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  • Kyle Lucero
    Kyle Lucero Day ago

    Who is worse Shyamalan or Michael Bay?

  • TheLazysketcher
    TheLazysketcher Day ago

    14:00 That tiny rock on a string effect always makes me laugh. Its like one of those special effects from Doctor Who (the classic series) when they had the lowest budget and just put something small in the foreground to make it look big!

  • Eli Herrera
    Eli Herrera Day ago

    This movie caused me physical pain

  • wherefancytakesme
    wherefancytakesme 2 days ago +1

    The funny thing is Shyamalan wanted to pronounce their names "right", by pronouncing them in a Japanese way, but all the characters have _Chinese_ names. If he wanted to do it accurately, Aang would be "Ay-awng", Sokka "Suo Ka", and Iroh "Eye-loh", etc.
    But then, this is the same guy who said Toph would definitely be 'Asian' (you know India counts right), and that Korean extras in the film should wear kimonos.

  • Lauren Franco
    Lauren Franco 2 days ago

    The ember island reactions are perfect 👌

  • joshua kim
    joshua kim 3 days ago +1

    That moment when you realize that NC's satirical portrayal of Shyamalon is a more intimidating villain than every "antagonist" in every Shyamalon film combined (and for the record, the guy from Split alone takes up 98% of that group's intimidation factor).

    • Noel
      Noel 2 days ago

      Yeah, that guy was.....a Beast.
      (kill me now)

  • Aaron the baron
    Aaron the baron 3 days ago

    This video had better acting then the fucking multi million $ movie!

  • StormtrooperWho
    StormtrooperWho 3 days ago

    Kinda surprised he didn't bring up the fact that in the movie, Firebenders need to *bring their own fire* to bend. That just seems so inefficient when they're supposed to be easily conquering these other groups that are literally surrounded by the elements they fight with

  • GoldenCraftVsGames
    GoldenCraftVsGames 3 days ago +2

    I'd love to see that next time I watch TV.
    Also, if you lower the volume a bit, then it will say.
    "And now a message from F*** Up Lord"
    Laurel or Yanny CONFIRMED!

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 4 days ago +1

    I'm just here to re-watch the rant at 13:58. Someone should really clip that.

  • Awesome Donut
    Awesome Donut 4 days ago

    Watching the show again would take too long? Hahahahaha *[laughs in lack of sleep]*

  • Caleb Chan
    Caleb Chan 4 days ago


  • Lephala cat
    Lephala cat 4 days ago

    I've only seen glimpses of the movie but I can see that the song from 2:28 was probably better at explaining and exploring the story than it, least the song had comedy

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig 4 days ago +1

    15:45 heck that was just the power of three people

  • Averon God of fire
    Averon God of fire 5 days ago

    No cabbages...😁no....cabbages...NO! CABBAGES!!! GET OUT OF THIS SET AND NEVER COME BACK

  • Bigmetroidfan12
    Bigmetroidfan12 6 days ago

    14:05 And let the rant begin

  • Jordan Marks
    Jordan Marks 6 days ago

    Bad, bad critic, I hope you burn for that pun

  • Jordan Marks
    Jordan Marks 6 days ago +1

    This movie almost ruined the franchise for me, luckily it never got to that point.

  • MrJohnisthename
    MrJohnisthename 7 days ago

    Oh I get it. Plaid-i-pus Bunny

  • Captain Marvel Wilson
    Captain Marvel Wilson 7 days ago +2

    The Water Nation is white, the Earth Nation is Asian and the Fire Nation is Indian. That is just racially insensitive.

  • Captain Marvel Wilson

    It's Avatar, not Arvetar.

  • Random Ryn
    Random Ryn 7 days ago

    I can't believe how hard I laughed at him losing his cool at the earth benders prison camp

  • Kristian White
    Kristian White 8 days ago +1

    Wtf, headphone warning at 18:48

  • Slaanesh God of excess

    Oncle Iroh will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time

  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno 9 days ago

    You know what the strangest part about this movie is? The creators read the script and said yes to this.

