Virgin Gets His First Date Ever

  • Published on May 30, 2021
  • Helping A Virgin Get His First Date Ever @FrenchieFries @FaZe Kay @TeaWap
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  • FaZe Nikan
    FaZe Nikan 11 months ago +4436


    • ZBS_TATY
      ZBS_TATY 11 months ago

      I was the fourth thousand and five hundred like exactly

    • Matthias Gomez
      Matthias Gomez 11 months ago


    • AJ 27 jump
      AJ 27 jump 11 months ago

      Let's go

    • Humpty Kraxy
      Humpty Kraxy 11 months ago

      Lesssss gooooooooooooooo DUDUDUDU les gooooooooo

    • Frogy
      Frogy 11 months ago

      Less go

  • Jaxon Rognlin
    Jaxon Rognlin 11 months ago +467

    5:50, "He is going for boys that have girlfriends"- Kay 2021

  • KidFromSask Streams
    KidFromSask Streams 11 months ago +120

    When TeaWap said “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” I was like YOOOOOOOO LESS GOOOO

  • WarXie
    WarXie 11 months ago +153

    Having a friend like Jarvis is so lucky

  • Preston
    Preston 11 months ago +40

    “For the kids that means how many dates he’s been on” Lmao

  • FrenchieFries
    FrenchieFries 11 months ago +999

    Broooo the date was amazing!!! And it ended with a kiss...
    On the cheek 😂

  • Kaiden is a qt
    Kaiden is a qt 11 months ago +8

    This is hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Domix -
    Domix - 11 months ago +22

    Yo i swear Kevin is so humble. He looks like an amazing person! Luv u Kevin

  • Makaii
    Makaii 11 months ago +47

    He has a lot of confidence to admit he’s a virgin infront of 4 million people

    • Manu2000harry
      Manu2000harry 11 months ago

      bro he is 18 he shld be a virgin

    • Makaii
      Makaii 11 months ago

      @Ryuga CZ ? Don’t make sense

    • Makaii
      Makaii 11 months ago

      @Reece Hood 4 mil subs

    • Reece Hood
      Reece Hood 11 months ago

      250k* 😀

  • Aspect Ackerman
    Aspect Ackerman 11 months ago +129

    Plot twist: Jarvis is the actual virgin

    • Skrimmz
      Skrimmz 10 months ago

      @NIC Yup

    • Shuchona
      Shuchona 11 months ago +1

      @Kevin when I was younger I didn't no what it really meant so I would go around saying I'm not a virgin everyone would start laughing

    • CoolDYT
      CoolDYT 11 months ago

      @Epic Games 👀

    • Matthias Gomez
      Matthias Gomez 11 months ago


    • Jannely
      Jannely 11 months ago

      @Dxnut_Cop negative

  • Crader
    Crader 11 months ago +114

    its shocking how just changing the way you dress improves your personality tremendously

  • Rolando
    Rolando 11 months ago

    I love how at the end it actually shows them having fun and bonding good for him good luck

  • Pluto V2
    Pluto V2 11 months ago +861

    How nice of you

    • Maya E
      Maya E 11 months ago

      What’s up checkmark

    • Praby
      Praby 11 months ago

      what are you doing here

    • Skrimmz
      Skrimmz 11 months ago


    • Spy
      Spy 11 months ago

      down bad you prob want then to do that aswell to you brothar

    • Komi
      Komi 11 months ago

      @Dd Desalegn what are you doing bro

  • Javier PG
    Javier PG 5 months ago

    1:12 that made me laugh so hard

  • TsNKen
    TsNKen 11 months ago +32

    "Your getting a gyal brother" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dale Dalisay :p
    Dale Dalisay :p 11 months ago +397

    "maybe when ur in bed, you can have an earpiece" LMAO 😭😭

    • Playz
      Playz 11 months ago

      @Nolt oh shi nice one

    • lunarr!
      lunarr! 11 months ago

      @Nolt LMAOOO

    • MxtrixTweakin
      MxtrixTweakin 11 months ago +2


    • Nolt
      Nolt 11 months ago +10

      @Nikic Dude, I just found out the hardest challenge of my life. Until now, my hardest challenge was finding a girlfriend, but no its finding who asked.

