I Sold My Bikini Pictures For A Month And Made £___

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • So for a month I used OnlyFans and sold my bikini pictures to see how much I would make... I literally couldn't believe the outcome...
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Comments • 554

  • Imogen Skye
    Imogen Skye 11 hours ago

    My best friend uses ONLYFANS & fee is £17 a month & she posts full on explicit videos of her doing things, and explicit uncensored nudes. It got ruined when people leaked her images x

  • Cristina Dogaru
    Cristina Dogaru 2 days ago +1

    She's been paid 680 dollars for beeing completely inactive! Really?!

  • Irina Bronnikova
    Irina Bronnikova 5 days ago


  • Hetty Kirkby
    Hetty Kirkby 8 days ago

    Lowkey annoying how she’s talking about having respect for her, yet she’s selling her body online for money- and will continue doing it.

  • Kirsty Hussain
    Kirsty Hussain 11 days ago

    are you not with Jordan anymore

  • Cara MacDonald
    Cara MacDonald 13 days ago

    Interesting video xxx

  • Maya Wolf
    Maya Wolf 14 days ago

    onlyfans.com/mayaclarke let’s see where this takes us (:

  • madeleine mccanwidges
    madeleine mccanwidges 14 days ago +1

    You can't whine about people saying that they should get what they pay for, if you're saying you're going to sell your bikini pics, then do it, bc what you're doing is scamming

  • Laura Loo
    Laura Loo 14 days ago +1

    Why would anyone pay £25 a month to look at bikini pics of anyone? There are millions on google lol

  • Beccy Middleton
    Beccy Middleton 15 days ago +7

    I'm a broke ass 20 year old brb posting my feet pics on only fans

  • Leanna Shepherd
    Leanna Shepherd 18 days ago

    I cant believe you posted bikini pics for money and for a video, thats really desperate for content and money. I used to love your videos so much but youv changed for the worst and your videos are getting weird

    • Leanna Shepherd
      Leanna Shepherd 18 days ago

      betty boo hahahahaha honestly so glad someone agrees

    • betty boo
      betty boo 18 days ago +1

      @Leanna Shepherd true, like its she only did it for money. Like ok, go ahead and do whatever but putting it under the category as a experiment is just weird lol

    • Leanna Shepherd
      Leanna Shepherd 18 days ago

      betty boo hahahaha honestly like proper justifying that selling bikini pics isn’t that bad like fair enough people post them on instagram for free, but shes acting like its an experiment its just desperate boring content and clearly wants to see how much money she can get to proceed

    • betty boo
      betty boo 18 days ago +1

      @Leanna Shepherd ikr lmfao she used to make actual good content now its just cringy and boring

    • Leanna Shepherd
      Leanna Shepherd 18 days ago

      betty boo i was honestly cringing watching it

  • M 2802xxx
    M 2802xxx 18 days ago +1

    If you don’t want young girls to copy you and sell their bikini pictures, DONT UPLOAD A TheXvid VIDEO ABOUT IT!!!

  • Jeannette W
    Jeannette W 18 days ago

    I wish I was skinny enough to make money this way 😮😮

  • Poppy Johnson
    Poppy Johnson 19 days ago +1

    the bed is lava
    it’s okay i didn’t move either

  • sana nick
    sana nick 19 days ago +1

    Why can’t I find it on the App Store I wanna become rich

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 19 days ago

    I feel like yeah she made a lot of money but I think it’s only because she has a following. Like the average person can defomake money but not as much cause uno Millie has millions of followers so she has a bigger audience who want to watch .

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ 19 days ago +7

    might go get a pedicure and sell feet pictures

  • Florence Tierney
    Florence Tierney 19 days ago +1

    Not a good influence for younger girls

  • Florence Tierney
    Florence Tierney 19 days ago

    Bit fucked up can’t lie

  • Annie sp8
    Annie sp8 20 days ago

    thats my uni career sorted

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 20 days ago

    I tried only fans yeah didnt work out for me wiah it did tho lol

  • Chantelle Lloyd
    Chantelle Lloyd 20 days ago

    Is the money really worth it, if it makes you feel uneasy? Your a beautiful girl and don't need to use this app...

