Top 5 Breakfast foods in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam!

  • Published on May 25, 2016
  • Why don't you skip your hotel breakfast and start your day in Saigon with authentic Vietnamese streetfood?
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    Here is our list for the top 5 breakfast dish in Ho Chi Minh City:
    #5 Phở at Phở Lệ, 413 Nguyễn Trãi Street, District 5. Check out our video on this amazing Phở right here:
    #4 Bánh Mì Op La at Bánh Mì Op La Hoà Mã, 53 Cao Thắng, District 3
    #3 Bún Mọc at Bún Mọc Thanh Mai, 14 Trương Định, District 1
    #2 Bò Bít Tết at Bò Bít Tết Nam Sơn, 200 bis Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai Street, District 1
    #1 Bò Kho at Bánh Mì Bò Kho & Xíu Mại, 166A Trần Nhân Tôn, District 10.

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  • ewnyMetroExpress
    ewnyMetroExpress 4 months ago

    how do I request to cook the egg "well-done?"

  • Ms Ngoc Lan Michelia
    Ms Ngoc Lan Michelia 10 months ago

    cơm tấm (sườn bì chả), hủ tiếu nam vang, bún thịt nướng, bún riêu, bún mắm... you should try on next time. Thanks for your video. Have a good time and enjoy your life

  • Giap Vo
    Giap Vo 10 months ago

    Nước Việt Nam đâu phải thiếu người giàu có, cũng đâu có thiếu người thông minh tài giỏi. Mà bởi vì tập quán cổ lỗ xỉ sinh ra một tư tưởng ngèo nàn, còn ngồi chồm hổm ăn uống xả rác bừa bãi, thiếu ý thức, thiếu tôn trọng, lộn xộn thì dư giả, làm ăn thì lường gạt lẫn nhau. Dân chúng sinh sống như vậy mà cứ lắm mồm ta đây là văn minh.

  • an ngo
    an ngo Year ago

    I think we should have “ xôi” and “ cơm tấm sườn bì chả”

  • Dennis Tran
    Dennis Tran Year ago

    Good choice. I could not do it better than that.

  • Quân Trần
    Quân Trần Year ago

    I pround of my country

  • Skyy Tran
    Skyy Tran Year ago

    No Hu Tieu and Banh Mi? People eat these two dishes for breakfast more than Bun Moc!

  • phuong 756
    phuong 756 Year ago

    bánh cuốn,hủ tiếu ,bún bò huế,bánh mì

  • Mitchell Phan
    Mitchell Phan Year ago

    Love the pho and bo kho!!!

  • Slyne Ko
    Slyne Ko Year ago

    hello is Elios a good hotel to stay? its not in the video.

  • SBUL Lis
    SBUL Lis Year ago

    Pho not known!!!

  • SBUL Lis
    SBUL Lis Year ago

    Pho is very very popular everywhere. In the US (North America), Asia, many countries in EU.

  • nhu
    nhu 2 years ago

    Im vietnamese. But im born in german and i eat bread. But i LOVE Pho!

  • bảo phan
    bảo phan 2 years ago +1

    I love Viet Nam s'food

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee 2 years ago +1

    would have been better if prices were mentioned

  • Anita Chan
    Anita Chan 2 years ago +1

    Omg, Pho Le, this shop is supper busy, it doesn't matter what time of the day you are there, there are always pack of customers, the Pho is very delicious, absolutely a recommended place to try out, from NZ.😊

  • Kelvin Lopez
    Kelvin Lopez 2 years ago

    I'm planing to go to Da Nang, and I want to know if is the same in there.

  • Vietlover92 D
    Vietlover92 D 2 years ago +10

    Pho is life, Pho is always number 1.

  • X
    X 2 years ago

    I thought Cháo would definitely be on here. It's congee basically. They have different kinds too and people usually eat it because it's very light. They have Cháo Lòng, Cháo Thịt Bằm, Cháo Gà, and others that I don't remember the names of. But yeah Vietnamese people definitely eat Cháo for breakfast, they even use "youtiao" aka the Chinese donut as something to dip into the congee. They call youtiao as Ban Dau Chao Quay in Vietnamese.

  • quinby123
    quinby123 2 years ago

    Bo kho is good but too heavy for breakfast. I only eat that for lunch on the weekends.

  • dbbgh
    dbbgh 2 years ago

    Is the Nam Son beefsteak available for dinner? Because I'm planning to go around 6pm+ (then later have snacks at Turtle Lake).Thank you!

