Opie & Anthony - Colin Quin, Patrice Oneal, Brother Wease in studio

  • Published on Apr 25, 2011
  • 11/13/09
    Dial 911 to jack off, Colin meets Bobo , Brother Wease, Boring political talk

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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 175

  • Dog Faced God
    Dog Faced God 18 hours ago

    Brother Wease is such an automaton. This shit did not age well.

  • TL2354
    TL2354 2 days ago

    Wease is a fuckin retard. So clueless

  • Dominick Mazurek
    Dominick Mazurek 5 months ago

    Wait Brother weez actually fucking sucks

  • sskoog
    sskoog 6 months ago

    Rich Vos recently revealed on his 'premium' must-pay-on-Patreon podcast that the rotating comedian guests received ~750 bucks per appearance from Opie, and were generally limited to two visits per month. This created a weird backstage tension about we-hate-Opie, we-depend-on-Opie-for-cash-stipend, we-need-Opie-to-plug-our-standup-comedy, we-have-to-put-up-with-Opie's-crap spiral. Built up a huge mountain of passive-aggressive resentment in both directions. You can hear the weird chemistry here, and, later, when Jimmy goes on his you're-the-boss-Opie, you-decide rants.

  • Jason Bock
    Jason Bock 7 months ago

    Wease is annoying... no wonder why Opie worships him

  • Robby Cutt
    Robby Cutt 7 months ago

    I feel ashamed that Wease is from my city.

  • Ian .M
    Ian .M 9 months ago +5

    Brother Wease is the Opster's mentor. It all adds up now

    • GrayHistory
      GrayHistory 16 days ago

      Plus he sounds a lot like Scorch

    • GrayHistory
      GrayHistory 16 days ago

      Plus he sounds a lot like Scorch

  • cptnmrgnkid
    cptnmrgnkid 11 months ago

    Wease is sharper than people give him credit for. Hate Opie all you want but Wease is on point.

    • Evan's Gate
      Evan's Gate 12 days ago

      no he isn't faggot, he was a tool from the get go

  • cptnmrgnkid
    cptnmrgnkid 11 months ago +2

    I can't wait for Ant to turn one of those guns on himself. He's everything wrong with America.

  • Wesley
    Wesley Year ago


  • C Chadwick
    C Chadwick Year ago

    Two guaranteed comments in the comment section if Patrice and Opie are in a video: 1) RIP genius Patrice; 2) I fucking hate Opie

  • Doyle Hodges
    Doyle Hodges Year ago

    Norton speaking for all us whites... Fukin wormy hipocrit

  • MrJooxman
    MrJooxman Year ago

    Was that Louis CK calling 911?

  • thebeerguybrothaguy

    Boring political talk? I enjoyed that the most. I wish there was real genuine conversation like this more often rather than Trevor Noah and all the other Comedy Central puppets spewing bull shit narrative and propaganda

  • Sam Gallimore
    Sam Gallimore 2 years ago +4

    Easy jimmy... liberals are indeed language police and notorious bleeding heart bed wetters. Come on tho, it's not like neo cons believe in being socially liberal, leaving honest edgy comics alone, and generally letting people live individually sans an overly judeo Christian moral ethic being forced on everyone. I'm voting for Ron Paul's corpse in 2020

    • cptnmrgnkid
      cptnmrgnkid 11 months ago

      Bullet Tooth Tony I wish your tooth was an actual bullet on it's way in.
      200% Smug just go back to fucking your sister you inbred hillbilly.

    • 200% SMUG
      200% SMUG Year ago +1

      Bullet tooth Tony This audio is nearly a decade old, a lot has changed since then. No one on the right is trying to censor people these days. We're a long way from Donahue being able to get radio shows shut down. Now commies in black masks show up and go on a rampage to violently suppress the speech of speakers they dont like and the media barely bats an eyelash or even worse, defends the riots as "free speech".

  • Sam Gallimore
    Sam Gallimore 2 years ago

    Let me finish... well I'll tell you how...

  • bladerunner12
    bladerunner12 2 years ago +3

    Man, this political argument has a new feel in 2017. The election of Trump has shown that conservatives can no longer be trusted to make decisions in the best interest of the nation.

    • Mr. Whitebread
      Mr. Whitebread Year ago

      Typical libtard. Lots of arguments but nothing to back it up. Msm talking points

    • Doyle Hodges
      Doyle Hodges Year ago +1

      Cry about it more. Liberals want to elect Oprah. That's level headed thinking.

    • 200% SMUG
      200% SMUG Year ago +2

      bladerunner12 What policy decision do you disagree with? Lower taxes? Having an actual border? Annihilating ISIS?

  • Lia Devito
    Lia Devito 2 years ago +7

    the more I listen, the more I hate opie

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 2 years ago +5

    you can tell Patrice was quite fond of Ant and couldn't stand Opie, nothing new here

  • Jason Woods
    Jason Woods 2 years ago +4

    Of course Opie is a student of wease.

