INSANE ICON OMG!!!! #FIFA20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #21

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • ICON OMG!!!! #FIFA20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #21
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  • AA9skillz
    AA9skillz  Month ago +178

    WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!! :) let me see those WL records!!!! also i love you guys and hope u have a great day!!!

    • Stijn Jaspars
      Stijn Jaspars Month ago

      Mgdxb V Carlos

    • ferg
      ferg Month ago

      are you on crank?

    • Charles Hood
      Charles Hood Month ago

      I’m 14-12 which is not bad and I packed Roy Keane out of a 7.5k pack it was mental. Well done bro keep grinding 👍🏻

    • João Vaz
      João Vaz Month ago

      AA9skillz you know Joao Felix is 7 k

    • Caoilfhionn Ní Dhonnabhain
      Caoilfhionn Ní Dhonnabhain Month ago

      @MrSkip YT that's good

  • mustafa bayaa
    mustafa bayaa Month ago

    Guys does he use timed finishing

  • Xolityy-
    Xolityy- Month ago +1

    Don’t tell the bums about the near post power shot cheese......

  • RizadoDan
    RizadoDan Month ago

    U dont have to sub out Messi tho and aa9 is Portuguese cant blame him for favoring Ronaldo

  • Jesse Alvarado
    Jesse Alvarado Month ago

    I agree with you about Cr7 he’s still the best Striker in the game except for maybe R9. He does so much more than Messi and he truly finds many more avenues to score. He’s a one man army. He changed my WL he got me silver 3.

  • Ts Gaming
    Ts Gaming Month ago

    Love how it’s a poor mans rtg and he’s already got ronaldo and icons

  • i'm lit
    i'm lit Month ago

    i weirdly noticed that at 19:00 ronaldos penalty lifted the goals up

  • Ryan Lombardo
    Ryan Lombardo Month ago

    100 games with Messi never ever had issues with stamina lasts to 120 mins always and is much better than CR7

  • Tommy Strawderman
    Tommy Strawderman Month ago


  • Ashton Hodges
    Ashton Hodges Month ago

    yee the goat may say

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep Month ago +1

    2:45 robertu carlus

  • Abdullah Kaz
    Abdullah Kaz Month ago

    What tactics are you using on CR7?

  • Abdullah Aljasmi
    Abdullah Aljasmi Month ago

    I swear the first 20 subscribe i wil give them 30 dollar 👍

  • Cozza Daines
    Cozza Daines Month ago

    This is shit

  • Thando Manana
    Thando Manana Month ago

    What happened to the other channel?

  • xOffenze -
    xOffenze - Month ago

    That dembele goal at 17:28 would've made me put my controller through the wall if I was the guy playing against him

  • Ihasan epicwiener
    Ihasan epicwiener Month ago

    I feel griezy is about to get an upgrade to his ones to watch to

  • Alex Fa
    Alex Fa Month ago

    Aa9 last episode “ i would never buy a left back for 500k” next episode *buys a left back for 500k*

  • Channel Not Found
    Channel Not Found Month ago

    Only thing I can fault is the fact that Ronnie is number 21.

  • Sofian Hussain
    Sofian Hussain Month ago

    Just letting you guys know he doesn't play these games

  • Panashe Madanha
    Panashe Madanha Month ago

    What’s the camera angle anyone know?

  • KinG sLaYeR
    KinG sLaYeR Month ago

    Roberto Carlos playing as a ST , it's obvious that he'll hit 9goals and 3assists if you put him up there😜

  • Lucas Arnold
    Lucas Arnold Month ago

    19 wins, went 15-5 then massively choked the 20 wins 🥵

  • Caleb Bayley-Conder

    Why not grab Anderson? unless he can't fit

  • Jet koll
    Jet koll Month ago

    "nelson smedo"

  • Jollof Rice
    Jollof Rice Month ago

    When is career mode dropping?

  • Johnsin Youel
    Johnsin Youel Month ago

    AA9 is on the discord... 😆✌🏻

  • שלום נריה כהן

    Yo Skills could you show us on ur control Settings?

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas Month ago

    It seems like your killing it on offense with 4-1-2-1-2 but how’s the defense going?

