The Praetorian Guard - Everything We Know So Far

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • Learn about Supreme Leader Snoke's Praetorian Guard! This is everything we currently know from The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary and beyond.
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Comments • 1 385

  • Gearhead49d
    Gearhead49d 9 days ago

    They should not have that title of Praetorian Guard

  • Ducky
    Ducky 20 days ago

    Useless, Royal Guards are still better 😉.

  • Patrick Gidaro
    Patrick Gidaro Month ago

    They were underwhelming. A barely trained girl was able to best them. They should have caused her some real damage and should have been a real threat not a bunch of thugs showing off some neat tricks with some weapons.

  • Jonathan Jensen
    Jonathan Jensen Month ago

    Is a skilled person with a weapon be faster then a person using Jedi powers?

  • jjbb84x
    jjbb84x 2 months ago

    They red. They dead. They gets no redemption.

  • Xenomorph Queen
    Xenomorph Queen 2 months ago

    Please do more Praetorian guards.

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 2 months ago

    born out of lazy writing, hoping fans would go moth or roadkill eyed

  • soopnotse
    soopnotse 2 months ago

    First Order Mindwipe --> Snoke trains them --> Praetorian Guard

  • Mike Baseball
    Mike Baseball 3 months ago

    Who would win?:
    Well trained elite guards with powerful weapons and complete dedication
    A traitor and a girl who stole a lightsaber.

  • Wizdigo
    Wizdigo 3 months ago


  • joshua vega
    joshua vega 3 months ago

    Sorry to correct but it’s “echani” not “ekani”

  • william west
    william west 4 months ago

    They suck like the new movies!

  • Bennett WATERS
    Bennett WATERS 4 months ago

    Possible they are the remnants of the royal guard

  • Pandinus
    Pandinus 4 months ago

    Everything we know so far

  • Matthew Dell
    Matthew Dell 4 months ago

    I thought that the Knights of Ren were all fellow rogue Jedi like Kylo and that the group hunted down and ratted out force sensitives?
    Sorta like the Inquisitorious? Not to say I am right but I thought that they were painted as that sorta role

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy 4 months ago

    I thought the Praetorian Guard fight in the Last Jedi was the best part of the movie.

  • Andrew Esqueda
    Andrew Esqueda 4 months ago

    I thought the guards were a let down. No pun intended i thought the battle to protect snope should have been a lot harder fought and lasted more than 2 min.

  • David Rungger
    David Rungger 4 months ago

    pretorian guards vs snoke?

  • David Rungger
    David Rungger 4 months ago +1

    pretorian guards vs Jedi Order?

  • David Rungger
    David Rungger 4 months ago

    we do not know if the imperial guards are stronger than the pretorian guards

  • David Rungger
    David Rungger 4 months ago

    firstly i think the pretorian guards must be the knights of Ren and secondly they are my favourite character in star wars

  • deko
    deko 4 months ago

    My favorite scene from the movie aswell, it still sucked ass tho.

    SMILERNATION 5 months ago

    I wonder if the Knights of ren would appear in episode 9?

  • Protoman
    Protoman 5 months ago

    A staple trope concept of super bodyguards executed disastrously by someone completely incompetent in building a credible foe. You could write novels of fluff about how these guys were some Anakin clones, shooting laser beams and using wingchun to defeat a 1000 jedi. And I'll still call them a laughable joke with how they were portrayed in the movie. No amount of exposition will every heal their loss of credibility.
    Anyone that watches wrestling knows there is supposed to be build up prior to a fight to allow an amazing showdown. These guys were given no feats and not exposition. THEY WERE beaten by a green jedi new to the force. So they lose all face.

  • Michael Kaduck
    Michael Kaduck 5 months ago

    I could see Snoke having trained them with at least some limited knowledge of the dark side. Perhaps they are like the First Order's version of the Imperial Sovereign Protector guards. Only trained with the dark side for fighting instincts.

  • Mayonnaise Gaming
    Mayonnaise Gaming 6 months ago

    I think they're the Starbucks version of Bo's Coffee

  • Ian Chu
    Ian Chu 6 months ago

    Dear Star Wars Explained, can you please spell the martial arts that the praetorian guards learned?

