Fight Night Brooklyn Free Fight: TJ Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt 2

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • The UFC's inaugural event on ESPN+ on January 19 is headlined by a historic matchup as the bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw, goes down a weight class to challenge the flyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist, Henry Cejudo, for his belt. Take a look back at Dillashaw's recent title defense against Cody Garbrandt at UFC 227 last August.
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Comments • 4 347

  • Mr. WrongUk
    Mr. WrongUk Day ago

    Why tj dressed like a poker play and got a attitude now? Was a fan but drop the act bro

  • jajuan faleye
    jajuan faleye Day ago

    Dats why I fuck wit cody no remorse at beginning of glove touchin

  • John Russell
    John Russell Day ago

    It’s funny when u get ur ass kicked u wanna be someone’s friend lol

  • hathmurl
    hathmurl Day ago

    that poster is ridiculous

  • Dogs
    Dogs Day ago

    He made an adjustment, but got sparked same way. Joe Rogan biggest bullshitter in UFC.

  • djreyesd
    djreyesd Day ago

    Tony Ferguson then type of guy to go a doctor with a broken leg and say “I’m doing good” when the doctor asks him about his leg. 😂

  • Sergio Del Valle

    Im impressed bothed guys are really fast but T.J. is an intelligent fighter

  • PM-RS-NBA Life
    PM-RS-NBA Life Day ago

    I was so happy for the to beat Cody twice Cody just seemed like a knock off mcgregor

  • Cj Jackson
    Cj Jackson Day ago

    5:45 lmao

  • Jon D
    Jon D Day ago

    00:28 for ferguson

  • Rafay Adil
    Rafay Adil Day ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to call in sick and show up 5 minutes later

  • vath Keo
    vath Keo Day ago


  • sourabh vyas
    sourabh vyas Day ago

    Out and out strikers-
    T wood
    Thiago Santos

  • Julius5000
    Julius5000 Day ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to squat on the toilet bowl while taking a shit.

  • Fookhorde x
    Fookhorde x Day ago

    imagine that feeling if you would stay there in the octagon and hes introducing you xD

  • leah tolentino
    leah tolentino Day ago

    Inu Una kc yabang, yan tuloy to ang inabot.

  • Norbert Kosmala
    Norbert Kosmala Day ago +1

    Nice fight nice☻

  • Threshold Video
    Threshold Video Day ago

    Cody "No Chin"

  • KRUX
    KRUX Day ago

    Fuck Cody!!!!

  • Krombopulos Michael

    Tony the type of guy to buff bastion

  • kellx felix
    kellx felix Day ago

    Dillashaw is a wrecking ball

  • Scrubalicious Scrublord

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to call the police and ask what their emergency is.

  • Roshes aii
    Roshes aii Day ago

    TJ got hurt at 3:26 and 3:03 round time so Cejudo may crack him let's see come fight night

  • iL Potenziato
    iL Potenziato Day ago

    Lucky in first match but super t j

  • Wendy Michelle
    Wendy Michelle Day ago

    Garbrandt gets cocky and points to the center of the octagon lol. Wtf!
    “Right her TJ, I want you to knock me out right here this time”. He was in no position to start acting cocky. Made himself look like a douche again.

  • Andrew Bartels
    Andrew Bartels Day ago +1

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that wakes up in the morning and eats a dozen ghost peppers whole

  • Hindolo Sandy
    Hindolo Sandy Day ago

    Stfu with these tony fuergson jokes damn comment about the fight itself I came here to watch the fight n read comments about THE FIGHT.. damn

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 Day ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to to order a cheeseburger then take the cheese off.

  • SeouL
    SeouL Day ago

    Why are all comments about Tony Ferguson?

  • Bigaon Kiat
    Bigaon Kiat Day ago

    Fck you cody your a cocky bitch fighter of all time hahahaha

  • N.P Productions
    N.P Productions Day ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to reverse full mount whilst being ridden during sex

  • Haden Moody
    Haden Moody Day ago

    Tony Ferguson is a guy

  • Captain Sunday
    Captain Sunday Day ago

    At 6:15 was about the most awesome thing I've seen. You think TJ is hurt. But instead he hurls 3 hard strikes and the last one puts Tattoo down. What a brute!

