We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️♻️

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • After your many requests, I finally decided to do try to make zero trash for a week with my friend Sky. It was TOUGH but REWARDING! Who saw our final results? :O
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    We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +909

    SOOO excited to finally release this highly requested video!!! What did y'all think??? What should we try next?? :D

    • Mary Pixelz
      Mary Pixelz Month ago

      After one year having passed i suggest you to redo it but this time for one month ;)

    • Hilmarie Fourie
      Hilmarie Fourie Month ago

      Would you mind doing a follow up video on this please? Just showing what you have adapted into your everyday life and my taking on a few bigger things like female sanitary products. (which is by the way a massive waste and burden on the environment) I love your content. Please keep it up.

    • 99leadpencils
      99leadpencils Month ago

      I LOVED this video. I am slowly making steps to reduce my waste consumption. I have eliminated waste from my coffee consumption and my work breakfast/lunch routine (minus some food prep). Next step is making my own reusable produce bags from old tshirts & bringing containers to the butcher when I buy meat.

  • BluePnthr3
    BluePnthr3 Day ago

    Did you also try waste free feminine products?

  • Elma Lozada
    Elma Lozada 4 days ago

    I suggest flora and fauna and going to bulk food stores

  • Elma Lozada
    Elma Lozada 4 days ago

    Nine years old and im plastic free and this is on my mums acount

  • Alecia Hutton
    Alecia Hutton 5 days ago

    I love the lip gloss o you.

  • Family Broich
    Family Broich 5 days ago

    Produce stickers are not compostable! (Just wanted to let you know.)

  • Sof¡¡ Ķarma

    I'm just gonna say... I want pizza.

  • Cheyenne Watson
    Cheyenne Watson 7 days ago

    So I can only really stand spring water and it's hard to not buy bottles. Luckily there's a natural spring near my house and my mom and dad Will fill old bottles with water for me. My actual water bottle I fill up with whatever water and use Gatorade powder. Yes it creates some waste, but one tub of the powder makes 6 gallons of Gatorade. That's 6 gallons of Gatorade I'm not buying in plastic bottles to put in the landfill. One large cardboard/metal tub compared to probably 50 bottles is good in my opinion.

  • Blueternity
    Blueternity 10 days ago +1

    Thank you!!! It’s so frustrating to go into a store and see all the plastic and feel like I’m the only one who notices/cares, I’m glad I can see others going through the same process to know I’m not alone!

  • Taquito
    Taquito 11 days ago

    6:12 just random casual latin music xD haha

  • Hapa Mama
    Hapa Mama 13 days ago

    I just began trying out zero waste yesterday and I'm really glad to see this video. It has already caused me so much stress and frustration, but I'm happy to see there IS a way and it's also already been very fulfilling at the same time!

  • Budleee Bazz
    Budleee Bazz 13 days ago

    yeah.. no but good try

  • Sage Garvin
    Sage Garvin 13 days ago

    wait what did they do abt toilet paper?

  • Matthew Wenzel
    Matthew Wenzel 14 days ago

    Hard Mode: Do it again, but without using a car! How much gas did you wind up burning during your zero-waste challenge?

  • Crazy Gacha Potato
    Crazy Gacha Potato 15 days ago +1

    I just got a ad with Michelle in it

  • kevin villagomez
    kevin villagomez 15 days ago +1

    What about toilet paper

  • Maggie Schumann
    Maggie Schumann 15 days ago

    There’s no way 4.6 pounds is the average. What are those people doing? Getting a ton of takeout, never recycling, buying drinks from shops? 4.6 is so much.

  • Olivia Sharpe
    Olivia Sharpe 15 days ago

    paper towel is compostable!