  • michael rojas
    michael rojas 7 months ago

    1. Shadow Guard
    2. Praetorian Guard
    3. Royal Guard

  • Kolafloro
    Kolafloro 7 months ago +1

    Came here to find roman Prætorian Guards, wasn't disappointed

  • Michael Kaduck
    Michael Kaduck 7 months ago

    BEST form of government security: 8 Lightsaber-sword-whip-dagger guys in red armor!

  • Teun van bloemendal
    Teun van bloemendal 7 months ago

    I wonder if these guards have personal fighter craft just like palpatine's royal guards

  • Reem Ali
    Reem Ali 9 months ago


  • Dre lude
    Dre lude 9 months ago

    Episode 9 theory: since palpatine can keep cloning himself he comes back with a new military to take over the Galaxy once again so the resistance aided by the first order must take down the new military with the first order

  • Ff j
    Ff j 9 months ago

    I would like to see more preitorien videos please.If I didn't spell preitorien well tell me to correct it.

  • Kender Blain
    Kender Blain 9 months ago

    What if they were from The Cardinal’s core. And they were either too violent or were exceptional combatants and acquired the positions

  • Michael Cramer
    Michael Cramer 10 months ago

    Personally I thought they were the knights of ren.

  • Devric Dev
    Devric Dev 10 months ago

    i think the nights of ren died in the starkiller explosion

  • Ben Jammn'
    Ben Jammn' 11 months ago

    The a's silent

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala 11 months ago

    Lol I wanted to look up the actual Roman praetorian guard but this will do

  • hans merker
    hans merker 11 months ago

    You forgot to mention their real life counterparts who protected roman emperors.

  • Taye Trotman
    Taye Trotman 11 months ago

    I hope they aren’t the Knights of Ren, the knights were predicted to be a big part of 7, but they didn’t even appear apart from flashbacks. I kind of want to see them alive and replacing the Praetorian, protecting Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Actually, no, it can’t be Supreme Leader. Hopefully Kylo, being younger, might select a less cringy and cheesy title!

  • Taye Trotman
    Taye Trotman 11 months ago

    There were too few of them in my opinion. You would think there would be more than 8. I wonder if we will see more beside Kylo, like we only saw a few of them.

  • FEF
    FEF Year ago

    I mean the guards couldn't win because no weapon can penetrate plot armor

  • Brave Centurion
    Brave Centurion Year ago

    Star wars copied Rome with the Praetorian guards.

  • Gabriel Morris
    Gabriel Morris Year ago

    I've seen the movie so I don't need spoilers

  • Leon Jean
    Leon Jean Year ago

    Great role in the movie! Important too!
    Just... standing there... getting in an over choreographed fight scene... dying...

  • SprayedPaint
    SprayedPaint Year ago

    This movie... not so good .

  • goonigugu43
    goonigugu43 Year ago


  • Combine On Trial Mod

    You forgot to mention that the Praetorian Guard were to protect Legate Lanius if you sided with the NCR, Mr. House, or were independent.

  • Combine On Trial Mod

    Ave, true to Caesar.

  • Scriptedconstuct999

    But we know Kylo didn’t join snoke’s guard

  • Alfredo De Pablo
    Alfredo De Pablo Year ago

    They did go down kinda easy

    • Alfredo De Pablo
      Alfredo De Pablo Year ago

      They put up a fight yes, but they still died easy. Nothing really came from it.

  • Alevtina Vesta
    Alevtina Vesta Year ago

    If Last Jedi was extended
    like 5 to 6 hours,we would have get more information about those guards. They look cool. But since the movie was just too much to tell in so little time,both Snoke and the guards died like piece of cake. Indeed,they are indeed very powerful.

  • Mitchell Hayward
    Mitchell Hayward Year ago

    There couldn't have only been eight of them guarding Snoke 24 hours a day, every day of the week. That's absolute ludicrous! There had to have been at least a couple dozen more either sleeping, training, or doing what they would usually do between guard shifts.
    On top of that, I just assumed that since - (as it says in the opening crawl) - the First Order was spreading its fleet across the Galaxy in order to reconquer it, now that Starkiller Base had destroyed the Republic Capital, and fleet - in the Hosnian System; and that the Knights of Ren were just out there, helping the First Order navies and armies do just that - while everything going on in the movie is happening at the same time.
    The Praetorian Guards are exactly that - bodyguards. "Knights of Ren" on the other hand - is a name that implies a specialised fighting force meant for a battlefield setting - like Clone Wars-era Jedi Generals, and not a bodyguard unit.
    I think it's a rather stupid suggestion that the Praetorian Guards, and the Knights of Ren, could be one and the same. Especially if you consider that Praetorians and Knights of Ren were trained and drilled in different ways, for a different purpose.

