Adele tribute act Rachel blasts out Dreamgirls classic - All Together Now

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
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    Rachel Lee performs Dreamgirls' 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' to The 100.
    Our favourite Saturday night singalong, All Together Now brings us outstanding talent, a huge range of musical styles and a load of laughs from host Rob Beckett.
    Any kind of singer can take to the stage, from soloists to groups, amateurs to professionals, but they all have one simple aim - to win over TV’s biggest judging panel, The 100. Headed up by Spice Girl Geri Horner, The 100 are a mix of singers from every corner of the music industry and, as viewers saw in series one, they’ve got big voices, bigger opinions and are always hard to impress! Established favourites Divina De Campo, Georg, Paulus, Tina T, Mr Fabulous and Lili all return, and they’re joined by some new recruits, all bringing their own distinctive style and taste to judging panel.
    Each week, the performers competing hope to make it into the top three. The winner of each heat is guaranteed a place in the series final, with the acts in second and third place each performing another great song in a dramatic sing-off. The winner of the sing-off also goes through to the final. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with the amazing cash prize of £50,000.
    All Together Now | Series 1 | BBC
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Comments • 128

  • N8 Pizzuto
    N8 Pizzuto 17 days ago

    Such a serious face... I think Rachael is Welsh lol

  • Mary Jimenez
    Mary Jimenez Month ago +9

    You made me laugh with the ADELE weight loss comment then blew me. AWAY

  • Kaitlin Towner
    Kaitlin Towner Month ago

    1:05 she looks like she’s grabbing her boobs 😂😂😂

  • Kelly Couch
    Kelly Couch 2 months ago +81

    pretty bummed that I discovered this show after it was already cancelled :( hope somebody picks it up for another season

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox 2 months ago +36

    I can’t believe Paulus stood up and she still only got 90

  • Romanus Ogbutor
    Romanus Ogbutor 2 months ago


  • Isabella Smarro
    Isabella Smarro 3 months ago

    not good at all.

    • Isabella Smarro
      Isabella Smarro 2 months ago

      @Terri Freeman She can sing but I'm not a fan of her voice. No need to be rude.

    • Terri Freeman
      Terri Freeman 2 months ago +1

      You're not smart at all.

  • Jik Oostwoud
    Jik Oostwoud 3 months ago


  • Keshia Smith
    Keshia Smith 3 months ago +69

    Never heard of this show but it keep showing up in my recommendations so I finally clicked. My new favorite show

  • si PEPZ at iba pa
    si PEPZ at iba pa 3 months ago

    There's alot more can sing that song easily in the philippines...its like a warm up in the morning...just saying

  • Emily Medina
    Emily Medina 3 months ago +8

    That one lady and the guy next to her fangirling were the BEST! I loved it 😍

  • Safee Miah
    Safee Miah 3 months ago

    I instantly got goosebumps

  • Lady haters283
    Lady haters283 3 months ago

    whats song?

  • Lilly Cruise
    Lilly Cruise 3 months ago +6

    WHO is Paulus?😂 like why is he so important

    • King Dansk
      King Dansk 3 months ago

      Lilly Cruise he was one of the toughest judge to stand

  • Šejma Gačić
    Šejma Gačić 4 months ago +3

    That bald man on 03:00 kinda reminds me of RDJ.. am I hallucinating?

  • Sonya Reinhard
    Sonya Reinhard 4 months ago

    wow awesome

  • Nasiim Mohammed
    Nasiim Mohammed 4 months ago +1

    she is GORGEOUS💖💖💖💖

  • Isshiki Otsutsuki
    Isshiki Otsutsuki 4 months ago

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  • rowan smith
    rowan smith 4 months ago

    She was on big in the valley !! On BBC three she wants to be big on the west end I've never heard of her doing Adele before ?? Xx

  • anyi O
    anyi O 4 months ago +284

    "I think Rachael is Welsh.... " lol

    • Walter Perry
      Walter Perry 24 days ago +1

      What is that about anyways? Welsh? So far they have been awesome x3

    • Antonino Pette'
      Antonino Pette' 2 months ago +4

      Ma chi è l autrice che canta

    • J Shannon
      J Shannon 4 months ago +4

      is that like a nj joke for an american ?

  • laë ti
    laë ti 4 months ago

    ..Sublime...!! Une voix et une interprétation qui donne frissons et battements de cœur rapides tellement c'est magnifiquement interprété , époustouflant ..!

  • Abimael Saint Martin
    Abimael Saint Martin 5 months ago

    White girls shouldn't sing this song!!

  • Sonja_ZA
    Sonja_ZA 5 months ago +1

    Such a lovely lady! Incredible voice! I love how amazed she looks at the end when just about everyone stood for her. Well done, you are super talented. I would not mind holding at a call center if this lady sings the hold music!

