Giving My Man The Hair He Deserves

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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  • D N
    D N 6 hours ago

    ‘Schwing’ ‘excellent’ ‘we’re not worthy’ if nobody understands these quotes I will cry because I look stupid.

  • Your Ego
    Your Ego 12 hours ago +1


  • Haziel Lopez
    Haziel Lopez 15 hours ago +1

    Me when it's my turn to provide wind energy to power the generator after the apocalypse 10:25

  • Olivia Hopper
    Olivia Hopper 18 hours ago +1

    Put extensions in his beard

  • jessica macmillan
    jessica macmillan 18 hours ago

    We need to see a edit if when Julien embodied a helicopter 😂

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 18 hours ago

    I’ve never been so happy...🤣🤣🤣 THANK YOU JENNA AND JULIAN. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYS💜💜💜

  • sophia
    sophia 18 hours ago

    roblox hair be like

  • Issie Coleman
    Issie Coleman 19 hours ago

    Julian always becomes so extra when he has long hair. 😂😂

  • Salted Peanuts
    Salted Peanuts Day ago

    This is it, the video that no longer has the squeaky toy noise, an end of an era

  • Silver Jellybean

    If he were to wear the extensions in a ponytail, he could almost have Inoichi’s hair.

  • Gwyn Paullin
    Gwyn Paullin Day ago

    Julien in a black ski mask and yellow hair going down the bottom should honestly be a character from scary stories to tell in the dark 😂😂

  • Jasmine Michelle

    he looks like a girl who had a bad leave out 💀

  • Jayleen Davila
    Jayleen Davila Day ago

    Julien is a walking meme.

  • The Turn Based Gamer

    You turned your boyfriend into a soyboy. Yuck.

  • Bonn Bunn
    Bonn Bunn 2 days ago

    sailor moon?

  • Raine Staer
    Raine Staer 2 days ago

    I don't use those hair paint brushes either and just kinda squish the dye into my hair with my hands, but... My hair's attached to my head, so it hangs down and doesn't get tangled. 😐
    Didn't want to do all the extra work dying them, so now you get to untangle 'em! 😂
    How the fuck did you even untangle them tho??

  • Kirsten Howell
    Kirsten Howell 2 days ago

    all oev juice

  • BananaGaming
    BananaGaming 2 days ago

    Jenna: one time my dad didn’t brush my hair for eleven days and it looked like this. My mom was pissed.
    Me: one time I didn’t brush my hair for a day and it looked like that. My mom has learned to live with it.

  • MacKenzie Karsonovich

    I love the absolute queen that Julien turns into whenever Jenna does anything remotely feminine to him

  • mac and cheesios
    mac and cheesios 2 days ago

    10:33 I love gurdy giggles from Spy Kids 2

  • im daisy btw
    im daisy btw 2 days ago

    I mean bless Jenna she's adorable but those eyebrows? two rats facing eachother

  • Bendage
    Bendage 2 days ago

    11:12 I'm fucking crying. these two are so adorable!

  • blue eyed siren
    blue eyed siren 3 days ago

    If you like it seriously knot up your tracks … This is how you do it! Lmfao i’m a lazy fat Natalia supervisor for years and I EY for yes because a group from helping ARS at her to be done and it hilarious how people honestly think some of this up

  • Cade Capricorn
    Cade Capricorn 3 days ago

    Did anyone else think Julian was Markiplier for a minute?

  • Bonnie Durand
    Bonnie Durand 3 days ago

    Got an ad for hair loss treatment during this

  • G E
    G E 3 days ago

    Oh no

  • victoria moctezuma
    victoria moctezuma 3 days ago

    No into?

  • MythiClan Warriors
    MythiClan Warriors 3 days ago

    All my Bisexual dreams just came true...

  • SammySpine9
    SammySpine9 3 days ago

    Kinda wanna know what Gemini season looks like...

  • William Weber
    William Weber 3 days ago

    4:09 •_•

  • Chogiwaes Skirt
    Chogiwaes Skirt 3 days ago

    Julian gets so aggressive the second he has a wig on

  • btxkiddo90
    btxkiddo90 3 days ago

    that was fucking entertaining

  • Lindsay H
    Lindsay H 4 days ago


  • Britney Brews
    Britney Brews 4 days ago +1

    I'm here from Julien's story. I wanted to see when she stopped using intro because I *DID NOT* notice

  • Jessica Violo
    Jessica Violo 4 days ago


  • Aislin McClarnon
    Aislin McClarnon 4 days ago +2

    Just saw juliens story and went to look back for the first video without the Sexual Wednesday intro. I just don’t know how I forgot it wasn’t a thing anymore

