13 New Nail Art 2018 😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | June 2018

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • 13 New Nail Art 2018 😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | June 2018
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  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh 7 months ago


  • وردة الاحمر
    وردة الاحمر 7 months ago

    برافو ووووو

  • Jazzie Campos
    Jazzie Campos 8 months ago

    Like the acrylic ideas but the first 2 or 3 and the last 2 or 3 are horrible to me and the person messes up putting on the water design....

  • pegger1982
    pegger1982 8 months ago

    I think the first one is what i will do for my next mani

    SHIRISH JATHAR 9 months ago +1

    Very nice

  • Ufuk Karavapur
    Ufuk Karavapur 9 months ago

    Türkler burada mı??

  • KC loves memes
    KC loves memes 10 months ago

    @simplynailogical I think you can do the first one?!

  • Panda Squad
    Panda Squad 10 months ago

    Loved the art work

  • Cemil Talıbov
    Cemil Talıbov 11 months ago

    Hello nais👍

  • Evelyn Jacobo
    Evelyn Jacobo Year ago


  • Evelyn Jacobo
    Evelyn Jacobo Year ago


  • Evelyn Jacobo
    Evelyn Jacobo Year ago


  • Karla Marie
    Karla Marie Year ago

    thexvid.com/video/ucuq3TJG5T8/video.html FOR NAIL TUTORIALS

  • smol baby
    smol baby Year ago

    Can we make simply try some of these????????🤔🤔🤔

  • Nazish Awan
    Nazish Awan Year ago


  • Amilea Contreras
    Amilea Contreras Year ago

    What are the shrinking nail stamps called?

  • Padraig o berin
    Padraig o berin Year ago

    The thumbnail is weird but I love it

  • Dana Supergirl Rajkumar

    Super cool.😉

  • Juliano Ramalho
    Juliano Ramalho Year ago +1


  • bb 123
    bb 123 Year ago


  • nandranie singh
    nandranie singh Year ago


  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar Year ago

    You are superbbbbbb

  • kelisiana hakaria manoa

    The first was in tence 👌

  • Jennyrr 749
    Jennyrr 749 Year ago

    Ye pani hota he simply jis me nail paint dalty ya kch or he?koi btaye


    Wow very educative,I have learnt alot

  • labanya bariha
    labanya bariha Year ago +1

    Wow.. 😙😙

  • Lavanya K
    Lavanya K Year ago

    devils nail

  • Vinita Nankani
    Vinita Nankani Year ago

    I tried the fifth one.
    Sirf video me hi achi lg rhi he.

  • richa sakshi
    richa sakshi Year ago

    kon se brand ka nail Polish use kiye h cz normally main3 try kiya he but water me nail Polish itne a6e se spread nai hota

  • babal dhillon
    babal dhillon Year ago

    Ki eho normal nail paints ne

  • Pari Sunar
    Pari Sunar Year ago +1

    Nic e

  • JJ Collections
    JJ Collections Year ago


  • Beatriz Gozzi
    Beatriz Gozzi Year ago

    Muito lindas

  • Жасмин Жасмин


  • Dream207
    Dream207 Year ago

    Name that song..



  • Ravinder Randhawa

    Which type of nail paint is used for water marbling

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago

    Ya know those plastic bubble things contain benzin and some other extremely dangerous chemicals that cause cancer if lungs are exposed to the fumes?
    That's why it got taken down from the shelves of toy stores

  • Tally Gutierrez
    Tally Gutierrez Year ago

    These were pretty crappy and nothing special 😂

  • Shreya Shaema
    Shreya Shaema Year ago


  • inu
    inu Year ago

    These all look like I did them. And I'm terrible at painting nails

  • drawing with Mary

    8:25 or just SIMPLY PEEL LIKE NO DEAL

  • Leafy Gold
    Leafy Gold Year ago

    7:43 triggers

  • Sonata Golovko
    Sonata Golovko Year ago

    Ужасные дизайны.

  • ItzzYazzy
    ItzzYazzy Year ago

    Did anyone else think that the thumbnail was one of those blow up balloons they crunch in ASMR ?

  • Wynema Cantrell
    Wynema Cantrell Year ago

    ~I would just the pink and black ones whenever I finally get my nails done again part of my favorite colors pink, black and silver or the Harley Quinn colors black,red and white kinda short circle squared.~

  • Erin
    Erin Year ago

    Any holosexual here ?!

  • Litan saha
    Litan saha Year ago

    simple and very beautiful 💅💅💅✍😚😍❤😚❤😀💖👌

  • Lovely Kay
    Lovely Kay Year ago

    Minions though? On a grown woman? Smh gone too far with that!👎🏼

  • Viola Raven
    Viola Raven Year ago

    OMG they messed up the stamp and kept it in anyway 8:04

  • Richa Sharma
    Richa Sharma Year ago


  • kaisuki
    kaisuki Year ago

    yea this aint it

  • Dastagir enamdar
    Dastagir enamdar Year ago


  • Christine Ledoux
    Christine Ledoux Year ago

    very pretty

  • Rajesh kumar
    Rajesh kumar Year ago

    Its good I tried in home

  • bubby bubby192
    bubby bubby192 Year ago

    Need a simply peel no big deal in here

  • saime Durmuş
    saime Durmuş Year ago

    Salak ça dişey

  • JA C
    JA C Year ago

    These people are so good at nail art. I can barely paint my nails a single color!