  • roberto rodrigues
    roberto rodrigues Month ago

    i finish elite 3

  • KXiao2
    KXiao2 Month ago +1

    20-8 record. Didn’t play the last two games. First gold 1 finish in any fifa. Enjoying fifa a lot this year. And dembele is the goat

  • Darren Marcow
    Darren Marcow Month ago +1

    Aa9 skills
    Gets Roberto Carlos I got him because I would never spend 600K on a left back
    Next episode spends 588K on Maldini
    It was stupid he should just Son I have him he is the best purchase I made this year anyone reading this comment if u have enough money to get son get him

  • Alex Ottosson Forsberg

    i packed ruud gullit in a rare gold pack this morning

  • Sylvester Dunker
    Sylvester Dunker Month ago

    Love how he said that he would NEVER use 500 k on a ledt back...

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry Month ago

    AA9, have you seen the video from Nickrunthefutmarket about pros sniping youtube creators during the weekend league? Do you ave any comments from your point of view? It seems you face a lot of pros during weekend league as well is why i ask.

  • Francisco Rebollo
    Francisco Rebollo Month ago

    anybody know his camera settings?

  • Mathew Edwards
    Mathew Edwards Month ago

    Went 11-1 then stopped because I just can't be bothered.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago

    A clear mind is so key in weekend league. I qualified for the first time and had a terrible Saturday which effected my games and Sunday I played with no pressure, just played to have fun and managed gold 2

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos Month ago

    Love from Maryland#301

  • Enrico Dos Reis
    Enrico Dos Reis Month ago

    Skillz, for next weekend you could add Sonaldo on 7 chem to your team if you want/have the coins.
    Setup in 4-5-1 with:
    GK: Ter Stegen
    RB: Semedo
    CB: Militão
    CB: Roberto Carlos
    LB: Maldini
    CM: Ndombele (or Sissoko)
    RM: Dembele
    LM: Son (on 7)
    CAM: Matuidi
    CAM: Kante
    ST: Ronaldo

  • Ta To
    Ta To Month ago

    Gold ll

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic Month ago

    Does anybody know what the blue kit is that he uses? League and Club. TY

  • FJobVGK TheJobster
    FJobVGK TheJobster Month ago

    Douglas costa has higher shot power than Dembele...

  • Absolute Unit
    Absolute Unit Month ago

    I went 14-1 as i couldn’t play on Friday and Saturday. What would my record be if I played all 30 games

  • Moaaz Ketout
    Moaaz Ketout Month ago

    Where’s the icon u scammer

  • James Mallett
    James Mallett Month ago

    Skillz could easily be a rapper the speed he speaks at

  • Andrew Elliott
    Andrew Elliott Month ago +1

    Had my best start yet went 16-2/17-3 but then went on to get 22-8 has a good start for me then I messed up.

  • Aariz Habib
    Aariz Habib Month ago

    okay but like maldinis rly a CB so it rly duznt count

  • Josh Miernik
    Josh Miernik Month ago

    Ahhh the French Barelona CB man "LONGLEGS"

  • vG iTheWizard_
    vG iTheWizard_ Month ago

    how do you do that celebration?

  • don't microwave chicken

    How does cristano Ronaldo not have a number 7

  • Jake Kaisand
    Jake Kaisand Month ago

    I got rid of first own dembele 😩

  • Calvin Vi Brittania

    Aubameyang has been giving me the L all weekend he’s actually dangerous

  • Poikzy
    Poikzy Month ago

    song outro?

    BALKAN MDJ Month ago

    Is D Costa good in game, he have low finishing, but in game he finishing is good

  • Allen With a big heart

    My record? 1-19

  • Connor 1924
    Connor 1924 Month ago

    Skillz potm Carlos Vela is a GOAT

  • Canada 24
    Canada 24 Month ago +1

    Can you show us the player's stats

  • Braham Lincoln
    Braham Lincoln Month ago

    The problem in your first 5 games was one thing and only one thing... Fifica shirt 😂😂😂😝 FCPorto is the best 😏 gg man. Good games.

  • Ajdin Gadzzzun
    Ajdin Gadzzzun Month ago +1

    Went from 3-7 playing like shit to 14-13 with 3 games to go cuz Gold 3 is better then Gold 2