• Published on Dec 26, 2021
    Today I play Roblox Rat House which is a disturbing roblox funny story game
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  • Flamingo
    Flamingo  4 months ago +1213


    • Simp4Alcina.
      Simp4Alcina. Month ago


    • Akula
      Akula 3 months ago

      I am amazed

    • HEHE Man2
      HEHE Man2 4 months ago

      Good game

  • Alexander_
    Alexander_ 4 months ago +2255

    I just love how this channel is getting less and less family friendly lol

    • Fluffy Roblox Aesthetics Doggy 12
      Fluffy Roblox Aesthetics Doggy 12 5 days ago

      @75zxl yeah alright 75zxl 💀

    • 75zxl
      75zxl 6 days ago

      @Fluffy Roblox Aesthetics Doggy 12 calm down florence gasspool don’t get your knickers in a twist xx

    • da zarapjpp17
      da zarapjpp17 14 days ago

      its so little time till he becomes albertstuff again

    • def
      def Month ago

      @Straw Berry mmm i still like it even him without swearing honestly his voice doesn't fit swearing idk why 😭

    • Dinox
      Dinox Month ago


  • HarshRealities
    HarshRealities 4 months ago +604

    “Look at my little hand! And look at my- uhh” glad to see Albert is sorta returning to his Albertstuff ways

  • Emperor of mankind
    Emperor of mankind 4 months ago +498

    The Fact that Albert is trying to stay family friendly is funny because he clearly is slowly becoming a non-family friendly youtuber with the jokes he makes now adays. idk I rarely watch albert anymore he was apart of my childhood tho but now I'm a sophomore in Highschool and I can just like see the struggle lol.

    • Angry Keeper
      Angry Keeper 4 months ago

      hes returning to his natural albertsstuff state

    • It'sMinty_Yup
      It'sMinty_Yup 4 months ago +1

      It's all thanks to Jake 🤣

    • User123
      User123 4 months ago +1

      A free block list is this comment section.

    • lxp
      lxp 4 months ago +12

      He looked down and wanted to say funny woman part but he could have said PS2 triangle chest... Idk.

    • equase
      equase 4 months ago +9

      he’s struggling

  • Ball Wizard
    Ball Wizard 4 months ago +68

    “Woah look at my…uh never mind.” -Albert, Dec 27, 2021

    B4TTGUTZ 4 months ago +15

    hello flamingo! I’ve watched since you started your channel!! Maybe not the FIRST day but like a few months after !! i remember when you didn’t have facecam! you’ve helped me with so much over the years! you always made me laugh when I was sad and I appreciate you for that! Here I am now , 4 years later still watching your channel LOL

  • ❆Đông❆
    ❆Đông❆ 4 months ago +2824

    *A fact that the design of this game looks like it totally comes from a different game and not Roblox, whoever made this game earned my respect.*

  • SL
    SL 4 months ago +6

    I love how he’s trying really hard to keep it PG


    Albert- looks down
    “Oh look at my- nevermind”
    Albert that was a little sussy

  • 🌹Blxck_qxeen🌹
    🌹Blxck_qxeen🌹 4 months ago +9

    If you still do this Idea: If you could put ONE person in a box then have them answer questions from other players and if they don’t answer truthfully you message them “answer with more honesty” if they still don’t you give them one more warning and then they die and won’t respawn.

  • tannerm270
    tannerm270 4 months ago +1

    congrats on 10m ive been watching you for years now and its been so cool to see you grow

  • シꪖɀꫀρꪶꪖꪗɀシ#roadto100subs

    can we just appreciate adams work or editing 5:54

  • 𝙺𝚘𝚛𝚒𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜𝚡

    Flamingo's videos make me not bored anymore :) good job on your vids Flamingo keep it up

  • Blushinq Lovee3
    Blushinq Lovee3 4 months ago +1

    Albert, i just wanna say you are hardworking to upload everyday for us. I always get bored when i finished watching ur videos, thanks for uploading videos everyday for all of us

  • Aleksander Troszczynski
    Aleksander Troszczynski 4 months ago +6

    "Doctor Hugh Chitter"
    I don't think Albert realised what he was saying before he said it

  • Simp d Nagito
    Simp d Nagito 4 months ago +830

    Yes i googled what's the difference between a rat and a mouse since i was curious.
    Rats and mice are both rodents, so look similar - the biggest difference is their size. Rats are larger and heavier while mice have smaller slender bodies. Mice also have long slender tails (for their body size) covered in hair compared to rat tails which are shorter, thicker and hairless.

