5 things that only Seth Rollins has done: WWE List This!

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Universal Champion Seth Rollins has accomplished a lot in WWE, and he’s the only person to achieve these five things.
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Comments • 1 825

  • Nirav Thapa
    Nirav Thapa 4 days ago

    He also had universal and raw tag team titles

  • M3RK Asylum
    M3RK Asylum 6 days ago

    They said he won all 6 of his mania matches when he lost to Randy Orton the same night he cashed in.

  • Mac Awungshi97
    Mac Awungshi97 10 days ago

    All I'm impressed

  • Keon Carr
    Keon Carr 15 days ago

    Seth Rollins achievements:
    NXT champion
    5x Tag Team Champion
    2x WWE champion
    United States champion
    Slammy Award winner
    2x intercontinental champion
    Royal Rumble winner
    2x universal champion

  • Tim Eaton
    Tim Eaton 15 days ago

    Guess that’s why they call him
    Seth freaking Rollins or the (man) king slayer
    Beast slayer As won multiple titles
    Esp now with universal tag team title

  • levicalcott music
    levicalcott music 16 days ago

    Seth Rollins a first ballot hall of famer!
    NXT champion
    5 time tag team champion
    US champion
    2 Time WWE champion
    Money in the bank winner
    Royal rumble winner
    2 Time intercontinental champion
    2 Time universal champion
    Grand slam champion
    3 time dual champion

  • The Gaming Deal
    The Gaming Deal 18 days ago

    Universal and Raw Tag Team champion and has to defend them both at Clash Of Champions.

  • Danny DangGang
    Danny DangGang 18 days ago

    So it's 4 because Edge and Randy were with them in the money in the rumble slam champ combination.

  • Kikoy Gutierrez7856
    Kikoy Gutierrez7856 19 days ago

    Being a champ is hard being a double champ is harder

  • Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins 19 days ago

    I love seth rollins

  • Yash Devadiga
    Yash Devadiga 20 days ago

    Seth loves wrestlamania and summerslam a lot.
    Wrestlamania 2018: Intercontinental champion
    Summerslam 2018:Intercontinental champion.
    Wrestlamania 2019: Universal champion.
    Summerslam 2019: Universal champion.

    JAB TAK TECH 20 days ago

    Seth Rollins has defeated Brock Lesnar two times to win Universal championship

  • Mr lemon Man
    Mr lemon Man 20 days ago

    I don’t think that anyone had won vs Brock at both Sumer slam and mania idk if that is a thing to be happy about but it seems big also he is the first person to win both the raw tag and the unversel tiltes

  • Javier Sang Sim
    Javier Sang Sim 20 days ago

    Randy: Excuse me?

  • WizardDad
    WizardDad 20 days ago

    It's a damn shame Rollins lost to Orton at Mania 31. We'd be 7-0 into a brand new Wrestlemania undefeated streak if it wasn't for that.

  • TheYoungLion Dar
    TheYoungLion Dar 21 day ago +1

    Who else enjoyed watching dolph zigler get stomped right in the middle of the ring

  • TheYoungLion Dar
    TheYoungLion Dar 21 day ago +1

    Seth Rollins is the only superstar to get smashed threw a table during the royal rumble match

  • BlamedSparksLoot
    BlamedSparksLoot 21 day ago

    3:19 Untrue, Rollins lost to Orton at wrestlemania 31.

  • Joshua Dela Pena
    Joshua Dela Pena 21 day ago

    Seth rollins has been in 2 inuagural championship matchs(The nxt and Universal championship)

  • It's Joc
    It's Joc 21 day ago

    That fact that Seth Rollins only been in wwe for 7yrs and is already a Grand slam champion before Legends and Hall Of Famers just says he’s overpushed AF

  • WWEAdDict 153
    WWEAdDict 153 21 day ago

    *three months later slays beast a second time* Me:YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!