  • Nipples The clown

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to take a shit right after he showers.

  • Michael Tejeda
    Michael Tejeda Day ago

    Watch the fight at .5 and you can see the genius and the game plan

  • Sam Perez
    Sam Perez Day ago

    I just realized why the fuck do they have an old lady as one of the security in the octagon?? Wtf is she gonna do cough on them?

  • Michael L
    Michael L Day ago

    Cody shelled up in his legacy fights, simple as that. He fought so passive and reactive it completely stifled his ability to flow or throw anything tactically.. Sad. Tj is insane too, rarely makes any mistakes.

  • Akakii Lol
    Akakii Lol Day ago

    Я верил в Коди, но уже всем понятно Дидашоу лучше

  • Salvador Contreras

    8:16 tj hits the ladies titty

    ICE COLDEN Day ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to sit on his tv and watch his couch

  • Brown Rooster
    Brown Rooster 2 days ago

    The curse of the cocky fighter who refuse to touch gloves lmfao

  • stridestar
    stridestar 2 days ago +2

    10:27 The last time Cody will touch the belt

  • roger duterte
    roger duterte 2 days ago

    closing fight , no doubt

  • Oguzhan Kurt
    Oguzhan Kurt 2 days ago

    If you try to fuck with the snake then you are gonna get bitten

  • pw 187
    pw 187 2 days ago +1

    Cody "No Belt"Garbrandt

  • TheGodfather101
    TheGodfather101 2 days ago

    Tony ferguson is the type of guy to pummel underhooks when you give him a hug.

  • Misteria
    Misteria 2 days ago

    *I waited a long time for this fight, but Cody lost, you fought well, you were just unlucky...*
    (Cody you are like Russian rapper Joniboy, then he lost, but now he is on top)

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 2 days ago

    That knee was the end of Cody he was in la la land

  • GottSieht Alles
    GottSieht Alles 2 days ago

    Cody is Very convinced of himself, arrogant. A bad mix

  • Jillian Slowater Banks

    Comment section littered with shitty cringe Ferguson jokes. Just complete cancer, but what do I expect from UFC Fans? Not much, not much at all.

  • 曾辰辰
    曾辰辰 2 days ago


  • Boltes Payb
    Boltes Payb 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is a type XXX+ blood

  • zonder man
    zonder man 2 days ago

    Организаторы совсем отчаянные) Вы нахрена бабищу вывели в маршалы (хоть она и пытается в этом костюме и походкой смахивать на мужика😅) 08:20
    Она че, бессмертная? Или супергерой из неизданного комикса? Что-то решит против эмоций бойца (даже легковеса)? 🤔 Эх, не научил Дану ничему "полет орла"...

  • Любит Хардум

    Идите в нахуй со своим Тони Фергюсеном

  • Baz Nau
    Baz Nau 2 days ago


  • ipang fauzi
    ipang fauzi 2 days ago

    Salam 2 jari,hidup prabowo

  • Jesse Lintao
    Jesse Lintao 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to jump in front of a car in order to boost his mental toughness.

  • Jesse Lintao
    Jesse Lintao 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to order fried chicken and rip the skin off.

  • Sudhir Joshi
    Sudhir Joshi 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson would eat Cody for breakfast

  • check joe
    check joe 2 days ago

    herb dean the worst Referee on earth

  • Cannaman
    Cannaman 2 days ago

    What a fight

  • sachin mehta
    sachin mehta 2 days ago

    Why so many tony coments?

  • tha-ha-ah- tt dude
    tha-ha-ah- tt dude 2 days ago +1

    Fuck off with these gay tony comments.

  • Enclave Soldier
    Enclave Soldier 2 days ago +3

    Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to let the horse ride him in rdr 2.

  • Nilay Darne
    Nilay Darne 2 days ago

    Tony ferguson is the guy who gonna fuck your momma if you comment like this the after me,,,,,,,

  • Harry Moniaga
    Harry Moniaga 2 days ago

    and boxing is your strategy, Cody?

  • Jamie Lannister
    Jamie Lannister 2 days ago

    Bruce Buffer and Herb Dean are fucking legends!