  • Tiger blood
    Tiger blood 17 days ago

    Wait I just noticed but I’m eating chick fil a lmao 😂. I’m sorry people

  • Horse Girl
    Horse Girl 17 days ago

    6:30 we do the imperfect produce boxes

  • Linpek Ngulom
    Linpek Ngulom 17 days ago


  • Summer Neufeld
    Summer Neufeld 18 days ago

    Yall see the people in back at 8:46 😂

  • Ifrah Imran
    Ifrah Imran 18 days ago

    It's amazing 💓 what you are doing 💓 trying to switch to this life style.

  • AllyPlayzGacha45
    AllyPlayzGacha45 19 days ago +1


  • Stella Sisto
    Stella Sisto 19 days ago


  • Lois Koi
    Lois Koi 20 days ago

    I don’t get why she just didn’t use a bag??

  • Olivia Dejulio
    Olivia Dejulio 20 days ago

    If you haven’t already done this, you can do “ I tried following a bob ross/ art tutorial”

  • Catherine Quesnel
    Catherine Quesnel 20 days ago

    Napkins are compostable

  • Sherrie Myles
    Sherrie Myles 20 days ago

    grocery store throw them away because consumer don't buy them and want everything perfect. it's not the store fault. it's the buyers.

  • Isabella Adams
    Isabella Adams 21 day ago

    But I thought paper towels dissolve...?

  • Sigrid Leonhard
    Sigrid Leonhard 21 day ago

    Loved that u talked about this subjekt!

  • Sadie C
    Sadie C 21 day ago

    I didn't realise that composting wasn't that big in America. The local council has compost bins provided for people

  • Stephanie K
    Stephanie K 21 day ago

    For anybody watching this, just start with reusable lunchbox for your take-outs and canvas shopping bags. You'll be surprised by how this tiny little changes make a huge difference.

  • William Radford
    William Radford 22 days ago

    did u not wipe or did you not use the bathroom

  • Uoxanna
    Uoxanna 22 days ago

    how do they get rid of period products?

  • Katie Sewell
    Katie Sewell 23 days ago

    You could take the detergent to be refilled.

  • Suliana Otakilevuka
    Suliana Otakilevuka 23 days ago

    Even though you have near to 2 mil subscribers, I still think you’re under rated.

  • tfnyy
    tfnyy 23 days ago

    wait did they take one of the towels the restaurant gave them to wrap their food to go? lol
    kudos for trying this for a week, i hope you'll incorporate a lot of these low waste habits into your life!

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 24 days ago

    Try turning your trash into a) art, b) storage, c) compost, d) ecobricks, e) upcycle

  • Mathis Desrochers
    Mathis Desrochers 26 days ago

    Hi people from TheXvid! I once worked in a grocery store in Canada and from my experience, I can say that all damaged products (that are still sanitary) were sent to a homeless shelter. I can’t know if it’s like that in other places, but i don’t think all grocery stores are dangerous to the ecosystem

  • Sunflowerhobi _
    Sunflowerhobi _ 26 days ago

    are you going to try again after hearing climate change will be irreversible by 2030?

  • Freya Robinson
    Freya Robinson 26 days ago

    Sky used a paper straw

  • Audrey Boo
    Audrey Boo 28 days ago

    Do a garbage man’s day ... the strenght

  • Kat Lu 's AMV
    Kat Lu 's AMV 29 days ago

    Reuse remember.
    You can get plastic but reuse it.
    Don't go out and by a jar to keep your bulk rice and nuts in- reuse a plastic juice bottle, the bottle hardly weighs anything unlike a glass one so you don't have to have them take the weight off of the holder you are using.

  • Cristina WiLKINS
    Cristina WiLKINS Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the two people waving in the background? 8:45

  • Shamhara Network TV

    This is the move for real. I hope you guys continue

  • Vanessa Banuelos
    Vanessa Banuelos Month ago

    Try Goin plastic free plss!

  • Jolin Sundgren
    Jolin Sundgren Month ago

    I think you threw your stickers in the compost

  • Rebecca Shuster
    Rebecca Shuster Month ago

    you know, you could always just use a plastic bag over and over an over again and that could be you reusable bag!