  • michelle macfarlane
    michelle macfarlane 21 day ago

    My only fans onlyfans.com/u11586466

  • Christine #7
    Christine #7 21 day ago

    its bec u neglected the part of u posting thats why they are turning "sour" they feel SCAMED u SCAMMER, thought this be interesting and see how much u can make but u NEGLECTED ur job an easy job actually, u could've just post about ur feet but YOU chose bikini pics so dont complain geez

  • Christine #7
    Christine #7 21 day ago +26

    they literally paid 25 POUNDS for pictures that could've been free, the least you could do is just post one pic each day, cant believe ur the one whos complaining

  • Jess James
    Jess James 21 day ago +1

    I would literally have to work for a whole year to get that money

  • GXoxo
    GXoxo 21 day ago

    you were conning people into buying it though, meaning, you scribbled out the bikini on snapchat to make it look like you were naked. And i'm not saying you should have posted naked pictures but when you've made it look like you have to get people to buy it. you're a fake

  • wot nanami
    wot nanami 22 days ago

    If she didn’t post about her doing it on twitter she would’ve struggled to make that much

  • Karla Freeman
    Karla Freeman 22 days ago

    Honestly calling guys rude for asking for nudes like what do you expect your attitude and you posting pictures of your body the way you do obviously is gonna make people feel like you're a slut or that you want the bad attention and even though you did this for a video you kinda did scam the people that payed

  • Chloe olivia lehmann
    Chloe olivia lehmann 22 days ago

    You sort of look like fergie

  • Kitty Cooper
    Kitty Cooper 22 days ago

    Omg I love you millie

  • Thomas A
    Thomas A 22 days ago +2

    i MiSs tHe oLd MilLiE

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 23 days ago +6

    If i did this for like month like feet pics or whatever and decided i wanted to delete the app, would everyone that paid want there money back because i don’t want any lawsuits or anything like that can someone help i don’t wanna get sued

  • Catherine
    Catherine 23 days ago +36

    Why do u keep doing a daft American accent on some of ur words it sounds so fake

    • xo xo
      xo xo 11 days ago

      ThatRomyKate well that’s bc she’s moved, she doesn’t live in her hometown anymore so her accent will sound different, i hear it too but i really don’t think she’s putting on an accent

    • ThatRomyKate
      ThatRomyKate 11 days ago

      @xo xo I haven't watched her for a while and I feel like her voice has changed compared to how it was before. That's not only her Yorkshire accent imo. No judgement, just saying

    • Laura Loo
      Laura Loo 14 days ago +2

      She is actually from Rossendale/Haslingden and this accent is nothing like anyone around here haha.. it’s a mush mash of an accent

  • Samantha Walton
    Samantha Walton 23 days ago +1

    Those idiots had absolutely no right asking and demanding nudes but I can't believe you were shocked that people were mad about you not posting anything or posting the same things to insta for free when they were paying you for pictures. Every single person should get their money back

  • JustCardsBy Sara
    JustCardsBy Sara 23 days ago +4

    I can understand people subbed to see more of u and I'd feel ripped off too if i was paying money n nothing was happening people don't just fork out money nothing they want something in return

  • Zoe Wells
    Zoe Wells 23 days ago

    This is disgusting it’s making girls think it’s right

  • Louise Hamar
    Louise Hamar 24 days ago

    does anyone have any video ideas for me,i haven’t posted on youtube but i am 15 year old who loves makeup,fashion,music and literally everything,if anyone could subscribe it would mean a lot,please reply to this comment with ideas,thankyou so much

  • Mcgarvey
    Mcgarvey 24 days ago

    wtf is wrong with her

  • Mair Thomas
    Mair Thomas 24 days ago

    Helping us broke gals out :
    Here’s mine !!