    • grosir boneka
      grosir boneka 2 months ago

      @Kartik The Tiger Simmba oh

    • Kartik The Tiger Simmba
      Kartik The Tiger Simmba 2 months ago

      @grosir boneka Mice are actually female mouse

    • Simp d Nagito
      Simp d Nagito 4 months ago

      @CinderJaws Oh ty!

    • CinderJaws
      CinderJaws 4 months ago +1

      I have two Pet mice so I’m very familiar with the difference, rats are cuddlier than mice, if you didn’t know!

    • grosir boneka
      grosir boneka 4 months ago

      @graymalkin ok

  • Milo
    Milo Month ago +1

    thank u albert for showing me how to play the game :D

  • Beylove Fantasies
    Beylove Fantasies 4 months ago +1

    you can tell when albert is getting older when he getting less family freindly lol

  • Kate 🎗
    Kate 🎗 4 months ago +1

    2:08, as you can see, he’s really trying to be family friendly here

  • Melting Butter
    Melting Butter 4 months ago +3

    “Woah look at my- nevermind”
    Flamingo remembering that this is a family friendly channel

  • Symbiote Soda
    Symbiote Soda 4 months ago +1

    Kudos to that guy Albert was with who knew who he was but still treated him like a normal person.

  • Gamer Kitty vv Gamer Kitty vv

    Flamingo: ''There we go, Patunia's Key!
    Also Flamingo: *walks in room* ''Do you need it? Do you need- what is this? a-adult *DIPERS* hahaha!''
    Albert never fail to make me laugh! even when i'm feeling sad :)

  • Piro Lapaj
    Piro Lapaj 4 months ago +2

    Albert made a The Save Of The Season with the “look at my... “never mind never mind” Nice play albert

  • nikcezar
    nikcezar 4 months ago

    i like how albert is almost saying something bad and right before that he stops and thinks for a few seconds

  • ThinHam
    ThinHam 4 months ago +195

    I love how a lot of alberts videos are connected to rats.

  • ya
    ya 4 months ago +2

    you should make a game called “it’s coming..” and make it a forest like put a bunch of trees and every few places put things like jeff the killer or a jump scare, then somewhere in the woods put a note wall and put not so comforting notes on it, then also somewhere put a small house and in the bedroom put a very very disturbing creature by the bed and blood splatters everywhere and then put the bed and in the corner of the room that model that you put in between the trash cans in that game. than you can make the rest of the house how ever you want but make it disturbing of course, and then somehow idk how to add music but if you do know how get a very disturbing audio code and enter it. watch the people lose their last brain cells 😈😈
    (edited because i forgot to say something)
    But make sure where you put the spawn button to make it look not sketchy at all! make it look cool kinda if u know what i mean, but put a sign that says go that way (whichever way leads to the house) and then they will see it. if they know the point of it when they first join, they might not play. please use my idea i would make this game but i do not have access to roblox studio , it would be a really funny video too!! 🤞

  • mikeyheckinway
    mikeyheckinway 4 months ago

    Why is it this channel is slowly becoming less child friendly.. I'm here for it tho

  • Juju_Mantoiscrazy
    Juju_Mantoiscrazy 4 months ago +1

    he really had me in the "grand ma ma" i literally had to pause the video 😂

  • Xylo
    Xylo 4 months ago

    I'm actually so surprised that this type of game exists in Roblox. I'm amazed.

  • Someone :)
    Someone :) 4 months ago +796

    If Albert doesn't scream or laugh like a maniac atleast once, then something is probably wrong.

    • DrsnakHenry
      DrsnakHenry 3 months ago

      @Philip jake Areno yeah ? what is wrong with that ? -

    • Philip jake Areno
      Philip jake Areno 4 months ago

      @Dr. NDL yes i know and he can have his own opinion,but he doesn’t have to go and try to humiliate him.

    • iiItzYukioChan
      iiItzYukioChan 4 months ago

      @Instagram User and what’s wrong with being gay huh?

