Half in the Bag Episode 40: Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4

  • Published on Oct 27, 2012
  • www.redlettermedia.com - Mike and Jay discuss the recent horror flops Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. Meanwhile, some creepy things begin to happen around Old Man Plinkett's house. Could it be a Baghuul problem?
    WARNING: This episode contains several very loud noises. You'll probably hate us by the end.
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  • wannatradepants
    wannatradepants 3 days ago

    I'm having a hard time remembering any jump scares from the first 3 paranormal activity movies. Except the ending of the first one, the kitchen closets opening in the second one and... don't think i remember a single one in 3. It's shit like sinister and conjuring that are more about jump scares

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 12 days ago

    The chick paranormal investigator and ghost are cute

  • SomethingDangerous1
    SomethingDangerous1 23 days ago

    The ending of the second paranormal activity was legit scary as shit i dont know why they didnt just do more of that

  • Manoichan
    Manoichan 23 days ago

    Didn't Ethan Hawke's daughter in The Purge also get him and some of his family killed in that movie too? Or was it just Ethan Hawke?

  • Spencer LaBell
    Spencer LaBell 25 days ago

    I want to make the Universal Studios Paranormal Activity ride in Planet Coaster

  • JDM
    JDM Month ago

    I think it's the ambience and atmosphere that makes these movies creepy, but that's just my subjective opinion. I'm glad they stopped making them after "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension", though, because that's the movie where they actually started showing the demon on camera and that just killed all the tension ,creepiness and suspense of the unknown/unseen in the five "Paranormal Activity" movies before "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension".

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    The Gangnam style “joke” made me immediately remember I was watching this in 2019.

  • Mutineer
    Mutineer Month ago

    This redeems your terrible dark knight rises review. On the downside, I now have a Baghuul problem.

  • Thomas Leer
    Thomas Leer Month ago

    For me I like the movies purely for the continuation of the story, they each build on each other and fill out the cannon, but yes they definitely are not scary, but I think people just watch them for the sake of completeness... The marked ones is the most original one out of the bunch...

  • Cooper Prescott
    Cooper Prescott Month ago

    Where's the gabagool joke?

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez Month ago

    Review bad Ben and badder Ben.

  • Alex Martinovitch
    Alex Martinovitch Month ago

    i wish one of them punched the ghost, god i was getting sick of the loud noises

  • Spooplegeist
    Spooplegeist Month ago

    You guys pronounce "bagel" weird. Is that a Wisconsin thing?

  • Brandon Ramos
    Brandon Ramos 2 months ago +1

    Certain parts of your background music in this episode (specifically the glockenspiel around 4:30) sound just like sections of the score to Babes in Toyland (1934) with Laurel and Hardy...hack frauds!

  • Matthew Worobiej
    Matthew Worobiej 2 months ago

    Its a Halloween episode and it has over 666,666 views O.o

  • Nick Dinka
    Nick Dinka 2 months ago

    I watched Sinister without seeing any of the trailers a couple years after it released and I actually thought it was pretty good. Having since seen the trailers, I can see how those can completely ruin the movie.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo 3 months ago

    jump "scares" dont even scare me, they just piss me off. Even the ones in this review pissed me off. Its like a stupid ass friend who jumps out from behind a door to scare you. Its not clever or funny, it just makes me wish i had a gun to pull out and shoot you for being a jackass. Now that would be funny!

  • N A
    N A 3 months ago

    0:25 CALL *LIFE ALERT!!!!!*

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 3 months ago


  • Caitlin Jo Pepe
    Caitlin Jo Pepe 3 months ago

    24:56 you woke my cat up dammit

  • SpellboundWolf
    SpellboundWolf 3 months ago

    15:13 The Tell-Tale Heart!

  • Amangiechsin
    Amangiechsin 3 months ago

    paranormal activity four? more like paranormal activity BORE, or even paranormal activity SNORE

  • Nicholas Luck
    Nicholas Luck 3 months ago

    Well, looks like you've got a Baghuul problem. I can spray for it but if he's gotten into the support beams under the house we might have to tear up the whole floor.

