Worst Toys To Step On (TEST)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • We're stepping up to the plate to determine the worst toys to step on, so you don't have to. GMM #1442

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Comments • 5 165

    MICAH KIRBY Day ago +1

    I step on legos for fun

  • LordFisty
    LordFisty Day ago

    I don't remember this in toy story

  • Katie Havard
    Katie Havard 3 days ago

    “That one is chase” I love Rhett

  • Kawaii lps girl 966
    Kawaii lps girl 966 3 days ago

    13:02 link is so innocent it’s great

  • Lee West
    Lee West 5 days ago

    This is actually my first day of vacation 😂

  • Cruz Sarabia
    Cruz Sarabia 8 days ago

    It hurt me when they stepped on those 80 dollar joy cons

  • Out of the Blue
    Out of the Blue 8 days ago

    I think I am invincible, legos don’t hurt my feet when I step on them. I am 12.

  • Chauncey Meece
    Chauncey Meece 8 days ago

    Ummm matchbox cars

  • [Plants VS Games]
    [Plants VS Games] 9 days ago

    That’s Deadpool not SpiderMan

  • GP2590
    GP2590 9 days ago +1

    5:24 “I’m gonna get a little groot and Spider-Man action” had me dying

  • 73MPL4R
    73MPL4R 11 days ago

    "I'm getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies, but also just a little pleasure"

  • Toño Cardenas cumplido

    They did not just step on joy cons

  • I7 _5
    I7 _5 13 days ago +4

    Rhett: I’m gonna fall!
    Link: I’ll catch ya *proceeds to walk away*

  • Katelyn Creager
    Katelyn Creager 13 days ago

    You should do a video where you play a game like bean boozed but with ice-cream so you have like throw up ice-cream or tuti fruiti ice-cream

  • PEEJ
    PEEJ 13 days ago


  • Communist Regime
    Communist Regime 14 days ago

    "I'm getting a little bit of pain by stepping on the babys but a little bit of pleasure"

  • Skull 8
    Skull 8 14 days ago +1

    Lol stepping on LEGO is no big deal I probably walk on them for hours

  • Hayden Tuggle
    Hayden Tuggle 15 days ago

    just throw the legos away

  • pickle banana
    pickle banana 15 days ago

    Let me tell you these bad bois get more painful if you step on it accidentally

  • Gacha Violet
    Gacha Violet 16 days ago +1


  • katie acker
    katie acker 17 days ago

    I wouldn't be suprised if they got fungus.

  • Duke The Staffy
    Duke The Staffy 18 days ago +1

    *you crushed my battleship*

  • Mcgaggie The dogo
    Mcgaggie The dogo 18 days ago

    I’ll catch you *walks away*

  • lovey grande
    lovey grande 19 days ago

    “lol is it a surprise?”

  • JustDrawing WiffBrowni


  • Anna Reyero
    Anna Reyero 20 days ago

    Thank you DARREN

  • Adalyn Bravebell
    Adalyn Bravebell 20 days ago +3

    “im just gonna start walking”
    *5 seconds later*
    *tons of screaming*

  • foxlias_ griffin
    foxlias_ griffin 20 days ago

    10:42 they do not *_lego_*
    Pun intended

  • Jacob Hawes
    Jacob Hawes 21 day ago

    Stepping on a Lego is so painful that my friends and I tell each other to go step on a Lego

    SNAZZY SNAIL 1753 23 days ago

    If you think legos hurt to step on then try stepping on a bowser amiibo

  • Kaelynn J
    Kaelynn J 23 days ago

    The police pup is chase, the construction pup is rubble, the fire pup is marshall, the sky pup is skye, the water pup is zuma, the snow pup is everest, the recycling pup is rocky, and the jungle pup is tracker

  • Chris Kociolek
    Chris Kociolek 24 days ago

    Lmao awesome

  • ya boi
    ya boi 25 days ago

    what are those blocks?