  • Vivienne Kaylock
    Vivienne Kaylock 4 days ago

    Okay, is anyone gonna question *why* Jenna has a 8:39

  • Emilie Nygård Berg
    Emilie Nygård Berg 4 days ago

    first, I thought it said "giving my hair the man it deserves" hahaha haha

  • Naomi olvera
    Naomi olvera 5 days ago

    this is my favorite video of them together it made me so happy 💗💗

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell 5 days ago +2

    julien with his ari poni (jenna: "say thank you") julien: thank u, next

  • Matrixie Kitty
    Matrixie Kitty 6 days ago

    Julien: *gets an Ari ponytail* *ENGAGES HELICOPTER MODE!!*

  • Toga_Hamiko
    Toga_Hamiko 6 days ago

    omg when Julien swings his ponytail

  • Caroline Gant
    Caroline Gant 6 days ago +1

    it’s been a while year and i’m still cry laughing

  • Shoshiko
    Shoshiko 6 days ago

    the queen julianna grande

  • Matthew Lol
    Matthew Lol 6 days ago

    joe dirts angry...

  • CK Fellman
    CK Fellman 7 days ago

    Yellow hair extensions + blue roomper = true unfiltered beauty

  • Josie
    Josie 7 days ago

    8:32 is just Jonathan from queer eye

  • Jaime Sheehan
    Jaime Sheehan 7 days ago

    We need Moq back...

  • Charlie Chaplain
    Charlie Chaplain 7 days ago +1

    Just realized that this is the first video she’s made without the “sexual Wednesday” squeaky dog noise intro

  • SugaKookies&Jin
    SugaKookies&Jin 7 days ago


  • Kaasibah Aziz
    Kaasibah Aziz 7 days ago

    It's literally 6am and I have school in 15 mins but I spend all night watching both of them. I feel like I'm gonna act like Julien later cause I get weird when I sleep deprived. God I love both of them 🖤🖤🖤

  • Thantos Ying
    Thantos Ying 8 days ago

    Why is no one talking about how he dragged himself by his own hair extensions?! XD

  • Alex White
    Alex White 8 days ago

    I keep thinking the peach on julien’s shirt is a hole and it’s just his nipple

  • Sophia Soloveitchik
    Sophia Soloveitchik 8 days ago

    Brad mondo needs to see this

  • cruel cruel
    cruel cruel 9 days ago

    jennaaaa theres such an easier way to dye extensions which wont make it tangled!! u fill the bowl with water THEN add and mix the dye, and u neatly dip the hair into there and it does it so easily and it'll be just as pigmented.

  • Sofia Gilmore-Montero

    He looks like the best naruto character ever

  • Simone Smith
    Simone Smith 9 days ago


  • D LO
    D LO 10 days ago

    Woah! So this is where she stops playing her dog squeaky toy intro

  • Noire. Lace;
    Noire. Lace; 10 days ago

    OMG I scrolled all the way back here to see what was the first video she stopped using her title card and squeaky noise. ;~;

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green 10 days ago

    I'm rewatching and realizing someone should have jonathan van ness from Queer Eye react to this LOL

  • Sassy Giraffe
    Sassy Giraffe 11 days ago

    "im rubbin and living im picking it up" ~ Julian

  • psotelo342
    psotelo342 11 days ago +1

    HELL YEAH-if like comment and say hell yeah!

  • Gem Galang
    Gem Galang 11 days ago

    Julien looks like Joe Dirt (David Spades movie). J&J, don't forget to put the lotion on the skin...

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 11 days ago +1

    Why dose he look like tanna

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 12 days ago

    Get u a mans that can be hulk hulgan and ariana grande

  • Bailey Paige
    Bailey Paige 12 days ago +1

    all you have to do is give julien extra hair and he goes absolutely feral

  • Gianni Hernandez
    Gianni Hernandez 12 days ago

    What if they have kids, and their kids find this youtube video

  • Brianna Reed
    Brianna Reed 12 days ago

    If Jenna can do it, a hair dresser can do it

  • mini hobi
    mini hobi 12 days ago +1

    all ove juice

  • isi jgr
    isi jgr 13 days ago +1

    Jenna: "Give me that head, bitch"
    Julien: "No"
    Jenna: "So no head?" *smashes bowl on the ground and jumps on it*

  • isi jgr
    isi jgr 13 days ago

    Jenna: "Give me that head, bitch"
    Julien: "No"
    Jenna: "So no head?" *smashes bowl on the ground and jumps on it"

  • AvaBTSisthebest
    AvaBTSisthebest 13 days ago

    when he whipped I felt it

  • m.e.g.v
    m.e.g.v 13 days ago

    5:36 is making me cry idk whyyyyy

  • Gaby Woda
    Gaby Woda 13 days ago

    where the freak did the intro go

    i’m not mad i’m just *worried*

  • Brenda Lambert
    Brenda Lambert 14 days ago

    My dream is for Julien to have a handlebar mustache with blue tips.