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5 things that only Seth Rollins has done: WWE List This!

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Universal Champion Seth Rollins has accomplished a lot in WWE, and he’s the only person to achieve these five things.
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Comments • 1 688

  • Habban Sajid
    Habban Sajid 5 days ago

    Seth Rollins won all the championships in wwe and he became first ever nxt champion

  • The Golden Gamer
    The Golden Gamer 6 days ago

    That's wrong. Seth has competed in 6 wrestlemania matches. But has lost one match to Randy Orton.( Wrestlemania 31)

  • John Cepreey
    John Cepreey 9 days ago

    edge i guess is good wersteler but she is insane

  • Shoaib Saifi
    Shoaib Saifi 9 days ago +1

    Roman is not big Dog
    Seth Rollins is a Real powerful Big Dog

  • Shoaib Saifi
    Shoaib Saifi 9 days ago +1

    Seth Rollins is a biggest superstar and Player of WWE

  • M Mason_18
    M Mason_18 9 days ago

    What about shamus

  • Diego Ferto Holdgrafer

    You forgot alberto del rio for money in the bank and royal rumble grand slam

  • Jalen Pettis
    Jalen Pettis 12 days ago

    I think him winning the us championship nxt championship and wwe championship

  • Numan Amjad
    Numan Amjad 12 days ago

    Seth won the raw tag team championship and intercontinental championship. This is not in list

    YAKSH PATEL 16 days ago

    A video on Seth Rollins and Game of Thrones.

  • Jin Da Legend
    Jin Da Legend 17 days ago

    I don't know with Reigns but when Lesnar were in WWE since 2002, there no third brand called NXT so he had absolute way to become NXT Champion, check ✅
    Even if NXT existed, WWE didn't put him NXT, check ✅

    AVNEET KAUR SANDHU 18 days ago

    Hey he did lose us title at night of champions

  • Amanda Oglesby
    Amanda Oglesby 20 days ago

    John Cena is the best one best superstar

  • Michael Singh
    Michael Singh 20 days ago +1

    Rollins doo doo

  • S197 Jet
    S197 Jet 23 days ago +1

    0:38 I think goldberg hold both the United States championship and the wcw so techinically seth wasnt the first

  • Shazia Tahir
    Shazia Tahir 23 days ago +1

    Burn it down

  • David Roman
    David Roman 24 days ago +1

    Love how he swings the belts after he wins them.

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 25 days ago

    Did you know? :
    Seth Rollins held:
    WWE IC title
    WWE US title
    WWE World heavyweight championship
    WWE Universal championship
    Raw tag team championship
    NXT championship
    Won RR match
    Won MITB

  • Crazy CousinKA
    Crazy CousinKA 26 days ago

    True Facts:
    Seth Rollins Is The One of the best if not the best wrestler this company has got since the pg era

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman 26 days ago +1

    How good Seth Rollins is. His achievements is so crazy. Won all championships in his WWE career. Seth really burn it all down lol. But there's 2 things he haven't achieve. And that is winning Elimination Chamber and possibly King of the Ring. ☺

  • Mikhalis Cudjoe
    Mikhalis Cudjoe 27 days ago +1

    He didn't win his match against Randy at Wrestlemania tho

  • Aryan Pandey
    Aryan Pandey 27 days ago

    Seth Rollins is
    i'm counting WM 31 main event, coz that became a triple threat match. So he has competed in 7 matches in his 6 wrestlemania appearances.

  • imortal ad
    imortal ad 27 days ago

    Rollins fans hit like

  • LinusXV
    LinusXV 27 days ago +1

    Seth Rollins is the only WWE superstar to hold the NXT Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, United States Title, Intercontinental Title, Universal Championship and the WWE Championship while also winning the Royal Rumble and the Money In The Bank at least once.

  • papia nasrin
    papia nasrin 28 days ago

    They first ever and only wrestler to date Becky Lynch

  • Stephanie Giselle
    Stephanie Giselle 28 days ago

    5 things the kingslayer has accompilshed: being slick enough to get a pass on becky's "i dont date wrestlers rule

  • Renan_Padilha_Y
    Renan_Padilha_Y 28 days ago

    eu gosto de ver e assistir wwe

  • Louis Fowler
    Louis Fowler 28 days ago

    Seth Rollins is a legend and has proved he is universal champion. Rollins has had a amazing career. Seth rollins defeintly in my eyes is A plus player and one of the greats.

  • Cricket Cuupers
    Cricket Cuupers 28 days ago

    WWE championship and universal championship

  • ThiswinAinturs
    ThiswinAinturs 28 days ago

    I just came here to say AEW.