  • Rebecca Shuster
    Rebecca Shuster Month ago

    My mom used to get imperfect produce boxes, but then it was too expensive :)

  • Sydney Polinchock
    Sydney Polinchock Month ago

    I always feel so guilty about the amount of waste that I use on a daily basis. I think my biggest waste producer is dog bags. We try to get ones that say they are bio-degradable but who knows how true that is. I also find it really hard to buy food without waste because I'm a very picky eater so I can't just eat a bunch of unpackaged fruit and be ok. It seems like it's impossible and I know it's not, but it's still such a giant task to tackle that sometimes I get overwhelmed with it.

  • JëttÃ¥
    JëttÃ¥ Month ago

    My mom and I are trying very hard to not produce plastic waste and I just called her and said can we go zero waste for one week...........😂😂😂😂 my mom is not happy with me right now she supports this fully but we don’t have zero waste grocery stores or anything like that near us not even a Whole Foods

    AK RANDOMNESS Month ago

    Ok so what do you do on periods?

  • Sammmy Lara
    Sammmy Lara Month ago

    8:48 😭😂

  • willow grace
    willow grace Month ago

    What did you do with toilet paper...

  • Jenay Wolthausen
    Jenay Wolthausen Month ago

    I know this isn't on the serious note...but did they seriously steal those towels from the restaurant? 😂

  • Shayla Burkey
    Shayla Burkey Month ago

    What about burning paper/cardboard products

  • CCM
    CCM Month ago

    Just a quick thought! Why not use small cloth bags for grains, fruits and vegetables ☺️

  • # Kimchiadventures
    # Kimchiadventures Month ago

    Hey guys! It would be great to get an update on how your incorporating these things into your daily lives a year (or more) on! ❤️

  • Watermelon Vibes
    Watermelon Vibes Month ago

    5:04 she didnt take off the stickers on the pumpkins
    That’s waste

  • Lunazul
    Lunazul Month ago


  • Kaitlin Graham
    Kaitlin Graham Month ago

    I love that you are making the world a better place one step at a time!

  • GachaWolf 54
    GachaWolf 54 Month ago

    Me:*Sees Pop-Tart bag*

  • Alexandra Gomez
    Alexandra Gomez Month ago

    You’re supposed to write the weight of the jar on the jar so that when you bring it filled, they would subtract the weight.

  • Sophia Le
    Sophia Le Month ago

    What would happen if we put it in space??🤔

  • Bernadette Calvino
    Bernadette Calvino Month ago

    Trader Joes has compostable produce bags.

  • Joy Havana
    Joy Havana Month ago

    *Michelle, can you please do a **#trashtag** video?*

  • Amy Francko
    Amy Francko Month ago +1

    I try to recycle everything, and I was proud to say it takes me two weeks to fill up a trash bag. I'm shocked to hear its not getting re-used

  • Mallory Mattison
    Mallory Mattison Month ago

    I wish I could make zero trash. Unfortunately I have a chronic illness and type 1 diabetes so I make A TON of trash 😕

  • CHIMMY_studio_productions

    singapore makes electricity out of wate.. they have a good system so nothing ends up harming the enviornment

  • branfeather
    branfeather Month ago

    Many of the things that were used for packaging you girls called trash can be re-used, such as the detergent bottle. It would make great storage for other items, even has a handle so you can hang it up somewhere (maybe as a planter after it has been cleaned)

  • Christian Pinargote

    Sky is ridiculously pretty

  • Stretchkitty Unplugged

    Uhg i wanna do this SOO bad yet idk how to start we also have pets which makes things worse.. the only thing im doing to recycle atm is giving the pets cardboard from toilet paper rolls etc and also reusing water bottles instead of plastic bottles

  • Jenna Wilder
    Jenna Wilder Month ago

    With napkins I put them in my worm farm and they eat them over time I take a cup everywhere and I say I’ll pay for a large as long as you put it in his cup and I use loose leaf tea and put it in this rubber reusable cat thingy

  • Johanna Löfqvist

    In sweden we are resycling almost everything, and the things that arent resyclable gets turned into biogas.