  • Alpin Art
    Alpin Art 26 days ago

    nothing like watching two dads step on toys. sitting in bed at night, as a teenager

  • akz randomness
    akz randomness 27 days ago

    10:42 dunno if that was intentional or not, but good lego pun😂

  • Matthew Archer
    Matthew Archer 27 days ago

    No metal Jack's? I feel like that's a default winner

  • Garrett T
    Garrett T 29 days ago

    A D4

  • JigSaw
    JigSaw Month ago

    "I'm getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies"

  • Skyler Spence
    Skyler Spence Month ago +1

    5:56 rhett pridicted endgame

  • I Don't Even Know
    I Don't Even Know Month ago

    “I’m getting a little more pain by stepping on the babies, but also a little joy.”

  • Craft Cat101
    Craft Cat101 Month ago

    Lincoln Logs are Bomb

  • son
    son Month ago

    Have you seen my father

  • Jedi Sentinel
    Jedi Sentinel Month ago

    what about the bladed legos? i say legos still take the crown because of the variety. you chose to step on mostly square bricks, not the rooftop bricks which all have nasty points on them

  • Pyromanci
    Pyromanci Month ago

    Metal D4 dice would wipe the floor with all these. Basically like stepping on nails.

  • Daniel Wolfe
    Daniel Wolfe Month ago

    Metal 4 sided dice. Damn thing is a caltrop

  • Elizabeth Phantom Wagner

    Spidey nooo!!!

  • Paige Bunnybear sso aka Monica

    I could smell socks all through this video 😂😂 not joking

  • Alex Little
    Alex Little Month ago +8

    are we going to ignore the fact that rhett literally predicted endgame perfectly-

  • Rylie Stutes
    Rylie Stutes Month ago

    My mom stepped on a lego 5 months ago and it still hurts her

  • jobicoppola5
    jobicoppola5 Month ago

    Once my aunt stepped on a Jurassic park triceratops lego’s horns and they got stuck in her feet. Yeah. That was fun.

  • ok then
    ok then Month ago +1

    once my sister stepped on a “sorry!” pawn and it bent. complete pain.

  • Jaylee
    Jaylee Month ago +9

    Am I the only one that is amazed at the spin the wheel video. That must've taken ages!

  • Jane Haru
    Jane Haru Month ago +1

    12:28 😂😂

  • Matt Trafford
    Matt Trafford Month ago +2

    5:54 Rhett inadvertently spoils Avengers: Endgame! Even beating Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland to the punch! 😂😅

  • Panda Girl224
    Panda Girl224 Month ago

    1 second video: LEGOS

  • KevBotWorkshop
    KevBotWorkshop Month ago

    what makes it hurt though is the surprise pain you get from a lego

  • Royal Beast18
    Royal Beast18 Month ago +1

    Well no one mention that the Nintendo switch CONTROLLER is a CONTROLLER NOT A TOY!!

  • maya capps
    maya capps Month ago +1

    Rhett: *falling*
    Link: I'll catch you
    Also Link: *walks away*

  • Jasmine Cook
    Jasmine Cook Month ago

    Stepping on Hot Wheel cars, you will never need to buy skates...

  • Zome Bahdy
    Zome Bahdy Month ago

    another thing to take into consideration is that your entire test is invalid without a proper hard floor.

  • floralfurycuphead 2

    Stepping on legos is bad but obviously never stepped on a how to train your dragon mystery bucket gronkle toy. The bumps and the wings HURT ALOT!

  • floralfurycuphead 2
    floralfurycuphead 2 Month ago +1


  • Hidden Name
    Hidden Name Month ago

    Boi was Link wrong

  • Rachel Manning
    Rachel Manning Month ago +1

    This whole episode gives me Home Alone nostalgia XD haha

  • Madchef8u
    Madchef8u Month ago +4

    Anyone remember Jax? (A toy that’s an actual warfare defense on a miniature scale)

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda Month ago

    The thing is you're not likely to have the spheres around because they usually throw them away

  • GroenFan
    GroenFan Month ago

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow TheXvidrino! Most painful toys to step on: vintage Jacks , a Vhs tape, ( if it actually breaks) How to Train Your Dragon Power Dragons, 1998 Godzilla figurine, a Bart Simpson Doll head. Those hard plastic toy figures from vending machines.

