NEXT XBOX Series X: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Xbox Series X has been officially announced at the 2019 Game Awards. Here's everything we know about the graphics, backwards compatibility, CPU, design, size, ram & more.
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  • yeetness the greater
    yeetness the greater 7 hours ago

    They better make every Xbox 360 and original Xbox games backwards compatibility. For some reason their a some games that are backwards compatibility and others that aren't which is wierd.

  • Insomniac7290
    Insomniac7290 11 hours ago

    Holidays 2020? So, christmas? If so... is that the reason 2077 was postponed till september?

  • untseac
    untseac 12 hours ago

    Where is "PlayStation 5 will sell a lot more than Xbox Series X"? That should be number 1.

    Yes I'm trolling but I actually think that's what going to happen. Sony sold more in every single generation, except the Nintendo Wii, if you considered that to be competition. The PlayStation brand also has a lot more momentum than the Xbox brand. Not like it matters much, just buy what you want. I don't even buy consoles anymore.

  • Alice Harry
    Alice Harry 19 hours ago

    Should I wait for the series x or should I buy the Xbox one x now?

  • Wilson
    Wilson Day ago

    Microsoft isn't screwing themselves this generation like they did in 2013.

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    i have a ps4 but im trying to decide if i should get this or the ps5

  • The#Number Six6
    The#Number Six6 Day ago

    Microsoft has truly embraced the x”box”

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White Day ago

    Backward compatible yes. And I thought the series x name ment that it is backward compatible with all games showing respect to all the other xboxes

  • Nk x Dexterity
    Nk x Dexterity Day ago

    Apparently - it’s 3x as fast... but we dont really know for sure because we’re just guessing. This video contains ZERO information. It is opinions and speculation.. will not watch a gameranx video again

  • Andrew Valle
    Andrew Valle Day ago

    can we just take a minute to apreciate the fact that single player games are returning to be king?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 days ago

    In 7 years the gpu speed was doubled......pathetic

  • Kimball Niemisto
    Kimball Niemisto 2 days ago

    8:15 what game is that? Is it crew? Ive been stuck on Forza horizon 4. Should I switch? Lol

  • Snow Yo
    Snow Yo 3 days ago

    Good choice using a mclaren as the car comparison, good taste 🤘

  • lime187
    lime187 3 days ago

    If ps5 is not backwards compatible then its xbox for me.

  • Karl Strand
    Karl Strand 3 days ago

    So if i have the series X, can i play with my friends that have the Xbox One?

    YEE EET 3 days ago

    Is it in stock?

  • Gunners Lloyd
    Gunners Lloyd 3 days ago

    Looking forward cash saved and ready

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats 3 days ago

    Put the speed at 1.75 thank me laterp

  • ʚ̣͡ĭɞ̜͍̇̕_•ε̼̝̳͙αͬͫͮŞ̒ͧ̽ý̸͞•_ʚ̣͡ĭɞ̜͍̇̕

    A refrigerator stronger than my pc lol

  • Dylan Levi Higginbotham

    Will it support HD TVs?

  • chris20002009200050
    chris20002009200050 4 days ago

    I really don't give a s*** about new consoles. This one sounds good though, and gamers want new games.

  • Klodian Fisheku
    Klodian Fisheku 4 days ago

    0 design seems like a f.. Ing cube. Maybe i switch to ps5

  • julian falcon
    julian falcon 4 days ago

    It comes out in 2020 but I don't know what day

  • stockenstein ftw
    stockenstein ftw 4 days ago

    I hope the series x has a pre order package with forza 8 halo infinite and microsoft flight sim 2020

  • Ethan Windle
    Ethan Windle 4 days ago

    Xbox is so much better than play station😂

  • Amaan Wahid
    Amaan Wahid 4 days ago

    Xbox series x gonna be the greatest console of all time 🔥🔥🔥

  • CorporateOverlord
    CorporateOverlord 4 days ago

    probably costs like 500 dollars lol

  • h e
    h e 5 days ago +1

    4:00 no it doesnt look like ot was done in engine, it looks something out of redshift or mantra

  • Max Sango
    Max Sango 5 days ago

    I think the extra button would maybe be to take out your disc or something to do with the cloud or like upload

  • Thee Unfortunate
    Thee Unfortunate 5 days ago

    It has two fans and the bottom of the clip trailer you can zoom in and see the legs 🦵💯💯

  • Gungi HFC
    Gungi HFC 5 days ago +1

    This man sounds like he doesn’t want to be here

  • Bill Pat
    Bill Pat 5 days ago

    Xbox is over.