  • Robert Paterson
    Robert Paterson 3 months ago

    A tell-tale heart disease

  • FJ R
    FJ R 4 months ago

    What the fuck is a priest

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian 4 months ago

    Five nights at Freddy's The Movie

  • QuiqueNet
    QuiqueNet 4 months ago +2

    jay: lets go watch paranormal activity 4. It may be interesting
    2 hours later
    Mike: *pulls out a bottle of alcohol*

  • Roundabout
    Roundabout 5 months ago

    Mike reviews Unfriended

  • disky
    disky 5 months ago +4

    I can't stop saying "Bheguul!" with kind of a bad New York Italian accent. Like "Ey, bheguul! Fuhgeddaboudit!" Maybe this is the true curse of the baghuul.

  • Original Zearoh
    Original Zearoh 5 months ago

    Paranormal activity sucked ass n I never saw another. They're stupid, boring, n not scary at all.

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 5 months ago

    FNAF in movie form.
    Some of the most boring shit to ever exist.
    What is its fan base? Morons...
    People who like to take their girlfriends or boyfriends to crappy jump scare movies while they text on the phone for half the movie about banging somebody else for the night or getting high or drunk.
    Same old shit, different generation... though we're just starting to see the beginnings of Idiocracy, the modern movie Bible of what will happen to our country and probably a lot sooner than we think... good luck everybody!

  • Jake Sorenson
    Jake Sorenson 5 months ago

    The Spanish paranormal activity the marked ones is the only decent one

  • Max Fritze
    Max Fritze 5 months ago

    I saw the first one on acid.. shit was hilarious.

  • Logan Jorgensen
    Logan Jorgensen 5 months ago

    Yeah P4 needs more shaky cam, stick men, piles of rocks, and up the nose camera angles. But seriously of coarse the series made profit, they sold tickets to something you can get for free on TheXvid, tons of "startle" videos out there. Easy to make money when you sell shit in a box.

  • Billy AIDS Virus
    Billy AIDS Virus 6 months ago +1

    sinisterin' 2: electric bagul

  • Adolf Hipster
    Adolf Hipster 6 months ago +1

    i think "Baguul" is based on the boogieman. which gets its name from the middle english "Bugbear" refering to a goblin/scarecrow like mythological creature that ate children. every culture has its version. even the judeo/christian faiths have Lilith, who was said to be at fault for the death of young children and miscarriages. its a pretty easy link to make from baguul to boggieman. esspecially considering the eating children part. was still an awful movie tho.

  • Movies Over Matter Productions

    This movie makes Bad Ben look alright...

  • Dangerous ASMR
    Dangerous ASMR 6 months ago

    "Gah! Baghuul!"

  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn 6 months ago

    Jay's reaction to possibly seeing a Kevin James movie is one of my favorite things on this channel.

  • Timothy Runge
    Timothy Runge 6 months ago

    I feel like that wasn't a real phone number...

  • Jose Lazo
    Jose Lazo 6 months ago

    Not a fan of making a point by blasting my eardrums.

  • Patrick Doherty
    Patrick Doherty 6 months ago +3

    I thought that Sinister started off quite well. I think the first 40-45 minutes were great. It was very creepy, but I was hoping that there would be a human killer. The Monet when I realised it was a supernatural horror, I was so disappointed.

  • pulkmees
    pulkmees 6 months ago

    Only the first Paranormal Activity works. And it works because it's subtle. It actually builds up to the end. It also works because is it doesn't have the perfect jumpscares like the later movies. Also the fact that it's a regular house with normal people makes it relatable. It could happen in your own house. Yes, obviously everyone knows it's a movie, but it doesn't take a lot to believe it's an actual house. Look how much you have to convince people on an actual horror movie. The sequels fuck all of this up though.

