The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • We went to explore the 400-year-old Chinatown Binondo where I got a taste of some Chinese Filipino food.➨ENTER my Food Adventure GIVEAWAY [Ends March 20]
    ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!
    3:25 Quick Snack

    7:50 Eng Bee Tin
    9:30 Chuan Kee
    11:22 Masuki
    13:43 Shanghai Fried Sio Pao
    14:28 Ongpin Manosa Restaurant
    15:46 Sincerity Restaurant
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Comments • 3 283

  • Ray Grace Herrera
    Ray Grace Herrera 13 hours ago

    Fried siopao originated by bicol city phillipines

  • Nik Liwanag
    Nik Liwanag 20 hours ago

    YOOOOOOo WTF Noodles and Hot Sauce haahaahhaha

  • Christopher De Villa
    Christopher De Villa 6 days ago +1

    mouth watering it:-)

  • R G
    R G 7 days ago

    Id love to just join this guy on his eating adventures xd

  • Lian Gozar
    Lian Gozar 8 days ago

    Alam ko na yan Manila Chinatown naka punta na ko dyan

  • Monica Manuel
    Monica Manuel 8 days ago

    3:18 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️👎👎👎

  • Do whatever's Fun
    Do whatever's Fun 9 days ago

    You should try ling nam there’s a really friendly owner there and they have AMAZING wonton noodle soup

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png 11 days ago +11

    That blue T-shirt guy behind you, watching you with so much dedication😂

  • CM Teodoro
    CM Teodoro 11 days ago

    Did you just put ketchup on the noodles?😭

  • Rubhie Williams
    Rubhie Williams 12 days ago

    If you is only one whos holding ur camera 스즈미야스즈미야

  • Shazna
    Shazna 14 days ago

    He buys pork chop and eats like it was street food lmao....

  • Coleen Trinidad
    Coleen Trinidad 14 days ago

    14:42 turn on captions 😂😂😂

  • kristhoper luke mcfadden

    That guy on quick snack is starring ..and creepy

  • 50 Subscribers with no videos

    17:07 Find yourself someone who looks at you the way this guy looks at Mike

  • Anna
    Anna 16 days ago

    Me: **Looks at school**
    School: 1:18

  • Les Gagan
    Les Gagan 17 days ago

    You were not able to eat at he famouse maker of Xiao Long Bao and other dumplings 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • AA TsolScholar
    AA TsolScholar 18 days ago

    There’s a better lumpia at New Po Heng! That lumpia is the bomb!!!

  • kc8767
    kc8767 18 days ago +1

    10:24. They call it soup number 5 because if they called it cow penis and testicle soup, no one would buy it. Lol. 🤣😂🤣

  • Athena
    Athena 20 days ago

    I heard about your taxi scam experience here in Manila and I'm sorry that you had to experience that. If only I discovered your channel early, I would've offered to drive you around Manila even though I'm no pro in going around the city. But hey, there's Waze. :)

  • Lily Grace Chao
    Lily Grace Chao 20 days ago

    Watching this in 2019. I love Masuki. I'm a masuki girl. The mistake that you did is that you didn't put the whole sauce in the soup. You should pour that sauce into their Chicken asado mami because it's where the taste will come from but yes, their mami is pulled homemade egg noodles. I can buy the noodles for 1/2 or 1Kg.

  • DoNot Need
    DoNot Need 21 day ago

    In my teens and up to my mid 30's I could eat like that but at 64 it'd take me at least three days to eat as much as he did. My guts just can't handle it now.😵

  • J J
    J J 22 days ago

    I never saw you drink.. 😂😂😂

  • i candy
    i candy 22 days ago

    Your videos make me hungry😌😅🍜🥘🍲🍱🍶🍴

  • Dan Cabrido
    Dan Cabrido 22 days ago

    that dude 6:30

  • B i a n c a Dos
    B i a n c a Dos 23 days ago +1

    Watching this in the middle of the night, makes me want to buy food outside 😭 Damn! Missing PH 😭

  • TatayGEM PABS
    TatayGEM PABS 23 days ago

    That porkchop and ricecake recipes are from the Philippines alone.. :)

  • Nhicka Raypan
    Nhicka Raypan 23 days ago

    soup no.5 is the pennis of the cow. hahahaha

  • Jison Ensenares
    Jison Ensenares 23 days ago

    puukee is the most deliciuos street food in the philipine😂😂

  • Philip Fabz
    Philip Fabz 24 days ago

    its self torture to watch this guy eat! my mouth was watering so much!