  • Charlotte Hanson
    Charlotte Hanson Month ago

    This video has made my parents only buy us soft or non painful to step on toys. (thats not a bad thing gmm, just in case you did not know)

  • Adaire Grace
    Adaire Grace Month ago +1

    Endgame spoiler alert 5:57 lmao rhett knew

  • iknowyounaut
    iknowyounaut Month ago

    Stepping on toy chairs that go in doll houses is pretty bad

  • Austin Self
    Austin Self Month ago

    Can I please have those (or purchase at a steep discount) joycons?

  • nebvbn thunder
    nebvbn thunder Month ago +1

    "Im getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies"
    Woah Link. Pretty hardcore stuff right there.

  • Toldyaso
    Toldyaso Month ago

    You never used "Jacks" as one of the toys to step on.

  • smiling tyjo
    smiling tyjo Month ago

    it makes me angry that they stepped on marvel figures

  • shigaraki.__. gacha

    Rhett “i think i’m just gonna fall”
    link “i’ll catch you”
    *walks away*

  • Potted Plant Entertainment

    My dad stepped on one of my Lego once and it sent him to the ER.

  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ Month ago

    I think of you stepped on a loL surprise ball you might fall kind of like Rhett did, but legos, there too small to make you stumble and loose balance I guess…

  • Jazz Mouse
    Jazz Mouse Month ago +1

    You ever step on a metal d4

    SHW FREERUN Month ago

    12:17 link... just stop

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Month ago +1

    i like seeing your pain

  • John D
    John D Month ago

    Its worse when not expecting it. They just gently stepped on everything

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    how about those little green army guys. 90s kids will get what im talking about

  • lexicucu102
    lexicucu102 Month ago +4

    Also when u step on ur charger ..... and the pointy things are upwards 😫😂

  • Laura K
    Laura K Month ago

    Link looks like he stole a janitors clothing

  • Gamer One
    Gamer One Month ago

    My younger brother used to play with plush animals that come in the exact same balls that come in LOL Suprise Dolls, they can cut a toe off.

  • Lilly K
    Lilly K Month ago

    They should have foam legos

  • glenn symonds
    glenn symonds Month ago


  • Hailstorm 123
    Hailstorm 123 Month ago

    When link is at the end of the mat he looks really short

  • Layla Hart
    Layla Hart 2 months ago

    Rhett: “i can’t put all my weight on it because it’s too knife like”
    link: “I cAnT pUt AlL mY wEiGhT oN iT”

  • Ashley Kovar
    Ashley Kovar 2 months ago

    Just checked the clock. I opened TheXvid and typed in “rhett and link” at 1:00. It’s not 4:34. I literally watched y’all do random shit for 3 and a half hours. And you best believe I’m clicking on the next video cuz I’m not even bored yet

  • iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe
    iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe 2 months ago +6

    *The sphere of nasty*
    I want that engraved on everything I own

  • iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe
    iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe 2 months ago

    Fanfic writers be like 5:24
    Sorry... I had to...

  • tardaboveall491a
    tardaboveall491a 2 months ago +1

    Use LEGO Duplo next time. You think you know pain? Prepare to have your reality shattered.

  • Jelly Haters
    Jelly Haters 2 months ago +1

    I tripped on my dogs bone on Christmas fell down the stairs snapped my leg and foot had to go in a ambulance to the hospital then had to get 12 screws and 2 plates in my foot/leg I so smart🤣🤣😂😂

  • Dylan Labadin
    Dylan Labadin 2 months ago

    My sister has LOL surprise

  • TrainMaster327
    TrainMaster327 2 months ago

    You forgot Hot Wheels, they always become stepping hazards

  • fillup912
    fillup912 2 months ago

    Here for comments about links toe

  • Shad Beckering
    Shad Beckering 2 months ago

    Nice blue toe!

  • Madame Melon
    Madame Melon 2 months ago

    Legos are the bane of my existence. I hate stepping o those dirty little torture devices.

  • arabella P
    arabella P 2 months ago

    I was going to make a joke but I forgot and it will be bad but I have to say the Legos won’t lego!