  • viljamtheninja
    viljamtheninja 7 months ago +9

    Baghoul 2: How Baghoul Got His Bagroove Back.
    Also, I haven't even seen the movie but the worst thing has to be the title. "Sinister" says absolutely nothing about the movie except that it's most likely a horror movie. But just like Insidious, it's a name with zero personality. Like calling a comedy "Funny" or an action movie "Explosions". Even if the movie ends up being good, chances are it will be forgotten within a year because the title is too vague to be linked to a specific plot.

  • Lazer Pancake
    Lazer Pancake 7 months ago

    The part where he starts hitting the table is probably one of my favorite hitb moments. That whole skit is comedy gold

  • nick
    nick 7 months ago

    so...guess we have bagul problems.i cracked xD

  • TheBrendon67
    TheBrendon67 7 months ago

    We don’t have any gabagool.

  • TheBrendon67
    TheBrendon67 7 months ago

    Bagool me!?!?!
    Oh no...
    Bagool you!!!!
    Bagool you straight to Gozer!

  • mattcrawfish
    mattcrawfish 7 months ago +2

    "Should we help him off the goddam ground"

  • Flavourless Josephus
    Flavourless Josephus 7 months ago

    'You don't film your own living room'
    Someone should have told Aaron Hernandez that.

  • flashkraft
    flashkraft 7 months ago

    Sinister began really well but when the killer turned out to be a demon it went down hill for me and ended poorly. It would have been much better if the killer was a Zodiac Killer type human maybe even with mild psychic abilities and it kept its creepy serial killer vibe all the way to the end.

  • Elle Mollitor
    Elle Mollitor 8 months ago

    Yes! I fucking hate being startled, but I love being freaked out. (Also, this video kept making me borderline angry until the tiny car.)

  • Addiemonster RC
    Addiemonster RC 8 months ago

    Bagool did me a REAL SPOOK UP

  • Mad Maxim
    Mad Maxim 8 months ago

    Loved Sinister until the end.. the last act fell flat for me.

  • Brave Sir Robin
    Brave Sir Robin 8 months ago +1

    Don't startle me.

  • Eff Three
    Eff Three 8 months ago

    a video this old with this many comments i feel like i could say anything and noone will ever see it

  • August
    August 8 months ago

    The crow got me. >_< You bastards.

  • deepelem blues
    deepelem blues 8 months ago

    Watching this episode with the Ghostbusters theme looped in the background was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

  • Jeroen Goossens
    Jeroen Goossens 8 months ago

    Am i the only one who wants to fuck that ghost? Damn shes fine.

  • Chaos Bearded Gaming and more

    Nice Ghost Hunters Parody also thanks for taking the piss out of how they repeat what EVPs are and other stuff

  • Chaos Bearded Gaming and more

    I love how these guys destroyed horror tropes like Blackouts and Jump scares etc

  • Azure Tiger
    Azure Tiger 8 months ago

    I get tired of the Christians vs other religion cliche. Just do a universal demon or monster. Requires more imagination(which means more interesting) and you don't turn people off with divisive politics.

    • Casualite
      Casualite 4 months ago

      You see, with the prominence of Christianity, the worlds of most horror movies in our world is treated as if the Christian world-view is the standard. If you've ever read Paradise Lost (John Milton), he depicts the ancient Greek and Egyptian gods as demons who used their angelic powers to gain followers and turn them away from God. Baal, Lucifer, Beezelbul, Mammom, they were empowered as angels, and now pervert their intended skills as demons. That explains why they are supernaturally powerful, spiritual, and in a sense, makes them more devious. Why are they evil? In a Christian context, just because. They are evil because they rejected a perfect life, and now that they are out of Heaven, they are hellbent to take that away from everyone else. That is why, to a Christian, they are scary. And that is why they are often depicted in a Christian context.

