Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More - #LateLateLondon

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Since moving to the United States for The Late Late Show, James Corden has been searching for a way to determine which is better: the UK or the US. So James enlists Michelle Obama to put together a group of American all-stars, including Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Waithe and Allison Janney, to take on a group of formidable UK foes. Can James, Reggie Watts, Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch and John Bradley earn honor for Great Britain?
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  • Avery Joell
    Avery Joell 3 hours ago

    Все прекрасно, но Мила Кунис русская

  • entertainment studio
    entertainment studio 21 hour ago

  • Aanchal Saxena
    Aanchal Saxena 22 hours ago

    That commentator is a national treasure I mean
    "Cumberbatch with a cumbercatch"
    "Harry styles gone solo all over again"
    "Team USA does NOT like a traitor"
    "Will Team UK keep calm and carry on or will Team USA redeclare it's independence"
    And perhaps the best one:

  • sophieglang
    sophieglang Day ago

    i love that michelle obama is #44!❤️

  • Yedra Tacagi
    Yedra Tacagi Day ago

    How cool si she ? 🤩

  • Xianwei Deng
    Xianwei Deng Day ago

    That British flag is wrong printed

  • Michael Allbright

    Revolutionary War...check
    War of 1812............check

  • Olivia Makiej
    Olivia Makiej Day ago

    modern day american revolution

  • Hannah Dy
    Hannah Dy 2 days ago

    i wonder what obama be thinking lmao

  • justina ming
    justina ming 2 days ago +1

    Harry styles gone solo all over again.................😂😂😂😂

  • _.marriissaa
    _.marriissaa 2 days ago +1

    don’t lie, you’re here for harry

  • esther abraham
    esther abraham 2 days ago

    Cumberbatch with comer catch😂😂😂

  • Adeline Charish
    Adeline Charish 3 days ago

    "Right in the One D"😂

  • Anna Rentmeesters
    Anna Rentmeesters 3 days ago

    Oh, I wish Michelle Obama was running for President!!!!

  • Mabel Flaherty
    Mabel Flaherty 3 days ago

    "Oh Benedict"

  • danni.
    danni. 3 days ago +1

    mainly here for harry but the more i watch this the more i focus on the commentary i cant breathe

  • Ruby from KARMA
    Ruby from KARMA 3 days ago

    every time harry plays dodgeball he gets hit in the crotch
    i'm . not. wrong

  • M2K
    M2K 3 days ago

    Hillarious! I loved every minute of it!

  • Hope Huff
    Hope Huff 3 days ago

    “No hit Sherlock” and “oooo hit Harry right in his one d” got me real good 😂😂

  • Arnav Jha
    Arnav Jha 4 days ago

    team england for me

  • Tessa Welkins
    Tessa Welkins 4 days ago

    We came for Harry, we stayed for the commentator

  • Aljan Cuya
    Aljan Cuya 4 days ago

    Dr. Strange!!!

  • nidea ellis
    nidea ellis 4 days ago

    Guys, this is the most recent public video of Harry !!

  • Andréa Labonair
    Andréa Labonair 4 days ago

    Me when I see Melissa McCarthy: IT'S SPICY! HOLY SHIT, IT'S SPICY!

  • maya
    maya 4 days ago +2

    It's the American Revolution all over again...

  • Ain Batrisyia
    Ain Batrisyia 4 days ago

    Harry style is back

  • Juuh 90
    Juuh 90 4 days ago

    Não tem legenda em português?! :/

  • Abdirahman Abdikani
    Abdirahman Abdikani 4 days ago

    The commentary 💪😂😂

  • Renata Müller
    Renata Müller 4 days ago

    Next up team Australia vs team Canada

  • 1D forever
    1D forever 4 days ago +1

    6:50 why it always happens with HARRY....

  • Loraine Bane lightwood

    7:09 the best moment for me😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham 4 days ago +1

    Once I saw Michele Obama was there I had to stay on the video

    CRYSTAL CLEAR 5 days ago

    POOR JAMES AT 8:54

  • Sahi !D
    Sahi !D 5 days ago

    Why does everyone aims at Harry's balls!

  • Sahi !D
    Sahi !D 5 days ago

    Most important meal of the day😂

  • Hug-ga Pug-ga
    Hug-ga Pug-ga 5 days ago

    Imagine if it was gordon ramsey, the bloody ball is rawww

  • Charlestzy
    Charlestzy 5 days ago +1

    0:31 nothing u can do that we can’t do better

    asians:hold my rice

  • Ayati Bhatnagar
    Ayati Bhatnagar 5 days ago +133

    *9.6M views and I'm pretty sure half of them are because of Harry*

  • Lonzo 2.0
    Lonzo 2.0 5 days ago

    The black woman on team USA looks like Stephen A Smith

  • Mystic Mac ML
    Mystic Mac ML 5 days ago

    The tea party cracked me up. 😂

  • Alexandra Justine Jarvis

    I saw Harry and Dr. Strange in one video and I just had to click

  • Val Faz
    Val Faz 5 days ago

    Idk how I have never seen this before, James you are truly the best t.v host, just because you gave me this, and this i will never forget.

  • Rojan Sense
    Rojan Sense 5 days ago

    2:30 😎

  • Tongkie AL
    Tongkie AL 5 days ago

    Michelle and her team are truly spectacular! Good job James et al.

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman 5 days ago

    Know this was fucking funny. Michelle OBAMA. Your the best. USA.. Corden you got beaten by woman. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.HA!HA!

  • The Iceywulf
    The Iceywulf 5 days ago

    Mila cunnalingus

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Michelle didn’t kneel during the national anthem. SAD!

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    This maybe the best talk show.

  • hypnotic suga
    hypnotic suga 5 days ago

    harry always gets hit in the balls that's his curse

  • Jonathan XX
    Jonathan XX 6 days ago

    Gotta love this !!!

  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 days ago +24

    Team Canada: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Drake, Rachel McAdams, Kevin O'Leary.

  • Bobble Brandon
    Bobble Brandon 6 days ago

    American sport is stupid

  • Saqib Khan
    Saqib Khan 6 days ago

    United Kingdom 👍🏾United States 👎

  • Anjo Que
    Anjo Que 6 days ago

    wow dave chappelle is right

  • A2ZviaBLT
    A2ZviaBLT 6 days ago +1



  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ 6 days ago

    Just like that she's out of office

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ 6 days ago

    Nailed by styles dreams do come true 😂

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ 6 days ago

    "Oh Benedict"

  • Danial Shafiq
    Danial Shafiq 7 days ago

    Team UK low key lit. Team USA really meh

  • Sudipa
    Sudipa 7 days ago +1

    BennyBatch is such a charming gentleman.😍