How is grocery shopping in Dutch Supermarket (Albert Heijn in Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱)? - Part 1

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • Vlog 50 on the tour of a popular supermarket in the Netherlands. Albert Heijn (AH) tour part 1 which shows the different items available. Part 2 of the rest of the tour is in the next Vlog i.e., Vlog 51! Will be really helpful for incoming internationals or international students to the Netherlands!
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  • SambitPhD
    SambitPhD  7 months ago

    Thanks for watching the video 😊 Don't forget to watch the part 2 after this to know about other products and the payment method! What other supermarket videos do you want to see? Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with all to help others!

  • ButacuP PucatuB
    ButacuP PucatuB 11 days ago +1

    Ohhhh thank you for sneaking us in! I appreciate that you went through such trouble. I especially loved the discounted cheese and the cleaning products. It’s a lot of fun shopping with you. Thank you again!

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  11 days ago

      Thank you so much for understanding my situation while recording. These type of comments motivate me to do what I am doing! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to get all updates!

  • Jason Deblou
    Jason Deblou 29 days ago +1

    Use the AH phone app and you'll have a digital bonus card and can use your phone to scan the products

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  24 days ago

      Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Shaban Rahi,
    Shaban Rahi, Month ago +1

    Hi sir wo jo aap ne mujhko btaya h wo mila nhi motorcycle job repair ke baare me please sir Ripley me, thanks

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  Month ago

      Check the link or type this search term in LinkedIN "bike mechanic in Netherlands"

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  Month ago

  • Gabriel Duenas
    Gabriel Duenas Month ago +1

    AH Chocolate mini donuts
    AH ham and Swiss croissant sandwiches
    AH chocolate chip and vanilla muffins

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  Month ago

      Thanks for the recommendations! I also love the first and third one!

  • Rachel Gill
    Rachel Gill Month ago

    You're using "fruitS" incorrectly in this video. The word you should be using is "fruit". There is no "s" added even in the plural form. You only add the "s" if you're emphasizing something.

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  Month ago +1

      Really that's what you see in the video!!!! 😂😆 For your English knowledge:
      Enjoy reading!! 😁😅

  • Yaga Priya
    Yaga Priya 2 months ago +1

    How to get card weekly discount

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  2 months ago

      @Yaga Priya Albert Heijn

    • Yaga Priya
      Yaga Priya 2 months ago

      @SambitPhD AH means

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  2 months ago

      Ask for a AH bonus card in AH itself and then you will get emails about weekly discounts when you register via Email

  • Grada Wouda Kuipers
    Grada Wouda Kuipers 3 months ago +3

    You could also put the price sticker of the bananas ON the bananas; less single use plastic..... Thanks for the video though.

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  3 months ago +2

      Yes, I am very sorry. I understand the rising environmental problems. Thank you for making me aware! I pledge to reduce my plastic consumption as much as possible. If you like to know more about studying and living in Netherlands then consider SUBSCRIBING to my channel :)

    • Grada Wouda Kuipers
      Grada Wouda Kuipers 3 months ago +2

      Sorry, looking at your yummy video I see; it’s one big plastic industry.........

  • Sanesh Mathew
    Sanesh Mathew 4 months ago +1

    Can I ask you one thing... is there decarmarkt super markets named market is there.....

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  4 months ago

      Sorry, never heard or seen anything about it. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to get all updates!

  • arooj ali
    arooj ali 5 months ago +1

    My uncle is liveing in holand

  • SambitPhD
    SambitPhD  8 months ago +3

    @mrmishra With reference to your question during the video premiere, I would again state the answer to making a video about the farmers market here for others to see it later:
    "Will try later as now where I live in South of Netherlands, I don't find it. Maybe when I go to Delft then will do it for sure!"

  • Pranav roxx
    Pranav roxx 8 months ago +2

    How much is the monthly cost per month for students? Especially if my university is not in a big city (Utwente)

    • SambitPhD
      SambitPhD  8 months ago +3

      Hello Pranav, actually any city in Netherlands, the raw food items prices are same and there is not much difference. So, your cost of food and living only will be around 100-150 euro depending on how you spend and always cook your food as eating outside is way expensive! Note it does not include additional transport and other costs!