SHINee 샤이니 '셀 수 없는 (Countless)' MV

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • SHINee's The 6th album "'‘The Story of Light’ Epilogue" is out!
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    01 All Day All Night
    02 셀 수 없는 (Countless)
    03 데리러 가 (Good Evening)
    04 Chemistry
    05 Electric
    06 독감 (Who Waits For Love)
    07 네가 남겨둔 말 (Our Page)
    08 I Say
    09 Retro
    10 Drive
    11 I Want You
    12 Undercover
    13 JUMP
    14 Tonight
    15 안녕 (You & I)
    16 Lock You Down (Special Track)
    SHINee Official
    #SHINee #샤이니 #셀수없는 #Countless
    SHINee 샤이니 '셀 수 없는 (Countless)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Aiedail52
    Aiedail52 23 minutes ago

    아 넘 굿이야...

  • Gemini just SHINee
    Gemini just SHINee Hour ago +1

    SHINee is so matured already
    They have proven a lot and we all know once a king always a king..
    A group where everyone CAN REALLY SING

  • Gemini just SHINee

    From Taemin's under my skin.. to Kibum's Forever Yours
    Now back here at Countless..
    I love streaming good music and talented people.
    In short ,, i love SHINee

  • 끝맛이주성해
    끝맛이주성해 2 hours ago

    옛날보다 지금이 훨씬 잘생겼당

  • Jiming Wu
    Jiming Wu 2 hours ago +1

    Oh my cuteeeee bunny Onew!!!!

  • Sreynuch Vy
    Sreynuch Vy 3 hours ago +1

    I have countless reason to love you ♥️

  • Madisyn Grigull
    Madisyn Grigull 4 hours ago +2

    I’m so proud of them, their unmatched dedication to their art and their fans shines so brightly in this world. Their maturity is such a welcome breath of fresh air.
    I still can’t believe how confidently they’ve produced such amazing pieces of music in the face of such adversity. I love my boys so very much 💗

  • Khanh Vy Tran Nhat
    Khanh Vy Tran Nhat 4 hours ago +1

    10M go go 👆🏻. This song released at 10th september and it’s look like my 18th birthday gift 😂

  • 한문수
    한문수 6 hours ago


  • derya devrim
    derya devrim 7 hours ago +1

    SHINee ❤️❤️

  • Drusilla Jokon
    Drusilla Jokon 8 hours ago

    (Gasps) MINHO 💛

  • P경히
    P경히 8 hours ago

    너무 이쁘다. 색감도 너무 이쁘고 샤이니스럽게 상큼하고 사랑스럽다💚

  • Nufogirl Sher
    Nufogirl Sher 8 hours ago +1

    All is perfect in this song.

  • Denni Joana
    Denni Joana 8 hours ago +1


  • Moody GamingXXY
    Moody GamingXXY 10 hours ago


  • Karishma Thakur
    Karishma Thakur 10 hours ago +1


  • Finee forever
    Finee forever 12 hours ago +1

    Countless love to you!!!

  • Finee forever
    Finee forever 12 hours ago +1

    Onew is sooooo cute!!!My stars,shine forever!5HINee forever!

  • Rini sha
    Rini sha 13 hours ago +1


  • Mari H
    Mari H 15 hours ago +3

    Army is here to support shinee❤️

  • Ps World Push
    Ps World Push 16 hours ago +1

    Basta Legend! SHINee!

  • Hubo Jajaja
    Hubo Jajaja 21 hour ago +1

    A reproducir! ❤️☝️

  • Yashwant Sahu
    Yashwant Sahu 22 hours ago +3


  • leyanla quinker
    leyanla quinker 22 hours ago +4

    I lestaning all the k-pop song but I like the most shinee song video 🖤

  • Apenas uma K-Popper
    Apenas uma K-Popper 22 hours ago +1


  • 빛나는샤워리
    빛나는샤워리 Day ago +1

    샤월을 향한 세레나데같다💙
    샤월을 사랑할 셀수없는 이유들이 남아있다고 말해주는것 같아😍

  • Diari Shop
    Diari Shop Day ago +2

    Nice 💕💕😊

  • FirstName LastName


  • Balinha Shawol
    Balinha Shawol Day ago +2

    Keep streaming ❤

  • Coffee Bean
    Coffee Bean Day ago +1


  • Lamp sHaDe
    Lamp sHaDe Day ago +2

    I remember the days were I would wake up on the date the mvs come out and being sleepy but still bopping my head😂

    FALANDO JIKOOK Day ago +1

    Estão todos lindos lindos lindos!

    FALANDO JIKOOK Day ago +1

    Gente, alguém para Kim Kibum e Lee Taemin por favor, pq se não, não irei sobreviver.

  • Diya Dileep
    Diya Dileep Day ago +4

    I came here for Choi Minho
    But after listening this song my mood always gets lift up
    This song gives me postivity.Its lyrics are awesome.
    I thank you from bottom of my heart for making such a blissful song when I needed it most.☺
    I know this comment might not reach you but if it reaches you I get wanna say
    Keep doing such work.
    Guys hit like if you agree with me.
    Love from India💖



  • agima rodrigues
    agima rodrigues Day ago +2

    You guys said that you'll try to be better and better. You guys have kept your promise. You just keep getting better and better and are the best. Love you shinee.

