Songpyeon rice cake (송편)

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • This recipe is a very special one, made for a very special occasion in Korean culture. It’s rice cake called songpyeon, which Koreans make for Chuseok, the Korean harvest moon festival. Full recipe:
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Comments • 850

  • Wenwen Shveykina

    I love this recipe! It made excellent spring rice cake too! I used beet for coloring and skipped pine needles. I also used honey and black sesame powder as the filling. They taste great! Thank you!

  • M'Kayla Hutchinson
    M'Kayla Hutchinson 4 years ago +386

    I love how she rarely ever wastes food. She's like "don't throw this away. We can eat this." Love you, Maangchi

  • Chrissie Jung
    Chrissie Jung 4 years ago +231

    I like the way how she teaches Korean recipes to foreigners! She don't modify the recipe! even though it's difficult and unique method or rare ingredients required. :) i think that's why she is popular!

  • Anne Im
    Anne Im 4 years ago +144

    I used your old songpyeon video every single year to surprise my Korean husband at Chuseok. And now I am using the new one. You became my thanks giving Tradition haha

  • river p.
    river p. 2 years ago +132

    My grandmother always told us when making Songpyun. You have to make Songpyun pretty to have a pretty daughter. I looked forward to seeing the songpyeon my mom made. My mom's Songpyeon is...It was normal.😄😄😄😄

  • Lee Loves Food
    Lee Loves Food 4 years ago +276

    I always learn something new about amazing South Korea's culture by watching Maangchi's videos :) Love you!

  • MolybdenumPsyco
    MolybdenumPsyco 4 years ago +140

    If you're making this in the Eastern United States, Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) has the tastiest needles, and the needles are totally edible and can be used to make tea!

  • Mal V
    Mal V 3 years ago +32

    What a gorgeous recipe! I really wish I can make it someday! In India we make something strikingly similar, it's called 'modak'. These are also steamed rice cakes and the outer rice flour coating is made pretty much the same way as songpyeon, but for the sweet filling, we use coconut, jaggery and cardamom. It is made for an important festival called Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Van Blevins
    Van Blevins 4 years ago +13

    THOSE ARE SO CUTE, they look like colorful baby mandu! I've never heard of raspberry beans but I hope I can find, they look so cool! Thank you so much for sharing your culture with the world through food, I wish all cultures had wonderful videos like this to showcase their food culture, you inspire me to share my own with the world and I love your content so much! Thanks again!

  • HaHaBear
    HaHaBear 4 years ago +236

    A very fitting video for the upcoming holidays. Amazing as always, love you mama maangchi

  • Maangchi
    Maangchi  4 years ago +160

    Hi everybody! Thank you so much for your nice comments!

  • Queen of emotions
    Queen of emotions 4 years ago +19

    Maangchi is always so happy. Really brightens my day ❤️

  • Bill L
    Bill L 4 years ago +10

    I love how she gives tips on using the blueberry skins and even using the blueberries left over in the pot to make tea

  • Jonathan Tan
    Jonathan Tan 4 years ago +62

    I have an unforgettable memory with 송편. When I was in Korea and it was 추석 holiday, I went to a traditional market to buy 송편. But, because that was my first time buying 송편 and my korean was not so good, I just gave 10.000 Won to the seller and she gave me a plastic bag full of assorted 송편. I ate those 송편 for my lunch and dinner for some days, but I was happy and didn't feel any regrets because the 송편 was so tasty and delicious. Now I have already come back to my hometown, and I always miss 송편 whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival is about to come. 송편 만들기를 가르쳐주셔서 감사드립니다, 망치님. 기회가 된다면 한 번 도전해 볼게요 🙂🙂

  • Ashwini Sampath
    Ashwini Sampath Year ago +17

    Mangchi we make the same in south india, we call it modak/kolukattai. We fill it with sesame/coconut/chickpeas and add jaggery or brown sugar for sweetness. 🤩 Ah love how much tamil culture is similar to korean! Loads of love from India.

  • Andy A4
    Andy A4 4 years ago +15

    Aww so beautiful sonpyeong 😍😍 here in Mexico we use pumpkin or matcha tea and are delicious with the filling 😗

  • 우디
    우디 4 years ago +58

    망치님 영상을 즐겨보는 조리과 학생입니다.

  • Jan L
    Jan L 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I've followed it and it's super easy and tasty!

  • Dawn valarie
    Dawn valarie Year ago +2

    So beautiful, and look so tasty - thank you so much for teaching this.

  • T K
    T K 4 years ago +11

    I love how she used natural food dyes, I'm allergic to artificial food dye so this makes me smile!!