  • LadyPantera57
    LadyPantera57 Month ago

    The reusable produce bags had packaging!

  • Gigerenzer
    Gigerenzer Month ago

    You composted produce stickers!

  • Mia E
    Mia E Month ago

    I’m a teen in high school and want to try my best to produce less waste. What are some small changes I can make so that I make less waste?

  • Aaron Baughman
    Aaron Baughman Month ago

    So Michelle, it's been about a year. How many of these Zero Waste habits are you still doing in your normal life?

  • emiko74
    emiko74 Month ago

    Reusable containers and bags are definitely great for reducing waste, but they take a lot more energy and resources to make than their plastic counterparts. They need to be reused hundreds of times in order to come out to a net positive in terms of impact on the environment.

  • Gubi Jay
    Gubi Jay Month ago

    8:44 did anybody else notice the people in the back lol

  • Posegativity
    Posegativity Month ago

    I'm going to try this out this week

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J Month ago

    Reusable produce bags are something I use the most while trying to be low waste. You can make your own with thin scrap fabric or even pillow cases.

  • j.h
    j.h Month ago

    Are the couple in the background at 8:47 waving to the camera or mocking Sky??

  • A HC
    A HC Month ago

    Change one thing a month: toiletries, food, avoiding disposable things in the real world like a ninja, buying clothes, and other stuff. By the end you will be almost zero waste! Don’t worry if its not perfect

  • Kayla chandawengerwa

    I might sound stupid but

    But how do vegans go on a diet do you only eat fruit or vegetables like tf

  • Sydney Roman
    Sydney Roman Month ago

    you can compost napkins

  • Josie Maute
    Josie Maute Month ago

    You probably made SUCH a difference just during this challenge 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Reneexmari e
    Reneexmari e Month ago

    4:20 that girl was “angry”

  • Tr3X Nyex
    Tr3X Nyex Month ago

    Hands Hella hairy tho

  • MathPrime
    MathPrime Month ago

    Your challenge has resembled me turn to USSR!

  • Sophie D
    Sophie D Month ago +1

    Just curious, did you keep doing some of these things afterward or was it just a challenge to you? We all need to make a difference in our life, I hope you kept up some of these habits as well :)

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor Month ago

    I can't believe that my recycling might not be recycled when we drop it off and want it to be recycled that is not ok why

  • Lily Brown
    Lily Brown Month ago

    can’t you just burn the waste???

  • Maret Arredondo
    Maret Arredondo 2 months ago

    Is no one else wondering how she used the bathroom??

  • XxOngakuxX
    XxOngakuxX 2 months ago +2

    While I love the 0 waste movement and think it's absolutely amazing for the environment, it's not realistic for everyone. The closest "bulk" store that would be zero waste is HOURS away. For some, it's just not a possibility.

  • Angel Impat
    Angel Impat 2 months ago

    INTRO was so good.

  • Zozo Loza
    Zozo Loza 2 months ago

    In my family we use reusable produce bags and reusable shopping bags

  • Jeanne Pépin
    Jeanne Pépin 2 months ago

    The key to go zero waste is progress, doing everything at once is difficult. Take it one step at a time, look the resources in your area and look for solutions online! The community is helpful and it help to talk to other people having the same thoughts and struggles than you.
    Simple changes:
    bamboo toothbrush, safety razor, reusable straw (silicone, bamboo, stanless steel,etc.), menstrual cup OR washable pads and always having a bag with you just in case!

  • Raya Gasisyan
    Raya Gasisyan 2 months ago

    Starbucks sells reusable cups and takes 10 cents off the price u would pay when u use it