  • LinkMarioSamus
    LinkMarioSamus 9 days ago

    I enjoyed this review, but an awful lot of this is undercut by accounts of executive meddling that was responsible for a lot of the questionable decisions blamed on Shyamalan here.
    But is this film still better than The Last Jedi?

  • scantopup
    scantopup 9 days ago

    position exposition shove it out asap

  • FireboltZer0
    FireboltZer0 10 days ago

    This is my very first Nostalgia Critic review, I've been fan ever since. :)

  • Infinity Albi
    Infinity Albi 11 days ago

    Well... the music track is pretty cool...

  • Kat The Red Hooded Cat

    This is the Movie that Nostalgia Critic had a breakdown

  • The Mimic
    The Mimic 12 days ago

    Im i the only who just noticed momo only gets seconds on screen

  • Fire Knight
    Fire Knight 12 days ago

    Tge fact that whenever people think of the cartoon series as uposed to the horrible movie as uposed to Tramsformers, The Ninja turtles and alvin and the chipmunks is a perfect representation of how awsome the show is.
    Also It doesn't bother me they mispronounce tge charecter names. Fans in real life mispronounce the names and there are much worse problems in the movie

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 13 days ago

    Every time i watch this review, I feel like binging the show again.

  • Arie Harrewyn
    Arie Harrewyn 13 days ago

    I saw this movie when i was in like 3rd grade, and i remembered nothing at all except shamalayns wierd shots

  • Discípilo de Christo
    Discípilo de Christo 14 days ago

    But isn't the legend of Korea SHOW already ruined the chances of Avatars revivals

  • legofan101
    legofan101 15 days ago

    30:50 Was that water or cum?

  • The Animated Geek
    The Animated Geek 15 days ago

    Huh, at least the characters *Shyamalan didn’t put in this film (ex. Toph) didn’t have to star in this.

  • Robin K.
    Robin K. 15 days ago

    There was no reason to make this movie tbh.

    • Robin K.
      Robin K. 15 days ago

      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Alastor Fate
    Alastor Fate 15 days ago

    She looks adorable in her mediocre cosplay of Katara.
    That movie was absolute garbage. I watched it opening night and was very disappointed with it. Shamalan was notorious for making terrible movies, so I honestly assumed this one would be terrible, but I had hopes it would not suck. Legend of Korra was actually pretty good, but it was not a masterpiece like Avatar the Last Airbender was. One critique of NC's review is his explanation as to why Aang ran away: Aang did not really run away from the pressure of being the avatar. In a sense he did, but it was kind of a vague description of what really happened. Aang ran away, because the air nomads were going to take him away from Monk Gyatso for training. Monk Gyatso was essentially his adopted father, so naturally he was devastated. He did not know what to do, so he panicked and ran away, likely because he planned to return and visit Gyatso in secret.

  • King Wasteman
    King Wasteman 15 days ago

    U can’t sum up an entire show in one movie, it makes no sense, it’s the same with the dragon ball movie. Dragon ball consists of 1000 episodes, how u gonna fit even 1% of that in the film. People need to make live action remakes on shows that would actually work. Like Detective Pikachu, it understands the world and does it right and it doesn’t have the characters from the show because they know they get talked shit about it, therefore the stories different but the lure is the same.

  • Solanum Lycopersicum
    Solanum Lycopersicum 16 days ago

    Admiral Chow

  • Nexus Wolf
    Nexus Wolf 16 days ago

    32:24 To be fair, it is in the anime as well, when Aang first fights Zuko.

  • Bee Well
    Bee Well 16 days ago

    just like Dr.Seous

  • Nicolai Weber
    Nicolai Weber 17 days ago

    I like the movie

  • Ceil Yurie
    Ceil Yurie 18 days ago

    It was actually jsut THREE guys who tossed the tank

  • TheGamingVillas
    TheGamingVillas 18 days ago

    I believe the fire nation in the show is supposed to be more Mongolian

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      Their names, their architecture, their strong sense of honor, the way the fire nation is somewhat shaped like Japan, the way their skin is somewhat lighter than the other people... If you Google it I believe the creators even said they were representative of Japanese people... And honestly I thought this was the consensus amongst fans you're the only person I've ever heard say anything different... Not trying to hate just Google it.

