'The Fosters' Cast Plays 'Blindfolded Musical Chairs'

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • It was a friendly family feud as the cast of "The Fosters" visited Ellen to play a round of "Blindfolded Musical Chairs."
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  • Vinkin Cruz
    Vinkin Cruz 4 days ago +1

    best video ever of all time

  • Chimene Wihardja
    Chimene Wihardja 5 days ago

    fi pa luc ho t di plu c xed loc bj me ic pi sti in ent fra sa fin

  • Scarlet D
    Scarlet D 5 days ago

    Noah’s dancing skills mhh yep

  • Vinkin Cruz
    Vinkin Cruz 8 days ago

    didn't know hayden byerly was a good dancer!!!😄😘 PREEEEACH!!😄

  • alystine briceno
    alystine briceno 10 days ago

    How ironic is it that its callie and brandon

  • Kiarra Recchion
    Kiarra Recchion 22 days ago

    Noah scented mayo shouldn’t be here. JAKE T. AUSTIN IS BETTER

  • 3 A
    3 A 22 days ago

    I call favoritism

  • NetflixOn Channel3
    NetflixOn Channel3 23 days ago

    Wheres Jake Austin

  • Justme Yram
    Justme Yram 26 days ago

    “I will find it”

  • pinoyillest
    pinoyillest 28 days ago

    Sherri in a suit... ok we're all in agreement

  • Hall 233
    Hall 233 Month ago

    I had no idea the show is that famous.

  • Madeline McAdams
    Madeline McAdams Month ago

    Do not wear a short skirt on Ellen. This game would be much harder.

  • Binty CZZ
    Binty CZZ Month ago

    Omg that tattoo on steph bacc is real ?

  • bhadsun
    bhadsun Month ago

    I love them omg

  • ria gautam
    ria gautam Month ago

    what abt jake t austin he was jesus for the first two seasons:)) i was in love hehehe

  • Nadine_Riggs
    Nadine_Riggs Month ago

    noah feels the music 😂

  • Nadine_Riggs
    Nadine_Riggs Month ago +1

    i love hayden and noah😂😂😂❤️

  • HMS Robotics Team
    HMS Robotics Team Month ago

    I heard if you click on the thumbs up button, it’ll turn blue😆😱

  • Immanuel Alk
    Immanuel Alk Month ago

    What's the name of the music @ 2:10?

  • Annika Dollevoet
    Annika Dollevoet Month ago

    Oh my god I laughed so hard I peed. Lolol

  • DeJalynn Samaniego
    DeJalynn Samaniego Month ago

    love cierra’s outfit

  • Kylee Jones
    Kylee Jones Month ago


  • Daisy Urbano
    Daisy Urbano Month ago

    Brooo on the first round Teri had her blindfold up 🤣🤣she helped sherri

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine Month ago

    In way

  • Blessed Ndhlovu
    Blessed Ndhlovu Month ago

    Never a waste of time when Noah is on my screen 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Enigma Pop star
    Enigma Pop star Month ago

    Noah, I wish I was a chair. 😍

  • Enigma Pop star
    Enigma Pop star Month ago

    Oh Noah 😍😍😍

  • Maria
    Maria 2 months ago

    Noah Centineo is the best thing can ever happen to this tv show.

  • Hannah Goddard
    Hannah Goddard 2 months ago

    They be looking like demo dogs

  • Jacie Hammock
    Jacie Hammock 2 months ago

    I think the funniest people were Noah and teri

  • ツ alice ツ
    ツ alice ツ 2 months ago


  • Abby Kastern
    Abby Kastern 2 months ago


  • nanner banner
    nanner banner 2 months ago

    97% of the comments are about our boy Noah

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 2 months ago

    I don’t remember Switched At Birth cast being on the show...Tf??

  • amal youssra
    amal youssra 2 months ago

    i think we ALL came for noah

  • Luis Valdez
    Luis Valdez 2 months ago +1

    Noah dance good 🕺🏻

  • T r i n i t y
    T r i n i t y 2 months ago +2

    1:12 Ellen did him dirty 😂

  • justsmile
    justsmile 2 months ago +1

    after watching these guys got 5 seasons long, and actually seeing them outside the show altogether, its so hard to believe they arent family :(

  • Sabrina Corona
    Sabrina Corona 2 months ago

    I’m absolutely obsessed with The Fosters... I think it was an amazing show!

  • Drippynii Rfhjdd
    Drippynii Rfhjdd 3 months ago

    Capi and brandon out first 👀

  • Alexandra Pitman
    Alexandra Pitman 3 months ago +1

    i wish Good Trouble was on Netflix

  • Ipshita T
    Ipshita T 3 months ago +2

    1:44 Stef leaving her own chair to help Lena find one is everything!

  • kirenia gonzález
    kirenia gonzález 3 months ago

    I didn’t think that Teri tattoo of the tree on her back was real I thought it was only for the show 😂

  • solar
    solar 3 months ago

    teri helping sherri omggg i love my mamas so much

  • Brenda Chan
    Brenda Chan 3 months ago


  • Brenda Chan
    Brenda Chan 3 months ago

    how is noah such a great dancerrr?!?

  • Ashia Davila
    Ashia Davila 3 months ago

    Comments are 100% about Noah 😂 he did deserve to win that game though. Js lol

  • Mari Bel
    Mari Bel 3 months ago

    i so love you very very much noaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh😍😍😍

  • Gamer_girl_10 _
    Gamer_girl_10 _ 3 months ago

    I didn't know Jude real name was Hayden... My name is also Hayden

  • Beebo Nation
    Beebo Nation 3 months ago

    Literally the whole comment section is about Noah...

  • Adanna Igwe
    Adanna Igwe 3 months ago

    I just watched the music video he directed (Noah) and that's the same jacket he was wearing in part of the video

  • maureen thirteen
    maureen thirteen 4 months ago

    how to be a chair

  • Mattéo El hany
    Mattéo El hany 4 months ago

    Where is jake t austin

  • Colleen Caeiro
    Colleen Caeiro 4 months ago

    Wow we all need to find someone who can hug like how Noah hugs the chair 😂😂

  • Nicole G
    Nicole G 4 months ago

    YAY noah!!!😄😄😄😄

  • Ms XxSissy_MissyxX
    Ms XxSissy_MissyxX 5 months ago

    Noah's cute

    I love the way he lays on the chair XD

  • Madhuri Palli
    Madhuri Palli 5 months ago


  • Saoirse Cullen
    Saoirse Cullen 5 months ago

    I love Noah
    to all the boys I loved before
    the perfect date

  • Fajer
    Fajer 5 months ago

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