  • Angel Harby
    Angel Harby 24 days ago

    I think what all of you need to remember is that millie posted this video with a warm heart and didn't intend for anyone (subscribers or not) to set up an account on only fans... She made that so clear and I'm reading comments like "millie showing us broke uni girls how to make a living" and "im suddenly inspired to set up an account"... This isn't what she wanted and she isn't trying to inspire you to sell your body... Which she made extremely clear in the video more then once. You all are taking this way to serious and its not funny. You can see millie struggling at the end and I'm sure non of you want to be in the same situation!! Love you lots millie,, thank you for doing this video and sorry bout all them guys asking for nudes its vile!! 💗💗

  • forever.inaya -
    forever.inaya - 25 days ago +1

    Why are u so pretty like I wish I was that pretty x

  • Fabulous Kream
    Fabulous Kream 25 days ago

    Was she annoyed with the lack of money at the end or happy with it?

  • Fabulous Kream
    Fabulous Kream 25 days ago

    Why is lewis always grumpy in ur videos😂

  • Hey Elly!
    Hey Elly! 26 days ago

    But I think you made the money really easily because you already have a following.. what if I open an account? I’d make nothing the first months

    • ちろりん
      ちろりん 3 days ago

      Yeah that's true, if you have no following it's hard to promote and you won't probably make much. It'll be a lot of hard work to make money.

  • Katie Branston
    Katie Branston 26 days ago

    Ur so beautiful xx

  • Mia Mansell
    Mia Mansell 26 days ago

    I love lewys so much💆💆💆💆

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 26 days ago +2


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 26 days ago +1


  • Susan D
    Susan D 27 days ago

    I think that the issue here is that only fans is known for nudes/kink photos. So people subscribe and pay a fee for content. Even if it's not nudes, etc they are paying and have an expectation of frequent content... which honestly I don't blame them for being upset and unsubscribing due to infrequent content uploads. As for the nudes... I hate to say it but honestly the scribbling out of the one photo implied that it was likely going to be scandalous. So when the subscribers signed up and a tasteful bikini shot... they ended up mad. I think if you had been clear that it wasn't going to be nude content and was going to be rated R vs X rated content, the results and number of subscribers would have been vastly different and people wouldn't have a right to be upset about not getting what they expected. But by using somewhat deceptive censoring of photos and kind of misleading descriptors... they got the impression that you were doing sex work. No shame in that, but misleading someone is shady. I know sex workers who do use only fans as a platform to earn income and do quite well on it, but they are also are not being misleading in what their content will consist of.

  • saskia adams
    saskia adams 27 days ago

    What’s the website called where she posts the photos ?

  • niamh v
    niamh v 27 days ago

    This is ridiculous. everyone wants to make money off of their bodies but are terrified of being seen as a sex worker. don’t use onlyfans if you’re not going to take it seriously and provide content that people are PAYING to see.

  • Abi Newport
    Abi Newport 28 days ago +5

    millie at the end of the day you were making people pay and you weren’t posting. Yes it’s not right what they were saying and yes you didn’t feel fully committing because of the thing it’s promoting but i’d just say don’t promise something and then get upset over the outcome. x

    • niamh v
      niamh v 27 days ago

      Abi Newport it’s perfectly fine what they were saying. she was baiting and making it seem that she was going to post explicit pictures when she was just posting what was on her instagram. girls like millie are giving sex workers a bad name.

  • Itssimplyhannah
    Itssimplyhannah 29 days ago +2

    The only reason you did well was because you have a high amount of followers on your socials.

  • Nazli Pulak
    Nazli Pulak 29 days ago

    why didnt i think this was kiera i-

  • K Pbrown
    K Pbrown 29 days ago +2

    How low will this girl go

  • Lsr Lsr
    Lsr Lsr 29 days ago +4

    Idk how I feel about this site atall 🤔

  • Feed the Cat
    Feed the Cat 29 days ago

    How do taxes work on this though?

  • Rianna Lee
    Rianna Lee 29 days ago

    Can’t people ss lol confused

  • Lucy VS Keni
    Lucy VS Keni 29 days ago

    Ruby rube 10 years later 😂🥴

    • Wolfmeister -
      Wolfmeister - 29 days ago

      Lucy VS Keni very questionable comment