  • Yana Bulanon
    Yana Bulanon 2 days ago

    you can't defeat t.j

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez 2 days ago

    I’m a big Henry cejudo fan but I’m worried he facing an explosive tj dillshaw

  • Gavino Sepeda
    Gavino Sepeda 2 days ago

    Tony "where's your son" Ferguson is the type of guy to bring up a person's son after a night of drinking

  • kevin Di Mauro
    kevin Di Mauro 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wear 3D glasses at a UFC fight

  • David Kemp
    David Kemp 2 days ago

    Could watch this every day. Love seeing Cody getting smashed up 👍🏻

  • M A
    M A 2 days ago


  • ScorpionXII
    ScorpionXII 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to eat the red smarties first.

  • Lifted Seven
    Lifted Seven 2 days ago

    Cody is an elite fighter, but TJ made work of him twice. Shame man. Because it has cast the shadow over Cody. Cody easily won against Dominick Cruz, essentially clowned Cruz, and TJ clowned Cody twice. Some say TJ won against Cruz, but record shows Cruz won.
    MMA is a weird world, a place where a "weaker" fighter can win decisively against a ''stronger" guy, and that guy you won against beats the guy that beat your ass into submission.
    Weird space, gents....weird space.

  • Tansel Y.
    Tansel Y. 2 days ago +1

    This game is not fair. Deserved by Garbrandt

  • 17 tgr
    17 tgr 2 days ago

    Codys a good fighter but his defence is open, if he brought his hands straight back to protect his chin after punching he could win, but everytime he flurry punches he's wide open. Its mistakes that cost him the fights not talent. Dilliashaw is a master where one mistake will cost you the fight. Mind you its easy for me to sit to at home and give advice.

  • Prane
    Prane 2 days ago

    omg Dillashaw's timing though, really smart ufc fighter

  • China Kweess
    China Kweess 2 days ago +1

    *next time just fucking touch gloves!*

  • fish mann
    fish mann 2 days ago

    Bruce trying to instigate this fucking fight more.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 2 days ago

    Ha...Cody "the prick" can't brant

  • fish mann
    fish mann 2 days ago

    Best comment section ever!! This is not tony Ferguson on a fake account at all.

  • Marcus Peart
    Marcus Peart 2 days ago

    Wicked good fight fellas. What a fuckin chin on that man.

  • Dave Sanchez
    Dave Sanchez 2 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who is not a guy

  • Ives Lucki Tradi
    Ives Lucki Tradi 2 days ago

    We love dillashan !!!

  • anthony santacruz
    anthony santacruz 2 days ago

    Both fighters suck .

    MEXTEKA 2 days ago +1

    Professor Cruz let his snake loose to take care of the emotional rodent now Cruz will charm the snake to get his belt back again 😂 #dominator

  • JB Johnson
    JB Johnson 2 days ago

    Cody "No Chin" Garbrandt.

  • Jerry mamabolo
    Jerry mamabolo 2 days ago

    I still love Cody no matter what

  • George From Jungle
    George From Jungle 2 days ago

    Wow it was so satisfying Lol ! Wonder if a fagboy Gardbrandt is crying now when he got his sissy face fucked up, like he did when Van Damme accidentally touched him. A Rose tatto on the back, what a cunt !

  • Joe Barron
    Joe Barron 3 days ago


  • Daddy Dana
    Daddy Dana 3 days ago

    this is one of my favourite fights ever. love watching tj dominate cody a second time.

  • Jamie Bellamy
    Jamie Bellamy 3 days ago

    ​Tony Ferguson is the kinda guy to squeeze Max Holloway's nipples for goat's milk.

    SYPNO X 3 days ago +1


  • Ebk Smoke
    Ebk Smoke 3 days ago

    Bruce got in tj face he already knew what was gone happen

  • Alexander THE GREAT
    Alexander THE GREAT 3 days ago

    Garbrandt just can't see those right hooks coming

  • Inferno Hurricane
    Inferno Hurricane 3 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to brush his teeth and then leave the toothpaste in his mouth then drink orange juice and then have banana and sprite to vomit it out after a weight cut.

  • 500 subscriber challenge

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to get a shower then wash his hands when he’s done.

  • seamorgh21
    seamorgh21 3 days ago

    Cody "T-Rex" Garbrandt