    • avelovesfrogs
      avelovesfrogs 4 months ago

      omg is that harry pottah

    • ReggleNoises
      ReggleNoises 4 months ago +1


  • I am wheels
    I am wheels 3 months ago +1

    its so funny how he just screams so scared when he is fine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jimbo
    jimbo 4 months ago

    He’s finally doing a house tour ♥️

  • Lacy Russell
    Lacy Russell 4 months ago +3

    "look at my little hand! Whoa, look at my...... uh... Nevermind-...UMMM" - Albert Aretz, 2021
    (Time stamp: 2:08 )

  • Ruby
    Ruby 18 hours ago

    2:08 i just forgot how family friendly this channel is

  • The Hacking Robloxians
    The Hacking Robloxians 4 months ago +429

    I love how even though its been a long time, Albert's humor is still the same. He's still so funny.

  • Itz Toca Kenzie
    Itz Toca Kenzie 4 months ago

    Flamingo never fails to make us smile

  • ValoR
    ValoR 4 months ago

    Congratulations on 10 million ive been watching sense Albertsstuff i love your videos keep up the good work

  • GamePlay677
    GamePlay677 4 months ago +2

    2:07 *flamingo has been caught in 4K 📸*

  • All good usernames are taken

    congrats flamingo for 10 million subs!

  • TheCheese_Man
    TheCheese_Man 4 months ago +695

    "Rat stapler, the game where you staple rats to a rotting corpse."
    -Albert Aretz, 2021

  • Smiling Mushroom
    Smiling Mushroom 16 days ago

    "What's preventing us from ending their life"- Albert to litterally anything/anyone

  • RAGE
    RAGE 4 months ago


  • Dimpot Holix
    Dimpot Holix 4 months ago +1

    This reminds me when my teacher put a check mark when I put Mouses instead of Mice. I bursted out laughing when I saw the test.

  • vinnie
    vinnie 4 months ago

    albertstuff jokes are slowly coming back, and i'm living for it

  • Nico S.
    Nico S. 4 months ago +263

    We have to appreciate that the creators of rat house made a old grandma that we can all simp for

  • ꧁tamare꧂
    ꧁tamare꧂ 4 months ago +1

    “What do we do about the rat?”
    “𝗔𝘃𝗼𝗶𝗱 𝗜𝘁“

  • Bryan's Free time
    Bryan's Free time 4 months ago

    Congrats on 10 million subs!

  • Elias ion
    Elias ion 4 months ago

    congrats on 10M flamingo! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Svquoiaa
    Svquoiaa 4 months ago +1

    The style of this game reminds me a lot of "Bloodwash", a horror game :o

  • dave
    dave 4 months ago +46

    Albert, a lot of people still don't understand what happened with the Chuck Lloyd thing, as some drama happened within the myth community, you should really review what happened (you don't have to go into too much detail cuz of obvious reasons you would understand if you heard about what happened with Kazdam and stuff ) so a lot of people aren't left in the dark with the whole Chuck Lloyd thing, it just bothers me plus a whole lot of other people with this cliffhanger, especially when we know what happened, but we don't have your opinion. To the rest of you, if Albert already gave his opinion on it, I'm eager to know, otherwise, like so Albert can see this. Everything needs to be cleared up, again it bothers me plus a lot of other people.

    • ʀᴇᴅᴡᴏʟғᴛʀᴀsʜ ᴏɴ Tᴜᴍʙʟʀ
      ʀᴇᴅᴡᴏʟғᴛʀᴀsʜ ᴏɴ Tᴜᴍʙʟʀ 4 months ago +6

      i mean, your comment led me to a page that explained what happened with chuck lloyd so i don't think it's necessary for flamingo to make a video on it.

    • ArisuAsleep
      ArisuAsleep 4 months ago +12

      albert doesn't need to be involved with the rmc anymore.
      leave him be.
      and in regards to kazdam, no. his input isn't needed.
      just let the whole thing die as it did.

  • Oops 😰😨
    Oops 😰😨 4 months ago

    Keep doing these content Albert

  • PamRoblox
    PamRoblox 4 months ago

    You always make my day Albert. -Fan

  • CheeseCat :D
    CheeseCat :D 4 months ago +1

    2:07 so are we just gonna ignore this part 💀

  • marins
    marins 4 months ago

    ive watched you from 2017 and i never get old of your video's

  • ConstantSpider
    ConstantSpider 4 months ago +110

    "hey look at my.. nevermind nevermind"

    • Madara uchiha
      Madara uchiha 4 months ago

      Uh nevermind

    • Madara uchiha
      Madara uchiha 4 months ago

      When does he say taht

    • Misty Anika
      Misty Anika 4 months ago +3

      It reminded me of Albertstuff:')
      Good times.