  • The Sporty Youngster
    The Sporty Youngster 28 days ago

    To technaly beat Brock leasner twice at wreastlmania

  • Becky Lynch The Man fans

    Happy birthday seth rollins

  • Edward Edeh
    Edward Edeh 28 days ago

    Rollins greatest accomplishment is to be the only person to cash in MITB briefcase at WrestleMania😁

  • Gon Ferrer
    Gon Ferrer 28 days ago

    Seth Rollins is Wrestling !

  • Rahul Gill
    Rahul Gill 28 days ago

    Best in the planet

  • Mar Banko
    Mar Banko 28 days ago

    John cena won money in the bank & royal rumble too

  • king shabbir
    king shabbir 28 days ago

    The man who beat johncena and roman reigns in same night!!

  • Zayd Ahmed
    Zayd Ahmed 29 days ago

    His greatest accomplishment is being friends with DEAN AMBROSE

  • Alan Gann
    Alan Gann 29 days ago

    Top 5 fav wrestlers 1.seth rollins 2.batista 3.hbk 4.goldberg 5.baron corbin....why seth has a great fighting style and has accomplished so much coming in as a stand out guy 2.batista he was one of the most decorated superstars in the early wwe era 3.hbk dominated and high risk taker for 3 different eras in wrestling 4.goldberg powerhouse domination and has respect behind the scenes and has remained to his same fighting style for years 5.corbin has not only known when to make right moves but he has been underrated but yet continues with wwe to give fans excitement and as the years have gone continues to know right when to take advantages and is a respectable guy beyond the ring and in scenes of the wwe

  • Maniac MAD
    Maniac MAD 29 days ago

    Wo wo wo, Seth Rollins hasn’t lost a match yet at Wrestlemania, maybe when Undertaker retires he can pass the torch to Seth Rollins and have him continue the undefeated streak tradition at Wrestlemania

  • Narendra Bishnoi
    Narendra Bishnoi 29 days ago

    Please next viedo on roman reings or big show

  • Rip
    Rip 29 days ago

    This guy can’t win without doing balls kicks like GIRLS.

  • Humood Alotaibi
    Humood Alotaibi 29 days ago +1


  • Chris Angel
    Chris Angel 29 days ago

    What about he holding the intercontinental championship and tag team championship at the same time

  • Dima Kasanov
    Dima Kasanov 29 days ago

    Burn it Down!

  • It's Yo Boi Pickle
    It's Yo Boi Pickle 29 days ago

    Burn It Down

  • Milenko Smiljanic
    Milenko Smiljanic 29 days ago

    Seth Rollins is nice Wrestaling!

  • Allan Ford
    Allan Ford 29 days ago

    Retired Sting, Beat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in the same night, won a world title in the first and last match at WrestleMania and won more Slammy Awards than any other Superstar.

  • Zul Shahmi Ruslan
    Zul Shahmi Ruslan 29 days ago

    When a creative team pushed Rollins & Reigns on top and trying to push Ambrose down. Poor job WWE.

  • Shivam Bilaiya
    Shivam Bilaiya 29 days ago

    Seth Rollins is best

  • Cfrog Det
    Cfrog Det 29 days ago

    Defeating brock lesnar at summer slam

  • magical brothers
    magical brothers 29 days ago

    The beastlayer🔥🔥

  • Anna Plays
    Anna Plays 29 days ago

    Here’s one-
    His championship reign tanked RAW ratings below 2M viewers

  • wwe highlights
    wwe highlights 29 days ago +1

    yeah seth had done all things i am not gelious
    but roman reigns beat authority including seth
    in same time....
    beliebve that...........

  • Neo Djaje
    Neo Djaje 29 days ago

    He won all champions

  • Victor Márcio
    Victor Márcio 29 days ago +1

    Seth Freaking Rollins!

  • Coding World
    Coding World 29 days ago

    Wwe you are gone! Jon moxley debuted aew,that segment attack on Kenny was way more better than your cringe night raw episode!!!

  • Joe Teta
    Joe Teta 29 days ago

    Seth Rollins is number 1

  • Akbar Khan
    Akbar Khan 29 days ago


  • Poochu
    Poochu 29 days ago

    He must do one more thing, he must go to AEW

  • Ciaran 2007 Williams Games

    2012 Not 2013

  • hari prabala
    hari prabala 29 days ago

    Hmm... breaking

  • vishnu gangatharan
    vishnu gangatharan 29 days ago

    Roman Reigns is grand slam champion before Seth Rollins

  • Yoku Nakio
    Yoku Nakio 29 days ago

    So are we just going to forget booker T holding the US and WWE champion....... Yeah? Oh okay

  • ziku murshed
    ziku murshed 29 days ago

    dean ambrose or jhon moxlyis now in aew ,wwe will soon will be in museam.

