So I Trapped 100 Kids in a Rhombicosidodecahedron

  • So I Trapped 100 Kids in a Rhombicosidodecahedron
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  • Gus Hatch
    Gus Hatch 2 minutes ago

    Is he pk

  • LPS_Awesomeness
    LPS_Awesomeness Hour ago

    It's a shape

  • Candra Schatz
    Candra Schatz 3 hours ago

    Skeppy: So i trapped 100 kids in a lava cube...
    Also skeppy: so i trapped 100 kids in a bedrock box...
    Skeppy again: so i trapped 100 kids in a Rhombicosidodecahedron...

  • James
    James 4 hours ago

    In a WHAT??

  • No Bo
    No Bo 4 hours ago +1

    You should make a coliseum and force 100 people to watch you elicits a random person

  • My epic games
    My epic games 4 hours ago

    trap 100 kids inside your character x 100 scale in diamond blocks with pvp

  • Maleek Sculley
    Maleek Sculley 5 hours ago

    What the hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • InsaneComic
    InsaneComic 5 hours ago

    “Im killing kids”

  • checker the fox king
    checker the fox king 6 hours ago


  • Michael Darrow
    Michael Darrow 9 hours ago

    that's a rhombicuboctahedron

  • Matt ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Matt ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 10 hours ago +1

    The truth is Skeppy Doesn’t even know the meaning of this word.

  • Braicen Quartz
    Braicen Quartz 10 hours ago

    dude u never trapped them in a Rhombicosidodecahedron u trapped them in half a giant sphere

  • Mrgamer5000
    Mrgamer5000 11 hours ago

    idk what rhombicosidodecahedron is xD

  • Sophia Smyth
    Sophia Smyth 11 hours ago

    I know I’m late but you should do a torus!! 😃

  • Kellen Moneypenny
    Kellen Moneypenny 12 hours ago

    just a soccer ball

  • Daniel Zhupanov
    Daniel Zhupanov 12 hours ago +1

    9:35 this is the funniest part of the video lol LMFAO. oh oh oh and this one to 10:21, and this 11:14. ok nevermind the whole video is funny IM DONE EDITING MY COMMENT BYE.

  • Ayden Fletcher
    Ayden Fletcher 13 hours ago

    This. ()

  • Jack Hedqvist
    Jack Hedqvist 14 hours ago

    Japanese symbol for beginner

  • Кристиян Николов

    U should stop being such an ashole

  • Santicrack Ji-roblox
    Santicrack Ji-roblox 14 hours ago

    8:01 easy ALWAYS

  • 2027.Samuel Carter
    2027.Samuel Carter 16 hours ago

    wait no... do a

  • 2027.Samuel Carter
    2027.Samuel Carter 16 hours ago

    trap 100 kids in a Myriagon.

  • Minecraft the op Fhokes
    Minecraft the op Fhokes 16 hours ago +1


  • BionicPenny 2612
    BionicPenny 2612 16 hours ago

    Skeppy running out of shapes to use* Skeppy: Today I am trapping 100 kids in a idicbwkwoifhsnnwjdjsnsquare!!

  • Kunghang the GamePlayer

    6:40 ElitePraetor: i broke bedrock

  • Jefrison
    Jefrison 17 hours ago

    I guess this is the not nicest episode of skeppy

  • Anne Hunter
    Anne Hunter 17 hours ago

    Curcle if havent

  • Homie Squad
    Homie Squad 17 hours ago

    trap 100 kids in a Reuleaux triangle

  • Khiladi Gamer
    Khiladi Gamer 18 hours ago

    If I type Rhombicosdicahedron first video is yours(Skeppy)!!!

  • Phoenix Fury
    Phoenix Fury 18 hours ago

    Do a tesseract ( 4D cube )

  • Mikail Shanazri
    Mikail Shanazri 18 hours ago

    You should trap 100 kids in a Torus

  • TheSillyDoggies
    TheSillyDoggies 20 hours ago

    Twelve minits of skeppy reaching his ree boomer stage

  • Chops TV
    Chops TV 20 hours ago

    I can't pronounce the shape its hard

    ILOVEPEPPERPIZZA 21 hour ago


  • SebaaaG
    SebaaaG 22 hours ago +1

    Więc uwięziłem 100 dzieci w Dwudziesto-dwunastościanie rombowym małym

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 23 hours ago

    A. Romboetejdbddkdnsudnssgus ssysiosdnhdsknss omg

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 23 hours ago

    Why ayeayeayr

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 23 hours ago

    Romantic comedy show

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 23 hours ago

    Really fun even though it is not easy

  • Pucky 2011
    Pucky 2011 Day ago

    2:29 spelling 47836278463278567829547324735214753627948291467832578254326436217938/10

  • Leo Breaker
    Leo Breaker Day ago +1

    me: writing a normal comment
    others: writing every word that skeppy says

  • Ritvik Ellendula

    Person rewatching during quarantine realizes that this came tru

  • Kids That Do YouTube

    Next time trap some kids in a dooderaswervatipolugodofijeluqafilivineryboberewdertaseqosaloderadon.