  • Rini sha
    Rini sha Day ago +2

    I'll miss you jinki oppa .stay healthy and Take care yourself . ❤️❤️❤️

  • 꺄꺄
    꺄꺄 Day ago +1

    이번 앨범 다 좋지만 내 최애 ㅠㅠ

  • ismainee 28
    ismainee 28 Day ago +4

    This is the best song SM has ever released ever (fight me)

  • Johana D
    Johana D Day ago +2


  • Ashley  Rolin
    Ashley Rolin Day ago +5

    This is my first time listening to SHINee in almost a year. I know it’s late but congrats on your comeback! This song is beautiful. ❤️

  • MrFreshLuffy
    MrFreshLuffy Day ago +2

    I am very secure in my but these guys go way too far this yaoi bs needs to stop pls I respect the dead RIP ole boy but this has to stop

  • Meg Braveheartscotland57

    Good evening, I hope all is well. Well this evening I am feeling very down, hate self and could harm myself. this is what we deal with " depression " it brings you high and the slams you to the ground, feeling useless, hopeless, alone etc. It has many faces. I hope that no one is feeling this way, hang on for your life because you are a good, precious and loved.

    • Meg Braveheartscotland57
      Meg Braveheartscotland57 13 hours ago

      Here we go, anger and rage that is the slapdown of depression and Bipolar 1. I am weary of these ups and downs. It sucks the life out of me, burdens me. With a heavy heart I try of keep going day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute and if need be seconds by seconds. Sorry for having such a down day and sharing it with you all. I know all to well what Jonghyun felt and it finally gave way to escape this chaos.

  • Celestine IsSharkeishaNO

    They sound soooo good still!

  • Silvia Bermudez
    Silvia Bermudez Day ago +2

    Estos chicos son realmente bellos

  • Emily Spino
    Emily Spino Day ago +3


  • Universe- heart
    Universe- heart Day ago +4

    This is such a good song,I love their unique.I love SHINee. 💘

  • Adella Kim
    Adella Kim Day ago +2

    샤이니는 진짜 에스엠아이돌같아 고급스러워 노래도 너무 좋고 ㅠㅠ

  • Oni Mad
    Oni Mad Day ago +1

    فايتينغ fayting

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    SHINee and Shawols are the best ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee


  • BANGTAN 0.2
    BANGTAN 0.2 Day ago +1


  • Kim Julliet
    Kim Julliet Day ago +3

    Saranghae 😍

  • Cipto Ningsih265
    Cipto Ningsih265 Day ago +2


  • Latata _
    Latata _ Day ago +4

    I love them so much!! My boys were amazing as per usual

  • Bunny Luna
    Bunny Luna 2 days ago +3


  • Octa_idoL
    Octa_idoL 2 days ago +4

    Haven't followed SHINee since Sherlock era and this new song never disappoint me. Such a quality BB.

    CRAFTY SWAGGY SHAY 2 days ago +5

    I’m waiting for Minho to be in another drama

    CRAFTY SWAGGY SHAY 2 days ago +4

    I can’t stop listening to this I NEED HELP

  • Słony Karmel
    Słony Karmel 2 days ago +3

    I miss Jonghyun...

  • p K
    p K 2 days ago +5

    SHINee world is strong ..... FIGHTING

  • lani the kpop stan
    lani the kpop stan 2 days ago +5

    “act cool and don’t tell jinki” - sm at one point during filming

  • Jorge Luis Rivas Pino
    Jorge Luis Rivas Pino 2 days ago +4


  • Isha Singal
    Isha Singal 2 days ago +6

    This is so underrated. Absolute ART. Now I am Shawol alongside an EXO-L

  • Alextenderm Gasis
    Alextenderm Gasis 2 days ago +2


    • Słony Karmel
      Słony Karmel Day ago +1

      +Kim Julliet And will be there forever :,)

    • Kim Julliet
      Kim Julliet Day ago +2

      +Słony Karmel yes he still always alive in our heart 😘❤

    • Słony Karmel
      Słony Karmel 2 days ago +1

      He's not dead... He's here ❤

  • D M
    D M 2 days ago +5

    Im blinded by their handsomeness

    • Kim Julliet
      Kim Julliet Day ago +1

      Me too all of them are sooo haddome

  • D M
    D M 2 days ago +5

    I love them so much. Stay strong

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    I religiously comeback Here everyday ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    SHINee ❤️❤️

  • Dirty Trip
    Dirty Trip 2 days ago +5

    this song is so beautiful, they are so strong and talented, 5HINee is forever

  • p K
    p K 2 days ago +4

    SHINee drom will suffer
    Already KEY is out
    Onew will also go out for 2yrs
    2mins will get bore cuz if anyone in home another in outside ....aww