    • Nikic
      Nikic 11 months ago +1

      I absolutely spat on clix in my last montage video lmfao he's washed no wonder he stopped streaming 🐶 💦

  • Agape Molsom
    Agape Molsom 11 months ago +16

    Kay's reaction is legendary 🤣

  • aragamer ara
    aragamer ara 10 months ago +2

    Having a friend with jarvis is really lucky

  •  𝓮𝔀𝓪𝓷
    𝓮𝔀𝓪𝓷  11 months ago +124

    Ayo I feel bad for Frenchie fries if you've watched a single one of his videos it's obvious he's putting on this loser persona just for Jarvis it's actually kind of sad

    • Poo Poo
      Poo Poo 11 months ago +4

      It’s not sad he made money he won’t care

    • jay jay
      jay jay 11 months ago +1

      “Someone subbed to you”

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 11 months ago +44

    “What does a hug feel like” ~22 year old

  • CybrioX
    CybrioX 11 months ago

    I'm dying of laughter now 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • Jaša Jereb Podobnik
    Jaša Jereb Podobnik 11 months ago +1

    Kevin is the real beast, i love him :)

  • Stevo0o
    Stevo0o 11 months ago

    We need more videos like these 😂

  • Bryson/Bob Casteel
    Bryson/Bob Casteel 11 months ago +13

    I’ve never saw someone’s hand sweat like kevins did 😂

  • Tenzi
    Tenzi 11 months ago +1382

    Hey Jarvis, I’m a virgin too 😎

  • GreenAnime
    GreenAnime 11 months ago +9

    “ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

  • Jose Avila
    Jose Avila 11 months ago +2

    7:35 kids will never understand 😂

  • mivuyo zuzani
    mivuyo zuzani 11 months ago +1

    Kevin is a legend🤣

  • Kraxqs
    Kraxqs 11 months ago

    By far one of the best videos on TheXvid I like when you have tewap and yourself narrorating

  • linkz
    linkz 11 months ago +363


  • K00patr00pa0ne
    K00patr00pa0ne 11 months ago

    I kept laughing 😂 so fucken hard 😂

  • Asim
    Asim 11 months ago +4

    Jarvis the love doctor😂

  • Xavier Newell
    Xavier Newell 11 months ago

    this is by far my favorite video on youtube lmao

  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23 11 months ago +1

    2:29 im dying lmfao

  • Ruben Barnett
    Ruben Barnett 11 months ago +2

    Hannah at 1:12 right in front of Jarvis what a savage

  • ohnowillow
    ohnowillow 11 months ago +1

    "Tea Wap, Camerawoman"😂😂😂

  • Gaumzee chuchra
    Gaumzee chuchra 11 months ago

    OMG! Just loved the video and must say you and Kay got a big heart ❤️

  • Hiiiiiii
    Hiiiiiii 11 months ago

    Awhhhhh I would totally date you, your look like a sweet caring guy ❤️

  • Bob Jo
    Bob Jo 11 months ago

    2:37 had me deddd😭😭

  • Rodrigo Pelaez
    Rodrigo Pelaez 11 months ago

    Make more videos like this 🔥🔥🔥

  • TOP
    TOP 11 months ago

    To the 1 person who is reading this: you’re awesome and adorable stay safe❤️

  • Razlays
    Razlays 11 months ago

    Oml it’s so hard to watch 😂😂😂 but I can’t stop watching

  • Angel Anton
    Angel Anton 11 months ago +2

    LETS GO KEVIN ! 💪🏽💪🏽

  • CloakZ Aaron
    CloakZ Aaron 11 months ago

    2:23 "have a bit of banter" gan jar is ill make an irish out of soon💚💚

  • King ツ
    King ツ 11 months ago

    Tea wap made me laugh 😂

  • Ciqwa 2
    Ciqwa 2 11 months ago

    He actually chose a good looking girl, I’m flattered

  • Cappop Choi
    Cappop Choi 11 months ago +65

    He’s like a 98 year old man trying to ride a bike without training wheeles

  • Haggan
    Haggan 6 months ago

    Love when we come together for family times we'll always wherther smth the hardest times so common get it man you gotta shine my family's pies

  • D3
    D3 11 months ago

    When is Kevin gonna make some new videos I miss seeing frenchie fries making the best gaming setups

  • Dixita Gurung
    Dixita Gurung 11 months ago +5

    8:02 lmaooo 🤣🤣

  • Chris Yuh
    Chris Yuh 11 months ago

    Congrats champ well deserved

  • Bilal Ali
    Bilal Ali 11 months ago

    Frazier face at 2:40 had me rolling fr 😭😭😂😂😂

  • FaZe Cephus
    FaZe Cephus 11 months ago +13

    I see you helping out your boy.

  • Gdyfnf
    Gdyfnf 11 months ago +1

    I got excited for him 🤣

    DAMASTER 11 months ago

    I have been watching Kevin on his channel for years and now that he has come to faze is awesome

    LUKIEPOO 11 months ago

    imagine having a friend like that tho

  • luv
    luv 11 months ago +1

    im so proud of kevin

  • Zenu
    Zenu 11 months ago

    Frenchie fries has been working so hard he deserves it

  • Shimanto Enterprise
    Shimanto Enterprise 11 months ago

    I am really excited to see Hannah again 😍😍😍😍

  • Archnemesiis
    Archnemesiis 11 months ago


  • Cxnditions
    Cxnditions 6 months ago

    kevin clapping some pancakes ong lmfaoo

  • Rizi
    Rizi 11 months ago

    4:10 Kevin fucking sold right there 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Reflexlol
    Reflexlol 11 months ago

    5:23 bro if he said “yeah I was checking you out” back to her bro , he would’ve easily smashed no🧢

  • Rico Hernandez
    Rico Hernandez 11 months ago +89

    To the person that’s reading this: god has a plan and you should trust it💕

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos 11 months ago

    When the girl that Kevin tried to ask out said "I'm gay" I couldn't stop laughing😭 but yeah way to go Kevin you were great.