  • Zainodien Lakay
    Zainodien Lakay 29 days ago

    The Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar this year in 2019 Wrestlemanai

  • Mike Ervin II
    Mike Ervin II 29 days ago

    He didn’t win the 24/7 yet

    KING FIRE 29 days ago

    He lost to randy at wm 31

  • Jamil Ahmed
    Jamil Ahmed 29 days ago

    Seth Rollins was the first ever NXT champion!He is a former Mr MITB and the first to cash it in WrestleMania!He is a double champion two times!First United States and WWE champion and then RAW tag team and Intercontinental champion!He is a Royal Rumble winner of 2019 and a current WWE UNIVERSAL Champion!

  • Achinta Manna
    Achinta Manna 29 days ago

    First of all i want to, Seth is a Champion, next i want Seth vs Edge.

  • harsh HH
    harsh HH 29 days ago

    Great achivemets 👍👍🤘🤘🤘

  • Dark cookie 03
    Dark cookie 03 Month ago

    1:36 the greatest heel of all time

  • sanjay bhavsar
    sanjay bhavsar Month ago

    Brock will take the universal title back from him at SSD

  • Anant Uppal
    Anant Uppal Month ago

    MOXLEY IS AEW!!!!!!!

  • Justice Sangweni
    Justice Sangweni Month ago

    Okada vs Rollins. That's my only wish

  • Rajesh Pathak Rajesh Pathak

    The only man to break john cena's nose.

  • Hermit Da2
    Hermit Da2 Month ago

    rollins is hacking

  • Litch Lassenga
    Litch Lassenga Month ago

    Wait he lost to randy orton at wrestlemania 31

  • jordan henzell
    jordan henzell Month ago


  • A R
    A R Month ago +5

    Randy orton, seth rollings and edge.. The best combact we could see😍👍

  • Mayra Mayoral
    Mayra Mayoral Month ago

    But Seth might retain his title byway bc he will burn it down

  • Mayra Mayoral
    Mayra Mayoral Month ago

    I think that Brock will cash in his money in the bank at super show down

  • Jan Razil Alolod
    Jan Razil Alolod Month ago

    His scripts were good

  • Kai Jaru
    Kai Jaru Month ago

    Seth lost 1 .atch at wrestelmania
    Against randy orton

  • Krishna Vyas
    Krishna Vyas Month ago

    The future lies in safe hands

  • Faraan Babar
    Faraan Babar Month ago

    The only accomplishment that Seth Freakin Rollins has is winning the universal championship

  • Xylo Furniture
    Xylo Furniture Month ago

    what s why he is better than roman

  • Timmy Mahan
    Timmy Mahan Month ago

    "The Beast slayer" lmao yeah, the only believable way they could possibly put him over Brock is by "kicking him in the nuts" Otherwise not even the dumbest of fans would believe it

  • Saleeeh X3
    Saleeeh X3 Month ago

    This is the man...he is the face of WWE in this era......keep on man

  • Anthony Marcano
    Anthony Marcano Month ago

    Winning The Intercontinental Championship At Wrestlemania 34, And SummerSlam 2018 😁😁😁.

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks Month ago +1

    Is he the only grand slam champion that’s won the NXT title too?

    • diehardrvdfan22
      diehardrvdfan22 Month ago

      Yes. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan never won the NXT Championship, and I believe they are the only Grand Slam champions ever eligible to do so.

  • 1234567 abcdefg
    1234567 abcdefg Month ago

    He is one of the best and I think the best accomplish is the universal championship 😊

  • Sourav Chanda
    Sourav Chanda Month ago

    Seth Rollins vs CM Punk

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe Month ago

    *Seth Rollins is a Real Champion*

  • TomTheTitan
    TomTheTitan Month ago

    Seth Rollins is the first superstar to hold the ROH champion and the NXT champion

  • King PJ
    King PJ Month ago

    U forgot one thing Seth Rollins did the longest jump in wwe

  • StillNoPickles 11
    StillNoPickles 11 Month ago

    Wait a minute didn't he lose to Cena then beat sting in those night of champions defences

  • frenzyboy91341 MJ
    frenzyboy91341 MJ Month ago

    Not gonna lie but Seth Rollins did the best cash in ever.

  • shubham dhiman
    shubham dhiman Month ago

    He retires sting

  • hprs2000 Al
    hprs2000 Al Month ago

    Dude.. this is not real.. every thing is a drama.. dont get serious..😂🤣😅😃