  • ACFM hd
    ACFM hd Year ago

    I think the Royal Guards look a million times better and more intimidating but the heck with trying to move your head in that helmet.

  • Paul Ewing
    Paul Ewing Year ago

    The knight's of ren r loyal to Kylo ren that's why he is their master not Snoke, hopefully they will b in episode 9, Snokes guards were wicked with really cool weapons one of the weapons looked like a type of lightsaber that broke down n turned into a saber whip, i loved that whole bit in Snokes throne room one of the best parts of the movie definitely

  • KoopaTroopa 2006
    KoopaTroopa 2006 Year ago

    The nights of Ren were around BEFORE Kylo so he couldn’t have trained them

  • Mastercraft
    Mastercraft Year ago

    Fun fact: praetorian guards are based on the Roman word praetor, which meant leader.
    So, they roughly translate to the words leader guards.

  • Kim Halsey
    Kim Halsey Year ago

    How could they see though?

  • zarovv
    zarovv Year ago

    those guards were the best thing in the film.

  • TR808
    TR808 Year ago +1

    Garbage movie

  • Waffle Turtle
    Waffle Turtle Year ago

    The praetorian guards were the best guards in all of starwars.

  • Mr.jerox_HD
    Mr.jerox_HD Year ago

    So personally I find that the both are cool but I think the mask of the palpatine Guard is cooler it’s like looking the death in the eye

  • Paleozoic Productions

    George: painful, isn't it
    Jake: yes

  • Captn Scribbles
    Captn Scribbles Year ago

    They said maybe we will get to put on one of those red helmets and sit next to the emperor.

  • Ksceusbsnakz
    Ksceusbsnakz Year ago

    There WERE 8 members

  • One Dollar Comic Bin

    You forgot to mention that they also work and shop at Target.

  • Cameron Mitchell
    Cameron Mitchell Year ago

    Will the knights of Ren be in 9

  • LavaSquad
    LavaSquad Year ago

    Hmm... Assuming the Praetorians are the most highly trained and skilled warriors in the galaxy that the First Order could muster up (because I mean would you want a new trainee guarding Supreme Leader Snoke?) you would think that Kylo and Rey would be dead having 4 to 1 odds.
    At this rate I'm confident that both Kylo and Rey have nobody to worry about except each other lol.

  • Jason Tregear
    Jason Tregear Year ago

    your still a virgin ..right

  • John GreatFox
    John GreatFox Year ago

    I am sure the Knight of ren in SW EP9 they will step in to the light

  • moonsmonsters
    moonsmonsters Year ago

    I honestly thought those were the knights of Ren. Glad they weren't. All they did was strike poses , Ginyu force of star wars

  • Jerry the Mouse
    Jerry the Mouse Year ago +1

    They looked like the card guards from Alice in Wonderland

  • lagorta
    lagorta Year ago

    Actually, my mistake, it's Shining Force III which has been inspired from Star Wars with the red guard from the Return of the Jedi in 1983, 15 years before the scenario 2 of Shining Force III. Sorry about that.

  • lagorta
    lagorta Year ago

    Those Praetorian guys just look like the Rainbloods in Shining Force III scenario 2 launched in April 1998 on Sega Saturn in Japan. Lack of inspiration or need to be inspired ??? I let you choose...

  • Chase Hofmann
    Chase Hofmann Year ago

    They are my favorite star wars character!!

  • Muhamad Ariff S
    Muhamad Ariff S Year ago

    One word: merchandise!!!!!