  • Flashter Teptic
    Flashter Teptic 22 days ago +1

    Beaten brock lesner twice for the universal championship

  • Thy Nwrth
    Thy Nwrth 22 days ago

    Make a good video of seth rollint pleas
    I will subcribe and like your channel

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler 23 days ago

    Winning the universal with bad ribs and winning the tag team championships a week later

  • Teevaratt Hankulwatana

    1:07 is Kofi longer now? Yes??

  • Hamid Maqsood
    Hamid Maqsood 23 days ago

    Dean ambrosealso grand slam champion

  • Hamid Maqsood
    Hamid Maqsood 23 days ago

    Fake because dean ambrose also money in the bank and us champ and wwe champ and raw tag team champ with seth rollins

  • trevor
    trevor 23 days ago

    2:39 2012*

  • Marc Salinassr
    Marc Salinassr 24 days ago

    Kofi beat seths guantlat match time

  • Shashwat Tiwari
    Shashwat Tiwari 25 days ago

    Most impressive performance of Seth Rollins is winning nxt , wwe , and universal championship

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose 25 days ago +1

    He had accomplish
    Intercontinental+tag team title and he is the only superstar to win universal+tag titles

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin 26 days ago

    Nothing made me happier then seeing Brock lose

  • Kenton Wrestling
    Kenton Wrestling 27 days ago

    Seth lost at wm31 to Randy Orton is that one of the six matches?

  • LucasIsHere
    LucasIsHere 29 days ago +1

    Seth is gay, he's dating The Man.

  • Ahmed Mallow
    Ahmed Mallow Month ago +1

    i am team BIG DOG

  • Anthony Everett
    Anthony Everett Month ago

    He did the same thing he beat brock lesnar to win at wrestlemaina and seth won it again at summerslam

  • Renamala Kanakaiah
    Renamala Kanakaiah Month ago

    Even now he is the person who won both universal and tag team championship

  • anthony rozario
    anthony rozario Month ago

    but the fact wwe is fake depresses me the most

  • Mlg Fortnite
    Mlg Fortnite Month ago


  • Raahim Sipra
    Raahim Sipra Month ago

    My Favourite is seth rollins

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous Month ago

    Well, he didn't defend both titles in night of champions, he won the match with sting, but he lost the match against John Cena and he lost United States title..

  • Emily Schlake
    Emily Schlake Month ago +1

    The Universal Title

  • Abdullah Hamad
    Abdullah Hamad Month ago +1

    Randy orton beats Seth Rollins at wrestle mania

  • memes_about _fremantle

    So much for

  • THE AK channel
    THE AK channel Month ago

    Plzz make a video on Roman reigns

  • Killer Rex
    Killer Rex Month ago

    Not both the titles he defended

  • Umar Sharif
    Umar Sharif Month ago

    Both by cheating and he is not a beast slayer only moneyslayer

  • Dark Rider
    Dark Rider Month ago +1


  • Praneeth Chintapalli

    Randy Orton accomplishments

  • Drevon Blake
    Drevon Blake Month ago

    Didn’t miz hold both us and wwe championships

  • technology gamer
    technology gamer Month ago

    Seth is the next Legend of WWE I am sure see.... And I am the best biggest fan of Seth Rollins

  • Justin Townsend
    Justin Townsend Month ago

    Bob and vegana

  • Technical Kishan
    Technical Kishan Month ago

    My fav seth

  • boy meets world fan

    You forgot one thing seth beat both triple h and lesnar he's the only one to do that also he beat lesnar twice

  • Anderson Weir
    Anderson Weir Month ago

    John cena need ic to be g slam but he win royal rumble and money in bank chamber too.seth dated half of wwe horse women imagine dating charlotte WOO

  • LuKkz
    LuKkz Month ago


  • Syed Yaseen
    Syed Yaseen Month ago

    you forget about syed yaseen hi is winer money in the and royle rumble in 2k18 😀

  • The Game
    The Game Month ago

    I love seth form when I was started watching wwe when he was heel then also I love seth

  • Cringe Žerry
    Cringe Žerry Month ago

    Be one of the greatest heels and then be turned into a child face

  • Gladson Zou
    Gladson Zou Month ago +1

    This video is what I've been waiting for