    • Georgina Adkins
      Georgina Adkins 4 months ago

      I'd ring up purely *for* the hold music!! 😉 Truly incredible voice 🎵

  • Rachieroomumoftwo
    Rachieroomumoftwo 5 months ago

    This is goose bumps city! Made me well up

  • Luke Schmidt
    Luke Schmidt 5 months ago +16

    I think Rachel is Welsh

  • GeorgiaG83
    GeorgiaG83 6 months ago

    What a voice! Briliant

  • • This Is Not A Pineapple •

    She reminds me of willow dean from dumplin' 😂

  • Abbie Leigh marsh
    Abbie Leigh marsh 6 months ago +5

    I think Rachel’s welsh. I don’t know know why I’m creasing

  • jon snow
    jon snow 6 months ago

    fat together now showLoL.

  • whatiwasgoingtosay
    whatiwasgoingtosay 6 months ago +8

    DAMN! I love her rasp! Get it girl!

  • Gina Maddlyn
    Gina Maddlyn 6 months ago +2

    I got instant goosebumps

  • Autumn De Leon
    Autumn De Leon 6 months ago +5

    Anybody else spot Cody frost in the audience 😂❤️

  • Victoria Robinson
    Victoria Robinson 6 months ago

    Awwwww omg. I loooooove this show!!!!

  • Wae Zhae
    Wae Zhae 7 months ago

    I am sick of this many contestants sang for audition...just like a compulsory song for the competition...

  • Detlef Dubielczyk
    Detlef Dubielczyk 7 months ago

    Wow, that's killing me.

  • FoxgloveWanderer
    FoxgloveWanderer 7 months ago +6

    Why did this not get a full hundred???

  • Nisha
    Nisha 7 months ago +1


  • carly
    carly 7 months ago +48

    “You could be the hold music” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lori Hion
    Lori Hion 7 months ago +1

    Not to be racist or anything but this song is sang better when a black persons sings it

  • Emma
    Emma 7 months ago


  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams 7 months ago +332

    The one lady getting excited that Paulus was up was absolutely fantastic.

  • Denver Abin
    Denver Abin 8 months ago

    panget ng boses ampota

  • Shawn
    Shawn 8 months ago +23

    Nice raspiness to her voice.

  • BDS
    BDS 8 months ago +18

    Vocal fry for days! Loved it. The closed vowel at the end on 'me' meant she had to modify it to make it more open so she could sustain it, but the transition was smooth 👌

  • Eddy B
    Eddy B 8 months ago

    She cant much shouting and noise

    • Jorge Guzmán
      Jorge Guzmán 7 months ago

      I dare you to do the same thing that she did.

  • Gary Cassibry
    Gary Cassibry 8 months ago +2

    She’s pretty

  • Luke M
    Luke M 8 months ago +5

    She obviously doesn’t have the range for this song idk why people think this is good, she definitely has a good voice but based on this song she shouldn’t have made it through

  • Shane Leeming
    Shane Leeming 8 months ago

    I don’t like her voice at all, I thought that was quite dreadful and raspy in all the wrong ways... It was all shouted mostly because of her terrible breath control. Sorry folks I wouldn’t have stood up. Not for a second.

  • Maddie Mathias
    Maddie Mathias 8 months ago +70

    They need to get We from the US voice on here. Would love to see the judges reactions to the difference between her speaking and signing voice

  • gaunterparis13
    gaunterparis13 8 months ago

    The wall of 100 has a very low standards.

  • foxibot
    foxibot 8 months ago +13

    There was an old US show in the 60’s I think called sing along with Mitch. The audience at home would sing along. I like this show and am so glad I found it. Thank God for youtube.

    • Sharon Delaney
      Sharon Delaney 5 months ago

      foxibot I remember sing along with Mitch!

  • cazza
    cazza 8 months ago +9

    Absolutely stunning voice!!

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh 8 months ago +113

    Paulus even stood up 😲

  • Glenn K
    Glenn K 8 months ago


  • Marilyn’s My Mother
    Marilyn’s My Mother 8 months ago +6

    Such a lovely young lady with a truly beautiful voice, but I wish she’d done a different song. Her singing was very nice, but I’ve heard this song done much better. I truly have no complaints about her voice, and her personality seems wonderful. When I hear this song I expect Jennifer Holiday quality. I’ve only ever gotten that from Jennifer Holiday. Lovely young lady. Glad she got through.

  • Alexis Arana
    Alexis Arana 8 months ago +2

    Beautiful voice, congratulations.

  • Imran Shaukat
    Imran Shaukat 8 months ago +19

    She stopped doing adele because after that performance Im certain she can't do adele

  • Craig Davis
    Craig Davis 8 months ago

    Wow wow wow that was brilliant

  • sakay west
    sakay west 8 months ago +1

    She is a darlin'!!

  • Leusa Bowen
    Leusa Bowen 8 months ago +9

    Yayy!! Go Rachel!! Support welshies all the wayy