  • Lil Swag
    Lil Swag 5 days ago

    Could we come back this year XBOX?

  • David Douglas
    David Douglas 6 days ago

    XBox Series X Price: Your first born child.

  • thrasherx2k1
    thrasherx2k1 6 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who finds the zombie girl attractive?

  • Lewis McCombe
    Lewis McCombe 6 days ago


  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 6 days ago

    Can have VR ? Probably not .

  • yoenny the gamer
    yoenny the gamer 6 days ago

    2024 video game looks like real life

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers 6 days ago

    It's the same shape as my Samsung fridge

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers 6 days ago

    Which holiday tho

  • N A
    N A 7 days ago

    Let me get this straight, you’re saying that the Xbox Series X has backwards compatibility with EVERY SINGLE GAME RELEASED FOR EVERY EXISTING XBOX CONSOLE?! IF THAT’S TRUE, I WANT ONE! P.S. I was planning on buying an Xbox 360 but now I think I want an Xbox Series X. At least I have a whole year to save up enough money for it.

    LOTTO LAUGHS 7 days ago

    In my opinion you missed one of the most important points... Cost???

  • actuallymichael
    actuallymichael 7 days ago

    So this is going to be the scarlet? I wouldve enjoyed the name as such but yeah im bouta cop it and run up on everyone talking noise just for the lols

  • Eternal Horror
    Eternal Horror 7 days ago

    I think I busted a nut

  • LuvIndie Games
    LuvIndie Games 7 days ago

    Im definitely getting Xbox PC (series x)

  • BatmanArkhamPro1 1
    BatmanArkhamPro1 1 7 days ago

    Will I have to buy all my games again on the Xbox series x?

  • Avik Jan
    Avik Jan 7 days ago

    This looks like a giant latte machine

  • Cris Calderon
    Cris Calderon 7 days ago +1

    I'm dying to see how the Google Stadia flops and how hard

  • Banter For Believers

    Bring back frogger! amirite?

  • Needstation
    Needstation 7 days ago

    Baf,how about comsuption?50 bucks Moore paying for a month

  • Cheshire Kennebrew
    Cheshire Kennebrew 7 days ago +1

    😍I just received my XBOX SERIES X SYSTEM YESTERDAY. It was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, other than bursting my first grape.💯

    ........ Pressure!!!!!!

  • Cody Gierke
    Cody Gierke 8 days ago

    All I can say is if it doesn't have 20 tb of storage then I won't buy it. I'm sick of downloading and uninstalling games all the time. When I want to play a game I should be able to put the disk in/select the game AND FREAKING PLAY IT.

  • Derek Child
    Derek Child 8 days ago +1

    I truly do not understand why people ever had an issue with the name of Microsoft’s new console. It is literally just called - XBOX. The model is Series X. It’s really not that confusing and they could not have chosen a better name - XBOX.

  • Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson 8 days ago

    I would like them to improve the signal strength between wireless controller and console. I had XBOX360 in a cupboard outside and away from Livingroom and TV and it worked flawlessly. The XBOX One has never worked the same which has always been a source of of extreme disappointment for me. That said it would not put me off but I do hope (sadly I think in vane) that this will be addressed.

  • Smurf Papa
    Smurf Papa 8 days ago

    So long as I keep my razor controller I’m good.

  • Spirallx
    Spirallx 9 days ago +1

    After hearing about backwards compatibility, I regret selling my Xbox 360 MW2 at a garage sale😭

  • UGHxDestroyer 2.0
    UGHxDestroyer 2.0 9 days ago

    How much is it

  • GameStop Gladiator Macho Man Tranny Savage

    The so happy about the NvMe because download speeds on the current Xbox is a bitch

  • AreFallout
    AreFallout 9 days ago

    Im eager to see the price. If this is worth the money i kight cop but if i can upgrade my pc to beat these specs for the same price i will pass

  • S0UND
    S0UND 9 days ago

    If the rumoured "Windows Mode" is true and allowed me to play Steam games at 144hz then I'm already sold !