Who REALLY Runs Hotter? AMD vs Intel

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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    We have two 8-core CPUs: One at 105W, the other at 95W - But those numbers are completely arbitrary. Let’s test them and see for ourselves which will heat up faster!
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  • Eric
    Eric 18 hours ago

    This video gave me anxiety from all the, 'oh wait, actually...', 'oh wait, actually...', etc hahaha

  • Andrew Hardy
    Andrew Hardy 18 hours ago

    Shudda measured 250 ml into each reservoir. Don't need to fill it.

  • venomonsta
    venomonsta Day ago

    im still loving an intel

  • harsh Pandey
    harsh Pandey Day ago

    14:58 Noice.

  • Vexi J
    Vexi J Day ago

    As an owner of 9900k...its toasty if you push the chip ( especially if you overclock it )so AIO Liquid cooler is definitely required if you do any serious work with it (even high end air coolers like noctua is barely enough ) also the mb warm up so you need a good case with massive airflow , for gaming go for the 9700k or amd ^^

  • Hendra Hry
    Hendra Hry 2 days ago


  • uozx
    uozx 2 days ago

    its sooo fucking annoying seeing him look to the side of the camera all the time because he needs a script

  • EtrnL_Frost
    EtrnL_Frost 2 days ago +3

    The more I watch these, the more I think you need to hire someone that has at least some experience in experimental design... but hey, it does make for good entertainment, for sure.

  • Richard H-B
    Richard H-B 3 days ago

    can you configure TDP to work with AMD for the better processing?

  • Clet Bourgois
    Clet Bourgois 3 days ago

    Did he just say "Pourquoi"? hehe

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 3 days ago

    I like AMD's methodology better. Seems to me like it gives you better information from the get go to chose the proper cooling solution for the best performance.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen 3 days ago

    I'd have preferred test where both CPUs render the same amount of frames and you compare the temperature increase. If one CPU is faster renderer and increases the water temperature faster, it may still be equally effective to slower part.

  • Filipe dos Reis
    Filipe dos Reis 3 days ago

    Someone is becoming BIG!
    He should practice some sports.

  • Master Debater
    Master Debater 4 days ago

    Really? The WORSE attempt at censorship I've ever seen on TheXvid. We all clearly heard, "WHAT THE FUCK?" followed by a blip. No money for you Linus.

  • gatto_nero
    gatto_nero 4 days ago

    Intel liars !

  • Kurt Frans
    Kurt Frans 5 days ago

    What I've used in past Intel's ran hotter and I always needed a much larger heatsink, so hot that in smaller and medium tower cases the voltage regulators fried on the motherboard. And it always used more wattage, the electric bill was much higher.

  • Bruno Dias
    Bruno Dias 6 days ago

    Yes, you ppl can complicate e simple thing...

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 6 days ago

    “Ryzen temperature” 2:42

  • Slinky511nx7
    Slinky511nx7 6 days ago

    Dafuk is going on with Anthony's hair up front

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 7 days ago

    Anthony the fatty gets head of all the sexyist bitches thanks to Linus u know he gets more more pussy then all of u in the comments

  • Aaron Dylan
    Aaron Dylan 7 days ago


  • 9-30am
    9-30am 8 days ago

    When Linus says fuck, he makes the most Dad face I've ever seen.

  • dbeightyfive
    dbeightyfive 8 days ago


  • Steve Burns
    Steve Burns 9 days ago

    I always thought that TDP was a measurement of waste heat, rather than actual power consumption. more of a determination of efficiency and how much heat you would have to dissipate through your cooling solution than actually how much power was being used. (sorry, only 30 seconds in to the video and should probably watch the rest)

  • Saleh S
    Saleh S 10 days ago +1

    Hi, Chemical engineer here
    I could tell you that for large chemical plant equipment, large heat output is a result of more inefficiency not necessarily more powerful (in wattage) equipment.
    Though I could certainly be wrong, I can think of no reason why a cpu would be any different.
    So the wattage of the CPU is an indicator of how much power the cpu consumes. As long as the majority of that is actually used to do the cpu's job (aka processing) there shouldn't be too much of a heat output. essentially, the results of this video indicate to me that AMD's CPUs are more efficient that Intel's.
    I like this video a lot and just wanted to point out this

    • Joseph DiFeo
      Joseph DiFeo 7 days ago

      Saleh S would be cool to see wattage from the wall, all things the same except cpu and motherboard.

  • Mark MarkMark
    Mark MarkMark 10 days ago

    Please do a water cooling with Coke. (Not pepsi) just for the f#%# of it :)

  • Pavan Biliyar
    Pavan Biliyar 10 days ago +1

    If wanting to demonstrate a calorimeter (device that measures heat), the best and easiest way is to build a water cooling loop without a radiator, just have a large reservoir. From there. it's just the heat equation: specific heat multiply by volume multiply by the change in temperature multiply by the time it took and you get the wattage. You need a stopwatch and a thermometer.
    Note: The calculated wattage is not from the CPU, it's only what energy entered the water to heat it up over time. This is because heat is absorbed throughout the path from the die, to the internal TIM, to the IHS, to the applied TIM, to the CPU block, and to the water. It's the "thermal resistance" spec of a loop that takes the block and the TIM application and pump and rad into account for heat absorption.
    For instance, say your whole water loop has a thermal resistance spec of 0.1W/K, this suggests that at 200W, the change in temperature from the CPU IHS to the ambient air temperature entering the radiator is 20 Kelvin, or 20 Celcius. But if you measure the temperature of the radiator, liquid itself, the block or the IHS-- they may be slightly different numbers. It's supposed to be like that.
    In science, you create consistency, simply pick a reference and stick with it, i.e. whatever you want to measure for every single test, do the same thing every time. Don't change where you measure temperature every time, etc. Be consistent, but also share what you are doing (don't assume) and be open to criticism (not get defensive, the idea is we all need to be on the same page).
    Truth is, one could calibrate a standard air cooled heatsink to calculate CPU die wattage, as long as the test conditions are all the same. It's just fun to do it with liquid. You can even use a Peltier, the power level changes with the load as long as the hot side is kept in check. Or get a big block of copper, mount it on the die, and measure the change in temperature over time. It's the same concept; there's lots of ways to estimate load through a calorimeter demonstration.