  • sherry H
    sherry H 2 years ago

    How is pho not well known outside of Vietnam Bitch bye

  • raj ho
    raj ho 2 years ago

    where is that bo kho location? That stew looks superb!

  • ngoc131376
    ngoc131376 2 years ago

    I recommend Pho Hoa better than Pho Le

  • Re No
    Re No 2 years ago

    aghhh i've been Vietnam for fuking twelve year but i didn't find any place to eat those yummy breakfast

    • SBUL Lis
      SBUL Lis Year ago

      I've been to Vietnam for 12 days and ate all those dishes.

    • Emmanuel Selvas
      Emmanuel Selvas Year ago

      20s gg you can’t even spell fucking right

  • Fox Learns To Rock
    Fox Learns To Rock 2 years ago

    I live in Ho Chi Minh city and Bo Kho is also my favorite breakfast. By the way, you should try Bun Bo Hue and Bun Rieu. In my opinion, they're better than Pho.😀

    • Back of the Bike Tours - Ho Chi Minh Food and City Tours
      Back of the Bike Tours - Ho Chi Minh Food and City Tours  2 years ago

      Thanks for enjoying our list! Bun Bo and Bun Rieu are very good dishes as well. Just like most things, it depends on what you are craving at the time. Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice big bowl of Pho :)

  • Đặng Thu Hương
    Đặng Thu Hương 2 years ago

    Number 2 called bò né,not bò bít tết :) and i really love this video because it made me more proud of my country ^^, thanks a lot

    • Krybermaniac
      Krybermaniac Year ago

      Đặng Thu Hương tên quán cũng là Beefsteak (bít tết) Nam Sơn.

  • longzsta
    longzsta 2 years ago +10 it is very known outside vietnam, great video

  • Chicken Ky
    Chicken Ky 3 years ago +1

    The food and place where people eat is where I went over the summer to eat

  • Mermaid
    Mermaid 3 years ago

    so heavy breakkie... all of them

    • Zorry Alejandro
      Zorry Alejandro 2 years ago

      Mermaid Vietnamese usually start to work at 7AM then have lunch at 12PM, they need more energy for 4-5 hours of work. although thos breakfas look a little heavy, they bring enough energy for people.

  • Wally Yung
    Wally Yung 3 years ago

    Great list! Bo kho is very tasty indeed

  • Kathy
    Kathy 3 years ago

    I love pho

  • wwg1wga
    wwg1wga 3 years ago

    please do more of vietnam. love your videos. and extend your videos too

  • Liv On
    Liv On 3 years ago +1

    Thanks very much. Your #2 Bò Bít Tết at Bò Bít Tết Nam Sơn. I had this dish many many years ago when I lived there and NEVER forgotten about it. My favorite Bò Bít Tết is at Bò Bít Tết Nam Sơn/ I tried other places in Saigon and always drift back to eating at this place for this dish. Thanks for posting.

  • Michael Cayce
    Michael Cayce 3 years ago +3

    What are the cultural social mistakes Americans should avoid making in Vietnam? You know the ones that would not be obvious?

    • Trần Cường
      Trần Cường 3 years ago +1

      Respect the locals, history sites, Religion sites, Obey the polices & rules, Vietnam ban Sextourism, Prostitudes, Vietnam punish Death Penalty for selling & transport Heroin ....

    • Back of the Bike Tours - Ho Chi Minh Food and City Tours
      Back of the Bike Tours - Ho Chi Minh Food and City Tours  3 years ago +5

      Thank you for your comment. Generally as a foreigner, Vietnamese people won't hold a grudge against you if you make small cultural faux pas while travelling here. First, pointing at someone is quite impolite here. and so is crossing your fingers (it means good luck in most western countries but not in Vietnam). While eating, never stick your chopsticks vertically in a bowl, as it will look like a rice bowl with incense in the middle that is usually offered to dead people. Also if you're having a Vietnamese traditional meal at a house, do not eat the last piece in the dish. Don't be defensive if people ask you very quickly your age, or your marital status as it is normal to ask these info as an introduction here. Finally People also tend to not talk about politics much, and it might make people quite uncomfortable to mention this topic. Let us know if that helps!

  • colette nguyen
    colette nguyen 3 years ago +11

    I love your vietnamese accent

  • Jade Ho
    Jade Ho 3 years ago +2

    love your videos!

  • vy khanh
    vy khanh 3 years ago

    are you Dan Hauer?

  • Tammy Lucas
    Tammy Lucas 3 years ago +2

    everything looked amazing!!!