  • John Schiavone
    John Schiavone 9 months ago

    I absolutely loathe jump scares, but I happen to like the Paranormal Activity movies because those scares, for the most part, have to be designed without the use of cheap artificial sound effects or forced editing. That's what makes the "found footage" aspect work for me: the fact that the perspective is fixed and that there isn't creepy music or some fucking stupid discordant chords means that the scare has to actually be designed around what's happening on the screen.
    I also like that the tension is set up to be internal, between your curiosity of wanting to understand the threat better and your knowledge that something unsettling is about to happen. The best moments in these kind of movies is when you learn something important in those "scary" moments. A good example in the first movie is the attic, where the characters discover that this threat has been watching her since childhood. It's a cheap scare with loud noises, but that's not what's scary about the scene; the knowledge gained is the "payoff" for willingly paying attention and thus allowing yourself to be vulnerable to being unsettled.

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne 9 months ago +5

    To be fair, the dad in Sinister says they couldn't keep the old house so it implies they had an expensive house that they could no longer afford since he hasn't written any hits.
    And a horror trope is that haunted houses or houses where even a single strange or huge murder party has happened tend to be cheap.

  • Systamatik1
    Systamatik1 9 months ago

    Paranormal Activia

  • Rollo
    Rollo 10 months ago

    Booooo get fucked

  • lemma
    lemma 11 months ago

    It was blacks!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago

    I've never seen any of the PA movies but from seeing clips online it seems like the demon is just pranking people out of boredom.

  • cody akers
    cody akers 11 months ago

    Two years ago I watched the paranormal activity series. I mostly fast forwarded through sections of each movie because they bored me. I wanted to understand why people enjoyed these movies and I still have no answer.

  • Robert S
    Robert S 11 months ago

    Oy Vey!! To seal him, you must put lox on the baghoul!

    Lox korl!!!!!

  • Justinian Rex
    Justinian Rex 11 months ago

    I like you guys, but maybe you @sshol€s shouldn't go see movies you're not the audience for and then talk sh!+ about it... we dont want to see you sh!+ on a movie people like when your not the audience. We want to hear you sh!+ on a movie you expected to be good.

  • daffyphack
    daffyphack 11 months ago

    Something I've been frustrated about in recent horror movies....why do demons need suits?

  • Lukas Dicker
    Lukas Dicker 11 months ago

    i love yall

  • Brett VV
    Brett VV 11 months ago

    Jay's walk... I laugh every time.

  • regularspecial1
    regularspecial1 11 months ago

    what was up with that stare into the camera

  • xSPYDRx
    xSPYDRx 11 months ago +1

    i actually like sinister. it's an interesting concept. it's hard to get interesting concepts in movies anymore.

  • Voxx-Chatter_777
    Voxx-Chatter_777 11 months ago

    i died laughing at the slipknot joke

  • FilmGeek Studios
    FilmGeek Studios Year ago

    Baghul 2, Baghul In The Habit

  • hausy
    hausy Year ago +1

    I can't explain why I am into the PA movies. I don't think I like them, in fact I know I don't. I think I am somewhat intrigued by the through line, which I think is down to my seeing the first one in theatres.

  • Antediluvian Spy
    Antediluvian Spy Year ago

    Jumpscares are bullshit. When our senses overload, especially our hearing mixed with sight, it creates a physiological response left over from when we were hunter/gatherers. Our bodies believe we are under attack and it releases adrenaline. After that wears off our amygdala has been engaged, creating a state of hypervigilance, and this increases your fear response, while conveniently forcing you to empathize with what you are perceiving. Also, females would scream as a kind of siren which meant the camp was under attack and it would provoke the same response in the men to come running while they were out hunting. It's a way to trick us to actually care about their shit. The kind of horror you guys are speaking of is Terror. The psychological response when you know something is not right with what you are perceiving but you cannot figure out what it is. It's a harder response to a trigger and is much more earned by the movie. Mixed in with limited use of grotesque, or "shock horror" makes for a much better movie.

