Is Zuckerberg Actually a Robot? | Serious Business

  • Published on Oct 27, 2019
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    This week: mass surveillance on school children, lots of insane Mark Zuckerberg news, Starlink updates, and lots of controversial stuff about autism. Oh, and the Bethesda (and AAA) shitshow.
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Comments • 53

  • Nixie Pixel
    Nixie Pixel Month ago +1

    Logan Juliani 2020
    Edit: Skelator is life

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall 9 days ago

    Is Logan going to sort that hair out? | Serious bushiness

  • Brent Ross
    Brent Ross 19 days ago +1

    I feel like TheXvid is burying you. I've been subscribed for ever... I haven't gotten a single video of yours in my feed for about a year or two. One day I was like oh ya wtf happened to Tek syndicate...

  • Priv YT
    Priv YT Month ago +7

    Oh wow, this channel is still going?

  • Eukara
    Eukara Month ago +1

    Dear Logan,
    fix forum domain redirect pls

    Best wishes,
    a concerned netizen

  • Fukushima is Revelation

    Zuckerberg is one of the chief cyber terrorists of this age, Zuckerberg should be in Guantanamo bay detention camp, contrary to popular opinion doing criminal activities because they are incredible profitable does not make them any less criminal, simultaneously stalking billions of people is a crime of unimaginable terrorist proportions, the fourth amendment applies to everyone in America. 4th amendment The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Zuckerberg has intentionally violated the 4th amendment trillions of times, in the history of criminal activities Zuckerberg is right there with Hitler. To be secure in their persons means specifically not keeping track of what they think or do or say what they like or don't like to keep track of those things making them searchable by anyone other than the originating person is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Thus a database of my lifes activities every moment searchable by me along could be beneficial to me for remembering things, but for anyone else to access my data to search it to share it to profit off it would be a violation of the 4th amendment.

  • Skup Media Group
    Skup Media Group Month ago

    netflix about to drop their first video game.

  • TheForistality
    TheForistality Month ago +4

    It is sad that this channel took a dunk after that whole fiasco. Logan was one of the first computer "enthusiasts" stemming from TigerDirect days. Now he barely gets any traction.

    • The Tech From Heaven
      The Tech From Heaven Month ago

      L1T is a few keystrokes from your reach if u want "something else" gramps

    • gnstallientoo D
      gnstallientoo D Month ago +2

      could be because he's focused on being goofy. it's not fun or interesting

  • Guy Taylor
    Guy Taylor Month ago

    Nope but he is a penis.

  • Mikey Henry
    Mikey Henry Month ago

    I have Asperger's and love that I have it. If there are any other Aspies out there that are into gaming you are welcome to join my server:

    LRRPEXILE Month ago

    Is Logan Actually a Fairy? | Serious Streaming

  • Mobydick
    Mobydick Month ago +2

    WTF is that hair style! Haha you look like Edna Mode from the Incredibles. :D

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee Month ago +1

    What is this stable boy haircut? Lol

  • Wild Relic Productions

    I think people should have to take a physc test before bring able to buy a gun

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce Month ago

    How about FB doesn't have live videos....

  • Sandip Baidya
    Sandip Baidya Month ago +2

    Most underrated channel on TheXvid right now. You people start with Linus.

  • Edmond
    Edmond Month ago


  • Ryan XCIII
    Ryan XCIII Month ago

    im going to start using the word Retardedly disabled just to piss people off

  • Wolfcub Ware
    Wolfcub Ware Month ago

    How come his youtube layout is different? 39:04

  • valent666
    valent666 Month ago +1

    22:40 Thank you

    • Yan 30
      Yan 30 15 days ago

      thanks mate :)

  • Gandhi
    Gandhi Month ago

    I have autism, and I feel like the answer is: it depends. If you have very mild autism like I do, it might not be be a big deal either way. But if you have very severe autism, a cure could be a life saver.

  • Antonia Delgado
    Antonia Delgado Month ago +1

    Cutting edge journalism

  • Crimson Koba
    Crimson Koba Month ago

    He's a reptilian

  • coxy ofnewp
    coxy ofnewp Month ago

    i give to a charity that was a big part of my life as dad had it for 26years. buy i just do it - not brag about it, i feel dirty even saying this..

  • Ken Heslip
    Ken Heslip Month ago +3

    Neither...he's an Android.

  • killaken2000
    killaken2000 Month ago

    I too like to perambulate with my canis familiaris fellow human person.

  • Beren Scott
    Beren Scott Month ago +1

    He could definitely play the next Data. I love the way he literally does this 45 degree turn on that grilling. He's looking to the left of screen and then does this 4th wall turn. Sir, he can see us. He's looking right at us.

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer Month ago

    he's too rich to be robot. He has become code.

  • David Razziano
    David Razziano Month ago +4

    Keep up the vids always fun :)

  • Amoon
    Amoon Month ago

    That a is title tho 😉

  • Neurax
    Neurax Month ago

    7 minutes in... you’ve dissed the president and autism.... I this not a tech channel anymore?

  • Oscar Martin
    Oscar Martin Month ago +1

    Is that title deliberately ‘unclear’?

    • marvDE
      marvDE Month ago +1

      Yes, so that Zuckerborg won't be able to make sense of it.

  • TheFissionchips
    TheFissionchips Month ago +1

    Autism only went up with vaccinations. Autism was virtually unknown before the last few decades.
    Politician is my favourite word for broken and useless humans.

    • The Tech From Heaven
      The Tech From Heaven Month ago

      Don't cut yourself with that edge boy

    • ZombieBarioth
      ZombieBarioth Month ago

      Really now, and yet you're the one resorting to ad hominems?

      I grew up in the 90's thank you very much, which was when autism really started gaining recognition as it's own thing,.

      No, most people didn't know what autism was specifically much less what to look for. Childhood diagnoses weren't common, more often than not it got lumped in with other similar disorders such as OCD or ADHD, or even just considered as being "slow".

      Many didn't get a proper diagnosis until their teenage or adult years. That is why autism rates just so happened to rise like it did.

    • TheFissionchips
      TheFissionchips Month ago

      @ZombieBarioth Really, I don'trecall anyone's parents not knowing what autism is. You must be a teen fuckhead with no past and a corporate media fixation.

    • Togapower
      Togapower Month ago

      No way you’re seriously this stupid. You’re kidding right? Lmao I hope so

  • TheFissionchips
    TheFissionchips Month ago +2

    no, he's a front for MOSSAD

  • Tiitan Rutse
    Tiitan Rutse Month ago

    I think all the people at the top have been replaced lol seriously we would know

  • evil- Scotsman
    evil- Scotsman Month ago +5

    The title triggers me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • club4ghz
    club4ghz Month ago +1

    I think he is brain damaged where his human part is like completely gone

  • Hugh Betcha
    Hugh Betcha Month ago +1

    Not a robot but a mossadnik no doubt.

  • thebatmanover9000
    thebatmanover9000 Month ago