    • Dale Price
      Dale Price 4 months ago +8

      Whenever Flamingo says "Nevermind" you know he just avoided saying something bad or inappropriate, lol.

    • The Only Joke Here Is Me
      The Only Joke Here Is Me 4 months ago +13

      He's reverting back to Albertsstuff slowly

  • KpAndHisCat
    KpAndHisCat 4 months ago

    *R I P cats* :C
    I wonder how long this game will remain up. Let’s just hope the moderators let it pass

  • Shadow Sniper
    Shadow Sniper 4 months ago +1

    CONGRATS ON 10 MIL SUBS Albert Spencer Aretz KEEP ON GROWING!!!!!!

  • OofyVibes - Roblox & Much More!

    Albert, can you do a video where in some kind of noob-filled game that you have admin in, you copy and paste your face and make some kind of easy parkour course for noobs to do, and then give them an impossible obby and kill them if they lose, but they will lose every time and just tp them to you and make them try to finish it until they leave or you get bored of them.

  • Rat2
    Rat2 4 months ago

    Finally, albert has found my brethren, Rats together strong.

  • Mark ,
    Mark , 4 months ago +26

    seeing albert mess up w/ pg stuff is so funny sometimes

  • Unk U
    Unk U 4 months ago

    I love how his screams are so high yet he is 23

  • ¿०jelly gum० ¿
    ¿०jelly gum० ¿ 4 months ago +1

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Memelord123 Meme
    Memelord123 Meme 4 months ago

    2:06 we need to talk about this part 😂😂😂

  • Saleem Aljaafreh
    Saleem Aljaafreh 4 months ago

    I once stepped on a rat on the street I was grossed out then I saw a creepy man eating it and started following me and turned out to be a phycopath that escaped the facility I am glad I am ok

  • naomibugzz♡
    naomibugzz♡ 4 months ago +135

    respect to the one who made the game, it seems like its not even on roblox but it is.

  • Kai 🤷‍♀️
    Kai 🤷‍♀️ 4 months ago

    2:08 he was about to say something not so family friendly 😂

  • /mi0\ [[might be moving channels soon]]

    This game is way too good and way to developed for Roblox, it should be an actual game.

  • 杰 Tea TV 杰
    杰 Tea TV 杰 4 months ago

    Its hard to belive this man used to curse.

  • Caleb mortel
    Caleb mortel 4 months ago

    1:04 got me laughing

  • Yuhlogan #roblox
    Yuhlogan #roblox 4 months ago +1

    8:05 the way he screamed got me dying 😭😭

  • babaloobitty
    babaloobitty 4 months ago

    the other player: i found key
    albert: look at my little hand!
    also albert: look at my uh nevermind...

  • hayden
    hayden 2 months ago

    i watched this video and wonder how people still think albertsstuff was better than alberts content nowadays. albertsstuff just made transphobic/homophobic jokes. flamingo is genuinely funny.

  • ᴛʜᴏʀᴛᴏɴ.ᴍᴘ4

    Congrats on 10M :D

  • Root653 on roblox!
    Root653 on roblox! 4 months ago +83

    hi Albert, I've been watching your content since 2017, ur doing really good and I am glad to still see you happy. never give up and keep on doing great work!

    • Zay A
      Zay A 4 months ago

      Hey I noticed there's like 4 bots that copied your comment glad that I finally found the real one

    • Bingus Head
      Bingus Head 4 months ago

      Why is someone trying to stop an internet argument? Why do they think they have power in this situation?

    • Root653 on roblox!
      Root653 on roblox! 4 months ago +1

      quit arguing pls guys ;(

    • Bluutend
      Bluutend 4 months ago +1

      @pool love ur vids but they unsubscribed me I dived again

  • Adriann Slappey
    Adriann Slappey 4 months ago


  • Lava King
    Lava King 4 months ago

    You help me forget the pains in life. Thank you. I appreciate you greatly.. i just cant stop thinking about the pains. But you help that.