  • Rival_HMG
    Rival_HMG 10 days ago

    1 replay = 1 like
    Thank you very Much

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins 11 days ago

    Hallo, I saw your test of red rocket X. Tell please can it be used for gaming?

  • leyvawilly
    leyvawilly 11 days ago

    Lock the mutipler.

  • mikolaj j
    mikolaj j 11 days ago

    The leading contributor to global warming is Intels CPU's.

  • Brock Collins
    Brock Collins 11 days ago +1

    Anthony should start shaving his head and jus be a fat lex luthor lookin nerd mofo that'd be dope

    • Chets
      Chets 4 days ago

      >fashion is my profession

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan 11 days ago +1

    14:58 ahh I see, you're a man of culture!

  • SKG Anno
    SKG Anno 11 days ago

    why only use 1 ram stick? dual channel is by fare the standard.

  • beayn
    beayn 12 days ago

    I like how you'll grind the bottom off cups to find the right one and mill a new bottom, then use some compound to seal it back on, but you won't go to the local pharmacy to get a syringe for $0.50 to measure that ink properly.

  • Wasim
    Wasim 12 days ago

    Linus looks drunk.

  • Jonny Oliveira
    Jonny Oliveira 12 days ago +30

    I'm glad this is a Canadian channel and they use the right measuring system.

  • Ripley McBlake
    Ripley McBlake 12 days ago


  • Saurabh Behere
    Saurabh Behere 12 days ago

    great testing !

  • Steve Now
    Steve Now 13 days ago

    wow so much fun, thanks for including all the 'challenges', am considering running a rad in a water vessel that I can fill with ice blocks.....😜
    you hv actually sorted something out for me too re: Ryzen pression boost, cheers! o7

  • scheissewerfer
    scheissewerfer 13 days ago

    AMD measures TDP by the peak value of wattage the cpu draws in in normal consumer application. Intel measures TDP in whatever looks better than AMD, because they once were the hotter CPUs.

    • scheissewerfer
      scheissewerfer 13 days ago

      Oh and the +50% processing power of the Ryzen is just a little extra

  • Junar Vinzon
    Junar Vinzon 13 days ago

    i got 6700hq at 90 degrees

  • James Koncar
    James Koncar 13 days ago

    Ok, wtf is this lol. This is the most ghetto experiment omg the temperature tracking software would be MUCH more accurate than this. This is like Intro to Chem 101 level. Totally not identical.

  • IQof3
    IQof3 13 days ago

    Fire whoever edits the language with beeps. 12:56 totally missed it

  • Auceus
    Auceus 13 days ago

    Guess I should get a different Cooler. My Corsair H150i consistently idles the CPUs around 45-50C for both my R7 2700(Non-X) and R7 3800X. 2700 at 4Ghz and 3800X at 4.4Ghz

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 13 days ago

    I solely watch LTT vids for Linus to randomly make his “LTTstore.com” pitches. Dude also has a knack for sliding many other subliminal things in their videos too! Hahaha keep’em rolling!

  • AJComputerServicesUK
    AJComputerServicesUK 13 days ago

    Anyone else remember this Vid from 2006? thexvid.com/video/XgOmMAasqto/video.html

  • King John Unn
    King John Unn 13 days ago

    why did he not simply turn off thermal throttling?

  • Cariiboo
    Cariiboo 13 days ago

    isnt it clear that there is a space filled with... air... inside of the bottom of an aluminium-cup? :D

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R 13 days ago

    Amd is shit

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 13 days ago

    You always have good ideas but its poorest demonstration possible.

  • shadowflar3
    shadowflar3 13 days ago

    Too much error with all the pumps and pipes to have any scientific accuracy left, this is just LTT goofing around.

    FREEDOM FOR HONG KONG! 14 days ago +1

    TL:DR the smaller a thing is the less heat it produces with energy who would've thought that with AMD's 7nm standard and intels 14nm

  • mrdummy
    mrdummy 14 days ago

    There are stories where someone has problems with cooling with Intel CPUs. They found out the 95W is not real, but it's seems actually much higher TDP, like 105W and that is more hotter.
    AMD seems more at correct side, probably slight cooler than factory given TDP.
    You can say Intel is less trustable about TDP values than AMD.

  • Pantallicus
    Pantallicus 14 days ago

    A case study on the introduction of incalculable variables, and their effect on public perception on viability of the scientific method, as it pertains to the indirect measurement of the temperature of an object.

  • Sondre
    Sondre 14 days ago

    I'm still wondering what Linus is winking at.. (2:10)

  • Tomas Nadion
    Tomas Nadion 14 days ago

    And what about open-loop water cooler without radiator and 5l reservoir? Start both CPUs together and wait they reach abou 80°C...

  • Ashton Snapp
    Ashton Snapp 14 days ago +8

    List both the TDP at base clock and the TDP at boost clock.

  • Reqeez Rafiq
    Reqeez Rafiq 14 days ago +4

    Great, came here to see the comments and everyone is roasting my CPU...

    *pun intended*

  • Dandin
    Dandin 14 days ago

    This video is one big facepalm