    • TheGamingVillas
      TheGamingVillas 17 days ago

      +mattronimus and what is so obvious about that?

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      no ...there obviously Japanese.

  • Roberts Knows
    Roberts Knows 19 days ago

    review starts at 3:30

  • thought cheese
    thought cheese 19 days ago

    14:07 when the teacher sees you chewing gum in class.

  • C H S
    C H S 21 day ago

    what if micael bay made it

  • VesHeil
    VesHeil 21 day ago

    The vocal soundtrack actually gave me nostalgia... Fuck, I need to watch Avatar again, it's been too long.

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      I just bought the blurays and am on season 3 ( I've seen them all at least 3 times already).... It is literally the best show ever made. the amount of episodes that put a tear in my eye is astonishing and kind of embarrassing since I'm 38.

  • Dusty Carter
    Dusty Carter 21 day ago +1

    Was your hooker name "Tip of the Iceburg"?. Im dead, its over, Nostalgia Critic did it. What in the name of comedy, i wasnt ready at all. And yes, i paused and read every joke.

  • Nicholas Barbee
    Nicholas Barbee 22 days ago


  • MovieNerd_EP
    MovieNerd_EP 23 days ago +1

    Just finished the show for the first time and OH BOY this movie was even worse than i could have imagined like WTF how did they mess up this badly?!!

  • TheAdorkableRJ
    TheAdorkableRJ 23 days ago +1

    ''I don't want to make an unnecessary racism argument, especially seeing how an Indian man directed this...''
    Because Indian people are incapable of being racist, right?

  • Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer 24 days ago +1

    Did I just see a picture of the guy that played Chuggs in Happy Gilmore?

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 25 days ago +2


  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 25 days ago +2

    Avatar: The Last Nostalgiabender

  • Lover of everything
    Lover of everything 26 days ago +1

    To be honest if the acting was better this movie would have been much better

  • Takagi San
    Takagi San 26 days ago +1


  • Dominick Finch
    Dominick Finch 27 days ago +1

    My review of this movie.
    Good things: The score was pretty good and the CGI wasn’t that bad.
    Bad things: *clears throat* the acting, the casting, the cinematography, the adapting of the show *prattles on into eternity*
    Huh, looks like that’s a me lost. Good thing I have several dozen clones of myself as backup. My point is, besides from the two good points, even then they weren’t “good”, this movie is horrible, malo, schlecht.

  • Brenden
    Brenden 28 days ago +1


  • Judah Riggins
    Judah Riggins 28 days ago +2

    My cabbages!1

  • Valquist Velx
    Valquist Velx 28 days ago +2

    34:40 clearly the shamalyzing hasn't completely worked. He actually has a bit of emotion in his voice.

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley 28 days ago +1

    Seriously, fuck this movie and everyone involved.

  • CartmanFrost11
    CartmanFrost11 29 days ago +1

    They don't even know how to pronounce their names right!

  • Each man Forhimself
    Each man Forhimself 29 days ago +2


  • Bryton Up
    Bryton Up 29 days ago +1

    “This is the poor fuck ass piece of shit you could produce”😂😂

  • Ivan Rodrigues
    Ivan Rodrigues Month ago +1

    OMFG!! THAT’S SO TRUE!!! “But the effects were decent”😂

  • Kooper Jerome
    Kooper Jerome Month ago

    If you do, I will subscribe.

  • Kooper Jerome
    Kooper Jerome Month ago

    Hey nostalgia critic, can you review my little pony: equestrian girls?

  • Nightfury 14
    Nightfury 14 Month ago +2

    I was so mad about the casting choice for Zuko. He was my eye candy in the show

  • mano do sky
    mano do sky Month ago +2

    吸う? like, did they mean that it sucks?

  • Nath G.
    Nath G. Month ago +1


  • Professor Albert J. Fisher

    Why is a Old Man screaming at an average Movie

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      I'm guessing you never saw the original show? it is inarguably one of the best shows ever made... And I am a 38 year old man who will fight anyone who says this was a good movie. you calling it average is infuriating.