  • ertwen
    ertwen 11 months ago

    "I'm sorry im gay"
    " *Me Too* "

  • Andi Namoni
    Andi Namoni 11 months ago

    Im so proud of Kevin

  • Daniel d Jesus Fernandez
    Daniel d Jesus Fernandez 11 months ago


  • Float
    Float 11 months ago

    4:12 mane I would’ve gon in like “shii wassup 😏” and hug ha from tha waist 😩

  • Casper304_
    Casper304_ 11 months ago +1

    When they went to ask the second women, i lost brain cells cause i was trying to understand if she meant "How old are you?" And not "How old is you,?"

  • Alberto Tello
    Alberto Tello 11 months ago

    Good job Kevin👍🏾

  • Alex Sohn
    Alex Sohn 11 months ago

    Kevin: “Are you checking me out?”
    Girl: “I was checking you out. Are you checking me out 😍”
    Kevin: “Nah sorry 😎”
    This dude is a god

  • che moxie
    che moxie 11 months ago

    bro... when kevin said he didnt know what a hug felt like, even though it was a joke it kinda hurt ngl.

  • Trish x Carl
    Trish x Carl 11 months ago

    Doing it for him would have been much easier 😅😅

  • Delux Cux
    Delux Cux 11 months ago +1

    Bro ngl Kevin was so smooth with that last girl😂

  • El1Mz
    El1Mz 11 months ago +1

    5:49 "he's going for BOYS who have girls too"

  • dyzlz
    dyzlz 11 months ago

    I hope this ends well... I’m dying rn 😂
    Update how did that work wtf

  • Jayscool8
    Jayscool8 11 months ago +1

    Hes a legend

  • Karl Milane
    Karl Milane 11 months ago +1

    Congratulations Kevin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • RyanTheChosen •_•
    RyanTheChosen •_• 11 months ago

    Everyone: watching video
    Me: me staring at Chick-fil-A 🤤

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 11 months ago

    When Jarvis is the virgin lmfaooo

  • Alexb142 Butler
    Alexb142 Butler 11 months ago +5

    Kevin some advice from me : don’t go up to a girl with a man next to them

  • JoJoBaByonTTV
    JoJoBaByonTTV 11 months ago +1

    Mans so effin brave He asked 2 men girls out👊🏽

  • ClarityMindz
    ClarityMindz 3 months ago

    Younger me like wtf is a body count and actually listening to Jarvis and then I searched it up 😂😂

  • OVO
    OVO 11 months ago

    3:29 I’m sleep lmao 😂

  • Pelipear
    Pelipear 11 months ago

    These videos are actually good lmao

    • south
      south 11 months ago

      Yeah but why’d he had to list it as a “virgin”

  • Fish Stick
    Fish Stick 8 months ago

    Kay was like wtf u don’t know what a hug fell like 😂😂😂🤣

  • creative54321
    creative54321 11 months ago

    "Nah, I'm gay."

  • Killer Pops
    Killer Pops 11 months ago

    I love how he explains body count. I am a kid but i know what body count means

  • Sebastian Revesz
    Sebastian Revesz 11 months ago

    I want wingmen like Frazier and Jarvis!🙃

  • Kev
    Kev 11 months ago +1

    For all the Kevin's out there Letz Go!!! 👌😎

  • Shlok S
    Shlok S 11 months ago +1

    This video was🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • HolyFrenchFry
    HolyFrenchFry 11 months ago

    TEAWAP legend 😂

  • m0emEn
    m0emEn 11 months ago +10

    the definition of "We made it"

  • Tygyz
    Tygyz 11 months ago +1

    5:51 Frazier:he’s going for a boy that has a girlfriend?

  • Dr Piece
    Dr Piece 11 months ago +2

    We need a part2 of kevin

  • Jakari Maxie
    Jakari Maxie 11 months ago +58

    The directions where simple walk up to a girl and ask her out. What does Kevin do 4:48 He walks up to a girl walking by a guy and asks if they’re a couple 🤣🤣🤣

    • Xelina
      Xelina 10 months ago

      @Siah 100k thanks 📺

    • God
      God 11 months ago +2

      @Siah 100k pog

    • Siah 100k
      Siah 100k 11 months ago +3

      Jesus loves you 📺

  • corvine
    corvine 11 months ago

    Professional virgin right there 😭

  • Jeremy Vega
    Jeremy Vega 11 months ago

    See this is the content we needddd! But way to go kevin

  • Zb_btw
    Zb_btw 11 months ago

    Make more vids like this it is so good I enjoyed it