song ksi

  • Exsert Paz
    Exsert Paz 23 hours ago +1

    This is a classic I remember when this first came out and I listened to it, it was 🔥

  • Elana Venter
    Elana Venter 23 hours ago

    Play in 1.25x

  • Elana Venter
    Elana Venter 23 hours ago +1

    Play in 1,25

  • Faris Puljarga
    Faris Puljarga 23 hours ago +1


    OGBoB1 RRAW 23 hours ago

    Wow he always comes hard on tracks madness (P-MONEY) that is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • mpforeverunlimited
    mpforeverunlimited 23 hours ago

    I never heard of him before the fight but good shit 👍

  • Davy Vandevyvere

    I'm just here for the LAMBORGHINI

  • Camdin George
    Camdin George Day ago

    you suck ksi

  • Serhan Almaci
    Serhan Almaci Day ago

    Who's here after KSI won 🥊

  • Madhav Vinod
    Madhav Vinod Day ago


  • CINO Is
    CINO Is Day ago


  • Onka Sebelebele
    Onka Sebelebele Day ago

    Who still after the fight🔥

  • Fernando GistGamer's

    who is here after the fight??

    WOW insane

  • Takane Deqmn
    Takane Deqmn Day ago

    Damm bro 2015 😂😭

  • TOYO Entertainment

    KSI WON THE FIGHT!!!! LET's GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vimal Oak
    Vimal Oak Day ago +1

    You are legends of god

  • Gabriele Cristiano


  • Faryad Babaee 6B Østerbyskolen

    yes tha-that HOOOOOOAAAAAAT

  • Tom Warburton
    Tom Warburton Day ago

    Who else is here after the Logan Paul fight 2

  • R. Ansary
    R. Ansary Day ago

    Logan gone
    Ksi back

  • Alex Raygoza
    Alex Raygoza Day ago

    Id say that The bass boothed is better. LOL

  • Dylan Vaz
    Dylan Vaz Day ago

    P money crazy man

  • Chris Tested
    Chris Tested Day ago

    He should make a song called “Crashed Lamborghini”

  • Primal Spongebob

    KSI Matt from Wii sports is tryna go since you’re official

  • Tom Bowes
    Tom Bowes Day ago

    Why am I recommended this now?

  • Galaxy BoyTV
    Galaxy BoyTV Day ago



  • Dark Ghost
    Dark Ghost Day ago +1

    Who's watching after the rematch

  • Schoolme One
    Schoolme One Day ago

    Duuuude I remember listening to to this song in school 😂 it gave me the names "the girl with the loud headphones" and "that girl that listens to ksi"