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 24 days ago +1

      This this isn't an average movie, it's a piece of garbage.

  • Shelli Blossom
    Shelli Blossom Month ago +1

    i will critic i will always enjoy hating that moive

  • Deborah Kargher
    Deborah Kargher Month ago +1

    1) Pretty sure the moon spirit was female, so another thing they got wrong. 2) Oh my god, I forgot Azula was in the movie! Man am I glad we never had to see her be fucked up.

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      They never said the gender of the moon spirit... it's the moon.

  • Ultra noob Overload
    Ultra noob Overload Month ago +1

    this might be worse than the play in the show

  • J Z
    J Z Month ago +1

    I know many ppl hate it! But I feel the 7 guys and a small rock scene actually make a lot of sense. It explains more about the story than all the expositions combined.
    At first you would be like “why are all the earth benders kept in a prison surrounded by rocks? It doesn’t make sense.” But then you see the 7 guys and a small rock lion dance scene, you would be like “ ah!!! This is why!!!!” It doesn’t matter if they are surrounded by their natural elements or not, they are just too incompetent. If it takes that many ppl and all those time and a weird dance to move a small piece of rock, then they are not posing any threat to anyone really. I mean what happen if the fire benders dodged that rock? Do they have to do another dance to lift another rock?

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago +2

      uhhh That might explain it, but the reality is M night shyamalan is just a retard .

  • Soner Wolf
    Soner Wolf Month ago +1

    30. F@#$%&G 40.

  • Shanna Oliver
    Shanna Oliver Month ago +1

    24:30 after he said that about the characters reacting to how they'd be represented in movie form I almost cried a little cuz that is painful to think about

  • MrEinstein205
    MrEinstein205 Month ago

    This was probably Nostalgia Critic's angriest review

  • Ramza
    Ramza Month ago

    that fkn intro killed me

  • Huyen Ly
    Huyen Ly Month ago

    The best thing that came out of this movie...these reviews. :)

  • Zwelithini Masuku
    Zwelithini Masuku Month ago

    Mamma Mia 2!! I NEEEEDD IT!!!

  • Myles Fe
    Myles Fe Month ago

    so um the people you have playing Katara and Saka (sorry am i spelling those right) actually seem more like the characters. also i mean like at lease if you like mixed thier skin tones you'd be closer? so ya know at lease there's that positive to come out of this

  • Exilon0193
    Exilon0193 Month ago +1

    13:58 I didnt know they were bending that one rock. I thought it was just their battlestance.

  • Cookie The Third
    Cookie The Third Month ago

    Okay, that end credit score was a w e s o m e

  • YoungWhite C.A
    YoungWhite C.A Month ago

    Thumbs up just for intro

  • Lichking909 Yas
    Lichking909 Yas Month ago

    7 but who`s counting

  • cody mitchell
    cody mitchell Month ago

    his daughter was a big fan of the show, wonder wat she thought about the movie ?

  • jejeakle
    jejeakle Month ago

    Best part about the earth bending comparison is that when you take their actual numbers, it took half the number to flip the tank

  • Chris Goodburn
    Chris Goodburn Month ago

    lmao cinemasins said the same thing about appa

  • Blaze Firefox
    Blaze Firefox Month ago


  • John Mark Kissiedu
    John Mark Kissiedu Month ago

    Thank goodness there is no Legend of Korra live action movie.

  • John Mark Kissiedu
    John Mark Kissiedu Month ago

    That was quite the intro?

  • Leafeon
    Leafeon Month ago

    My god, someone at my school with 0 acting experience did a better performance than anyone in this movie

  • Hawkeye 03
    Hawkeye 03 Month ago

    I don’t think that the last airbender could be made into a good mood trilogy. One of the things that made the show great was that it was an episodic series. Each episode had its own contained story. If you try to turn it into a movie you would have to cut out all but the bare necessities which means you would be taking out all the great stuff in the show. However, shamalan didn’t even try

    • mattronimus
      mattronimus 17 days ago

      should be interesting to see the Netflix adaptation .