  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci Day ago

    I did the same in my basement they don't seem that happy

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord Day ago

    Someone: sees this video as his or her' s first skeppy video.
    Also someone: so skeppy is a kidnapper

  • Wandren GT
    Wandren GT Day ago

    I have a video where I trap 100 kids in a basement except that i didnt record and instead of 1 kid remaining, 99 kids remaind bcz one kid ate all the seeds ai fed them JERRY!!!

  • Luke Brashears
    Luke Brashears Day ago

    rom - bi- cosa- doe- dec- heedron

  • shXne
    shXne Day ago

    What the heck ban/kicking kids for no reason. Just wrong dude, learn to be patient. There kids they don’t understand much yet.

  • Brian Robbins
    Brian Robbins Day ago +1

    0:00 Yeeepeh... a box child. I knew you would say it some day Skeppy

  • Kerem Lalbek
    Kerem Lalbek Day ago +1

    I tought there will be a ronmshgdlshsasmh

  • Luis Holguin
    Luis Holguin Day ago

    wtf is this shape

  • Dawn Draws
    Dawn Draws Day ago


  • Logan J
    Logan J Day ago

    Never running out of ideas 😂

  • Luis and lucas
    Luis and lucas Day ago +1

    I quarantined 5 kids in bedrock

  • Awesomeness 11
    Awesomeness 11 Day ago

    I have an idea for next vid: Trapping 100 kids in a pp

  • Peculiar Gaming
    Peculiar Gaming Day ago

    an enneagram.... It has 24 areas(if you make it right) and you can do like, pick the colors with the kiddos.

  • DontTalkToStrxngers

    *_Pronounces “Infamous” as “In-Fa-Mis”_*

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Trap one hundred kids in a Dodecahedron.

  • rss goes BOOM
    rss goes BOOM Day ago

    Trap 100 kids in a Minecraft hotel

  • Bipolar Koala
    Bipolar Koala 2 days ago

    *ummm wut the title of the vid*

  • Tropical Attitude
    Tropical Attitude 2 days ago

    Skeppy can you actually make the map and have an actual objective before you get everyone in the serevr.

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan 2 days ago

    Rom bic casee do deka he drun ,that’s how you pronounce it

  • Loan Nguyen
    Loan Nguyen 2 days ago

    Me: ummm I don’t know what that is mom can you help me?

  • Loan Nguyen
    Loan Nguyen 2 days ago

    Parents: oh I know that word

  • SuperPsychicSybroBoyYT

    2:27 sent me to the floor laughing at how he spelled it! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 10:39 as well made my jaws hurt from laughing XD

  • CelloSlaysGaming
    CelloSlaysGaming 2 days ago +2

    Him: Says he will be reading every comment
    Me: If so... pin this comment

    • Adrian Hdez
      Adrian Hdez 25 minutes ago

      You tried my man

    NASH HARRIS 2 days ago

    you shold trap 100 kids in a minecraft chest

  • Hi1A
    Hi1A 2 days ago


    Edit: One came out

  • ismzi gaming
    ismzi gaming 2 days ago

    what the title looks like to me:


  • Ketchup Gaming54
    Ketchup Gaming54 2 days ago

    idk why evry f k time you say lick at sup i do it i unsup and sup and i lick;P

  • Kenneth Fox
    Kenneth Fox 2 days ago


  • Bonny Toxopeus
    Bonny Toxopeus 2 days ago

    i think the FBI should arrest you skeppy

  • Fresh Pig
    Fresh Pig 2 days ago

    Uhh they are already in a fancy sph- rhombunsjcijsnrciherdron

  • Zane Hammond
    Zane Hammond 2 days ago


  • X-Mighty
    X-Mighty 2 days ago +1

    Trap 100 babies in a TV.

  • Scholar Little
    Scholar Little 3 days ago

    try trapping players but place a lots of tnt randomly and trigger the TNT and then repeat until there is one player/survivor and that is the winner

  • SignedTundra Gaming
    SignedTundra Gaming 3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that half the chat asked for food when skeppy asked for opinion?

  • Diego Orozco
    Diego Orozco 3 days ago


  • Laura Lynch
    Laura Lynch 3 days ago

    Everyone is trapped
    Trapped on earth


  • tote nop
    tote nop 3 days ago

    Trapping a hundred kids in a Torus