    I DO JUEGOS 3 years ago

    Even though I disagree with Weasel, I appreciate his appearance because I heard great points from everyone in the discussion

  • Money Talk
    Money Talk 3 years ago +1

    Ugh wease and opie sucks sweaty ass

  • Money Talk
    Money Talk 3 years ago +2

    Fuck Opie!

  • Money Talk
    Money Talk 3 years ago +10

    I fucking HATE wease

  • rontheviking
    rontheviking 3 years ago

    the weases

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M 3 years ago +5

    Really, liberals were on the right side of everything? What about slavery? Oh, wait those were white Christian Republicans that freed the slaves.

    • cptnmrgnkid
      cptnmrgnkid 11 months ago

      The parties changed post civil war so that argument doesn't hold water.

    • Wesley
      Wesley Year ago +2

      Nicholas M the republicans were the liberals back then.

    • Señor Griffin
      Señor Griffin 3 years ago

      @Nicholas M nah that wouldn't work. Chip tells simple jokes. There is no way Chippuh could tell that one.

    • Nicholas M
      Nicholas M 3 years ago +1

      Reb Brown that was a joke?! Who are you Chip? next time finish with a, "tss tsst tsst."

    • Señor Griffin
      Señor Griffin 3 years ago

      @Nicholas M it was a joke you humourless jackass

  • PanasonicTooth
    PanasonicTooth 3 years ago +3

    NOBODY likes Wease!

  • nathan papp
    nathan papp 3 years ago +14

    It sounded like even Patrice had nothing but contempt for Wease.

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts 3 years ago +10

    I wish I had an atom smasher... so i could smash Weasel's FACE.

  • andrew wolfcale
    andrew wolfcale 3 years ago +7

    everything wease and Opie says should be edited out of this and it would be great

  • TheGr8one1022
    TheGr8one1022 3 years ago +23

    I love the irony of them trashing Bobo's barge-in guy, and then Brother Wease literally is barge-in guy.

  • Skip Skipperson
    Skip Skipperson 3 years ago +4

    Brother Wease is Scorch without any of the ironic unintended humor. He's just all the sad and frustrating components of Scorch with the mindset of a dumb old aging hippy douche tossed in and an inability to be used as by the boys as the punching bag like he should because he was The Opester's mentor and is therefore off limits. Greggshells...

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 3 years ago +21

    wease is painful.

    D THE CHEMIST 3 years ago

    i love their reaction to the game as all hell is breakin lose lol

  • Robert Tulibacki
    Robert Tulibacki 3 years ago +1

    wease stink and i dont like him and fuck opie.

  • JohnTheGreat7822
    JohnTheGreat7822 3 years ago +4

    Brother Wease is sasha grey?

  • Desperado
    Desperado 3 years ago +11

    Fuck off, Wease. Your "I'll speak over you; therefore, I'm right." liberal repitore grinds the fun down more than Opie.
    Die, compassion-feigning douche.

    • Sam Gallimore
      Sam Gallimore 2 years ago

      Desperado you are making interrupting old burn outs into a political thing? Yeah everyone knows that only liberals are obfuscating, base shifting, factless losers with no reasonable arguments. Fact is, most people are stupid, therefore most political arguments are stupid (regardless of political leaning).

      uMMMMFFFFFF 3 years ago

      What about Pat Sajak?

    • Desperado
      Desperado 3 years ago +5

      He also acts shocked that Patrice isn't on his side.
      "You're black! My liberal counterparts and I are fighting for you! Take our side and show me some fucking respect!"

  • CGW129
    CGW129 3 years ago

    Many telling predictions in this segment.

  • Stazi
    Stazi 3 years ago +1

    Ugh. Shut up Jimmy you're just Anthony's little parrot.

  • TheRealAkaRai
    TheRealAkaRai 4 years ago +6

    Couldn't keep listneing once that "wease" piece of whale shit barged in with his unrelenting retardation.

  • Showed Him My Dick Called Him A Fag

    cod when it was good

  • Taureg
    Taureg 4 years ago +11

    why does Jimmy talk with such authority, hes a misinformed tranny fucker

  • baalzebub5000
    baalzebub5000 4 years ago +2

  • lumpheadthump
    lumpheadthump 4 years ago +2

    Norton is right. There's one or two real scenes in Faces of Death and the rest are fake

    • Ryan Wessel
      Ryan Wessel 4 years ago +2

      @Jimmy Jamestown Massacre Your dad sounds like he sucked as a parent.

    • Jimmy Jamestown Massacre
      Jimmy Jamestown Massacre 4 years ago +1

      @lumpheadthump The first time I saw Faces of Death I was like 8.. my dad had me watch it with him (no fucking idea why - he also watched Scarface and The Godfather with me around the same time). Anyway, we both thought all the scenes were real. Then I saw it again like 3 years ago. I was appalled at how obviously fake most of the scenes were. I thought it was hilarious that my dad actually thought it was real back when we watched it on VHS.