    • p K
      p K 2 days ago +1

      +Prince minho oppa sure we will, but I can't be here lot of time because this week my exam starts it will end 29 nov .but it didn't mean that i won't be here i will here little less time than other time😍. Our goal only made me to move on from lot of shocking news of two days

    • Prince minho oppa
      Prince minho oppa 2 days ago +1

      +p K I want to but after bunny enlist there 3 boys need us so we need to be strong for them & also we have ah goal too. Lucifer is on going we must be bring in 100M before bunny & ming bday. Keep fighting 💪💪💪💪💪

    • p K
      p K 2 days ago +1

      +Prince minho oppa then take some rest need some time to understand will let you make better about situation

    • Prince minho oppa
      Prince minho oppa 2 days ago +1

      +p K about key its not new he left the dorm before in some show before minho said that he & onew living n dorm so I'm not feel bad for that I understand them. I'm get hurt bcos of my bunny enlist soon I'm not ready for that😭😭😭😭😭 minho living alone how sad. I'm so lazy sad I feel like my heart is cutting to the pieces💔💔💔💔💔 even my phone I don't want use 😭😭😭

    • p K
      p K 2 days ago +1

      +Prince minho oppa same feel ...but we can't do anything i cried when heard about bunny leader and KEY out of drom ... Minho alone ,in jonghyun FIRST anniversary leader will not be there , bunny leader can't celebrate birthday this year with us😥 so many worries but this poor heart should move on for our boys and expect time to back all thing to normal

  • YK YK
    YK YK 2 days ago +6

    Please let SHINee have comeback or at least have one song before Onew's enlistment. Let them 5 and shawols be together

  • Sweet Coffee
    Sweet Coffee 2 days ago +6

    That pure voice will always be missed, and that place will always be empty 😔💔
    When ever i see one of them or hear their songs i can't stop myself from being sad and missing him 😭😭

  • Mik Lol
    Mik Lol 2 days ago +5


  • Luzviminda Ines
    Luzviminda Ines 2 days ago +5

    Taemin like 30yrs old 😄😄😄 love u baby 태민 ❤, Our leader Onew is forever young like 20yrs old 😘 , i love 새이니 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • Denise Victoria
    Denise Victoria 2 days ago +4

    ive herad this before, the melody wtfffff, someone helppppppp its on the tip of my tongue

  • pink velvet
    pink velvet 2 days ago +7

    Can we talk about how cute Onew look in this mv? Can you believe this man almost 30?

    • eyes0ny0u
      eyes0ny0u 2 days ago +1

      No one believes Onew is 30. SM messed up 10 yrs ago when they released SHINee's bio. Lol!

    • blink is plastic lover
      blink is plastic lover 2 days ago

      No you can't

  • barbara vega
    barbara vega 2 days ago +2


  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Jonghyun is the most attractive man in the world ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Key is the coolest boy in the world ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Taemin is the charmest man in the world ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Minho is the hottest man alive ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Lee jinki is the most beautiful human alive ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Lee Jinki
    Kim Jonghyun
    Kim Kibum
    Choi Minho
    Lee Taemin
    Saranghae 💚💚💚💚

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    I Love you SHINee ❤️

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Shawols let's reach 10M before minho's birthday? 😍😍😍

  • I love Noodles and SHINee

    Our dear leadernim we will wait you!! 💚 20/07/2020

  • Anorix JH
    Anorix JH 2 days ago

    Burdayım ve mutluyum

  • Edeline .M.O.
    Edeline .M.O. 2 days ago +3

    There's a VR version I'm gonna die I don't own VR glasses.

  • Mariam Bernardi
    Mariam Bernardi 2 days ago +3

    taemin and minho are beautiful

  • Jonghyun Kim
    Jonghyun Kim 2 days ago +4

    My happiness is SHINee

  • 벌ZH
    벌ZH 2 days ago +3

    노래 겁나 좋다 왜 샤이니노래는 수록곡도 그렇고 안좋은 노래가 하나도 없지...

  • Sukhwinder Singh
    Sukhwinder Singh 2 days ago +5

    Good luck .... keep smiling guys ... love from INDIA 😊☺😊 GBY ALL

  • Gold Lightner
    Gold Lightner 2 days ago +3

    Jonghyun :(((

  • Tondonbi Chanu
    Tondonbi Chanu 2 days ago +9

    Onew oppa we will miss you so much 😢😢
    Stay healthy and safe

  • suhoe
    suhoe 3 days ago +4

    that circle looks so empty but we have to keep going and support shinee okay

  • Mary Eloisa
    Mary Eloisa 3 days ago +5


  • Joy to the World
    Joy to the World 3 days ago +26

    Lee Jinki, please take care of yourself, be safe and healthy. We'll be waiting for you.❤

  • Salome Salome
    Salome Salome 3 days ago +5

    When they sing together this is the most beautiful moment and sound in whole music video and still my fav music
    (Sorry my bad English ) 😚✌✌

  • Madelane Foxall
    Madelane Foxall 3 days ago +3

    Hiii, can you help a small fandom out? Gugudan has released a new song called "Not that type". Please can you check it out❤❤