  • Capt'Wes Starwind

    I do like how you don't spend your videos theorizing about stuff or telling us how you have "inside" information or other BS that most Star Wars TheXvidrs do. You talk Star Wars based on facts about Star Wars and I love that. I've subscribed to your channel and unsubbed from a bunch that were basically just making fan fiction videos with no proof or fact to back any of it. Once one of them claims someone at Disney has sent them an email about what is going to happen I drop them. I do like going back to watch their old videos just to see that every prediction was wrong. Your channels name is perfect. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  • Twilleh
    Twilleh Year ago

    The Last Jedi was a mistake.

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Year ago

    How sad that these faceless silent guards had the best scene in the movie

  • Shadow Koopa
    Shadow Koopa Year ago +1

    I thought they were going to stand there to die like the red guards

  • A Welshman
    A Welshman Year ago

    My guess is that they will appear in 9 and Ren has been teaching them in his spare time and that the Guards were not the KoR and were selected from troop ranks.

  • AnimexFiendFullmetal

    They were one of my favorite parts of the movie :D

  • Curt Simcox
    Curt Simcox Year ago

    And they went down so easily. Lame.

  • pacoimages
    pacoimages Year ago

    Scene wasn' t too bad, but the armor - looked like really bad Powerrangers
    Oh yeah - they are dead

  • -PreciseRice -
    -PreciseRice - Year ago

    Liked 1:02

  • Kelly 33
    Kelly 33 Year ago

    Vibroblades are back!!!

  • Free bleach for all

    Royal Guard on steroids

  • Sam Cook
    Sam Cook Year ago

    So they basically weild advanced vibrators?

  • Landon Rice
    Landon Rice Year ago

    I would like to see more pratoriean (I know I spelled that wrong) but they are most likely all dead unless one called in a sick day.

  • Jazzy Tyfighter
    Jazzy Tyfighter Year ago

    They’re definitely an upgrade to Palpatine’s guards who were simply pushed aside by Yoda in Episode III and barely got screen time in the original trilogy.

  • crappalackas
    crappalackas Year ago

    I loved them. They're like, upgrades of my old favorite characters as a child, the stormtroopers

  • mason fraser
    mason fraser Year ago +1

    You should of researched abit more, the nights of Ren do use the force and were Jedi Padawans being trained by Luke at the time as kylo. The padawans helped Kylo Ren kill all the other Jedi Padawans and destroy the temple. P.S Snoke was actually trying to bring some of the other padawan's to the darkside and succeeded in doing so. But i still really liked the video

  • René' Cruz
    René' Cruz Year ago +1

    🤘Jedi Knight Rey & Sithlord Kylo Ren vs.Pretorian Royal Red Guards was awesome!🔦🖖

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Their weapons sounds a lot like how vibroblades work. Not sure why they didn't just call them that though. Maybe they didn't want the connection?
    Despite all that training in martial arts, all that weaponry designed to fight against lightsaber blades, and all that armor half of them were still defeated by a scavenger who's used a lightsaber twice now and unreasonable Force training boost.

  • Kush Voorakkara
    Kush Voorakkara Year ago

    The armour looks cool so i would take that armour and a lightsabre

  • Matthew Marinsek
    Matthew Marinsek Year ago

    Worthy to note that "Vibroblades" were featured in Legends games like Knights of the Old Republic. Glad to see they're official canon and in various cool forms.

  • Pirwert
    Pirwert Year ago

    Why are so many people saying Rey was untrained? In the force, yes, but she was shown in TFA to be a proficient fighter with her staff. You know the one she’s been lugging around for the bettet part of two movies. Switching to a different weapon doesn’t mean you loose all your prevoius fighting skills! So fighting evil Hugh Heffners guards is not a problem since they might have been great fighter but as far as we know they where not force users and even though Rey is not visibly using the force we are told in previous movies that force users have hightend sences (Qui-gon says Anakin must have jedi sences to be able to do pod racing) so that could give her the slight advatage she needed! Her winning over Kylo Ren i TFA is a little more strange since he is both a trained force user and lightsabre fighter but then Kylo had just been shoot with a bowcaster and was clearly underestimating Rays raw strength in the force!

  • Dr m
    Dr m Year ago

    These were the the only really cool addition

  • IvanDelgado
    IvanDelgado Year ago

    At first I thought these fools were the Jedi in training that Kylo spared and rounded up from Luke’s school but then I was like nah that can’t be right