Gaia's Melody EM2 DevLog #14 - Ruins, New Scenes & Airship Mechanics! (RPG Maker MV)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • Happy Halloween! (Disclaimer, this video has nothing to do with halloween, haha)
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  • MMG Miš Maš
    MMG Miš Maš 2 years ago +7

    One leaves, another returns. Thats cycle of life boys and girls. Maybe we lost one, but we still have many. At us. We dont have regular halloween. We call it souldays (ots hard to translate) and on this day. We think about ones who passed out. Again maybe we lost one, but still, there is more of us. Happy RPG making guys.
    I am not sure, but I think this is most beautiful comment I ever done.

  • Second Lease Gamer
    Second Lease Gamer 2 years ago +13

    Echo returns the day Yanfly quits and paywalls all of his work? Coincidence?

  • PRinCe hEinREy
    PRinCe hEinREy 2 years ago +5

    I'm sorry about the situations your going through in life. With you being someone who inspired and taught me in developing games, it hurts to hear about your pain. I know I can't do much to help and that you might not see this comment But. I'm praying for you and your life.

  • Danko Danko
    Danko Danko 2 years ago +1

    Echo, listening to you after a hard day at work is so relaxing and inspiring.

  • Easily Amused
    Easily Amused 2 years ago +4

    Does this mean we're getting regular uploads again? Please say yes.

  • David Gunyon
    David Gunyon 2 years ago

    It's good to have you back, Echo! Loved the dev-log and sorry you're still under the weather, but at least you're recovering and we got a dev log out of you :) May you be fully recovered and continuing your game dev domination thingy-ma-bob-whats-it-i-am-just-adding-words-now-somebody.... okay I'm done.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 2 years ago +1

    Glad to see you back, Echo!

  • Sunday Advantage
    Sunday Advantage Year ago

    Just discovered your channel. Great tutorials! New to rpg maker but having so much fun. Keep up the good work!

  • ProKFBJJ
    ProKFBJJ 2 years ago

    Nice progress, your games looking awesome! For the 2.5d view though, i remember seeing a fun perspective trick that looked pretty neat.
    It was done in game maker studio though so you might need to call in a favor from some programming buddies for it.

  • Sorano
    Sorano 2 years ago +1

    Yay! Another DevLog!

  • Sekunri Ruisen
    Sekunri Ruisen 2 years ago

    Echo i hope things look up.
    I hope everything gets better.
    Im glad to see you post again but your wellness always comes. first. :)

  • Cootadude
    Cootadude 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video!
    Your vids has increased my developing knowledge greatly!

  • John Jobs
    John Jobs 2 years ago

    Im sorry you had to go through that, But im glad your project is coming together well.
    Hope you'll continue to do well on both your game and life

  • Artsystupid
    Artsystupid 2 years ago

    Still so happy you're back... :) Any chances you would do a Christmas thing series playing games sent by us?? What you did a long time ago was awesome

  • xMattais
    xMattais 2 years ago

    Woh! This looks like such a fun program to use! :o I ended up making a game using the warcraft 3 world editor, and would just love to be able to translate it with an rpg maker....
    Out of curiosity, with this rpg maker is there a way you could make it so you could switch back and forth between worlds? for example. in my game, it takes place in two parallel worlds, one that evolved with magic, and the other technology.....and while out on the world map, using the airships ability you can change between worlds. A better example would be how in Chrono trigger you can go to different time periods with the airship.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago

    Me: *Goes to TheXvid and sees none of her content*
    Echo: Oh hey there...Yeah my gag reflexes were goin' crazy bro.
    is Ugandan Knuckles ded?

  • WillyJF
    WillyJF 2 years ago

    I still use VXAce
    once i get great at it ill get MV forsure.

  • Mr. Fakeman
    Mr. Fakeman 2 years ago +1

    29th like,
    9th comment.
    Btw my game studio discovered that Yanfly has just quit. This is sad, but at least there is one minus rival.
    One day, everybody will confront with his/her master(s).

    • Mr. Fakeman
      Mr. Fakeman 2 years ago

      @KingNinja You can read up the last 3 news for the most detailed informations:
      He has made 200 plugins, and don't want to make anymore.
      The paywall has a reason too.

    • KingNinja
      KingNinja 2 years ago +1

      Mr. Fakeman why did he quit?

  • Veil Steel
    Veil Steel 2 years ago +1

    OOOOoooh Spoopy Devlog!

  • MisscarriagedBaby69
    MisscarriagedBaby69 2 years ago +1

    Oh wow you uploaded something!!?!

  • ᏞᎾᏒᎠs Ꮎf ᏟhᎪᎾs

    miss you stuff

  • Darrel Wijaya
    Darrel Wijaya 2 years ago

    : )

  • Bainiti 60
    Bainiti 60 2 years ago

    Tenth viewer TvT

  • Imper
    Imper 2 years ago