  • Evan's Gate
    Evan's Gate 5 years ago +22

    Another great instance of Opie ruining the flow. A damn perfect lineup and he has to ruin it by bringing a doddering old man to fuck it up.

  • Zamzamil M. Nasir
    Zamzamil M. Nasir 5 years ago +5

    That famous Ahmedinejad quote is a direct mistranslation, lol.

    • TheGr8one1022
      TheGr8one1022 3 years ago

      You're right. I remember doing a report on him in college like 8 years ago and coverong that. He's a dick, but he never said that.

    • Anthony Pettine II
      Anthony Pettine II 3 years ago +1

      +n1kobefan that actually sounds worse.

    • Evangel Bear
      Evangel Bear 3 years ago +1

      +ProperGanderSaul lol they did it on purpose. They media reported it as him saying he wanted to "wipe Israel of the face of the earth" what he actually said was he wanted to "wipe Zionism from the pages of history"

    • GrayHistory
      GrayHistory 4 years ago

      @zamil1996 direct mistranslation??? :/

  • Zamzamil M. Nasir
    Zamzamil M. Nasir 5 years ago

    on the point of portraying Jesus Christ on media and not doing the same for the prophet Muhammad: Modern Christianity (as opposed to their scripture) have caricatures of Jesus as a norm everywhere you go. In Islam it is forbidden (as for why please do your own research). By not showing the cartoons or by the creators of Southpark practicing some form of censorship is respect for religion that is followed by over a billion people. Showing Jesus on a newspaper or in Southpark would be different since you see those images advertised in and out of churches all the time anyways

    • Mr. Whitebread
      Mr. Whitebread Year ago

      So because we have statues it's ok for people to mock Jesus?
      Is it ok to draw Muhammad Ali?

    • Zamzamil M. Nasir
      Zamzamil M. Nasir 3 years ago

      @brandon darr no it's not

    • brandon darr
      brandon darr 3 years ago

      you are arguing with a guy who is named after a river Muhammed pissed in

    • Zamzamil M. Nasir
      Zamzamil M. Nasir 3 years ago

      @Jeffrey Hinkle no you don't

    • GrayHistory
      GrayHistory 4 years ago +1

      @zamil1996 You're stating the obvious. What's your point? We shouldn't draw Muhammad?

  • HermeticDragon
    HermeticDragon 5 years ago +9

    brother wease is a stupid douche.

    • Caleb Chard
      Caleb Chard 2 years ago

      of course he is,He was Opie`s mentor

  • dAN
    dAN 5 years ago +45

    Ant, jimmy, patrice and colin in studio and opie takes call after call. This is why people hate him.

    • GrayHistory
      GrayHistory 16 days ago +1

      This is only one reason why people hate him. There are so many other things.

    • Gerlon Two Fingers
      Gerlon Two Fingers Year ago +2

      Doyle Hodges hey Op'

    • Doyle Hodges
      Doyle Hodges Year ago +1


    • Sam Gallimore
      Sam Gallimore 2 years ago

      dAN I agree but I had to downvote because I hate Syracuse, buffalo, and especially Rochester. I would gladly meet a meteorite destroying the area with a Mardi Gras esque type gathering. Good Day Sir!!

  • dennis mameri
    dennis mameri 5 years ago

    Guys who's the girl in the pic, i think it's the under aged pornstar Sasha grey

  • Rheagar Targaryen
    Rheagar Targaryen 5 years ago +1

    They are brainwashed by Ant, but idk if he's conservative.

  • Genghis Khanhimself
    Genghis Khanhimself 6 years ago +2

    i dont think ant is conservative in the traditional sense.he's a libertarian, he just wants to be left the fuck alone

  • renewer
    renewer 6 years ago

    Their banter is so much better than CK, Rock, Seinfeld and Gervais in Talking Funny.

  • Messyman16
    Messyman16 6 years ago

    33:41 that voice Colin does is hilarious

  • petewizdom
    petewizdom 6 years ago +6

    If only Brother Wease died before Patrice.

  • Shargrailar
    Shargrailar 6 years ago +4

    Brotha wheeze reminds me of Bill Burr's special bit where he talks about how women argue, If they are right they argue the point, if they are not they go offroad.

  • IllogicalMachine
    IllogicalMachine 6 years ago

    I'm too lazy. Just tell me why I'm wrong.

  • IllogicalMachine
    IllogicalMachine 6 years ago

    Colin calls Chechen terrorists.

    CH3MIS7RY 6 years ago +4

    Brother Wease = Buzz Killington

  • SamirTheG69
    SamirTheG69 6 years ago +2

    fuck brother wease