  • Nacel Trinidad
    Nacel Trinidad 24 days ago

    do you finish all your food? sometimes I wonder

  • call me starfire
    call me starfire 24 days ago

    Omg, you went to manila, why did I missed this.

  • ToyoSauce
    ToyoSauce 25 days ago

    Since when did Jackie Chan started a food review?

  • giovanni panganiban
    giovanni panganiban 25 days ago +2

    No need to go to a fancy 5 star restaurant ,,BINONDO is a must stop to eat real authentic Filipino-Chinese food !! 💪🏼👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
    Definitely recommend!!

  • romano roque
    romano roque 25 days ago +1

    Hey sir?!! Do you need an assistant for food tasting?!! Im free.!!

  • decomia
    decomia 25 days ago


  • charz pak
    charz pak 25 days ago

    I'm missing out

  • Mr. Trep
    Mr. Trep 27 days ago

    Naglalaway ako.hahaa

  • Mr. Trep
    Mr. Trep 27 days ago

    That rice cake is actually called BIKO. And it is topped with coconut flesh

  • Kate G
    Kate G 29 days ago

    I wonder how often he gets food poisoning.

  • Diana Lagamia
    Diana Lagamia 29 days ago

    He really loved that hot sauce! 😂

  • Lhen Fradejas
    Lhen Fradejas Month ago

    I miss eng bee their dumplings

  • anya margaux
    anya margaux Month ago


  • anya margaux
    anya margaux Month ago

    Empanada special wow

  • Tacu Gerald
    Tacu Gerald Month ago

    Soup no 5 is eaten for anyone to be sober.

  • Faja Man
    Faja Man Month ago

    you should've visit wai-ying

  • eric senson
    eric senson Month ago

    Napaclick aq kc kala q c Jackie Chan.. Haha

  • TexasAggieNetwork
    TexasAggieNetwork Month ago

    Dude in the back get his eye on you bro.

  • BoyZestO Channel
    BoyZestO Channel Month ago +5

    I love to see young jackie chan eating street foods in manila

  • greengrass11
    greengrass11 Month ago

    Also, you eat most of those viands you had with a cup of steamed white rice... or some chinese fried rice. But, hey, wait, this vid's about a year ago, i'm sure you've heard what i had to say, but thanks for trying some of my country's cuisine.

  • greengrass11
    greengrass11 Month ago

    Shanghai Fried Siopao is gold!

  • greengrass11
    greengrass11 Month ago

    Mike, you should've tried the fresh lumpia at New Po Heng.. Quik Snak's grear but lumpia is New Po Heng.

  • the mh vlogs
    the mh vlogs Month ago

    you should go to davao
    edit :also put rice on what you eat

  • Ron Dumas
    Ron Dumas Month ago

    And just like that I wanna go to Binondo and eat. Hahahahahaha

  • Hamini111
    Hamini111 Month ago


  • fix mix
    fix mix Month ago

    Im filipino. I just dont like soup number 5. Its like a bowl of cholesterol. Nothing good in it.

  • John Marco Pores
    John Marco Pores Month ago +6

    I went to Binondo earlier and I used your video as reference. I went to the places where you ate those food and I really love the soup no.5 and oyster cake. More videos here in the PH. 😁

  • Jonathan Pangan
    Jonathan Pangan Month ago +5

    Aren't you a chinese mike? You should be expert with these foods 😂

    • Joyce Laroga
      Joyce Laroga Month ago +2

      It depends on his Chinese tribal origin or ethnic origin...most influence we have is hokkien based....

  • J K
    J K Month ago +2

    That was a Popiah my dude not a Lumpia. The former is fresh, whilst the latter is fried.

  • Natural life sandiego

    Wow I wanna try that too, it's look so delicious and yummy. Can I have some please. Heheheehh

  • Karaoke
    Karaoke Month ago +2

    your facial expressions is priceless. crack me up