  • Antediluvian Spy
    Antediluvian Spy Year ago

    I think this would have been much better if they had cultists trying to gain the favor of Bughuul completing offerings to him and eventually he is able to manifest. Have a slower burn than just having a killer with no mystery at all behind him. When you make it all a pagan deity it takes away from the "holy shit look at the evil man is capable of" to "What the fuck? Why is a pagan deity from Babylonian times here? Why would they ever believe in a God that eats children?" They actually made up Bughuul, and they didn't have to when history has such rich mythology of way crazier shit than "eats kids." It's a shame that people who make occult horror films know absolutely nothing about the occult. Just make another jumpscare fest using shit to hold the 2nd-grade craft project together like you always do, Hollywood.

  • JT Cherry
    JT Cherry Year ago

    I really wish they didn’t put actual jumpscares in the videos. Sure, it’s not that scary, but it’s extremely unpleasant :/

  • FPSchazly
    FPSchazly Year ago

    13:47 another instance of the rare mike laugh

  • Gabby Jones
    Gabby Jones Year ago +17

    Ethan Hawk's character just seems ripped from the Shining:
    - a writer suffering writer's block
    - alcoholic
    - bad father
    - moves to a new setting to help creative thoughts

    • Mrmightyturtle
      Mrmightyturtle 4 months ago +3

      So...most writers?

    • CarloisBuriedAlive
      CarloisBuriedAlive 6 months ago +11

      Gabby Jones to be fair, you’ve described plenty of writers in general lol

  • Edgy Edgelord McEdgerson

    *ghostbusters theme starts*
    Jay:"Who ya gonna call??"
    *Staring intensifies and ghostbusters theme gets louder*
    *Ghostbusters theme cuts*
    Mike: "paranormal investigators..."
    Me and Jay: Oh.... *Disappointment*

  • Maciej Bogdan Stepien

    7:55 the writers had no idea whatsoever what writing is all about. Period.

  • Maciej Bogdan Stepien

    Second week of bnge-watching HITB. Just mentioning.

  • get the papers get the papers

    2:25 hey look Rich Evans is sitting on the tv

  • Daniel Patterson
    Daniel Patterson Year ago

    If you guys can't get that taking a girl to a dark room where she'll be bored until she jumps in fright can be worth spending money on, I don't know what else to tell you.


    Being scared release a dose of adrenaline in your system, people who goes to the movie theaters watching Paranormal Activity are just like a bunch of drug addicts looking for the jump scare, the "fix".

  • Merto
    Merto Year ago

    You are talking about paranormal 4 is boring but here there is a 10 hour video of paint dry and it made 208,596 views. And it's not actually a video just still image.

  • deadseamonster
    deadseamonster Year ago

    I miss these old episodes when there was all this other stuff going on. lol

  • ALJustice0
    ALJustice0 Year ago

    Sinister was not deserving of being a flop. It was a near masterful execution of a horror movie until the very end.

  • void735
    void735 Year ago +14

    i want a 10 hour version of mike in a tiny cart with spoky music going through white people houses

  • Jared W Lynem
    Jared W Lynem Year ago

    I thought the first PA4 trailer clips were part of the parody.

  • Žan Ujčič
    Žan Ujčič Year ago +1

    Does anybody know what the music that starts at 1:45 is called? I'm sure its the same music Preston Jacobs used as the Rogue Prince's theme.

  • Hasla Hali
    Hasla Hali Year ago

    I was positively surpriced about Sinister. Mainly because it raised some real anxiety with those 9mm films of families getting murdered in pretty imaginative ways. The atmosphere was quite dark in that perspective. Also it wasn't the basic "blood and guts" kind of movie which is really dump in my opinion. However, at the middle of the movie it started to become pretty predictable and the anxiety level dropped quite a bit when all these Hollywood cliches started pouring in.

  • New Order of Alexandria

    I wouldn't mind a sexy ghost lady running around MY house, mmmmm....

  • Nate Guerra
    Nate Guerra Year ago +2

    I want a new baby video but instead of a baby its rich evans

    • Inquisitor White
      Inquisitor White Year ago

      I'm just imagining a baby with an adult Rich Evans head.

  • BetweenTheLyons
    BetweenTheLyons Year ago

    If you wanna see something like Paranormal Activity but done well, watch This House Has People In It