    • Lava King
      Lava King 4 months ago

      No i mean this quite literally i just got a covid shot and it hurts

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones 4 months ago +1

    Congratulations on 10 mil

  • (|  V4N!TY THE BLACK BEAR  |)

    Flamingo:" Woah, Look at my- Nevermind"

  • The Frog Lord
    The Frog Lord 4 months ago +22

    I love when albert plays these types of games so he gets terrified at the realistic character's

  • ducko 7
    ducko 7 4 months ago +1

    petition for albert to sell bath water, I'd invest in some

  • ieri
    ieri 4 months ago +1

    “hey look at my….nvm” still the same old albert

  • Ketsui
    Ketsui 2 months ago

    2:08 - Albert forgot he was on a family friendly channel for a sec there

  • The Questing Wolf
    The Questing Wolf 4 months ago +18

    I like how he thought he might get “cancelled” for saying rat instead of mouse

    • Lula259
      Lula259 4 months ago

      Dude a bot stole ur comment an hour ago and got more likes than you in 2 days qwp

  • LegacyMeme
    LegacyMeme 4 months ago +67

    Your videos always cheer me up. Even when my dog was put down recently, I was able to get over it thanks to your videos. Thank you for staying the same and remembering your core audience instead of constantly changing for the algorithm

    • Lula259
      Lula259 4 months ago

      @Ms. Ramdom (>u

    • Lula259
      Lula259 4 months ago

      @Ms. Ramdom sure :D

    • Lula259
      Lula259 4 months ago

      @Ms. Ramdom oo thats nice :D

    • Lula259
      Lula259 4 months ago

      @Ms. Ramdom wbu?

  • Michelle Obama foot cream

    2:07 lmao he’s slowly turning into Albertsstuff and I’m not against it

  • Bėrrÿ Fòódîē
    Bėrrÿ Fòódîē 4 months ago

    Albert has developed my humor to be exactly like his

  • Prodigy
    Prodigy 4 months ago

    Congrats on 10Milllion!!!

  • Jax_Attax0519
    Jax_Attax0519 4 months ago

    I appreciate how many times albert said E 🤣

  • Cheese biscuit
    Cheese biscuit 4 months ago +1

    Albert once said “woah look at my- never mind”

  • DinoNuggies&Ramen
    DinoNuggies&Ramen 4 months ago +1

    *The fact that he thought rat was a mean way of saying mouse*

  • Bdrax_guy with no limbs
    Bdrax_guy with no limbs 4 months ago +1

    2:09 ah yes flamingo still has a little bit of albertsstuff inside of him

  • blatz
    blatz 4 months ago +1

    rewatching alberts video it remembers before the pandemic happened even when alburtsstuff what's a thing ily al

  • Get noobed
    Get noobed 4 months ago +42

    Okay so Albert I’ve been watching you for.. it’s almost been 5 years and I watch every day and get worried if you don’t upload! Your my biggest inspiration and I love your comedy! Your probably the only reason I’m living rn you got me through the worst things that’s happened in my life such as suicidal thoughts, deaths, mental issues. Etc… I love how much you make me laugh tysm

    • Mitcho Mambuku
      Mitcho Mambuku 4 months ago

      You joined 3 weeks ago 👋

    • Get noobed
      Get noobed 4 months ago

      @Molten aaa same!

    • Get noobed
      Get noobed 4 months ago

      @Instagram User excuse me he literally just had a girlfriend about 6-8 months ago and even if he was he can date whoever he wants for this is his life

    • Get noobed
      Get noobed 4 months ago

      @SparkyTheDog excuse me sir?

    • Get noobed
      Get noobed 4 months ago

      @Ms. Ramdom I’m so sorry that’s happening and I hope you have a great rest of your life

  • Stellamybeloved
    Stellamybeloved 4 months ago

    Albert you should do a video like this:join a random group with almost no people in it only like 16 and join it then see how much people will come when your in the group.

    MRFLAREMANGO 4 months ago

    Normally the shorter the video the funnier, but they’re funny anyway :)))))))).

  • Spiderman fan69
    Spiderman fan69 4 months ago +1

    it took me 3 times to beat this game me and friends were just running

  • Maxellpow123
    Maxellpow123 4 months ago

    I wish you’d do more of the creepy pasta videos from like 4 years ago.

  • Misty Anika
    Misty Anika 4 months ago +7

    This is the best part of the video. Albertstuff is trying to escape and be free.

    • Jomerade_
      Jomerade_ 4 months ago

      Hello fellow jellybean viewer

    • Jooshy
      Jooshy 4 months ago

      Bro what💀

  • Zack Taco
    Zack Taco 4 months ago

    I was gonna say this reminded me of rat stapler but when Albert said it was made by the same person I wasn’t suprised

  • ZIGI ezbruh
    ZIGI ezbruh 4 months ago

    Congtats on 10million subs flamingo!!